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For the IT Consultants and Contractors, we provide, Consultant Profile promotion to end
clients, an opportunity for increased rates, administrative support services for invoicing
and collection of receivables directly to the end client, incorporation consulting,
healthcare solutions for IT Consultants, and Advocacy for industry concerns and issues.
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Peningo for Client Companies

For the Business Community we offer an opportunity for the end client to have access to
the same quality IT Consultants that are offered by the elite IT Professional Services
organizations, but at a significantly reduced cost.  Under the “Consultants Exchange”
option, Client Companies will also  have access to the Peningo’s Consultants Profiles and
have the ability to contact the IT Consultants  directly.  For more details, please go  to
Peningo for Clients".

For years we have supported the prestigious IT Professional Service and Global Service
organizations by providing them the IT Consultants that are ultimately presented to the
"end client".  The following is just a partial list of IT Consulting areas that  we have
provided to these "
Prestigious ones", which in turn was marked up by 100% plus to the
"end client":
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If you are thinking of hiring an IT
Consultant from one of the  
prestigious IT Professional Service
or  Global Service organizations?

We have extensive experience
providing to these IT
“Professional Services” and
Global Service organizations the
consultants, who are in turn,
presented to the end client.

The problem is that our rate
experiences an excessive
Markup by these “
organizations", resulting in a
rate to the "end client"  by 100%
or more.

Our mission is to eliminate
these layers of excessive
markups, while providing to
you the same quality of
Consultants that you would
expect from the "Prestigious

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Peningo for
Have you ever been a Contractor
representing one of the
prestigious  IT Professional
Services or Global Service
Consulting firms only to have
your pay rate marked up by
several layers?

Have you ever been frustrated
to learn that the rate being
charged to the “End Client” that
you are servicing has been
marked up more than double
your personal pay rate?

If your answer is yes to one
or both of these questions,
we understand your
situation. We have been
involved and experienced for
years these excessive and
unnecessary markups by
the leading
Service and Global Services
Consulting Firms

Like you, we are also
frustrated for being in the
middle of these markups,
and now it is time for us to
do something about it!!!!

Our mission at Peningo
Systems is to assist the
Individual Consultants to
eliminate the layers of
excessive markups by these
tiers of organizations
between you and  the “End
Clients” who are receiving
your services, thus providing
the avenue for rate increase
for you and savings for the
“End Client”

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help you.

Welcome to Peningo Systems
The founders of Peningo Systems have
been involved in IT Consulting for over 30
years. Our goal is to support the individual
IT Consultant by providing an avenue for
them to be in contact directly with the end
client. By doing this we reduce the many
layers and tiers of organizations that are
involved with placement of an IT
Consultant. By reducing these layers and
tiers, cost can be significantly reduced to
the end client, while still providing the room
for the Consultants to increase their
Peningo Systems provides the "marketplace" where "end
clients" can retain Senior IT Consultants without paying for
"tiers" of markups from the
prestigious IT Professional
Service and Global Service organizations. The elimination
of these  "tiers of markups" results in saving to the "end
client", while providing an increase in compensation for
the Consultant. Seeing the light with Peningo deserves a
"High Five"!!
Tivoli Consultants  

WebSphere Consultants

J2EE Consultants

Security Consultants

Remedy Consultants

Asset Management

HP OpenView AssetCenter

VMware - Virtualization
SAP Consultants

HP Peregrine Consultants

JD Edwards Consultants

BMC Consultants

Hyperion Consultants

Software Development

PeopleSoft Consultants

JDA / Manugistics Consulting
Oracle Consultants

DB2 Consultants

Data Warehousing Consultants

Human-Computer Interaction

Speech Recognition Consultants

Java Development Consultants

HP OpenView Consultants

Blaze Advisor - Rules Management

Manhattan Associates Consulting
Over the years we have provided IT Consultants with the expertise that the "end clients"
require. Since our philosophy at Peningo is to compensate well the Consultant, we insure
that for the "end client", they will be able to retain the best talent that is available. For
more details, please go  to "
Peningo for Clients".
Peningo Systems provides IT Consultants to
the Business community on a nationwide
basis and provides support services for IT
Consultants and Contractors. The following
is a list of "
Technical Areas" that we can
Asset Management
HP Asset Manager
Data Warehousing
Human Factors
Speech Recognition
Java Development
HP OpenView
Blaze Advisor
HP Peregrine
JD Edwards
Blue Yonder/JDA
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