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Remedy Consultant


Senior level Remedy Developer/Manager with expertise in requirements, analysis and design expertise looking for opportunities to utilize my extensive
development/Project Management skills. Has a strong background in Remedy AR System 4.x, 5.x., 6.x, 7.x, ITSM Implementations, and CMDB

SKILL SET:         

•        Remedy AR System 4.x, 5.x., 6.x, 7.x
•        Remedy ITSM-Help Desk, Remedy Asset, Remedy Change Management, Remedy SLA, Mid-Tier 5.x through 7.0.2 Patch 6
•        Full ARSystem Testing Bug Fix/Testing
•        KM Experts
•        Remedy CRM 5.x, Beta testing Remedy 6.0, Custom Built Applications
•        Remedy Automation with Visual Basic
•        CFR 21 Part 11 Validation
•        Back Up and disaster recovery.
•        Tivoli Integrations
•        Project Management
•        Dreamweaver MX Web Development
•        ITIL Based Implementations
•        C# systems integration
•        SOAP, XML Integration
•        Visual Basic 6.0, Double Take, Micro Medix, Win Zip, Netfinity, PC Anywhere, Microsoft Web Publisher, ORCAD Design, CIS
•        Microsoft Project
•        AR Web, Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports Web
•        Argis Relay
•        Oracle 8.1.7, 9i, and 10g, SQL Server
•        Solaris, Linux, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Advanced server, Windows 2003 Server
•        MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Exchange, MS Project
•        Compaq PC’s, Compact Servers, Dell Servers


October 2007 to Present

•        Implemented ITSM 7.0.3 Patch 7 for a Production, Test and Development Environment
•        Implemented ITIL Standards
•        Developed Functional Requirements documentation
•        Create Test Scripts
•        Complete CMDB implementation.
•        Developed Customizations for Change Management
•        Developed Customizations for Incident
•        Configured Approvals, People, Tenancy, Categorizations, support groups and general foundation
•        Managed Implementation team from a Technical Perspective
•        Completed data implementation using latest BMC Data import tool
•        Bug fix working with BMC support on Out Of The Box bugs with both Patch 5 and ITSM
•        Training for in house personnel

December 2006 to Present

•        Bug Fix for existing CSS/CRM System
•        Implement QM System
•        Created custom ticketing system for external field team

May 2007 to June 2007

•        Designed CMDB Implementation Plan
•        Designed Asset Management Implantation Plan
•        Developed Requirements for ITSM 7.0
•        Developed Topology Discovery Approach plan

February 2007 to April 2007

•        Developed system to auto load data into upgraded 7.0 ITSM System
•        Worked with Team to Implement ITSM 7.0 Upgrade
•        Migrated Data from 6.x to 7.0.1

Sr. Remedy Consultant
September 2006 to January 2007

•        Part of ITSM 7.x build team
•        Designed C# code to automate test scripts for ITSM 7.x testing. This was an automated system which would flow through all fields including
executing drop downs and provided a report log with success and failures
•        Worked with R&D trouble shooting for Development of Incident, Problem and, Change, CMDB 2.x

Sr. Remedy Consultant
July 2006 to September 2006

•        Upgraded ARS 5.1.2 to 6.3
•        Implemented Upgrade ITSM 4.x to 6.0
•        Implemented CMDB 1.1 Patch 3
•        Bug/Fix
•        Test Script Documentation
•        Documentation
•        Custom development for ATM Ticket Interface

May 2006 to July 2006

•        Upgraded ITSM 5.5 to ITSM 6.0
•        Customized ITSM 6.0
•        Upgraded from ARS 5.1.2 to 6.3
•        Implemented for upgrade KM Experts Knowledge Base
•        White/Black Box testing
•        Bug fix customization
•        Implemented for upgrade telalert

Sr. Remedy Consultant
January 2006 to May 2006

•        Implemented Remedy CSS 5.6, SLA 6.0, and Flashboards
•        Implement Remedy ARSystem 6.3
•        Develop Requirements
•        Consult on business process flow
•        Designed regression test script for significant customizations
•        C# , VB custom integrations

Sr. Remedy Consultant
September 2005 to May 2006

•        Developed Reporting  For Asset Management/CMDB
•        Customize Asset Management/CMDB For Remedy
•        Develop Tivoli/SMS Remedy Interface
•        Customized Help Desk
•        Break/Fix testing

Sr. Remedy Consultant
August 2005 to September 2005

•        Implemented Remedy CSS 5.6, SLA 6.0, and Flashboards
•        Implemented Crystal XI
•        Documented system Including all test scripts
•        Developed Custom Interface for Change Management
•        Break Fix for customizations

Sr. Consultant
June 15th 2005 to July 2005

•        Launch Critical Remedy Help Desk Implementation
•        From Scratch creation of launch critical systems tracking with Remedy ARS foundation
•        Management of Implementation Team
•        On-Site staff Training
•        Requirements Analysis and documentation development

Senior Remedy Specialist
December 2004 to May 2005

•        Implement Remedy 6.3 and Mid-Tier 6.3
•        Implemented and Customized Remedy CSS 5.5
•        Developed Custom HR integration system
•        Developed Custom Web Interface
•        Break/Fix of code
•        Created Project Vision documentation
•        Analyzed and modified Business processes to conform with industry standard best practices
•        Implemented Company wide Customer Centralized Database
•        Created all Design and testing documentation
•        C# Web Services custom integration

Senior Tech Lead
August 2003 to December 2004

•        CFR 21 Part 11 Validation documentation
•        CFR 21 Part 11 Test Script documentation
•        Solaris configuration for Remedy 5.1.2
•        Oracle 9i upgrade
•        Coordinating 8 man team for upgrade
•        Remedy 5.1.2 Upgrade IVI prep
•        UAT Testing/Bug Fix
•        New Hardware installation for ARS system and Oracle Database
•        Remedy 5.1.2 Upgrade from Remedy 4.5.2
•        Designed Remedy Training module
•        Assisting in design analysis of current system
•        Remedy Asset Management Implementation
•        Coordination of Multiple Project schedules and time lines

Senior Remedy Consultant
May 2002 to July 2003

•        Mid Tier Implementation, bug fix.
•        ARGIS and ARGIS Relay development
•        CFR 21 Part 11 trained/Implementation
•        Implemented and customized Remedy ITSM Suit to ITIL Standards
•        Completed FULL Help Desk/Change Management/Asset Management project for CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance
•        Managed Project implementation and completed system design documentation.
•        Worked with team for major performance tuning project.
•        CFR 21 Part 11 Documentation for Help Desk/Change Management/Asset Management project
•        Remedy Helpdesk, Change, Asset Break/Fix

Senior Technical Lead
April 2002 to May 2002

•        Enhancement of the residential high speed cable data trouble management system (TMS)
•        Improve the internal escalation for customer problem resolution
•        Created custom applications for Remedy ARS 5.0

Senior Remedy Consultant/Technical Lead
March 2002

•        Provided analysis of the UCNS MSD current Remedy/Oracle systems in regards to e-commerce effectives. Made written recommendations for
technical improvements.
•        Performed analysis of workflow, provided training for the Remedy administrator, reviewed process flow and SQL statements with the Web
developers, reviewed system requirements, and made recommendations for improvements.
•        Repaired and developed MSD workflow for vendor order forms

Sr. Remedy Developer/Analyst
January 2002-March 2002

•        Installation and configuration of ARS 5.0
•        Installation and configuration of Remedy CRM, Quality and Support
•        Analysis of Customer workflow
•        Customization of CRM, Quality and Support to meet customer requirements
•        Provide support and training for management and staff.
•        Develop requirements and analysis of phase II through IV.

Sr. Remedy Developer/Analyst
May 2001-December 2001

•        ARS 4.5.X Custom applications.
•        Visual Basic Design to assist custom application.
•        Created ARS Sever Load tester software.
•        PL/SQL application to assist Remedy custom application.
•        Project Management of OCC Custom application implementation.
•        Remedy Web Implementation to Microsoft Server Farm.
•        ARS 5.0 Beta Tester for Remedy Corp.
•        Created Design documentation

Sr. Remedy Developer/Analyst
Oct 2000-April 2001

•        Re-build for Remedy CRM System
•        Developed Crystal Reports Web Front End
•        Custom designed Sales SFA, Fulfillment, and Reporting tools in Remedy AR System
•        Custom developed Web Front end for Remedy outside of AR Web
•        Administered MS SQL 7.0
•        Project Management
•        Trouble shooting and support for 150 users in the AR system
•        Created Development environment for AR system
•        Installed and customized Remedy Asset and Change Management

Sr. Remedy Developer
August 2000 – Oct 2000

•        Server development and creation
•        Remedy development 4.02-4.05
•        Trouble shooting and repair of the Remedy Action Request System
•        Project Management
•        Working on Sun Solaris and NT platforms
•        Installed and customized Remedy Change management.

Remedy Developer & Support Engineer
November 1999 – July 2000
•        Developed Remedy Issue tracking system, Remedy documentation error tracking system, Remedy inside sales service contract-tracking system to
enhance sale processes, Remedy Asset tracking system as well as maintained the AR Server and administered it.
•        Co-designed an entitlement process for creating, tracking and storing service contracts through processes analysis and Remedy development
•        Designed technical support dispatch process.
•        Assisted support engineers with Remedy installation and usage training.
•        Supported 20 Remedy users
•        Trouble shooting to fix bugs and other system issues in the Remedy CRM system.
•        Designed the test creator in Visual Basic 6.0
•        Designed registry-editing programs in Visual Basic.
•        Interfaced OLE to combine Remedy and Visual Basic features for hi-bird design
•        Supported Double-Take Software.
•        Designed high availability and disaster recovery solutions for customers using Double Take with both LAN and WAN setups.
•        Interacted with a variety of positions within major fortune 500 companies to assist the sales force from a technical standpoint.

  Information Technology Consultant
  August 1998- October 1999
  Detroit Medical Center
•        Staged and deployed over 1500 IBM PCs and Lexmark Printers.
•        Organized and Managed PC deployment teams.
•        Individually supported 500 users during PC Go Live at the Detroit Medical Center.
•        Individually set up 500 User accounts and installed desktop systems on domain.
•        Coordinated installations with department heads for approx. 50 departments.
•        Worked with the software De-bug team to perfect several departmental images for deployment for both, PC and Server environments

August 1998- 1999
•        Individually managed and supported 5 stores per night for POS NT conversion via telephone to ensure proper technical accuracy as well as time
frame considerations.
•        Successfully converted over 100 K-Mart stores.
•        Supported Windows NT, IBM POS and NCR POS. Engineered repeatable process for P7 POS server conversion.
•        Developed Help/Trouble Shooting program in Visual basic for POS NT conversion.
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