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A Senior Blaze Advisor Architect / Consultant for rulebase Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) with extensive experience in both rules
architecture and product management.  Expertise in rulebase performance metrics and benchmarks.  Published many papers and articles on rulebase
systems applications and performance.  Proven ability in discovery, analysis, and documentation of business process requirements, including software

•        Object Mgmt. Group – Product Rule Representation        •        Modeling data
•        W3C Rule Interchange Format        •        Testing and Quality Analysis
•        Global Senior BRMS Consulting        •        Production Systems Training
•        Senior Knowledge Engineer        •        Creation of Training Documents
•        Harvesting and Documenting Business Rules        •        Unix System Administration
Transportation        Banking        Insurance        Telecommunications
Homeland Security        Discover Card        Pekin Insurance        O2 Telecom
Federal Express        Lloyds TSB Bank        GMAC        Bell South
Houston Power & Light        Northwest Financial        Norwich Union Health        Ericsson

2006 – 2008
Senior Consultant / Architect

Consulted client companies on rulebased systems management and helped lead the company’s product management efforts (Blaze Advisor) for this
global $3 billion solutions vendor toward greater standardization.
•        Co-chaired the Object Management Group (OMG) – Product Rule Representation (PRR) standards committee as FIC Product Management, which
resulted in the initialization of the standardization and implementation of a common rule format for OMG.
•        Worked with the World-Wide-Web (W3C) Consortium for Rule Interchange Format (RIF) as FIC Product Management to implement standardization of
common rule format.
•        Served as the Senior Blaze Advisor Consultant to several financial companies listed above and implemented a BRMS solution for the problem areas
saving the client millions of dollars.
•        Helped Discover Card to implement complicated mathematical routines in their rules thereby saving valuable external computer time of not doing
this outside of the rules.

1984 – 2006; 2008
Senior Consultant
Provided consultative services on the implementation of rulebased systems for global companies including banking, telecommunication, and
government agencies around the world.  Major accomplishments include but are not limited to:
•        O2 Germany, Munich, Germany (ILOG JRules): Implemented BRMS solution that enabled O2 to save millions of euros in hours worked and resolving
product solutions for clients.
•        Lloyds TSB Bank, London (ILOG JRules): Implemented a solution to customer evaluation and loan pricing for the on-line banking solutions allowing
business personnel to enter and change rules.

•        Homeland Security, McLean, VA (ILOG JRules): Initial development stages for checking all U.S. ports of entry for potential terrorism alerts.
•        Homeland Security, Sacramento, CA (ILOG JRules): Initial development stages for the Secure Border Initiatives (SBI) program focused on securing U.
S. borders.
•        Bell South, Birmingham, AL (ILOG JRules): Led rule team to enable the company to avoid $4 million monthly penalties when entering the long-
distance wireless telephone market.
•        Ericsson, Dallas, TX (ILOG-JRules): Led rule team in developing Personal Information Manager allowing the company to compete with other vendors
in the mobile telephone market.
•        FedEx LEC&C, Dallas, TX (Neuron Data Advisor): Led the rule team that implemented a complex rule-based solution to solve a major logistics
problem which allowed FedEx to be the central hub for many major manufacturers, warehouses, retail outlets and financial organizations.

1998 – 1999
Senior Consultant
Provided consulting services for both the Neuron Data Expert (ND Nexpert) and Advisor.
•        Converted the Houston Light and Power (Nexpert) rulebase system for controlling when to shut down generators for maintenance from Nexpert (C-
based system with Oracle interface on Unix) to a cheaper C++ based system with Access interface on Windows.
•        Worked as team member to set up the entire billing and accounting system at Norwest Bank (now Wells Fargo) on ND Expert and Oracle.
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