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Oracle Consultant


Oracle Retail Merchandising System Consultant including integration, customization and interfacing.  Over ten years of very large-scale Oracle RDBMS
application design and development experience.


Industry Experience        

Oracle Retail business merchandising modules (ORMS / OSIM / ORDF / Replenishment/ReSA/RDW/Allocations; Electric utilities applications, Government
oil & gas reserves management applications

Life Cycle Expertise        

Requirements Analysis, Technical Architecture, Entity Relationship Modeling, Conceptual Design, Detail Design, Physical Design, Building, Tuning,
Testing, Implementation, Documentation, Conversion to Oracle DB

Operating Systems        
Unix (AIX, Sun, HP), Windows NT, 2000, XP, Oracle Application Development Skills

Object design and development including tables, packages, procedures, functions, triggers using SQL, PL/SQL
Inter-module interface design and development using Pro*C, Korn shells.

Large volume data loading/interfacing using SQL Loader, Pro*C, SQL & PL/SQL.
SQL performance tuning using Explain Plan and TKPROF.

Interface development using Developer 2000 Forms and Reports.
Schema design using Designer 2000.
Database modeling and design.
Database performance tuning.

Oracle Products        

Databases         Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i, 8.1, 8.0, 7.3, 7.1, 7.0, 6

Languages        Pro*C, PL/SQL, SQL

Tools                   Developer, Designer, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Loader

Applications      ORMS(v12,v10,v9,v8), ReSA(v10), RDW(v10,v9,v8), Allocations, Store Systems, Non-Oracle Products        

Languages         Unix Shell (Korn), C, Fortran

Tools                   PVCS, Visio, Microsoft Project, Embarcadero ER Studio, Teradata SQL Assistant

Work Experience

Dec 2007 – Present         Consultant

Functional, Technical and Business Analyst Consultant for the design and development of a customized merchandising data warehouse repository
sourced from Oracle Retail’s set of merchandising modules (ORMSv12, ORDFv12, OSIM v12, Replenishment) and client legacy systems.  Disney’s existing
Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse was extensively expanded to incorporate the large volumes of merchandising data anticipated to be generated
from the Oracle Retail’s modules.  The replacement of Disney’s legacy systems with Oracle Retail’s set of merchandising modules, combined with a tightly
coupled Teradata Merchandising Enterprise Data Warehouse (TD MEDW) will provide Disney an integrated, optimized and extensible technology for a
single application-neutral repository of current and historical data.  This overall solution will form the framework of Disney’s Business Intelligence
•        Provided Functional, Technical and Business Analyst support for integrating and mapping existing legacy merchandise data flows into the new
Teradata EDW for historical continuity and ongoing reporting criteria.
•        Designed and developed customized inbound data flows into the new TD MEDW, sourced from the both the new Oracle Retail modules and existing
legacy systems, to support the stated client requirement of maximum Business Intelligence flexibility from its new Merchandising System.  This included
data flows for Forecasting , Financials,  Replenishment, Allocation, Store Operations and Merchandising.
•        Designed and developed customized outbound data flows from the TD MEDW to support current and much expanded Business Reporting
requirements, based on the very granular inbound data flows sourced from the Oracle Retail modules.
•        Participated in functional and technical design reviews of data interfaces between legacy systems and Oracle Retail modules.
Development tools:  Oracle SQL, Teradata SQL, Teradata SQL Assistant, Embarcadero ER Studio Viewer

Aug 2006 – Nov 2007         Consultant
•        Functional and Technical Consultant/Designer/Developer/Tester for the installation of Oracle Retail module ORMS(v12.0.3) for client’s expansion
into Europe.  This included documentation, and code retrofitting of customized RMSv10 forms, packages, tables, etc into RMSv12, in addition to adding
unique enhancements for the European theater
•        Designed and developed geo-region functionality so that one code base could be deployed on multi-continents having varied application attribute
requirements, with only a one-time simplistic non-coding change to adapt to each instance  
•        Functional and Technical Designer / Developer / Tester for additional customized enhancements to client’s existing North American instance of
Oracle Retail module RMS(v10).  This included documentation and coding of all associated objects: forms, packages, tables, etc.
•         Designed and developed near-real-time RMS -> Oracle eBusiness interface for location data (store and warehouse)
•        Worked with business groups to identify and refine functional requirements for both the North American RMS v10 enhancements and the RMS v12
European installation
Development tools:  Oracle Forms Builder, PLSQL, Unix, Subversion, ChangeManDS;

Jun 2005 – Jun 2006        Consultant
•        Technical Integration Consultant performing as a Systems Analyst / Functional and Technical Designer / Developer / Tester for the installation of
Oracle Retail modules RMS(v10), RDW(Data Warehouse), and ReSA(Sales Audit), and required interfaces.
•        Worked with business groups to identify and correct significant legacy data conversion issues, including data integrity validation, and foundation
data areas such as Stores/DC's, Items/SKU's/Packs and hierarchy structure.
•        Developed test conditions and expected results based on the application requirements for product, performance, system integration and user
acceptance testing.  Participated in Quality Assurance testing and validation of legacy data conversion.
•        Participated in functional, technical designs and code reviews of data interfaces between legacy systems/Retail modules and Retail-to-Retail
•        Provided assistance with functional and technical issues on the implementation of interface processes.
•        Worked on batch troubleshooting, performance testing, bug fixing and enhancements to functionality.
•        Worked on issue resolution between RMS and legacy systems.
•        Worked on development, enhancement and applying Oracle Retail patches for the RMS module.  Handled Retek ROCS(Oracle Metalink) issues.
•        Designed and developed a complete dynamic multi-threading solution for ReSA to RMS POS transaction processing.
•        Designed and developed an interface from an existing legacy Teradata DB to a new Retek RDW (Data Warehouse) implementation
•        Designed and developed the interface from Retek ReSA (Sales Audit Module) to RDW.
Development tools:  Unix Korn Shell; Oracle Pro*C, SQL*Loader, SQL, PL/SQL;

Jun 2004 – Jun 2005        Consultant
•        Retek RMS Data Generation Lead within the Performance Testing team, responsible for coordinating delivery of very large data flows for stress
testing client’s complete inventory management system.  System was a heavily customized multi-terabyte Retek RMS module interfaced to mainframe
legacy systems to support 4300+ stores, 15 distribution centers and an $18B gross per year retail business.  Specifically, six external teams plus offshore
resources were managed to provide this data generation effort.
•        Provided design specification, training, coordination between teams, troubleshooting to get data delivered.  
•        Coded numerous PLSQL, SQLLDR, and Korn shell scripts for volume data that had to be “cooked.”
Development tools:  Oracle PLSQL, SQL*Loader, SQL, Unix / WinNT operating systems

Aug 2003 – Apr 2004        Consultant
•        Responsible for designing and developing custom Oracle Pro*C data interface programs for Retek’s Retail Merchandising Solutions (RMS v10) to
RSS/ISO (Retek Store Systems), specifically the Life-Code Checking System for perishable grocery items.  Retek Corp provides merchandise and grocery
retailers an extensive set of Oracle-based modules designed to provide complete merchandising solutions for retail businesses, but all modules must
be customized for each client and tuned for each environment.   
•        Responsible for RDW (Retek Data Warehouse) Enterprise Version 10.5 -> 11.0 upgrade sweep using Version 11 RETL (Retek Extraction,
Transformation, Loading) tool.
Development tools:  Oracle Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL; Unix / WinNT operating systems, Korn shell

May 2003 – Aug 2003        Consultant
•        Responsible for developing custom Oracle Pro*C data interface programs for the client’s extensively modified Retek’s Allocation system (RMS v 9
to Customized Retek Allocations).
Development tools: Oracle Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL. IBM AIX Unix / WinNT operating systems, Unix Korn shell scripting

Jan 2002 – Jan 2003                Consultant
•        Responsible for design, developing, enhancing and performance-tuning Oracle Pro*C, PL/SQL, SQL, and database table objects for Retek’s (RMS
v8) and Data Warehouse (RDW) for this billion dollar retailer.  This included design of tables, triggers, indexes, packages, procedures and Pro*C objects.  
•        Worked extensively on large volume legacy data interfacing and custom-Cato specific modules and modifications.    
Development tools: Oracle Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL. SQL*Loader; IBM AIX Unix / WinNT operating systems, Unix Korn shell scripting

Jul 2000 – Nov 2001        Consultant with IBM Global Services
•        Responsible for developing custom high-performance data interfacing solutions to move large volumes of client’s legacy mainframe data into new
installation of Retek's (RMS v9) data tables.
Development tools: Oracle Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL; Unix / WinNT operating systems, Unix shell scripting

•        Responsible for custom modifications on Retek's Data Warehouse software to meet a Retek client's specialized requirements for data aggregation
from Retek’s RMS (v9)
•        Developed tables, indexes, packages, procedures, triggers, and functions.  Performance tuned SQL, PL/SQL, and Pro*C code
•        Mentored numerous other developers in Oracle scripting and tuning
Development tools:  Oracle Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL, Designer 2000; Unix / WinNT operating systems; Unix shell scripting; SQL Loader

Sept 1995 – Jul 2000        Sr. Consultant
Project:  Contractor Invoice Tracking System
•        Singularly responsible for re-designing the entire Oracle back-end of client’s Contractor Invoice Tracking System (Accounts Payable pre-validation
•        The system specifications called for efficient oversight tracking of all work accomplished by third-party vendors.  
•        The re-design corrected ALL of the client’s concerns from the original problem-plagued in-house project.  
•        This system now has a throughput of over 5,000 vendor invoices per month, with growth rates of over 35% per year projected for the foreseeable
future as legacy systems are converted over.
•        Developed or re-designed ALL packages, procedures, functions and triggers.  
•        Designed data-interface routines to move all invoice data into newly installed SAP financials.  Heavy use of SQL and PL/SQL performance tuning
Development tools:  Oracle SQL, PL/SQL; Unix / WinNT operating systems; Unix shell scripting

Project:  Distribution Information System
•        Responsible for new development, enhancements and maintenance of client’s work ticket tracking system (Distribution Information System) to allow
design work tickets to be tracked for inclusion in a graphically-displayed equipment and network information system.  
•        This was necessary for client to manage its assets both in geographical placement and quantity.
•        This application tracked all aspects of both customer and internal work tickets (totaling over 50,000 tickets annually), including design, material
usage, costing and “just-in-time” work ticket printing for crew assignments in a four-state region.
Development tools:  Oracle Forms/Reports, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix / WinNT operating systems

Project:  Large Customer Energy Consumption Modeling
•        Responsible for designing and developing the complete data stream interfacing and conversion modules of a single tool set solution for modeling
client’s major customers’ energy consumption.  
•        The system’s primary focus was the ability to apply complex utility rate cost structures to measurements of timed intervals of energy usage
•        Fully 50% of the entire coding effort resided in the interface and conversion modules.
Development tools:  Oracle SQL, PL/SQL; Unix / WinNT operating systems

Jan 1995 – Sept 1995          Consultant
•        Responsible for new development, enhancements and maintenance of client’s Gulf of Mexico operations management software.  
•        This very large Oracle-based project tracked all aspects of over 30,000 Gulf of Mexico offshore oil wells and associated hydrocarbon mineral
deposits and allowed Minerals Management to administer hydrocarbon production and taxation worth $550 million in income to the US Treasury per year.
Development tools:  Oracle Forms/Reports; SQL, PL/SQL; Unix / WinNT operating systems

May 1994 – Jan 1995          Consultant
•        Responsible for analysis, design, coding and implementation of client’s Safety Department’s Accident Tracking and Analysis Project.  
•        This project maintained extensive records of all contractor and government accidents, correlated with man-hours and vehicular mileage as
required by US Congressional mandate for the US Corps of Engineers/New Orleans Region.
Development tools:  Oracle Forms/Reports; SQL, PL/SQL; WinNT operating systems.

Jan 1990 – May 1994          Consultant
•        Responsible for client consultation, systems analysis, sales, installation and service of Windows NT client-server systems and software to small and
medium business clients.  
•        Specialized in Windows NT servers, workstations and networks.  
•        Managed a small workforce of network technicians.  

Dec 1969–Jan 1990          
Following is a listing of major positions held while on active military service
Assignment:  Naval Air Station New Orleans; New Orleans, LA
Position:  Classified Information Security Manager
•        Developed and implemented security program for handling and safeguarding classified material, including communications security material.  
•        Trained 3000+ service members in classified material security.
•         Designed and implemented computer database solutions for classified material life-cycle tracking
Assignment:  Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron ONE; Naval Air Station Agana Guam
Position:  Naval Flight Officer / Special Projects Officer
•        Airborne Responsibilities:  Supervised teams performing airborne signals collection and analysis in specially configured Lockheed EP-3 Orion and
Douglas EA-3 Skywarrior aircraft.  Primary ground duties included:  
•        Assistant Electronic Warfare Department head in charge of 30+ signal analysts
•        Officer-in-Charge of the squadron’s Philippines Detachment of 100+ personnel and 5 aircraft
Assignment:  Joint Electronic Warfare Center; San Antonio, TX
Position:  Systems Analyst
•        Joint Military Service Staff Duty
•        Performed systems analysis and software design of computer-aided analysis of real world electronic warfare problems, including signal data
analysis and projects using satellite digitized earth terrain data.  
•        Responsible for keeping senior-level military and civilian Pentagon officials briefed on various special intelligence project issues.
Assignment:  Naval Air Technical Training Center; Naval Air Station Lakehurst, NJ
Position:  Instructor
•        Staff instructor for meteorological and oceanographic equipment maintenance, including weather radar and computerized monitoring equipment.  
•        Course material included basic electronics, advanced electronics, radar design and repair, and specialized weather equipment design and repair.

•        M.S. Computer Science
•        B.S. Applied Math
•        Database Administrator
•        Database Performance Tuning
•        Developer 2000
•        Designer 2000
•        Data Modeling & Database Design
Retek, Inc.
•        Retek Merchandising Solutions (RMS)
•        Retek Data Warehouse (RDW)
•        Fiber Optic Termination
•        Electronic Warfare-Equipment and Surveillance Techniques
•        Aircraft Navigation
•        Instructor Training
•        Meteorological & Oceanographic Equipment Maintenance
•        Basic and Advanced Radar Repair
•        Basic & Advanced Electronics
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