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Web Architect ~ Senior Developer ~ Technical Analyst ~ Instructor

Professional Profile

9 years architecting and developing Net.Commerce V3 and WebSphere Commerce V4/V5/V6 implementations. I have managed teams of Net.
Data/C++/Java/JSP/EJB/XML developers, handled client interface responsibilities such as requirements gathering, technical specifications, code review,
code delivery, and go-live expectations and worked closely with project managers and customers.

3 years as a Senior Instructor contracting to IBM Learning Services delivering Net.Commerce V3 and WebSphere Commerce Suite V4 classes nationwide.
Provided Subject Matter Expert Review of courseware for IBM LS and taught e-business implementation (N3315, EB011, EB051, EB260, EB710, N44xx),
customization (N3385, EB150, EB300) and overview (N3151) courses. Wrote courseware modules for WebSphere Commerce v5.6.1 (SW520) and
WebSphere Commerce v6.0 (SW868, SW541)

Experience in installation and system administration of Net.Commerce V3, WebSphere Commerce V4/V5/V6 and WebSphere Application Server
V3/V4/V5/V6 development and production environments using two and three tier configurations on Windows NT/2K/XP, AIX, Solaris, Linux, and AS/400
operating systems.


IBM Certified Application Developer - WebSphere Commerce v6.0
IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere Commerce v6.0
IBM Certified Deployment Professional - WebSphere Commerce v5.6, Implementation
IBM Certified Specialist - WebSphere Commerce, Business Edition v5.4, Implementation
IBM Certified Specialist - WebSphere Commerce Suite v5.1 Implementation
IBM Certified for e-business - Solution Sales
IBM Certified for e-business - Technologist
IBM Solutions Expert - WebSphere Commerce Suite v4.1 Customization
IBM Certified Specialist - WebSphere Commerce Suite v4.1 Implementation
IBM Solutions Expert - Net.Commerce v3
IBM Certified Specialist - RS/6000 Solution Sales
IBM Certified IBM Start Now Solutions - Technical Specialist

Advanced Computer and Technology Skills

•        DB2 5/6/7/8/9, Oracle 8.0/8.1, Access, Approach, Paradox
•        DOS 3/5/6/7, Windows 3.1/3.1.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003, Solaris 2.6/2.7, AIX 4.2.1/4.3.3, OS/2, Linux Redhat 6/7/8/9
•        Net.Data, Java (applet, servlet, bean, EJB), XML, XSL, VXML, JSP, JavaScript, C/C++, HTML, SQL, Visual Basic, SSI, Perl, MySQL, REXX, PHP, Fortran,
Basic, Assembly
•        Net.Commerce 3.1/3.1.1/3.1.2/3.2, Net.Data 1/6/7, WebSphere Commerce Suite/Server 4.1/5.1/5.4/5.5/5.6/5.6.1/6.0, WebSphere Commerce eMarketPlace
Edition 4.1, WebSphere Application Server 2/3/3.5/4/5/6, Lotus Domino Go Webserver 4.6.1/4.6.2, IBM HTTP Server 1.3.x/2.0.x, WebSphere Voice Server
SDK 1.5, WebSphere Voice Toolkit (Beta), Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6, Catalog Architect 4.1, Product Advisor, Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0/6.0, Sun Visual
Workshop C++ 4.2, Payment Server 1.2, WebSphere Catalog Manager 1/2, MQ Series 5.1, WebSphere Payment Manager 2/3, WebSphere Studio 3.0/3.5/4,
Commerce Studio 4/5, WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4/5, Visual Age for Java 3/3.5/4, WebSphere Performance Pack, HotMedia, SecureWay
LDAP Directory, Exceed, Visio 2000, Adobe Reader/Writer/Distiller, Microsoft PowerPoint, Lotus Freelance Graphics, Lotus Notes 4.6/5.0, Microsoft Excel,
Lotus 123

Work Experience

(An IBM Business Partner) 1/02- Present

Provided a variety of consulting expertise to clients from pre-sales to code development, testing and enhancement. Several highlights are noted below.

Application Architect, Senior Developer and Technical Analyst

WC v5.5 BE, WC v6.0 EE, WAS v5/v6, DB2/400, iSeries - Client is migrating their current v5.5 implementation to v6. Assisting with the migration of the
development Studio environment to RAD 6 and the production iSeries website to v6. Several areas of the website are being enhanced during the
migration. In 2006, Client required a performance assessment of their online commerce storefront. Evaluated the client's environment, made immediate
changes to the existing systems, and compiled a list of performance recommendations which the client could complete

WC v4 Pro, WC v5.6.1 Pro, WC v6.0 EE, WAS v3/v5/v6, DB2/400, iSeries - Engaged to provide architecture guidance and technical expertise on the
creation of an ESites store model. Assisted with initial SARs and the organization model to meet ICON’s business separation of access control and
management of international country stores.

Provide architecture, development and project management services for migration from WebSphere Commerce Professional v5.4 to WebSphere
Commerce Business Edition v5.6 and major redesign effort (6/06 target), mentoring services for IT personnel and executives.

WC v5.5, WAS v5, DB2, W2K - In a support role, assisted personnel in the application of several critical WAS fixes to their ecommerce production server.

WC v5.6 Express, WAS v5, DB2 v8, W2K - Assisted with the design, architecture, and development of two stores running in a WebSphere Commerce
Express environment on W2K.

WCS v5, WCS v4, WAS v4, WAS v3, DB2, WPM, iSeries/Linux/Windows - Provided all facets of WebSphere Commerce consulting, including performance
tuning, database cleanup, site redesign, JSP development, sizing recommendations, log analysis, customer service/support, backup support, upgrades
(PTFs), site migration, process improvement recommendations, documentation, troubleshooting, security analysis, and day-to-day requirements.

WCS v4.1 Pro, WAS v4 - Provided Net.Data, C++ and Java development services for WCS v4 on AIX, custom enhancements to Address Book, Checkout
and Cross/Up-Selling features, as well as consultation on architecture strategies, performance and code streamlining for production environment, code
documentation and Japanese site enhancements.

Provided database architecture redesign recommendations to enhance the current implementation. Discussed porting the schema from MySQL to DB2
as a more robust DBMS. Evaluation of php pages and documentation of the schema. Architect, developer and catalog manager migrating a Windows NT 4
Net.Commerce v3.2 website to a WCS v5.1 instance on Linux Red Hat 7.1.

Provided WCS v5 counsel on Payment Manager integration and database backup procedures; on  - Provided the client with migration strategy to WCS v5
from WCS v4 on AS/400. Created and delivered a 22-page Lotus Freelance presentation to the client detailing their WCS options for 2002. Analyzed the
current website implementation and reported anomalies, errors, and security risks; - provided guidance and QnA for a client evaluating WAS v4 SSE on
Linux Red Hat 7.2. Installed and configured a Linux environment to duplicate the client's test server. Consulted on an MQ Series implementation
proposal and on internal IBM WCS projects.

Installed and configured the WCS v4.1 development environment, WCS architecture of v4 and v5 systems, Migration strategies from WCS v4 to WCS v5,
Site porting strategies and scripts to ISP staging server, WCM architecture for WCS migration, WCS performance recommendations for production
environment, cost-estimation for v4 to v5 SOW, Net.Data macro development exporting catalog data to XML format, Provided backup maintenance for
WCS and WAS development environments.

(An IBM Premier Business Partner) 5/99 - 1/02
Senior Application Architect

WebSphere Architect / Competency Manager / Technical Director / Project Manager
Responsibilities included project oversight, architecture design, client interaction, internal business processes (e.g. best practice methodologies),
instructor/mentor, developer, technical support and code review for implementations of Net.Commerce V3 and WebSphere Commerce Suite V4 Projects

Senior Instructor for IBM Learning Services in e-businesstechnologies as a subject matter expert.

(An IBM Premier Business Partner) 11/98 - 5/99
Lead Developer / Technical Director / Project Manager

Responsibilities included project oversight, architecture design, client interaction, internal business processes,instructor, developer, technical support
and code review for e-business implementations of Net.Commerce V3.

10/88 - 8/97

Custom hardware and software computer service in the Cleveland, Ohio area - programming and Customization services using C, C++, Visual Basic and
Paradox solutions in DOS and Windows environments.