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Oracle Consultant

Senior software engineer/system analyst with an emphasis as a technical lead, software programming in a large corporate enterprising application
system. My special skills are in the area of retailing and merchandising system, point-of-sale, warehouse management and logistic, data warehousing
technology, software programming and consulting. Has an expertise in Oracle Retail.

Programming methodology and analysis in Power Builder 6.0
Object Oriented Programming in Power Builder using PFC 6.0 library class
Internet Development with Power Builder and PFC
Sun Java Programming
BEA Web Logic/IBM Websphere EJB Programming
Rational Rose OOD and OOP Methodology
Intershop Infinity E-Commerce Programming
Interwoven Team Site Web Content Management
PC Basic        Mainframe COBOL        FORTRAN        
Pascal        Ada 9X OOP        Power Builder 8.0
Power Builder Foundation        UNIX C/C++        UNIX Shell Scripting
UNIX Perl/Awk        UNIX System Programming        Statistical Analysis Software (SAS)        
Oracle Pro*C        Oracle PL/SQL                Oracle Form/Report
Informix UNIX Embbedded C        Informix Database        Informix 4GL 7.32
Sybase SQL 11.X        Java Scripting        Sun Java J2EE
EJB Enterprise Java Bean        Java JSP Sevlet

Solaris UNIX        HP UNIX UX 9000        IBM Unix AIX/RISC6000
NCR UNIX        SCO UNIX        Linux
VAX VMS        Microsoft Window Vista, XP, 2000, NT
Oracle DB        Informix DB        Sybase DB
Ingres DB        SQL Server DB        My SQL DB                                

Retek Merchandising System 10.2 (RMS)        Retek Data Warehouse System 11.2 (RDW)
ReTL (Retek Extract Transform and Load) tool        Retek Sale Audit 10.2 (ReSA)
Retek Pricing Management (RMS)        Microstratey
AppWork Scheduler Automation        See Beyond Application Programming
ERWin Data Modeling        Rational Rose UML
Intershop Infinity E-commerce        Ross Financial System
WMS/Catalyst Warehouse Logistic Distribution System        STS Financial Merchandising System
Interwoven 5.0 TeamSite Programming         Oracle Energy Upstream Site Fuel Management        


        04/2005 – Present:
Oracle Retail Technical Consultant
•        Programmer consultant for the Oracle Retail software (formerly known as Retek) project.
Performing tasks in functional design, technical design, built-code implementation, unit test plan document for customed add-on application to enhance
the base Retek software.
•        Area of work involving Retek RMS, ReSA, RDW, RPM using Oracle database 9i, Pro * C, Oracle PL/SQL, Java, Perl and Unix Shell script to write
program codes for new customed programming and enhancement of existing application of the Retek software package.
•        Participating in project planning session, programming methodology, quality assurance testing, cut-over and go-live in production environment for
the ReSa, RDW, and RMS system.
•        After Retek project Wave-1B goes live, acting as post production support personel for the ReSA, RMS, part-time RDW applications and systems in
defect fixing, code enhancement, data research and analysis, user questions and answers on technical/functional business area as subject-matter-
expert, 24/7 on-call support for applications break-down and resolution for one year duration.
•        Testing team member for 9 months on the Quality Assurance and Testing as a technical programmer analyst/advisor on the second phrase of Retek
implementation Wave-2. Writing new code, fixing incorrect programming code, Oracle SQL query, test script execution, support for other testing team
members in the capacity of Unix coding and debugging, error and log file research/analysis, Oracle data base SQL tuning and improvement for faster data
•        Acting as mentor to other team members in application programming methodology improvement, application testing and quality assurance works,
bug defects fixing as knowledge expertee in the area of Oracle database and Unix system environment.
•        Technology using during the project: Oracle data base 10g, Pro*C, PL/SQL, Oracle Form/Report, Unix programming, Unix shell scripting, Java J2EE

        01/2004 - 04/2005:
Oracle Retail RDW Lead System Analyst
•        Technical team lead and senior programmer analyst for the Retek Data Warehouse (Oracle based) project for 2 regions as the first phrase of the
RDW piloting project and later on the national project for the second phrase of full implementation RDW system comprising of 8 regions within Whole
Foods market. This Data Warehouse application is designed primarily for retail business and utilizes their custom Extract Transformation & Load tool.
•        Mentor and train 4 technical, 2 functional team members during the design, implementation, testing, and production go-live of the RDW system. This
is a stand-alone Retek Data Warehouse system so the planning and design were to take into account the data replication and source of RDW must be
looking alike from the RMS, ReSA data base point of view. I also acted as a go-between point for the development group and the system administrator
and data base administrator for ease of communication and application/data base planning during the project.
•        Design of ‘work around’ for discrepancies between Whole Foods business model and RDW original design within RETEK application guide lines and
•        Specification of data cleansing processes required to merge disparate sources into single input stream including custom database design.
•        My tasks including data analysis and mapping, database schema design, system requirement procurement, process flow architecture, RDW batch
processing programming implementation of custom batch run, process dependency flow execution, automation of external source data extraction and
transformation, error checking, RDW database maintenance for table partition, data seeding, indexes and table spaces rebuilding, data recovery strategy
development. Spending lots of time working with the new Retek RDW tool ReTL involving heavily with raw data extraction, transformation, Oracle SQL *
Loader with ETL tools, massive historical data load architectural methodology with direct and conventional data loading methods into national system
Oracle database with Retek software system and external client systems that implement the RDW suite of applications with or without the RMS software
•        First go-to person for 24/7 support of the RDW system after going live at the corporate office and all regional offices.
•        Technology using during the project: Oracle data base 9i, PL/SQL, Unix system programming, Unix shell scripting, Mircro Strategy, Informatica data
extraction tool.

        06/2003 - 01/2004:
Oracle Retail Technical Consultant
•        Working as a programmer consultant in the Retek development group. Tasks and duties including programming code implementation, defects
fixing, programming bugs/issues research and analysis, research and analysis in data and product issues concerning new released version of RMS
10.1.4 (Retek Merchandising System), ReSA (Retek Sales Audit System), RDW 10.2 (Retek Data Warehousing System).
•        Client-by-client individual Retek product supports and enhancements. Researching programming codes, errors and defects simulation, Oracle SQL
code analysis and tuning performance, daily discussion and communication to client site with the technical/functional group for progress update report
and new programming code instructions/requests approval.
•        Technology using during the project: Oracle 9.i, Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Form and Report 6.1, Oracle SQL * Loader tool, ReTL Data Extraction
and Transformation Tool, Micro Strategy front-end for data analysis and reporting, Pro * C, PL/SQL, Java J2EE, XML, Unix C, Unix C++, Unix Shell scripting
Perl, Awk.

        08/2001 - 04/2003: Retek Senior System Analyst
•        Tasks involve working with the Retek software team to analyze, debug, and suggest solutions and approaches for optimal code fixing problems and
process improvements for new release issues of RMS, ReSA, and RDW.
•        Primary technical programmer and subject matter expert for the Retek Sale Audit System (ReSA) in all phrases of development, application support,
data issues and resolutions, defect fixes,
•        Senior Application Specialist and Team Lead managing the Retek Sale Audit System in Retek Merchandising and Data Warehousing System version
9.0. Client supporting were Fortune 100 corporations including British Petroleum, Philip Conoco 66, Hess Amerada Corp. Perform critical on line
application support and software enhancement for vertical arena of convenience and gasoline stores, corporate computing system where raw data from
store site and fueling inventory systems were converted to transactional data and imported into Retek Merchandising and Data Warehousing System.
•        Participation and project leading role in new and existing database design, database schema logical transformation from business rule specification
and requirement, data analysis and database table normalization application rule, database table creation including indexing, rule triggering, object store
procedure, database clustering, table space allocation and data distribution on Unix platform for faster data access retrieval and update.
•        Working with QA team and training junior QA team members in quality assurance testing methods and bug defect tracking which includes unit
technical testing, functional testing, application testing, regression testing methodology to ensure that new software development and existing software
enhancement must follow client and software requirements before production roll out.
•        Technology using during the project: Oracle Site Fuel Management Application Programming Interface written in Oracle 9i database platform with
PL/SQL and Java Applet front end, Oracle 9i PL/SQL back end stored procedures and packages for foundation modules that batch processing and store
site on line software system being implemented on, Oracle Form for front-end application user interface, Oracle Reporting Tool for daily, weekly, any time
ad-hoc queries reporting request, Unix Ansi C++ for middle tier business rule programming connected to an Oracle data base back end, Pro * C for Retek
Merchandising and Data Warehousing System, AppWork for multi jobs batch scheduling and application control

        02/2000 - 06/2001:
Senior Technical Analyst Consultant
•        Senior Technical Analyst Consultant for fortune 500 company including but not limited to Geoquest Schumberger for geophysical oil, pipeline
exploration and equipment inventory. SkyAuction for on-line bidding airline and vacation package. TheOutdoor for on-line sporting equipment and
merchandising as business to consumer channel.
•        Database programming in E-commerce, Internet programming specialization in building new start-up company web site and their electronic
commerce system from the ground up. Database administration for Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000 including duties such as data manager, data clustering and
allocation on physical Unix platform, database logical schema design for Java front end and Enterprise Java Bean base application, data extraction and
transformation from different proprietary database system such as Postgres SQL, Ingress, Microsoft Access into Oracle and Sybase large database
•        Performing system administration for client sites: Solaris UNIX and Linux using Perl, shells scripting for system, security firewall access and core
kernel programming.
•        Project experience including programming in Sun Solaris Unix 7.0 and Window NT environment utilizing Sun Java J2EE 1.2, Enterprise Java Bean
with Web Logic container as back-end developing language, HTML, ODBC call to database request, JSP as front-end template design and coding, Oracle
PL/SQL, SQL server 7.0 database stored procedure, data base trigger, Unix Perl, Unix shell scripting to perform data base batch processing to support
daily data updating and synchronization for Web site on multiple database platforms.
•        Professional practice specializing in project design, analysis, and framework build-up by using Rational Rose OOD tool and Erwin to specify the
scope of project requirement, timeline utilization, and technical requirements with management and technical team. Assisting and mentoring junior
project member developers in coding practice, database programming, system analysis and design, testing methodology, quality assurance steps to
ensure that software development and testing phase are free of bugs for production roll out.

        05/1999 - 02/2000: Programmer/System Analyst Consultant
•        Equilon Subsidiary of Shell Oil Corporation: Programmer analyst and supporting position for company main stream Energy Exchange application
using Power Builder, Unix C++, Sybase database and SQR scripting language, Unix Shell scripting and Perl. First on line support contact personnel
assisting of over 500 internal and external users in corporate office and outfield engineers and maintenance/exploration staffs and technicians. Problem
definition guideline and development for on-line documenting, logging, tracking purposes for programming and supporting groups. Highly skilled in
person-to-person problem solving ability in the area of energy exchange business and related technology in the field.
•        Stage Stores, Inc.: Senior system analyst and business analyst consultant involving in all phases of software development including initial business
analysis requirement, software prototyping, system architecture designing, code developing and implementation at both unit and system level, system
integration, code enhancement, debugging, assisting other developers in programming and data base problem issues, supporting the Retek
Merchandising, Logistic Distribution and Data Warehousing system using Pro * C, Unix C++, Unix Shell Script, PL/SQL, Oracle Form 4.5, Oracle Developer
2000, database stored procedures, packages on Oracle 7.3 database with Sun OS 5.6 Unix operating system. Java programming for in-house vendor
merchandising and ordering system. First support / on call person on a 24 hours daily basic regarding problem solving for over 500 users related to
programming applications, business procedures, system and database issues.

        03/1997 - 12/2000: Technical Programmer Lead for the Pricing & Merchandising / Warehouse Management System (WMS)
(Full time: 03/1997 – 08/1999; Contractor: 08/1999 – 12/2000)
•        Project leader, senior system analyst, business analyst, software developer on AIX/RISC 6000 back end server database Informix version 7.30 using
Informix 4GL language on Informix and Sybase database platform, Unix C++, Unix C with embedded SQL, stored procedure data base language, Unix Shell
script, Perl and Awk, Unix programming with socket call, RPC, Unix system pipe call, inter process communication remote procedure calls for EDI,
Microfocus Cobol programming on PC and Unix system
•        Duties including highly technical skills to program, enhance, maintain, support, quality assurance for both new and existing applications to serve
over 500 users at any time in corporate system on pricing & retailing, data warehousing, EDI system, decision strategic support (DSS) system. Handling all
aspects of first call user supports in application, system, and database related issues as troubleshooting first call person. Technical lead in project
conversion from Unix character based to GUI window environment for Randall Pricing Manager system using Power Builder 7.0 with Power Builder
Foundation Class Object Oriented technology. Project scopes include utilizing full software development cycle methodology and business rules
requirement analysis, software analysis and problem defining specification
•        Participating in coding and programming implementation, unit and system integration, debugging, software code bug tracking, software unit and
system regression testing, quality assurance for production software roll out, assisting, leading, directing, tutoring and training other team members for
the entire project in a software developing team between 15-20 software developers, database administrators, system administrators, business analysts.

        05/1995 - 08/1998: Warehouse Management System Computer Programmer, System Analyst, Unix system administrator
(Full time: 05/1995 – 03/1997; Contractor: 05/1997 – 08/1998)
•        Primary contact point person for 24/7 on-call support and IT department for trouble shooting on warehouse distribution system including database
related issues, system operation and user support. Lead programmer for the WMS/Distribution system in Oracle based, heavy Unix C system
programming, Borland C++, SAS programming language on store ordering, pricing, inventory software system in Oracle database using Pro * C, SQL Plus,
embedded C with SQL, PL/SQL on Corporate Ross Financial / Merchandising system in PC, VMS, different Unix flavor environment.
•        Project leader in EDI system from store outlets to corporate system in retailing, Main contact programming software and technical issues for the
WMS distribution center in merchandising, pricing, cost control, warehouse distribution & logistics system using Catalyst Oracle-based WMS software.
Database design, performance tuning, back up strategy on Oracle databases in Unix and VAX VMS environment. In-house software development,
enhancement and maintenance.
•        Performing AIX, HP UX 9.0, SCO UNIX system administration tasks on multiple Unix systems including signing on new user, system back up and
recovery strategy, process control and system performance monitoring and tuning to ensure continuous top quality performance of systems. Unix
system programming including sockets, pipeline call, remote procedure system call, semaphores, multi tasking programming environment.
•        Technology using during the project: Catalyst Oracle-based WMS system, Ross Financial software in Oracle, Carousel order picking in Ingress data
base, Store system merchandising, Point-Of-Sale.
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