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SAP CO Product Costing Consultant


I have 16 years of heavy SAP functional (configuration) experience.  My background is accounting (undergraduate), and Finance and Computer Science
(MBAs).  Work has been primarily in FI and CO as a Senior Functional Consultant, FICO Team Lead, and Project Manager.  I have extensive experience
leading and managing projects.  

My main strengths are: (1) being the problem solver that others come to for solutions, (2) maintaining the highest quality of work possible, (3) keeping
objectives and goals ahead of schedule and under budget, and (4) staying “hands on” with all teams.  My experience is mainly in manufacturing and retail
companies.  Extensive product costing experience includes all production and costing methods.  As the FI/CO project lead I have taken multiple projects
from design through realization using SAP ASAP methodology.  I have senior level experience with SAP 4.6C, 4.7, 5.0, and 6.0 implementation projects
working primarily in FI/CO/MM/PP/PS/SD.  This includes design, configuration, testing, and training.  I also have extensive experience with SAP interfaces
in the FI and CO areas that include “bolt-on” products such as Vertex and Taxware tax software.  

I have over 30 years of Accounting and Financial Management experience, and an MBA in Finance and Computer Science. I am a US natural citizen.  I
have done project management, planning, design, configuration, documentation, and training for multiple International implementations and upgrades.  I
currently travel 100% and worldwide travel is not a problem.  Recent projects have been SAP R/3 4.7 ASAP implementations and upgrades to 5.0 and full
implementations of SAP 6.0.


11/07 – 08/08  Sap 6.0 Implementation

FI/CO functional consultant for new 6.0 implementation.  I did the design, configuration, functional specs, testing, data migration, and end user training
for AR, AP, GL and CO.  I setup and configured all parts of the FI and CO modules along with the integration to the SD, MM, and PP modules.  Work
included configuration of Cost Center and Profit Center accounting, statistical key figures, validations, substitutions, distributions, assessments, primary
and secondary cost elements, cost element groups, and activity types.  Final work included end-user security profiles, reference documentation,
training, testing, and data conversion activities.

09/07 – 11/07 Present Multiple Projects – Remote and Onsite Support – Sap 6.0 Implementations

I have been working with friends and previous clients on SAP 6.0 projects.  Upgrades, modifications, and problem resolution have been the main focus of
my activities.  I have also spent a significant amount of time working with the NEW GL in version 6.0.  I have also worked with AOL defining and planning
their global rollout of SAP.  This work includes configuration, testing, training, and documentation.  I have also helped setup/configure all parts of FI and
CO modules and the integration with other SAP modules.  This has included foreign currency, International activities, product costing, asset accounting,
project systems, and global roll out planning.

02/07 – 09/07 Sap 6.0 Retail Implementation

I am finishing up an IS-Retail 6.0 implementation.  I have been responsible for all the FI and CO configuration, testing, documentation, etc.  I gathered
business requirements, designed new solutions for all of FI and CO including PCA, CCA, and IOs.  Phase I of the implementation was done last year and
included only HR and Payroll.  I have updated the current configuration (HR and Payroll) and configured all necessary changes to the Production client.  
Phase II requirements included all core functions of FI and CO.  My work also included account assignments, business process solutions, and all related
configuration for the POS and MM transaction integration.

11/06 – 02/07 New 6.0 SAP FI/CO implementation

I did the complete configuration of the FI and Co modules for the first phase of the SAP implementation.  I worked by myself doing all aspects of the
configuration.  I had to leave in the middle of January to care for my father and personal matters related to the deaths of other family members.  I worked
remote for almost 6 weeks at no charge to complete the project.

07/06 – 10/07 –SAP New Implementation – Blueprint phase
I worked with senior financial management reviewing documentation to create both FI and CO Blueprinting documents for a new 6.0 IS-Media
implementation.  I was hired directly by the NYT to find gaps and raise issues related to the company’s business requirements.  I conducted workshops,
demos, and training sessions for the NYT financial people on the FI, CO, MM, and COPA functionality in SAP.

09/05 – 06/06 – SAP Upgrade to version 5.0
Prepared functional specifications for version 5.0 in accounts payable, account receivable, cost center accounting and profit center accounting.  
Researched OSS notes, applied fixes, and created transports.  Interacted with process owners, identified Gaps, created and implemented resolutions.  
Lead FI/CO team in training requirements and prepared training documents.  Prepared proto types of configuration and implemented solutions.  I
covered all areas of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, and EC-CS.  Cost center accounting coverage includes maintaining cost
centers, cost center categories, cost center standard hierarchy, statistical key figures, validations and substitutions, distributions and assessments.  
Created and maintained primary and secondary cost elements, cost element groups. I created activity types and activity type groups for internal costs.
Profit center accounting coverage included creation and maintenance of profit centers, and the profit center standard hierarchy.  FI/CO Team –
Production support for FI and CO including GL, AR, AP, and EC-CS. Writing of verification test scripts for the upgrade that comply with all FDA and
Sarbanes’ rules and regulations.  Unit testing in all areas of FI and CO. System testing and User acceptance testing.  Implementation of change orders to
take advantage of new functionality in SAP.  Work included both technical and functional components including Foreign Currency, and Exchange Rates.

01/05 – 08/05 - Full implement of SAP version 4.7 (SAP America Project)
PTP Team – design, configuration, functional specs for development, testing, data migration, end user training, and related activities.  Leader/Process
owner of the AP configuration and business process support from design through Enhancements (RICEFWs) and customization.  I was the lead Vendor
Finance member of data conversion team, financial interfaces, and specification teams.  Provided production on business processes and SAP
processing of transactions worldwide.  Work included both technical and functional components including Foreign Currency, Exchange Rates,
Substitutions and Validations, Automatic Account Assignments, Accounts Payable, and Sales and Use taxes (by jurisdiction for US).  I was also responsible
for SAP Payment program processing, invoice processing, Logistics invoice verification, ACH payments, 1099 processing, GR/IR and EDI, along with bank
reconciliation and positive pay.
Other work included SAP AP module integration points with other SAP modules (GL, AR, MM) configuration and testing.

11/04 – 01/05 Implement additional Credit Card Functionality - Sales
Worked with Credit Manager, Customer Service Manager, Treasurer, IT Technical personnel, and customer service reps. to design, configure, and
implement Credit Card payment functionality for Sales Orders.  SD and FI work centered on the analysis of middle ware software to interface with
commercial processors and leverage SAP functionality; along with configuration of SAP’s PCI (payment card interface) for Sales to customers using credit
cards for payments.

06/04 – 10/04 Reimplementation of SAP 4.7 with additional functionality
Worked with senior management and other consultants to create a project plan for re-implementing SAP (version 4.7) with additional MM, PP, and PCA
functionality.  FI and CO work centered on the core configuration with Profit Center Accounting.  Additional work included analysis of SAP landscape,
financial reporting, support, and assisting other consultants in MM, PP, and SD areas.

02/04 – 06/04 AKZO Nobel, Office Max, and Lord Inc.
Solved current processing problems and new issues related to mergers and acquisitions.  At all companies I created specific solutions for lists of
problems in FI (AR, AP, Taxes, and Assets), CO, COPA, SD, MM, and PP.  Production Planning work centered on the material standard costs using new
(acquired) plants.  SD work included pricing conditions and assignment of the sales to the correct profit centers.  AR work included Lockbox processing
and reconciliation with the GL.  Other FI work centered on the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley internal audit requirements and month-end closing...

12/03 – 02/04 SAP 4.7 Project Manager for acquisition
Planned and led implementation of additional company code to 4.7 version of SAP.  Created plan for the additional company, hired the team, and led the
successful completion of the acquired company.  The modules included FI, CO, MM, PP, and SD.  The time line was crucial and I got the projected
completed a month ahead of schedule.  Testing was completed, “go-live” went smoothly, interfaces performed as planned and the project was complete.

11/03 – 12/03 SAP 4.6 Problem Solving – FICO
Solved and documented solutions for a specific list of problems in FI, CO, MM, SD, QA, and PP.  Production work included the setup of an Inspection
labor only production order.  Sales Order problems included the calculation and posting of cost of goods sold to the Sales Order and reporting in COPA.  
Other problems included the GL account group settings for posting in FI and COPA report changes (derived characteristics).

07/03 – 10/03 SAP 4.7 IS-Retail new implementation – FICO – Siemens Business Services
Completed Blueprint and Scope documents; including all design work, Organization structure, process changes, etc.  Worked on upgrade to latest
version of SAP 4.7.  Work encompassed FI, CO, and related links to MM, SD, etc.  I did not accept the contract extension for the implementation phase
and left after the Blueprint was completed.

04/03 – 07/03 - SAP 4.7 FI, CO, MM, SD, and EDI Upgrade from 3.1I
Worked on upgrade to latest version of SAP 4.7.  Completed work on FI, CO, MM, PP, SD, and EDI configuration and core GAP testing for future for new
version.  All areas of FI, including GL Special Purpose Ledger, AR, and AP were covered in detail.  Work included the application of OSS notes, GAP
analysis, testing, and training (new functionality).

02/03 – 04/03
SAP 4.6C FI, CO, MM, SD, and EDI Problem Solving
Worked with the Service Management Group to resolve issues as they were logged in by the help desk as well as analyze and correct existing problems.  
The company went live Oct. of 2002 and had a number of problems that had not been solved as well as new problems.  I assisted End-user staff and
developers in root cause of the problem, what the impact was on current processing, and how to solve the problem through a workaround, OSS Note, or
change in procedures.  Work included all areas of FI (GL, Special Ledger, AR, and AP) and CO (including PA), as well as MM, SD, and EDI.  All the problems
I were assigned was completed a month early.

01/03 – 02/03
SAP 4.6C FI and CO Problem Solving

Assisted End-user staff in understanding and using the FI and CO functions within SAP.  The company went live in different stages last year.  Work
included Product Costing, AP, MM, and related FI (GL, Special Ledger, AR, and AP) and CO (including PA) areas.  This was a short term problem solving
project and was completed 2 months ahead of schedule.

09/02 – 12/02
SAP 4.7 FI and CO Upgrade-Initial Stages        
Worked with function area managers to determine scope, design, and blueprint for 4.7 worldwide upgrade.  I covered all areas of FI and CO including
product costing, CCA, PCA, and COPA.

09/02 – 09/02
SAP 4.6C FI and CO Training

Trained IT and End-user staff in FI (GL, Special Ledger, AR, and AP) and CO in preparation for 4.6C implementation.  Organization hierarchy, Cost Center
Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, Profitability Analysis, and Product Costing were also covered.  Training focused on both the IMG and creation of
Master Data.  This also entailed a lot of remote documentation work (custom training manuals).

04/02 – 09/02
SAP FI/CO Consultant – New 4.6D implementation an upgrade.  Work included both technical and functional coverage including responsibility for scope,
design, configuration, testing and training for GL, Special Ledger, AR, AP, AM, CCA, PCA, and Product Costing.  I also installed, configured, and tested
Vertex (sales and use tax bolt-on software).  Other responsibilities included standard and special reporting requirements gathering and providing
solutions to other less experienced consultants.

03/02 – 04/02
SAP FI Consultant –

I worked on the current system enhancements for inter-company IDOCs to record A/R and A/P for companies not on SAP.  Information including trial
balance used for EC-CS consolidation and related analysis.

Developed and implemented data structures for IDOC interface using Gentran.  Tested and confirmed postings to FI.  Developed process for correcting
IDOCs that did not post with batch job.

06/01 – 02/02
SAP FI Consultant

Full Implementation of 4.6C – my main areas was FI (GL, Special Ledger, AR, and AP).  I was member of data conversion team, financial interfaces and
specification teams.  I worked on inter-company analysis of business processes and SAP processing of transactions worldwide.  Work included both
technical and functional coverage including FI Enterprise Structure, General Ledger, Foreign Currency (to be activated in near future) Exchange Rates,
Substitutions and Validations, Automatic Account Assignments, Accounts Payable, and Sales and Use taxes (by jurisdiction for US).  I worked on and
completed the design, configuration, testing, training, and all documentation for FI areas assigned.  Additional focus was also on “knowledge transfer” to
McCormick employees who are now training other McCormick end users.  

05/00 – 06/01
SAP Lead FI/CO Consultant

Upgrade from 3.1H to 4.6B, and full implementation

As the senior FI/CO consultant on the Pilgrim Pride project, I managed a team of up to 9 people through an upgrade from 3.1H to 4.6B and implementing
4.6B in Virginia and Mexico.  The manufacturing was configured as “make to Order”, and “make to stock”.  The direct reports included project team
members from the costing and accounting departments, as well as a MM consultant and an ABAP programmer.  I guided the project team through the
upgrade and testing process, and I was solely responsible for all the hands-on configuration work during the upgrade.  I wrote custom CO and Product
Costing manuals and conducted the training for two months in VA.  My work also covered configuration, enhancements, testing, and additional training
during the upgrade.  Areas of main concern were end user support including questions, reports, month-end closing, functional, and technical side of
CCA, PCA, COPA, Product Costing, and MM integration with product costing.  Additional work included research into new functionality in 4.6B, ABC
(Activity Based Costing), and gap analysis for Mexico operations.

01/00 – 05/00
SAP Lead FI/CO Consultant –

I worked at their SAP Solutions Center in Wilmington, Delaware on GL, Special Ledger, and AP, and then through May working Product Costing and
Reporting.  The work consisted of end user support including questions, reports, Auditor benchmark requests, and month-end closing.  I also worked on
both the functional and technical side of A/R, A/P, CCA, Asset Accounting, and Product Costing.

11/99 – 01/00
SAP Lead FI/CO Consultant

The work consisted of end user support including questions, reports, Auditor benchmark requests, and month-end closing.  I also worked on both the
functional and technical side of A/R, A/P, CCA, Asset Accounting, Legal Consolidation, Treasury (including Funds Management), CCA, PCA, COPA, Product
Costing, MM, ABAP Query reports, fixing configuration problems, configuration of FI and CO for 4.6B, testing, and preparation work for Upgrade to
Version 4.6B later that year.
•        Clients included:
•        Lincoln Electric – two weeks assisting in archiving of Financial data
•        Siemens Semi-conductor – one week assisting COPA enhancements
•        Infineon Technologies – San Jose – 2 months working in FI preparing for 4.6B upgrade and providing solutions to end users (support, training,
custom requests – ABAP Queries)

9/99 – 11/99
SAP FI/CO Lead Consultant –

Developed and wrote a FI-CO Training manual for Merant Finance and Accounting employees, including the Company Financial Controllers.  Delivered
this training along with SD, PS, and MM training in Antwerp, Belgium.  My classes covered employees from Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, and the UK.  
Company was upgrading from SAP R/3 version 3.1h to 4.5b (training material is 4.5b).  I was onsite at the “go live” with the upgrade.  I also of upgraded
the manual to have more International (Europe) information.  The different countries having multiple Government regulations and the use of Alternate
Charts of Accounts and Special Purpose Ledgers drive this manual upgrading.

01/1999 – 08/99
SAP FI-CO Senior Consultant

Served as lead consultant for Finance and Controlling.
•        Configured the Treasury functions for Cash/Funds Management and Investments.
•        Installed and configured Tax (Vertex software added to SAP configuration).
•        Designed, configured, and implemented Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center
Accounting, Product Costing, and Profitability Analysis using the Costing Method at KS Bearings, Inc.
•        Configured and implemented all the related functions and reports for A/R (i.e. Dunning), A/P, and General Ledger which included custom Balance
Sheet and Profit and Loss financial statements.  
•        Designed, configured, and implemented accounts payable check printing, periodic Sales and Use tax reporting, and related month end financial
•        Designed, configured, and implemented standard product costing based on milestone reporting from production routing operations.
•        Designed, configured, and implemented Profitability Analysis reporting to show Net Income before Taxes by product line at month end.  This was a
special requirement from the Board of Directors of KS Bearings’ parent company in Germany.
•        Provided one-on-one training to the accounting personnel.
•        Provided post implementation support for all accounting and finance functions including the first month-end closing and financial reporting.   

December 1998 - SAP FI-CO Senior Consultant
•        Served as lead consultant for Finance and Controlling to design, configure, and implement the addition of a new business area to an existing
Company Code under HYDAC Inc.
•        Designed, configured, and implemented Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger for the new business area (Electronic
•        Configured and implemented all the related functions and reports for A/R, A/P, and General Ledger.  
•        Designed, configured, and implemented the integration of the new business unit with existing company codes and other business units.
•        Configured and implemented the revised accounting and financial reports to include the new business unit.

SAP FI-CO Lead Consultant -
•        Performed implementation team and end user training for SAP at corporate locations throughout the US including Davey Tree, Digital Equipment,
Sharp Electronics, and Aerojet Corporation.  Taught Level I – III courses including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Asset Management, and
Financial Management and Controlling. (January through May)
•        Provided senior consulting services for SAP FI, CO, MM, and PP modules for Owens Corning, Tenneco Packaging, Geon, and Tessenderlo Kerley.  
•        Performed partial configurations and implementations for the R/3 SAP FI and CO modules for Grant Thorton, and Anderson Consulting.  This work
concentrated on product costing, Financial Reporting, Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, and Profitability Analysis.
•        This partial implementation work included Legal Consolidation, Treasury, and Funds Management.
•        Instructed end-users on the use of accounting and finance procedures within SAP.
•        Joined Global Core Strategies full time in December of 1998 as FI-CO consultant implementing the GL and related modules (A/R, A/P, PA, PCA, CCA,
Product Costing, and Controlling).

07/96 – 01/98
SAP FI/CO Lead Consultant,
•        SAP Champion for Finance, Sourcing and Plant Maintenance (Home Products Division).
•        Configuration and training for AM (functional).
•        Module work included G/L, A/R, A/P, CCA, PCA, MM, PP, PM, and SD.
•        Product Costing and Production Analysis:
Worked in all areas of product costing, including production planning, MRP and new product costing.  Setup and implemented information for new
finished goods on a new production line (work center) in Ohio.
•        Budget implementation, changes, and training:
Setup budgets for the roofing plants at Owens Corning.  Trained plant managers and controllers on inputting and revising budgets and analyzing
numerous SAP reports. The setup of plant budgets included production cost centers and administrative (overhead) cost centers.  Also trained Regional
Cost Analysts on budget setup and maintenance for other Owens Corning Plants.  Setup production data used to complete Production/Profit Center
budgets, including work centers, scrap rates, activity rates, overhead rates, bills of materials and supporting information.
•        Performed Gap Analysis for configuration of SAP for business processes related to FI, CO and parts of MM and PM.
•        Defined and instructed configuration of FI and CO modules to team members.  Primary focus on the following sub-modules and accounting
•        Cost Center Accounting
•        Profit Center Accounting
•        Profitability Analysis
•        All FI/CO functions
•        Configured Cost and Profit Centers, CCA/PCA Allocations, Internal Orders, Primary and Secondary Cost Elements, Activities, Statistical Key Figures,
Automatic Account Assignments and Substitutions.
•        Configured company codes, business areas, chart of accounts, customer and vendor master data, receivable transactions, payable transactions,
closing and financial reporting.
•        Implemented standard costing and month end closing including Settlements, Distribution and Assessments.
•        Configured MM Interface relating to invoice verification and account determination.
•        Provided post-implementation support, resolving issues spanning FI, CO, MM and PM.
•        Setup SAP using the IMG for Controlling and included currencies for Canada, Mexico and the US.  The Canada and Mexico subsidiaries were
consolidated under Cost Controlling for the corporation in US dollars.
•        Performed extensive manager, “in-house trainers”, and end user training at the Toledo headquarters and at the plants.

Sept. 1992 – June 1996
Contract Consulting
•        Worked with SAP consultants that were implementing the full suite of SAP.
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