Prestigious Ones Revealed
Prestigious Ones Revealed
Welcome to the Peningo "Prestigious Ones"
Revealed page. For years we have worked with
some of the more prestigious "Names" in IT
Consulting and Professional Services. Through
out the Peningo Web Site, we will often refer to
these prestigious "Names" in IT as the
"Prestigious Ones". Our experiences and
position on the "Prestigious Ones" is based on
years of working with these groups in the
trenches providing the talent needed to fulfill
their "end client's" requirements.

There are significant differences between the
“Prestigious Ones” and Peningo’s way of doing

Client controls systems projects that
support the client’s successful
business plan.

At Peningo, we expect the client to control all
systems decisions, as we feel that those
decisions may impact the client’s “Business
Plan”.  Systems contributions by Peningo
Members should be limited to the
development, enhancement and
implementation of the systems that will deliver
a client’s proven successful “Business Plan”

There is a tendency on the part of the “Prestigious Ones” to try to control and
influence the client’s “Business Plan” in order to be able to use their “package
solutions”.  This efforts results in priority being given to systems solutions than
to the client’s “Business Plan”.  

We have experience salvaging situations created by the “Prestigious Ones” in
their attempts to influence the client’s “Business Plan” in order to use the
“standard solution” which results in totally inadequate business solution.  Again
we re-state our view that systems decisions should be totally in the hands of
client personnel and all systems must bow to the needs of the client’s “Business

The “Bench” Systems

The “Prestigious Ones” maintain consultants between assignments on the
waiting for allocation to a project.   We at Peningo feel that the “Bench” system is
totally wrong for the following reasons:

When a client states a requirement, there is an economic incentive, on the part of
the ”Prestigious Ones” to use “imperfect” matches to the client’s requirement in
order to reduce the bench idle resources ,which are on their payroll, and are not
billable to any client.  That is how the “Prestigious Ones” finds themselves
offering “Oranges” when the client’s needs requires “Apples”

We have experienced replacing such mismatched resources presented by the
“Prestigious Ones” and bringing the client back into harmony by delivering
excellent matches to the client’s requirement.  In addition consultants are
extremely unhappy to be placed on a “Bench” even when they continue to
receive their pay.

We approach every client requirement without any limitations except to seek a
very close match that has the pertinent skills at an expert level.    As we do not
support the “Bench” systems we are able to bring upon the client’s needs the
best solution available in the Market at that point in time.    Our consultants are
compensated adequately so that should a situation developed of a gap between
assignments the consultants may use their free time as they wish.  It is our
experience that those that have dedicated their careers to consulting prefer this
method best, as they do not like to be mismatched, resulting in personal failures
at the assignment.

One single hourly rate

The “Prestigious Ones” when a resource home base is away from the client they
offer the resource on an hourly billing rate plus expenses.  Such practices lead to
extensive overhead costs in the part of the consultant, the client and the
“Prestigious Ones”.

Peningo’s approach is to offer our consultant at a single hourly rate.  When the
Peningo consultant home base is remote to the client we would have quoted the
single hourly rate as all inclusive (no expenses to be added).  The client for all
purposes may consider all Peningo resources as local.  It is up to the consultants
to decide if they want to commute on a weekly basis or relocate in close proximity
to the client’s site for the duration of the assignment,

It is our experience that the consultant and the client prefer this method and for
Peningo, facilitate the inclusion of a nation wide pool of resources to respond to
clients requests.


It is in the nature of the “Prestigious Ones” to function with extremely high
overheads that leads to the need for large Markups.  As the consultants wants
their earnings increased the “Prestigious Ones” finds themselves in the need to
go “off shore” for resources that may fit their Markups requirements, with the
consequent negative effect on quality of service.

By eliminating the “Prestigious Ones” Peningo will be able to share the savings
with  the consultant and the client.  The client benefits by having a business
formula that rewards the consultant, making it possible to retain the most
accomplish resources available while receiving a substantial cost reduction.
Peningo for
Peningo for
The major flaws of the “Prestigious Ones’ method of
doing business are:
- In order to accommodate “packaged solutions” the
proven and successful Business Plan are modified.
- The Bench system leads to trying to pass an
“Orange as an
- Billing hourly rates plus expenses separately is
costly and
- High overhead leads to seeking off-shore
resources that fit the  
Markups structures. The result is a reduction in the
quality of