Peningo Corporation to Corporation Method

Corporation to Corporation method of Consulting

Under this relationship the Peningo Member relationship is that of the Peningo Member being
an Employee of the subcontracting corporation.  Peningo will issue a Subcontracting Agreement
if the Peningo Member Corporation is registered to do business in the State where the
assignment is located.

Peningo Systems mission is to act as an incubator to develop full fledge Consultants with their
own Corporations    Peningo services are available to Peningo Members to support individual
strategies to achieve such a goal.

Please click the links below to view the sample document related to this agreement:

Peningo Subcontract Service Agreement (PDF)

Peningo Subcontract Service Agreement (DOC)

We do not offer “1099” employment relationships as according to 1706 to qualify for a 1099 you
must have services at risk.  As such is not the case (you will be paid for every approved hour)
classifying a consultant as a 1099 will be considered as a misclassification subject to stiff
penalties from the Federal and State taxing authorities even if the consultant were to discharge
the tax obligations under a 1099 relationship.  In addition misclassification places the
consultant in a position not supported by law, consequently all the consultant agreements
(Software rights, confidentiality etc. ) may be considered null and void. (
Please see the IRS 20
Questions test for 1099s)
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