Peningo W2 with Finder Fee

W2 with Finders Fees Method

Under this relationship the Peningo Member has already established a Corporation yet it is
not ready for full operation as a Corporation in the State where the assignment is located.  At
the request of the Peningo Member we will split the W2 hourly rate into two elements.  A W2
portion and a Finder Fees portion.  The W2 portion will be subject to all the taxation rules
while the Finders Fees portion becomes income to the Peningo Member Corporation.  This
option may be used in cases when the Peningo Member Corporation is registered to do
business in only one State.  In such cases Peningo will deduct the State taxes and contribute
to the proper State where the service is being rendered as required by law.

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Employment Documents:

W2 with Finder Fee Employment Agreement (PDF Format)

W2 with Finder Fee Employment Agreement (Word Format)

Finder Fee Agreement

Finder Fee Agreement (PDF Format)

Finder Fee Agreement (Word Format)
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