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Resume of Candidate: PEN86

Tivoli Workload Scheduler Consultant

Main Skills: My main skills include, but are not limited to, UNIX administration (HPUX, AIX, Solaris), Storage administration (Tivoli Storage Manager, Veritas
Netbackup) and automated job scheduling (Tivoli Workload Scheduler, Control-M). I am Tivoli certified in Tivoli Workload Scheduler v7.0 and Tivoli
Storage Manager v5.2. I am also well versed in Windows operating system administration.

Professional experiences:

Tivoli Architectural Specialist

I design and implement Tivoli products on this project, and heavy Unix scripting is also involved.
•        Installing and supporting Tivoli products.
•        Code development and testing.
•        Scripting
•        Designing and creating jobs and jobstreams.

Technology Engineer – Credit Card Services

•        Transferring data files using various transfer tools.
•        Troubleshooting and resending failed transfer files.
•        Running and modifying batch jobs in TWS.
•        Restarting databases and servers.
•        Creating, deleting and updating user accounts.
•        Resetting database and Unix accounts passwords
•        Unlocking and resetting database accounts
•        Restoring customer data files in Veritas Netbackup
•        Operating systems administration – AIX, Solaris, WNT 2000, 20003.
•        Shell scripting.

Tivoli Infrastructure Support –
On this project, I supported various customer accounts and provided trainings on the use of - and best practices with – Tivoli Workload Scheduler and
Tivoli Storage Manager. I also participated in architecting Tivoli networks within SAN environments as a Tivoli product SME at the customer sites, some
of which are Chicago Parking, Campbell’s Soup, Philip Morris/Altria and New York University.

•        Deploying Tivoli products at customer sites.
•        Installing, tuning and supporting TSM/TWS servers.
•        Partaking in Tivoli (TSM/TWS) Network Architecture/Design Projects.
•        Remotely installing, upgrading, maintaining and supporting TSM and TWS.
•        Installing and supporting TSM client, storage and Tivoli Data Protection (TDP) agents.
•        Troubleshooting and fixing TDP (specifically, oracle and MSSQL) link issues.
•        Setting up schedules for ‘TDP for Oracle’ and ‘TDP for MSSQL server’ backups.
•        Installing and supporting TWS extended agent for SAP and PeopleSoft.
•        Troubleshooting connection issues with TWS extended agent for SAP.
•        Working with the SAP Basis team in setting up automated jobs in TWS.
•        Troubleshooting and fixing failed backup jobs and network issues.
•        Assisting and advising customers on data capacity planning.
•        Training customers on the best practices with Tivoli products.
•        Assisting in setting up of complex schedules involving (PGP) encryption, file polling and transfer - FTP, SFTP and Tumbleweed STClient.
•        Providing 3rd level off-hour support to my clients.
•        Working with devices in the SAN environment.
•        Some system (Unix and WNT) administration.
•        Operating systems device file configuration.
•        Creating support and training documentations.
•        Storage hardware installation.
•        Assisting in creation of jobs and schedules.
•        Shell scripting.

Midrange Unix Administrator –
Worked in the Midrange UNIX Team tasked with data storage management, Enterprise Alert system and Job automation during the company’s Raritan Data
Center consolidation project. I managed data protection in most of the 206 J&J operating companies, verifying backed up data integrity and resolving
issues with failed ones.

•           Installing and managing application software – Veritas Netbackup, Tivoli Workload Scheduler, Tivoli Enterprise Console and HP Openview.
•           Setting up backup policies in Veritas Netbackup.
•           Reviewing daily backup reports and attending to any issues thereof.
•           Monitoring alerts in HP OpenView and Tivoli Enterprise Console – company was transitioning from TEC to OVO so both were used concurrently.
•           Supporting and managing data storage in multiple environments with thousands of WNT and multi-flavored UNIX servers using different versions
of Veritas Netbackup.
•           Providing remote storage management support for some of the J&J operating companies.
•           Maintaining user and group accounts on Unix servers.
•           Troubleshooting network issues and managing system activities and processes.
•           Partaking in disaster recovery planning testing sessions bi-weekly.
•           Defining and supporting backup jobs in Tivoli Workload Scheduler (maestro).
•           Providing timely off-hour on-call support, mostly surpassing the SLA standards.
•           Creating detailed documentation and analysis of backup\system performances.
•           Maintaining LAN/SAN storage hardware and liaising with the vendors.
•           Creating Oracle database backup policy (with RMAN) in Veritas Netbackup.
•           Assessing the backup environment and recommending changes (examples: move server storage paths from LAN to SAN; use multiplexing) to
optimize performances and maintain existing backup window.
•           Shell scripting: PERL, KORN, POSIX.

Tivoli Administrator –
Consulted at Pfizer, Inc., working in a team of two, tasked with setting up the whole Tivoli environment. This included data network design and
implementation, disaster recovery planning and testing, job automation set-up and support, storage allocation on EMC hardware. One of the major
projects I handled on this account was migrating the whole Tivoli environment (consisting of both TWS and TSM) from HPUX operating system to Solaris
operating system.
•        Configuring Storage Area Network (SAN) devices in TSM servers.
•        Configuring and allocating storage space in SAN attached storage devices.
•        Installing and configuring TSM server and clients, storage agent and Tivoli Data Protection (TDP) for Oracle.
•        Troubleshooting and fixing missed backups and providing updates to customers.
•        Setting up Policy Domains and scheduling data backups in TWS.
•        Designing storage pool hierarchy to ensure efficient backups data migration.
•        Configuring and managing storage space (RAID groups, LUNs, Storage Groups) on EMC Clariion storage system using Navisphere Manager GUI.
•        Tuning TSM servers (4) to ensure optimum performance.
•        Centralizing operations with TSM configuration manager.
•        Analyzing Data Storage Capacity requirements.
•        Implementing and testing Disaster Recovery Plan.
•        Enforcing strict filesystem usage rule by defining ITSRM policies.
•        Fully administering Tivoli (TWS and TSM master) servers.
•        Implementing and monitoring system (filesystem, disk) quotas.
•        Installing Tivoli Workload Scheduler client software and patches.
•        Installing and maintaining Tivoli Management Framework and connectors.
•        Troubleshooting FTA link problems, job abends and failures.
•        Creating Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
•        Partaking in various Tivoli networks migration projects.
•        Updating and maintaining the TWS security file.
•        Training Operations team on new releases of Tivoli software.
•        Meeting regularly with different Business Units on Tivoli issue updates.
•        Providing on-call support during weekends and off-shift hours.
•        Liaising with IBM support on resolving Tivoli issues.
•        Shell-scripting (POSIX, KORN and PERL).

03/2000- 03/2002
System Administrator –
I started off as an Application Technician seeing to the day-to-day performances of the data backup and job automation tools, amongst other duties. I
worked briefly with TWS and then with BMC Control-M when the company switched to the latter. I later worked in the UNIX Administration team managing
the HPUX and SUN servers.

•        Scheduling backups and restores of files and filesystems using Tivoli Maestro.
•        Monitoring and maintaining network connectivity using HP Openview, BMC Patrol Explorer, etc.
•        Performing shutdown and restart of servers of NT and UNIX servers.
•        Monitoring system alerts on BMC Patrol Enterprise Manager.
•        Monitoring backup jobs and schedules using Maestro conman - and Control-M/EM.
•        Monitoring, identifying and troubleshooting system error messages on NT and Unix servers.
•        Liaising with the National Help Desk to provide top class services to clients on the WAN.
•        Providing first level problem determination and resolution - reducing system down time.
•        Monitoring website to make sure that clients gain hitch-free access all the time.
•        Monitoring and maintaining StorageTek (tape drives) using ACSLS commands.
•        Installing and configuring oracle database for Control-M/EM usage.
•        Giving read access to clients on certain restricted servers.
•        Placing service calls to software/hardware vendors.
•        Installing and configuring Veritas Netbackup.
•        Monitoring and maintaining print spools.
•        Creating jobs and schedules in Control-M.
•        Setting up Veritas Netbackup client node Policies.
•        Troubleshooting backup failures.
•        Maintaining peripheral devices and their associated drivers.
•        Monitoring and managing disk usage and system quotas.

•        AIX 5.1
•        Oracle 8i, 9i
•        Solaris 7, 8, 9
•        HPUX 10.20, 11.00, 11i
•        Windows 2000/2003/NT 4 servers.
•        Control M/EM, 6.0.03, 6.1.01
•        Veritas Netbackup Datacenter 3.4, 4.5, 5.0, 5.1
•        Tivoli Workload Scheduler 6.0, 7.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.2.1
•        Tivoli Management Framework 3.7, 4.1
•        Job Scheduling Console 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
•        Tivoli Enterprise Console 3.7
•        Tivoli Storage Manager 4.2.3, 5.1.0, 5.2.3, 5.3
•        Tivoli Storage Resource Manager
•        Remedy (Picasso)
•        StorageTek Powderhorn silo
•        IBM 349X tape library
•        ADIC Scalar 10K tape library
•        EMC Clariion/Navisphere Manager.

•        MCSE training                                                                  01/99-07/99
•        Sun Solaris administration                                                  08/99-02/2000
•        BMC Control-M                                                                  12/2000
•        Logical Volume Management                                                       02/2001
•        Database Access                                                            02/2001
•        HP-UX Sys/NW Admin for Experienced Administrators                           06/2001
•        Problem logging and reporting                                                   10/2001
•        TWS Framework                                                           05/2002
•        Storage management (Capacity Planning)                                  02/2003
•        Business Continuity Solutions                                                  02/2003
•        Tivoli Enterprise Console                                                  12/2003
•        Picasso (Remedy) incident Reporting                                          10/2004
•        GxP Awareness (Global Compliance) Training                                  10/2004
•        TSM Server Performance Tuning                                          05/2005

•        Tivoli Workload Scheduler v7.0                                                  01/2003
•        Tivoli Storage Manager     v5.2                                                  06/2005

…IBM Tivoli Certified Professional.

References will be provided upon request.
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