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FICO Blaze Advisor Consultant


Rules Architect – FICO Blaze Advisor SME with more than 15 years of experience in the architecture, design, development and
implementation of complex business systems for medium and large organizations. He has been a practicing consultant in sectors
including insurance, financial, and government. Extensive experience and exemplary track record of delivering business-critical
systems using business rules using FICO’s Blaze Advisor and Drools is a key asset.

Specializes in the implementation of rules-based solutions using FICO’s Blaze Advisor and Drools.
Having worked with the Blaze Advisor Product Development team at Fair Isaac, has in depth knowledge of Blaze Advisor internals
and APIs which he has consistently used to develop reusable templates and numerous utilities around Blaze Rules repositories
reducing the development time and increased productivity. He has customized Blaze Rules Management Applications many times
as per clients’ needs. With his extensive hand-on experience, has successfully mentored clients’ staff primarily focusing on FICO’
s Blaze Advisor “Best Practices” for Business Rules design, development and troubleshooting.
Major industry accomplishments include:

        Development of a fully automated testing tool for testing business rules coded using Drools, Blaze Advisor and ILog using
simple interfaces like Excel spreadsheet
        Integrated Blaze Advisor rules engine with FileNET P8 Process Engine to automate Process Manager’s decision steps
        Developed fully functional Business Process Manager with Workflow designer, manager and business activity manger.

Has also worked with many other leading rules engines like Quick Rules and Haley Authority.  

Relevant Experience

Business Rules Solutions Developed
•        Designed and developed Business Rules based Risk Monitoring System for Credit Card Fraud Detection using Blaze Advisor.
•        Design and development of templates and RMA for rules based Mortgage and Insurance Underwriting applications.
•        Rules based support system for Material Management and Deals Management Systems
•        Developed rule based decision support system for Claim Management Systems.
•        Architected and implemented rule based Account Set Up System for an Investment Company.
•        Developed and deployed Linear Regression Score Models using Blaze Advisor.
•        Reviewed Rules repositories architecture for multiple clients to improve performance, maintainability and scalability.

Frameworks Developed for Business Rules Solutions
•        Designed and developed interface between Blaze Advisor and FileNet P8 Business Process Manager.
•        Developed fully functional Business Process Manager Solution with workflow designer, workflow engine and content
management features. Integrated BPM with 3rd party rules engines like Blaze Advisor and Drools for leveraging the rules engines

Utilities Developed for Business Rules Solutions
•        Created an Excel based, fully Automated, Generic Rules Testing Framework to test rules and web services.
•        Development of Rules Repository Import and Export Utilities using Blaze Advisor ROM and PROM APIs.
•        Design and development of various utilities for maintaining Blaze Advisor instance files resulting in increased productivity
and quality of work.

Work Experience
Rules Architect                                11/2006 – Till Date

Technical Environment:  Blaze Advisor (Java), Blaze Advisor.NET, IBM ILOG, Haley Authority, Drools, Java, C#
        Designed and developed rules based Risk Monitoring System for Credit Card Fraud Detection for a major  bank using FICO
Blaze Advisor. The solution processes 6 million transactions every day for over 600,000 transaction divisions to detect and
fraudulent transactions. The suspicious transactions are marked and stored in a Case Manager tool for the risk analysts to
review. Lead the design and development effort for the rules design and development.
        Designed and developed rules based Automated Underwriting System using FICO Blaze Advisor.NET. The solution
processes new quote requests and determines if the agent has binding authority. The quotes are either referred to an
underwriter, grants binding authority to the agent or rejects the quote using business rules maintained by the business team. An
automated testing solution provides an easy way for the business analysts to test and monitor the rules performance.
        Designed and developed rules repository for automated underwriting decision service using Drools. Designed and
developed the business object model for the rules processing. Designed and created technical rules in Drools. Designed and
developed drools server to execute the drools rules and return decision back to the underwriting application.
        Designed and architected business rules based solution using IBM ILOG.
        Interacted with Business Analysts to identify business rules
        Designed rules repository, templates and the RMA. Custom providers development and customizing the RMA
        Designed and developed testing tools for testing business rules
        Defined rules repository deployment procedures
        Developed score model templates to deploy linear regression score models for the Predictive Modeling group.
        Designed and developed custom routines to import/export score models, decision tables and decision trees from excel
spreadsheet into Blaze repository.
        Mentored client staff and leading them to develop rules repositories and Propose and implement best practices for rules
        Worked closely with the application development team to integrate blaze rules with the business application
        Maintained, supported and enhanced the rules maintenance application
        Implemented Authorization and Authentication for the Rules Maintenance Applications.

Blaze Advisor Lead                8/2006 - 11/2006

Technical Environment:  Blaze Advisor, Java and Microsoft.NET

        Mentoring client staff primarily focusing on Blaze Advisor “Best Practices” for Business Rules design, development and
        Helped the client staff design scalable, performing and easily maintainable rules repository.
        Reviewed rules, rules repository and rules architecture for the following:
        Verify the optimal organization of the repository and rules architecture.
        Identify rules, rule-sets, functions, rule flows and other Blaze Advisor related items with poorest performance by using
performance monitoring tools.
        Analyze findings, including making prioritized recommendations for improvements associated with each identified issue.
        Review rules repositories for scalability and performance and general production readiness
        Review rules service testing environment, infrastructure, and processes for unit and integration testing.

   4/2006 - 7/2006

Technical Environment:  Blaze Advisor, Java, C#, Microsoft.NET.
        Automated Testing Solution for Testing Blaze Advisor Rules Services
        Design and development of an Excel based generic automated testing solution for testing Blaze Advisor Rule Services.
        Reduced testing time by 70% with increased accuracy and quality of test cases.
        Displayed the test results in graphical format for quick review of overall test status.
        Complete rules coverage information for all and individual test cases.
        Eliminated numerous operational and technical issues resulting from traditional rule service testing approaches.
        Fully extensible solution to allow customization for individual client needs.
        Allows business users to enter test data without the need to learn technical details of Blaze Advisor rule service
        Ported the solution to .NET environment.

   8/2005 - 3/2006

Technical Environment: Blaze Advisor.NET, C#, Visual Studio.NET, WebSphere, Java, WSAD
        Design and Development of Blaze Advisor Rule Repository for Mortgage applications.
        Design and development of Rule Templates and Custom providers for RMA.
        Authoring Business rules and Deployment of Blaze Rules services.
        Development of utilities to import/export instance files contents using Blaze Advisor APIs.
        Customization of RMA templates.
        Performance tuning of rules services as per best practices documented by FICO.
        Designed custom versioning services to integrate Blaze Advisor with 3rd party versioning systems, like PVCS Serena.

   4/2005 - 7/2005

Technical Environment: Blaze Advisor, FileNET P8, Java
        Integration of Blaze Advisor with FileNET’s Business Process Manager (BPM) – The integration encompasses the ability for a
FileNet P8 Process Designer (PD) user to associate one or more Blaze rule services with one or more PD workflow steps. It
enables a Blaze Advisor IDE user to create rule services that that leverage the object/data model(s) used by one or more PD
workflows. The integration gave the ability for process steps within a workflow that’s managed/hosted by a FileNet P8 Process
Engine (PE) instance to invoke needed deployed BA rule services
        Architected solution to integrate Blaze Advisor with FileNET P8 Business Process Manager.
        Developed the integration of Blaze Advisor with FileNET’s BPM.
        Automatic import of object model, creation of rule templates, projects, RMA generation and deployment of rules using Blaze
Advisor APIs. The integration involved no manual intervention to accomplish the above tasks.
        Worked closely with the Blaze Advisor Product Development Management to review the documentation and participated in
pre release activities.

11/2004 - 3/2005
Technical Environment:  Blaze Advisor 5.x and 6.x, Java

        As an on site Blaze Rules Consultant, provided consulting to various clients on various aspects of Blaze Advisor Rules
Repository Design, Development and Deployment of Rule Services
        Design and development of rules repository and templates as per FICO recommended “Best Practices”.
        Rule Authoring using the templates
        Development of utilities to update Blaze Advisor instance files using Blaze Advisor APIs
        Designed custom providers for RMA templates
        Mentoring client staff focusing on Blaze Advisor 6.1 “Best Practices” for Business Rules development, deployment, and

        1/2001 - 2/2004  

NeXt generation Account Services (NxAS): NxAS was built to allow business users to open new accounts in the legacy TRUST 3000
system using state of the art ODT Transactions (see below) from a web front end. The account details entered by business users
are checked for errors. The newly opened account is then processed by Blaze Advisor Rules Engine to ensure appropriate
account characteristics are set.
Technical Environment: Microsoft Visual Basic, Blaze Advisor Rules Engine
        Interaction with business users to capture business requirements, translate into technical requirements, design, Code and
Business Rules.
        Business rule authoring using Blaze Advisor Rules Engine
        Deployed Rules in the run time environment integrated with the web front end.
        Developed web application to enter account information.
Image Station Suite of Workflow Applications: Image Station was built to reduce the handling of paper documents, increase
efficiency by streamlining processes required to perform work, and allow tracking of work performed. Image Station suite of
applications capture documents from various sources and routes the images through a predetermined workflow. During and after
work has been completed, the electronic images, as well as annotations and history of the image are available for searching and
Technical Environment: C, Microsoft Visual Basic, FileNet Capture, IDM and Visual Workflow, Java, MS SQL Server, XML, XSL, MQ
Series and PGP.
        Interaction with business users to capture business requirements, translate them into technical requirements, Design,
Code and Workflow.
        Integrate Image Station applications with web-based applications by importing and exporting images and data.
        Developed Java modules for integrating ImageStation with external systems
        Developed SQL queries and stored procedures.
        Configure FileNet IDM and Visual Workflow server.

7/1995 - 12/2000
As a Technical Consultant and a Team Leader, I was responsible for design and development of Open Data Transactions (ODT),
which provides a standard, consistent Application Programming Interface (API) for executing targeted TRUST 3000 data inquiries
and a wide variety of business transactions. Business transactions include Trade Order Entry, Security Movement and Control,
Account Opening and Cash Management functions.

Masters degree in Computer Applications
Bachelor’s degree in Science
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