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Rules Management implementation and architecture expertise utilizing
Blaze Advisor. Fair Isaac's Blaze Advisor™ business rules management
system  is the world's leading rules management solution. It is designed
to automate operational business decisions and provide companies with
unprecedented agility, consistency and precision in their customer
interactions.  Some of the Rules Management areas with FICO Blaze
Advisor we support includes:

  • Rules Management Architecture
  • Blaze Advisor SME support
  • Blaze Innovator Rules Technology
  • Rules deployment with Blaze Advisor - Java, Blaze Advisor.NET
    and WebSphere Integration
  • Enterprise rule repository implementation
  • Integrated environment for application development support
  • Rules authoring and testing
  • Complete rule tracking and version control
  • Advanced rule query and management
  • Rules management templates
Peningo Blaze Advisor Rules Management Consultants
With Peningo Systems, you have another option for retaining the
Blaze Advisor Rules Management  expertise you drastically reduced hourly rates.  If you're
considering contacting Fair Isaac  to retain a Blaze Advisor
Rules Management Consultant, please consider Peningo!
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