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IBM Tivoli Monitoring Consultant

(Tivoli Subject Matter Expert, Tivoli Implementation Expert, Tivoli Deployment Expert)
Technical Areas:

Specialty Skill-Set includes: With about 14 years of IBM Tivoli Software Architecture , Deployment and Support experience. Subject matter expert with IBM
Tivoli Software Applications spanning from IBM’s Tivoli Framework Application 4.1.1 & its Dependent Modules (TEC , Tivoli Configuration Manager 4.2.3 /
Distributed Monitoring, etc) up to the newer SOA/ITIL-based IBM TADDM/CMDB (Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager version 5.x), Tivoli
Monitoring 6.x, Tivoli Monitoring for Databases 6.x, ITCAM for WebSphere 6.x, ITCAM for RTT/ ITCAM for SOA and ITCAM for Web Resources, Tivoli
Provisioning Manager for Software version 5.1(based on TIO engine) as well as IBM Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator version 5.1(CMDB/SOA based), Tivoli
Workload Scheduler 8.1, and the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM ) and Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse etc) .

Has also acquired very deep expert knowledge with the new IBM Tivoli Monitoring Version 6.1 (ITM version 6.1) with its Historical reporting capabilities,
IBM Tivoli Composite Application Monitoring ITCAM for RTT and SOA (WebSphere, J2EE etc) ITCAM for Web-Resources and Tivoli Application Dependency
Discovery Manager (up till versions 7.1.0) product family of applications. Also a first class expert enterprise lead architect and solutions design
consultant with most common non-security-based IBM Tivoli Software suite. Has also been working as Tivoli administration consultant under platforms
like IBM’s AIX , HP’s UX, SuSe Linux 8.1 and SUN Solaris and all Microsoft Windows based platforms (Windows 2000, 2003 and XP).

Tivoli Software support solutions expert Level III standard Admin Including:

IBM Tivoli Endpoint availability and remediation expert (400,000+ Endpoints capacity worked on so far).
IBM Tivoli Enterprise applications integration consultant and deployment specialist.
BMC’s Patrol Administration and KM and Remedy Enterprise Solutions integrator.
Major ESM Project Management delivery for fortune 500 client environment.
Major TSM Project Management and Tape Library backup schedule maintenance etc.
IBM Tivoli Monitoring (Both version 5.1.2 &the new ITM version 6.1 & 6.2) modules integration expert for application resource availability of relational
Databases like  SAP / ORACLE/ DB2 UDB, and web resources like  IBM Websphere and IBM HTTP Apache servers, Lotus-Notes etc.
IBM Tivoli Monitoring Agent Universal Agent direct component customization specialist using common data providers: ASFS, SNMP, ODBC, HTTP, SCRPT
etc. ITM Universal Agent metafile and ODI specific application handling.
IBM Tivoli Systems solution complete end-to-end planning, architecture and deployment specialist.

Has deep hands on skills with:

IT Strategy Formulation, Infrastructure performance Improvement, Change Management, Documentation and reporting skills. Overall IT Project
Management and Integration. Project Budget Control, Project Analysis.

Has over 14-years of IT Experience at the following companies and establishments:


Tivoli Certified Enterprise Consultant 3.7.1 & 4.1.1 - with Emphasis on the following areas:
-        Tivoli Systems Certified Consultant Framework version 3.7.1 USA 2002.
-        Tivoli Systems Certified Consultant Distributed Monitoring version 3.7.1 USA 2002
-        Tivoli Systems Certified Consultant Software Distribution version 4.1 USA 2002
-        Tivoli Systems Certified Consultant  Inventory version 4.0 USA 2002
-        Tivoli Systems Certified Consultant  Enterprise Console 3.7.1 USA 2002
-        Tivoli Systems Certified Consultant  Tivoli Workload Scheduler version 7.1 USA 2003
-        IBM Training for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Version 5.1.5 USA 2003
-        IBM AIX pSeries Certified Administrator 2004
IBM Certified Deployment Specialist (IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 and 6.2)
IBM Tivoli ITCAM for RTT/ SOA/ and for ITCAM Web Resources etc.
IBM Tivoli CMDB/TADDM Deployment and integration Expert
Professional Affiliation:
-        Associate – Project Management Institute.
-        Member - The Academy of Management.

Additional Certifications / Training:
 BMC’s Remedy Enterprise Solutions
-        Remedy Action Request System Ver 6x
 -      Remedy Helpdesk Ver 5.5
 -      Remedy Service Level Agreement Ver 5.5
 -     AR System Plus for Tivoli ( to Integrate IBM Tivoli’s TEC with Remedy AR system)
BMC Software Certified PATROL Administrator for Unix version 3.3, USA 1999.
BMC Software KM for Oracle and SAP/R3 USA 1999.
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP Ms Windows NT4), London 1997.
Microsoft Windows 2000, and Windows 2003 with AD.
Novell Certified Intra-NetWare 4.11 Administrator, CNA, London 1998.
ITIL Certified – Foundations Level.


(March 2007 till date)
Primary role is to design, develop and implement an Enterprise IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6.x Infrastructure with ITCAM for Web Resources & ITCAM
End User Response Time - Solution:

This project included the following tasks:

-        Upgrade of ITM 6.1 and all Installed components below to ITM version 6.2. Upgrade of Historical Warehouse DB, TEPS DB etc from DB2 v8.1 to DB2
v9.1 instances and migrate all local DB2 Databases accordingly.
-        Upgrade of ITMDB 6.1 to ITMDB 6.2 for Oracle, DB2 and MSSQL Database Monitoring Agents as installed below.
-        Design a highly scalable IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.x enterprise architecture for operations to cover their entire Belgium Locations: This design
included One centralized HUB-TEMS server and about 5 REMOTE-TEMS servers attached. 5 Warehouse proxies for each REMOTE-TEMS server and one
Summarization and Pruning Agent locally installed on the ITM 6.1 Data Warehouse ODBC host server (Oracle 10.2g), 1 TEPS Portal Server (running on DB2
8.2), about 700 ITM Agents comprising of (UNIX Solaris OS Agents, Windows 2003 Server OS agents, Novell Netware Server UA Agents, RedHat Linux OS
Agents) all fully integrated and the HUB-TEMS has event synchronization enabled with and external TEC 3.9 server for event updates etc.
-        Integrate, consolidate and administer IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Database version 6.1.0 (with options for Oracle and DB2 Agents fully configured) into
the HUB-TEMS server and add TEMS application support etc. Configuration exceeded about 35 Oracle 10g Database Instances and collect historical data
for warehouse and a single DB2 Database running the TEPS portal.
-        Integrate, consolidate and administer IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Web Resources (Websphere, IIS, ASP.NET, Apache and J2EE
Monitoring for End user response monitoring and management as well as Application Response Times.
-        Integrate, consolidate and administer IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for End User Response Time (Perl, real-time end-user experience,
website response etc)
-        Integrate HUB-TEMS with TEC 3.9 for Event synchronization and forwarding (update TEC3.9 active rule base with new ITM_ event class etc). Define
custom situations in the tecserver.txt file for SEVERITY classifications and manipulations etc
-        Build and manage ITM 6.1 Universal Agent data provider to remotely monitor about 50+ Novell Netware Servers via a locally installed NLM module
and integrate the netware server statistics into TEPS ITM portal.
-        Install ITM6.1 Universal Agents to monitor Http sites, IBM Apache server stats, Cisco Routers, SNMP traps etc and collect situation status for
monitoring and management by six regional ITM 6.1 REMOTE-TEMS servers connected to the main HUB-TEMS.
-        Design and build a consolidated ITM 6.1 Enterprise warehouse for Data Collection and Historical reporting for summarized and aggregate data with
full pruning capability. And Build a reporting interface for Business Intelligence operations.
-        Etc.

From Oct – Dec 2007 –

Primary role was to Design, integrate and provide end to end CMDB Database solution for DAS by meeting the deliverables of the following:

-        Install and configure IBM Tivoli TADDM /CCMDB infrastructure version 5.x   
-        Install and configure up to two (2) Configuration and Discover Tracking (CDT) servers (eCMDB Domain, and Master Domain )  
-        Install and configure up to two (2) Windows Gateways (for about 2000 LDAP managed hosts, Bitvise SSH2 and WMI enabled)
-        Install and configure up to two (2) Anchor Servers (SSH enabled secure UNIX hosts)
-        Install and configure up to two (2) Configuration Management Database on a supported RDMBS (DB2 or Oracle)
-        Identify and review documentation of any SOA and ITIL-related processes currently in place, and verify compliance.
-        Identify and document key integration points for use in business processes.
-        Discover environment and populate CCMDB Database (DB2 or Oracle) with limited to the DAS environment using a level 3 discovery profile method
using OS and application level credentials along with any discovered network devices via secure access methods.
-        Install Discovery Library Adapter for ITM version (Fixpack6), HUB TEMS and TEPS situation evens integration into CMDB

CSI-MAXIMUS Inc., Wayne PA. Tivoli Implementation Specialist: CSI-MAXIMUS Enterprise Monitoring Solution (January 2007 till date)

Primary is the IBM Tivoli Monitoring Solution Specialist for this project and his roles included:
-        Create the high level system solution design architecture for the deployment of IBM version 6.1 in the clinet’s infrastructure. Covering the HUB
TEMS, Remote TEMS, and the Enterprise Portal TEPS. For about 50 servers (AIX 5.3 and Windows 2003).
-        Designed and deployed IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases version 6.1 with the Oracle Agent component for about 50 Oracle database Instances
spread across their two main Oracle servers.
-        Created Customized “Situations” for the OS Agents, Universal Agents and Oracle Agent Application-based monitoring requirements.
-        Installed and configured IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console version 3.9 (with DB2 RDBMS Database) for advanced event correlation from the ITM
version 6.1 TEMS server and excellent notification via e-mail, pager and direct automatic trouble ticket generation to Remedy Helpdesk System.
-        Enabled Event status synchronization component between TEC 3.9 and ITM 6.1 TEPS Portal Server “situation event console”.
-        Further integration points to TEC 3.9 is still being pursued for TSM 5.3, Netview 7.1.x and Solarwinds Network management interfaces and is
currently on-going…

Tivoli SME (Consultant) (November 2006 till January 2007)

Worked as a subject matter expert for Tivoli Monitoring showcase, delivering over 10 use-case scenarios and proof of design tasks with the following

-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6.1 with Fixpack 004 + to create HUB TEMS, Remote TEMS, and the Enterprise Portal TEPS. For about 36 test servers.
-        IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software ( Intelligent Orchestrator) version 5.1 for enterprise asset management and Software provisioning of
new bare-metal hardware using dedicated workflows to handle bulk processing of contingent task, automated software distribution, Enterprise asset
management and provisioning.
-        IBM Tivoli Composite Application Monitoring for Websphere (ITCAM for Websphere) was deployed to aggregate data from about 16
DATACOLLECTOR host Agents running the TEMA agent utility to sent Websphere Application health status info to a Central Management ITCAM for
Websphere Server.
-        IBM Tivoli Composite Application Monitoring for Response Time Tracking (ITCAM for RTT) was deployed as well to measure application response
times for Amex base infrastructure operations. Pre-recorded activities are played back against the system to measure actual processing times and delays
or bottlenecks quickly identified by the “Situations” conditions and forwarded to the TEPS server via the ITCAM for RTT Managing Server.
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases version 6.1 ((ITMDB) for DB2 and Oracle was deployed to directly monitor the database instances for adverse
-        Integration of All above Monitoring sources above to Tivoli Enterprise Console TEC (Version 3.9) for onward forwarding to (REMEDY ARS -
Helpdesk) and automatic trouble ticket generation.

Tivoli SME (Consultant) (June 2006 to December 2006)

-        Designed and implemented the new IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM version 6.1) systems solution architecture for this project.
-        IBM Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator version 5.1 was used to design new hardware provisioning using workflows to handle end-to-end full bare-metal
software provisioning for the enterprise class servers.
-        Design and implemented the IBM Tivoli Composite Application Monitoring for Response Time Tracking ITCAM for RTT (version 6.1) for this project.
-        Designed and implemented the IBM Tivoli Composite Application Monitoring for Websphere ITCAM for Websphere (version 6.1) for this project.
-        Designed and implemented IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases (DB2 component) version 6.1 for this project.
-        Integration of All Monitoring sources above to Tivoli Enterprise Console TEC (Version 3.9) for onward forwarding to City’s MicroMuse’s NETCOOL
OMNIBUS Enterprise Event Server for automated trouble ticket handling to REMEDY Action Request System (REMEDY ARS - Helpdesk)
-        This project is ITIL certified and has the full Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) background design approach.

Lead Technical Architect (March 2006 to June 2006)

-        Mainly designed the IBM Tivoli monitoring version 6.1 solution implementation design.
-        Also designed the logical and physical infrastructure provisioning solution for software delivery and asset management.
-        Designed the above IBM system solution architecture solution both for the PILOT (5-sites) and the actual deployment of SAP Triversity/POS retail
solution (2000 server Endpoints) currently underway. This solution is ported on the following IBM Tivoli modules:
-        IBM Tivoli Management Framework version 4.1.1
-        IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console Server (TEC) version 3.9
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6.1
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases (IBM/DB2) module version 6.1
-        IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager version 4.2.3
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Web Infrastructure version 5.x
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Business Integration version 5.x      

(IBM Tivoli ESM Consultant) October 2005 to March 2006.

-        Worked as a project Consultant on the IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager 4.2.3 upgrade project on the IBM Tivoli management framework 4.1.1
covering about 60,000 Endpoints managed by about 6 TMR’s and 600 Gateways in a standard HUB /SPOKE architecture arrangement..
-        Primarily tasked with delivering the Managed By Reference Model initiative for IBM using IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager version 4.2.3. the
Change Configuration Manager will be used to build Reference Models into Activities for the APM to help achieve a “desired state” status for Installed
target software.
-        Responsible for the ITCM 4.2.3 Patch Management integration Project (and web reporting).
-        Evaluation and analysis of the new Tivoli Provisioning Manager 5.1 for Software (yet to be released)
-        Deployment testing and analysis of the new IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6.1 and all its base monitoring components.
-        Deployment and testing of IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases (DB2) etc version 6.1 and its integration to TEC 3.9
-        etc

June 2005 to Dec 2005.

Was responsible for the management and maintenance the Tivoli Infrastructure on a day to day basis on a limited capacity.

Project Technical Manager/ Systems Architect : April 2005 to June 2005.
Location Size: Multi-tiered TMR infrastructure covering  UPS main  HUB TMR  and SPOKE TMRS in Atlanta GA managing about 200 Gateways  handling
about 200,000 Endpoints scattered over about 16 TMR’s world wide .
-        Was a member of the systems solution Architecture design and integration  for the UPS  hardware migration from HP Unix to Linux on HP RedHat
Linux Platform, as well as the design and strategic upgrade of all UPS TMR Tivoli Software infrastructure covering the following IBM Tivoli software:

   IBM Tivoli Management Framework version 4.1.1 with patches (up to 4.1.1-TMF-FP01 and 2 , 4.1.1-TMF-0038 and 4.1.1-LCF-0016 i.e. endpoint version
41116 )
   IBM Tivoli Software Installation Service version 4.1.1 and patches (up to 4.1.1-SIS-001) for Server and client.
   IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager version 4.2.1 including Inventory 4.2.1 Server /Gateway and Software Distribution 4.2.1 Server/Gateway and all
patches (up to 4.2.1-TCM-FP01 and 2 , 4.2.1-APM-FP02, 4.2.1-INV-0012, 4.2.1-SWD-0201 etc)
   IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console TEC version 3.9.0 with latest patches (up to 3.9.0-TEC-001/0008/0012 3.9.0-TEC-FP01 and 3.9.0-TEC-FP02)
   IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 5.1.2 with latest patches (up to 5.1.2-ITM-FP03)
   IBM Tivoli Monitoring Web Health Console version 5.1.1 with fixpack 6 (5.1.2 upgrade).
   IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Business Integration: WebSphere MQ version 5.1.1 ( 5.1.1-MQS-FP02 and 5.1.1-MQS-FP03)
   IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases version 5.1.0 (DB2) with latest patches (5.1.0-ITMD-DB2-FP02, 5.1.0-ITMD-DB2-FP03, 5.1.0-ITMD-DB2-FP04 and 5.1.0-
   Integration Tools: BMC PatrolView, PeopleSoft, CA Notification Manager, and NetView 6000 event sources, etc.
- Also designed a state of the art cell-like structured disaster-recovery efficient top-tier and mid-tier Tivoli architecture to handle the entire Tivoli
Infrastructure  in the new migrated Linux Platform.

Senior Architect / Technical Consultant :February 2005 till date

Location size: Single spoke-hub TMR server with a single interconnected TEC server in separate TMR with  less than 1000 endpoints and about 7

-        Has successfully implemented the IBM Business Systems Manager Console / Common Listener Server product and integrated to existing TMR
infrastructure for business mission critical analysis of root-cause of events from varying sources into a single management  (Executive View).
-        Finalization of their ITM 5.1.2 endpoint and preparedness for Enterprise Data Warehouse enablement of ETL1 processing. ( TEDW Enablement pack))
-        Day-to-day administration of the TMR / Gateways / Endpoints and their availability concerns.
-        Designs and implements new resource models with the ITM 5.1.2 resource model builder software.
-        Responsible for the TEC Server event correlation and handling for the entire PHH.
-        Etc.

Senior Tivoli Specialist Consultant: Nov 2004 to January 2005

Location Size: FRIT ( Federal reserve Information Technology - Multi tiered HUB-SPOKE arrangement with about 3,000 endpoints throughout the Federal
Reserve IT infrastructure) – The most secure TMR setup in the US.

-        Activated duplicate event detection for the FRIT Tivoli Enterprise Console to automatically drop duplicate events from same originating source
(BMC PATROL AGENTS integrated into TEC 3.9).
-        Remedied about 1000+ endpoints for the FRIT and made them available for ITCM 4.2.1 Inventory full and differential scans daily and updated the
Inventory Configuration repository data correctly.
-        Also assisted with the endpoint scheduled upgrades from LCF version 91 to framework LCF version 41108.
-        Also worked on the FRIT consolidated Enterprise Data Warehouse Project to extract transform and load (ETL1) data from Endpoints into the FRIT
central DATAMART to be used for  business intelligence matrix calculations and statistical analysis (ETL2).

Project Manager & Lead Technical Consultant
Aug 2004 to Nov 2004
Location Size: One Brand New TMR region Server / 4 EP_Gateways / Number of Endpoints 100+. single hub.
Responsibilities: Designed , architected, and implemented a brand new IBM Tivoli infrastructure

-        IBM Tivoli Management Framework version 4.1.1 with patches (LCF version 41108) New TMR build and (400+) Endpoint roll-out.
-        IBM Tivoli Software Installation Service version 4.1.1 – import all Tivoli Images into the SIS depot.
-        IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console TEC version 3.9 with latest patches New Installation and integration.
-        IBM Tivoli TEC Web Health Console version 3.9 – with WebSphere application Server / IBM HTTP Apache Interface.
-        IBM Tivoli NetView version 7.1.4 with latest patches – SNMP based network monitoring and integration with TEC and device management on local
community string.
•        IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager ITCM 4.2.1 - Software Distribution. New Installation and Optimization. Build test spb, AutoPack, Pristine software
etc with software packager and editor.
•        IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager ITCM 4.2.1 - Inventory New Installation and Optimization of inventory scanning of hardware and software in the
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 5.1.2 with latest patches. New deployment of base resource models.
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring Web Health Console version 5.1.1 with fixpack 6 (5.1.2 upgrade).
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring Transaction Performance version 5.2
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Web Infrastructure version 5.1.2 (WebSphere)
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Applications version 5.1.0 (
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases version 5.1.1 (db2).

Senior Project Consultant & Tivoli Specialist: June 2004 to August 2004:

Location Size: One Stand-alone TMR region / 16 EP_Gateways / Number of Endpoints = 4500, Spoke – Hub arrangement.

Responsibilities: Has successfully implemented the following project deliverables:
•        IBM Tivoli 4.1.1 Framework Patching & Updates to latest versions (LCF Endpoint code upgraded to 41108)
•        IBM Tivoli TEC 3.8 to 3.9 upgrade and latest patch versions and maintain integration with Perigrine Service Center (Helpdesk management
application) advanced correlation with connect-IT tools.
•        ITM 5.1.1 updated with Fixpack 6 to upgrade ITM 5.1.1 to ITM 5.1.2
•        IBM Tivoli Remote Control 3.8 Stabilization and patch upgrades for w32-ix86 based platforms.
•        ITM-DB – Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse Implementation and integration as central performance data Depot. – Data collection tuning from
Managed Server Endpoints. The new ITM_DB will furnish information to the Tivoli Workload scheduler integrated COGNOS reporting tools for
management data and metrics information via a RDBMS interface module.
•        ITM 5.1.2 Web Health Console Implementation. – manage ITM resources via the web.
•        IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager ITCM 4.2.1 - Software Distribution upgrade and Optimization. Build test spb, pristine software etc with software
packager and editor.
•        IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager ITCM 4.2.1 - Inventory Upgrade and Optimization.
•        IBM Tivoli NetView 7.1.4 upgrade  Network Monitoring capabilities implement improvements with the Switch Analyzer component piece for level II
device management.
•        ITM Performance Data Collection Implementation from ITM endpoints (aggregated data collection sequence)
•        ITM Resource Model modification and data collection (ITM-FP06 requirement).
•        ITM Resource Model redistribution to endpoints.
•        ITM- DB - Data collection configuration  and upgrade of Endpoints with new (ITM-FP06) cloudscape-DB.
•        Created a Tivoli non-tme Logfile adapter for monitoring TSM servers for failed backup messages etc.
•        Implemented the Process_State ITM resource model for monitoring Win2k process.
•        Optimize Tivoli Event Communication and forwarding between TEC and the gateways
•        Patch upgrades documentation.
•        Etc/.

Project Manager & ESM Lead Consultant: Feb 2004 to June 2004

Location Size: One Stand-alone TMR region / 6 Endpoint Gateways / Number of Endpoints = 1500  
Duties: Design and implementation of IBM Tivoli infrastructure for client to include:

•        Prepare projects high level ESM architecture design document for project implementation.
•        Prepare project implementation plan, assign resources and implement project within budget.
•        Manage and Lead project team members on a day to day basis.
•        Validate and update software licenses and service level contracts etc.
•        Prepare weekly project report to management and document milestones.
•        As the architect who designed this project deployment, I have completed the following deliverables so far:
•        Design , test and implement IBM Tivoli Management framework version 4.1.1 (TMR Servers/ Gateways/ Policy regions etc) ( New Installation on AIX
for two IBM p670 LPAR-based servers)
•        Implement IBM UDB DB2 Server version 7.2 ( Fix pack 5 for Tivoli) to host the RDBMS for TEC
•        Implement IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console version 3.9 within the Framework Infrastructure.
•        Implement IBM WebSphere application Server for TEC web integration functionality.
•        Implement BMC Software AR System Plus for Tivoli ( Remedy Helpdesk 5.5 / AR system 6.0 ) with TEC 3.9
•        Implement IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 5.2 within the Framework Infrastructure.
•        Implement IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases version 5.1.1 ( Oracle , DB2 and MS SQL Components)
•        Implement IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Applications version 5.1.1 (
•        Implement IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager version 4.2 (Software Distribution and Inventory)
•        Implement IBM Tivoli NetView version 7.1.4 within the clients Infrastructure installations
•        Integration of IBM Tivoli Netview and Cisco Works 2000 to deliver critical network events to TEC and IBM Business Systems Manager (TBSM)
application Server
•        Implement IBM Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse version 1.2 and its Enablement packs.

Tivoli Senior Technical Architect, August 2003 to January 2004:

Duties: Special Project to remedy about 5000 Endpoints out of installed 400,000 Endpoint Capacity for increased availability and better software
distribution & Inventory Scanning targeting of Endpoints on the Tivoli Framework for TekSystems Client Bank of America, These Endpoints are located
throughout the United States offices of Bank of America.

Tivoli Technical Lead/Consultant May 2003 till August 2003:

The Compass Group Tivoli Project involves a brand new Tivoli Infrastructure installation for the Global Compass Group USA Information technology
Administration to cover the following Tivoli Modules:

-        IBM Tivoli Management Framework version 4.1
-        IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console version 3.8
-        IBM Tivoli Remote Control version 3.8
-        IBM Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse version 1.1 with DB 2 version 7.2 (Fix pack 5)
-        IBM Tivoli Netview version 7.1.3 with Switch Analyzer component
-        IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager version 4.2 (Inventory & Software Distribution)
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM version 5.1)
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases version 5.1 (Microsoft SQL)
-        IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Applications version 5.1 (

Successfully delivered a full development and production environment of the above listed IBM Tivoli Framework components and had integrated the
entire event handling and management to T/EC and the Business Systems Manager (BSM) interface for event correlation from sources like the Netview,
Configuration Manager, ITM for Databases, and ITM for Applications. Enterprise Data warehouse enablement of the infrastructure critical components in
a seamless manner. This project delivered an optimum infrastructure management environment for Compass Group USA.

Tivoli Administrator / Consultant
                                                                  Dates: June 1999 to June 2003
Responsibilities / Projects:

Primarily looks after about 4,000 Endpoints spanning over about 4 Tivoli Endpoint gateways for the IBM Global services Customer IBM Corporation,
spread over (2500+ Endpoints) and (1500+ Endpoints).

Has delivered the following results:
•        Increased Endpoint availability from 48% to about 98+%+ to date for a total of 4000+ Endpoints by using required minimum acceptable standards of
operations and a combination of high level scripts mechanisms and controls to ensure a sustained Endpoint availability.
•        Architect, Set up and manage a software Delivery mechanism to automatically deliver new software to users at login time via a software delivery
queue method using Tivoli software Distribution, this has since automated the manual install processes and increased delivery times by more than 400%
•        Set up and configure automatic Endpoint installation at login time using the teaser process for windows based machines using the BDC’s to deploy
Endpoint code to new machines, this is an improvement of about 250% on the existing methods.
•        Set up and manage the Tivoli Netview for the Enterprise management of both the Endpoint infrastructure and networking infrastructure hardware,
this has since resulted in early detection of major hardware failure for proactive management.
•        Install and manage the Tivoli Distributed Monitoring for all target Managed nodes within the C4 command centers for a variety of monitors for both
UNIX and NT platforms and trigger required alerts accordingly to the Tivoli enterprise console server, pager or e-mail, etc for response actions. this has
tremendously increased the readiness of the C4 Coreteam to handle adverse situations by more than 300% proactively
•        Set up Tivoli Inventory for scanning hardware and software signature files info on Endpoints and propagate this info into a configuration repository
database, allowing queries to be run against it for various management information and tasks, this has increased the inventory management capability
for the C4 by an invaluable margin.
•        Set up and configured the Tivoli Remote Control module for the Helpdesk team, this has helped them to remotely take-over a machine, remotely-
reboot a machine, chat with users about helpdesk issues and also perform file transfers on a one-on-one basis with users, this has helped the helpdesk
•        Worked closely with the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) administrators to migrate and configure the installed TSM version 4.2 to version 5.1.5,
covering the TSM Server engine for automated data backup/archive and restore of TSM Agents on the windows NT Domains and Unix LAN, including IBM
SAN and NAS environments with Tivoli Storage Network Manager (TSNM) and configured Data Movers etc for about 4000 users in the e-centers, disaster
recovery, server-free and LAN-free data movements etc. on IBM Shark Servers  (ESS grade) based on IBM Bluefin standards. , Systematic data
backup/recovery planning on IBM 3494 Tape Library Dataserver MES or 3494-D12 Tape Library Dataserver or 3590 Megstar tape subsystem, on IBM
pSeries or OS/390 etc.

March 1997 to June 1999

ESM Technical Consultant

Scope of Work Done:  

The ESM project for the Data Center consolidation:  The Tivoli TME 10 framework was installed as the underlying backbone to implement and manage ERP
application databases of the Data Center using the BMC Patrol version 3.3’s Knowledge Modules (i.e. KM’s) e.g. Oracle KM, PeopleSoft KM, SAP R/3 KM
and Internet KM’s etc via PATROLVIEW Plus module for Tivoli to integrate into the Tivoli TEC server, also Hp’s NNM version 6.1 was deployed as the
network infrastructure management application for SNMP (MIB  compliant) data sources. All events from the application environments were forwarded
over the framework to the Tivoli Event Console.

ESM Consultant / Project Lead  

Scope of Work Done:
•        On the ESM initiative project, a demo center environment was created to showcase some ESM vendor software and also demonstrate the
PricewaterhouseCoopers technology integration capabilities to implement them from strategy stage to process improvement and technology integration
phases etc.
•        For the Phase I, a demo showcase for Tivoli’s TME10 was designed, developed and implemented, covering most of the Tivoli application suite of
modules ( TEC, DM, SD, UA, INV, RC, Security, SIS,  etc. Also a demo showcase for BMC software products was similarly designed, developed and
implemented. For the phase II, CA’s Unicenter TNG and HP NNM etc is planned to be implemented accordingly.

Edward Jones - Investment Banking Corporation, St. Louis, MI
ESM Architect and Consulting project lead

Scope of Work Done:  This project involved the implementation of the Tivoli’s Framework version 3.6 with User Administration, Security Management and
TEC modules. Physical and logical infrastructure architecture design, development and WAN implementation blueprint for Cisco catalyst routers etc
connecting USA, London and Canadian offices of Edward Jones.  Reduced Scalability and network problems by more than 75%. Also reduced the number
of processes for new user creation by 95%.

ESM Project Architect & Infrastructure Consultant

Scope of Work Done:  Vendor product selection of internet/intranet application availability management software to be recommended using functional
criteria selection processes (vendor/products included: Mercury Interactive – Topaz, WinRunner, TestDirector: Avesta Technology – eWatcher: RSW
software ETest: Segue Software – SilkTest suite: BMC – STM etc)
•        Conceptual Designs, Business development stage, Logical/Physical and production stages architecture for implementing the recommended vendor
product (WinRunner / TestDirector).
•        High-level implementation methodology to implement the vendor product selected above.
•        This projects goal is to seek to use the Micromuse corporation’s NetCool Omnibus object server probes as a centralized event reception engine to
receive and process SNMP traps, intercept API calls from Hp’s NNM management stations, BMC PATROL Agents, CiscoWorks 2000, Netmetrics servers
and Mercury Interactive WinRunner etc and forward these events to the NetCool’s Event Management Console for correlation, mail notifications to Ms
exchange (SMTP) or paging via Telamon’s TelAlert system . Also event escalation to Remedy helpdesk system as a trouble ticket. Designed and
developed the e-business process relationships and monitoring scripts for availability monitoring of strategic steps within the business process for
most of the web-based content and applications such as BroadVision Interaction/application manager, Coldfusion, CommerceOne, WebLogics etc
platform contents.
•        The objective was to use the vendor product selected to simulate the actual user experience from the user perspective, thus solving availability

Dates: April 1996 – February 1997

As their enterprise network systems architect my most accomplishments included:

•        Responsible for the design, testing and deployment of their SNMPc for NT as a network monitoring tool for their dedicated IP subnet, as well as set
up and configuration of their Tivoli's TME 10 framework (Netview 5.0 network monitoring module) tuning the software to proactively display network
health statistics and node availability in real-time.
•        Also set up their Lotus notes Domino 4.6 server to run an SMTPMTA service, to retrieve inbound/outbound Internet mail from a mail relay host
(PSINET) and also the CCMTA service as a message router.
•        Also managed a project to deploy a UUCP gateway for special handling of their internet bound mails to and from the 26 cc: Mail post offices running
on a combination of DB6 and DB8 platform.
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