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Oracle Consultant

Senior developer with more than 14 years of experience in all phases of software development cycle. Demonstrated in all occasions an exceptional
proficiency in gathering business requirements, creating design documents, integrating with corporate architecture, leading development and building
critical subsystems. Following a rigorous quality assurance practice, all deliverables passed from the first time the users acceptance test.

Technical Experience
Databases:                Oracle, Informix, Sybase
Languages:                Pro*C, PL/SQL, Java, XML, C,  ESQL, ESQL/C, ksh, assembly
Java technologies:        JDK1.5, JDBC, JSP, servlets, ADF Faces, ADF Business Components, JSF, Java                         Beans
Development Tools:        Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle SQL Developer, Toad, Eclipse, WSAD, IBM RAD
Frameworks:                Struts, Oracle ADF
Unix Programming:        C, IPC, TCP/IP sockets, shell scripting
QA Tools:                ChangeMan, PVCS Dimensions, Subversion, CVS, Mercury TestDirector
Operating Systems:        Unix (AIX, OSF1, SunOS, SCO, HP), Linux, Windows
Middleware:                 IBM MQ Series
Oracle Retail (Retek): RMS12 (RPM), RMS10.

Employment History
Senior Software Developer

Project Simplify: a corporate global effort to integrate critical production systems under Oracle Retail         (Retek) and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
•        Designed, developed, tested and deployed data conversions and interfaces from RMS to POS for price and sign changes using PL/SQL stored
procedures, triggers, shell scripts. Modeled the persistence layer of interfaces infrastructure.
•        Designed price conversions and interfaces from RMS to Advanced Pricing (QP) module of Oracle EBS. Wrote CV40 (Oracle conversion functional)
and CV60 (Oracle conversion technical) documents. Wrote MD50(functional design) and MD70 (technical design) documents. Performed code reviews to
identify potential issues and assured compliance with corporate security standards.
International Promotion System
•        Redesigned  and implemented  the user interface for IPS (International Promotion System) using Java, Oracle ADF, ADF Business Components and
PL/SQL stored procedures.
•        Designed and developed data conversions and data interfaces to synchronize data from systems of record to data consumer subsystems.
Price List Management System
•        Took part in the design and implementation of the web-based user interfaces for contract pricing using Java, Oracle ADF, Oracle JDeveloper, ADF
Faces, ADF Business Components and SQL.
DemandTec Phase II – Strategic Pricing Approval
•        Lead the phase II of this project which consisted of business approval of the prices received from DemandTec, the provider of pricing optimization
for Office Depot.
•        Gathered requirements
•        Designed the integration with RMS, the system of record for pricing.
•        Implemented the integration subsystem using Pro*C on Unix and PL/SQL.
•        Designed the user interface for the approval subsystem, which was implemented in Java, J2EE and Struts on WebSphere.
Environment: Pro*C, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, Unix, ksh, Java, XML, Oracle ADF, Toad, SQL Developer, ChangeMan, Subversion, JDeveloper, Struts, WSAD,
Mercury TestDirector, ITG

Senior Programmer Analyst (contractor)

Lowe's Expansion to Canadian Markets
•        Analyzed and implemented the changes to the POS System for Lowe’s expansion to Canadian markets.
•        Performed unit and integration testing.
Environment: AIX, C, Sybase

Senior Programmer/Analyst (contractor)

Project Magellan: Office Depot Retek Implementation
•        Developed and tested various interfaces from RMS to AIP (Advanced Inventory Process) , and RMS to Legacy.
•        Office Depot/Retek retrofit for release 10  – performed analysis, design and coding to reconcile the Office Depot customized functionality with Retek
generic approach. Executed integration testing.
Environment: Sun/Unix SunOS, IBM PC/Windows XP, RMS10, Pro*C, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, stored         procedures, ksh, ChangeMan, TestDirector

Project ODIS: Warehouse Delivery Monitoring System
•        Acted as lead of the project.
•        Worked directly with business users to gather requirements.
•        Performed the data modeling on Oracle 9i
•        Designed the data loading using Java, XML and PL/SQL stored procedures.
•        Designed and implemented the user interface in Java and Struts on WSAD5.1

Socket Server
•        Analysis, design and implementation of a fault tolerant socket based system for communication between store's POS and corporate. Used Java,
TCP/IP sockets, WSAD5.1, XML, Unix, WindowsXP, Oracle 9.i, PL/SQL.

Vendor Extranet
•        Added functionality to the Vendor Extranet User Interface for Canadian Wholesaler.
•        Duties included: data modeling, user interface design and implementation, unit testing.
•        Used Java, J2EE, JDeveloper, Struts, Unix, WindowsXP, Oracle9.i

Senior Programmer/Analyst (contractor)
Roaming Services Provisioning
•        Design and implementation of multiple modules of the web-based user interface for Roaming Services Provisioning.
Environment: Windows NT, Unix, Java, J2EE, Oracle 9i, perl, SunOne, Continuus

Senior Programmer/Analyst (contractor)
Project ART
•        Analysis, design and implementation of one of top 20 Target projects, ART (Automated Receiving Technology), a real time subsystem of Target’s
warehouse automated distribution system.
•        Implemented a C library to encode/decode SOAP messages.
•        Designed and implemented a driver that controls the number of active instances of a program depending on the request volume (C/Unix)
•        Analysis and design of integration of RFID tag data in ART.
Environment: RS-6000/AIX, C, IBM MQ Series, XML, SOAP, Oracle, Pro*C, PL/SQL, stored procedures, PVCS Dimensions

5/97 – 6/02
Senior Programmer/Analyst (contractor)

•        Design and implementation of Intranet Web Applications that allow mediation of both local and international call traffic as well as Internet data traffic.
•        Analyzed, designed and coded new applications, enhancements to existing applications, and libraries.
•        Worked on batch programs (data loader, extract, etc), as well as Web-based reports.  Ported the systems from Informix to Oracle 8i.
Environment: DEC Alpha/Tru64 Unix, Sun/SunOS, C, Perl, Java, J2EE, HTML, CGI programming, shell scripting, JavaScript, Oracle 8i, Pro*C, PL/SQL,
Informix, Informix ESQL/C, Insure, PVCS Tracker.

8/96 – 4/97
Senior Programmer Analyst (contractor)

•        Developed a socket-based system to monitor systems resources and the Web user interface.
•        Designed and implemented a radar message processing system.
Environment: HP-UX 9000/HP-UX 10.x, C, Perl, HTML, TCP/IP, socket programming.

Senior Programmer Analyst (contractor)                                        
•        Designed the migration process to move Product Data Management files from mainframe platform to UNIX-based Client/Server architecture
Environment: IBM 3090/VM, SQLDS - SPARC/SunOS, C, Bourne Shell, Oracle 7

M.A.Sc. Physics –

Sun Java Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4  
Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE
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