Peningo Tivoli Access Manager Consultants
Welcome to the Peningo Tivoli Access Manager Consultants Page.  The IBM
Tivoli Access Manager family of products can help you securely manage
access to business-critical applications and data while giving users fast,
convenient access to the information they need. These solutions provide
centralized authentication, policy management and access control services
for Web resources, systems and hosted applications.  

For years Peningo has supported software vendors providing expertise in
the area of IBM Tivoli Access Manager and Access Management Consulting.
The following is a list of some of the Tivoli areas we can support:

  • Tivoli Access Manager (TAM / iTAM / iSAM)
  • Tivoli Access Manager for  e-Business (TAMEB)
  • Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems (TAMOS)
  • Tivoli Federated Identity Manager (TFIM)
  • Single Sign-On / SSO Implementation
  • Tivoli Access Manager Implementation and Deployment
  • Access Management Consulting
  • Tivoli Access Manager for Business Integration
  • Design and Implementation of Tivoli Access Manager Infrastructures
  • Security Architecture for Enterprise Applications
Peningo Tivoli Access Manager Consultants
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About Tivoli Access Manager

IBM Tivoli Access Manager is an authentication and authorization solution for corporate web services, operating systems, and existing

Tivoli Access Manager Family

Tivoli Access Manager is not a single product but rather a family of products that use the same core authorization and authentication engine:

IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (ITAMeb) - Provides cross-enterprise application security, including SSO, URL and
application authorization
IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems (ITAMOS) - controls access to operating system resources - Fine tune access
for UNIX and Linux accounts, including privileged user accounts
IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On - Single sign-on for all Microsoft Windows, Web, Java, mainframe and
teletype applications

About Tivoli Access Manager for e-business

Tivoli Access Manager for e-business provides robust, policy-based security to a corporate Web environment. TAMeb provides authentication of
users, control of access privileges, auditing, single sign-on, high availability, and logging.
It manages growth and complexity, controls management costs, and addresses the difficulty of executing security policies across a wide range
of Web and application resources.

•        Defines and manages centralized authentication, access, and audit policy for a broad range of business initiatives
•        Establishes new audit and reporting service which collects audit data from multiple enforcement points as well as from other
platforms and security applications
•        Enables flexible SSO to Web-based applications that can span multiple sites or domains with a range of SSO options, to eliminate  
help-desk calls and other security problems associated with multiple passwords
•        Leverages common security policy model with the Tivoli Access Manager family of products to extend support to other resources
•        Manage and secure your business environments from your existing hardware (mainframe, PCs, servers) and operating system  
platforms including Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX
•        Provides a modular authorization architecture that separates security code from application code

About Tivoli Access Manager for Enterpsie Single Sign-On

Provides strong authentication, access automation, and compliance reporting for applications across enterprise end-points.  Simplifies,
strengthens and tracks access to all Microsoft® Windows®, Web, Java™, mainframe and teletype applications, across all major network
access points, including Windows desktops, laptops, shared kiosks, Citrix servers, Microsoft Terminal Servers and Web portals.

•        Help simplify the end-user experience by eliminating the need to remember and manage user names and passwords, and by automating
sign-on and access
•        Enhance security by reducing poor end-user password behavior
•        Help reduce password-related help-desk costs by lowering the number of password reset calls
•        Enable comprehensive session management of kiosk machines to improve security and user productivity
•        Enhance security through a wide choice of strong authentication factors
•        Leverage centralized audit and reporting capabilities to facilitate compliance with privacy and security regulations
•        Extend IBM Tivoli® Access Manager for e-business’s fine-grained authorization and entitlements for Web applications, by fully addressing
single sign-on across all network access points
•        Enable end-to-end identity and access management by integrating the centralized identity management functions of IBM Tivoli Identity   
Manager with enterprise single sign-on and access automation
•        Operating systems supported: Windows

Declared by SC Magazine as the "Best Identity Management Solution" in 2008, Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On increases
user productivity and enables fast access to corporate information by extending the ESSO functionality to provide workflow automation on
shared and personal workstations. Users can automate the entire access workflow – application login, drive mapping, application launch,
single sign-on, navigation to preferred screens, multi-step logins, and more.

About Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems

IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems locks key applications, files and platforms to stop illegal access.  It blocks both insiders and
outsiders from unauthorized access to and use of valuable customer, employee and business partner data. It blocks both insiders and
outsiders from unauthorized access to and use of valuable customer, employee and business partner data.

•        Audits application and platform activity, defending against the top security threat that enterprises face: malicious or fraudulent behavior by
internal users and employees
•        Combines full-fledged intrusion prevention-host-based firewall, application and platform protection, user tracking and controls robust
auditing and compliance checking
•        Provides Persistent Universal Auditing to document compliance with government regulations, corporate policy and other security
•        Provides best-practice security policy templates to minimize implementation effort and time
•        Delivers mainframe-class security and auditing in a lightweight, easy-to-use product

Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems erects a secure perimeter around sensitive resources to restrict access regardless of a user's
administrative status. It establishes controls that even extend to administrative ("root") users. Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems
tracks users throughout their use of system resources and applies a comprehensive security policy to protect applications. Unlike competitive
offerings, Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems provides these controls without adding the administrative burden of changing your
business processes. In addition, to help you comply with your audit requirements, Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems provides
Persistent Universal Auditing-a secure and flexible auditing tool that maintains secure 24x7 audit logs on users, programs, files, ports,
resources and systems.