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Rules Architect / Blaze Advisor Expert
Professional Profile

Fifteen years experience. Blaze Rules Architect with strong background in Advisor™ business rules automation, object oriented systems analysis and
design using UML, rapid prototyping, J2EE, Enterprise Java Beans, C++, Blaze system testing, and implementation in a production environment. Has
three years of experience with Blaze Advisor and business rules development architecture as a Senior Software Architect with Blaze Advisor
Professional Services division.  Well versed in using the Rational Unified Process and UML as implemented in the Rational Rose Suite.  Technology
champion for business rules expert systems and J2EE patterns technology in the middle tier, with advanced knowledge of business requirements
gathering and process reengineering.  

(Client name withheld) (01/2004 to 03/2004)
As the senior architect in charge of object model design, leading business rules discovery process while coordinating with business analyst efforts and
Blaze Innovator development. Interviewed and coordinated project staffing, system architecture, and business rules discovery phase.  We automated
the time keeping for 150,000 city employees and eleven collective bargaining units by building sets of Innovator Rule Templates for each timekeeping
function across bargaining units.  Communicated and trained development and management personnel at the City of New York on the best practices and
the strategies for success in using Blaze Innovator Business rules technology.  Developed and coordinated Java Bean business and J2EE components
with all departments from NYPD to Bus drivers.  Performed code reviews for JSP screens in customer facing time entry interface.  Integrated J2EE
patterns and business component design with Oracle 9i database design team.  
(Client name withheld) (10/2003 to 01/2004)
Wrote test cases, identified business rules and object model with data for Aetna proof of concept to learn Blaze rules technology.  Wrote CICS XML
stream architecture for CICS communications example.  Providing ongoing mentoring and assessment of Blaze product and performance on OS 390
platform.  Deployed Enterprise Java Bean and Java Message Bean versions of prototype, to OS 390 and UNIX environments.  
(Client name withheld) (6/2003 to 9/2003)
Wrote Web Services for Regence single signon services to Directory Smart utilizing WebSphere 5.0 and WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.0
using Java 1.3 API and JAX JDOM for XML SOAP data exchange.  Instructed Regence personnel on Web Services Architecture and XML programming
techniques to exchange SOAP XML message traffic with Java and Visual Basic. Tested web services using JUnit 3.8.  Deployed Java Web Services to
WebSphere 5.0 server on Windows and AIX.
(Client name withheld) (12/2000 to 5/2003) - Senior Software Architect with Blaze Advisor Professional Services division.
Clients Served
AutoOwners, Acuity Insurance - Lead AutoOwners and Acuity insurance in Rule deployment and Java integration with WebSphere EJB and IBM 390
technology in J2EE standards.  This includes deployment of Blaze Advisor on the customer 390 and integration with COBOL and CICS using XML streams
in Java.  Author of the Blaze Software 390 Development Framework using XML streams over TCPIP.
FiServ - Assisted FiServ in Java architecture and rules review for Blaze Advisor integration with Versata.  
UnitedHealth Group – As the Rules Architect, designed and lead development of Java integration to the Advisor Server Rules Engine in an EJB
WebSphere 3.5 environment.  Designed the customer business object model with VisualAge for Java.  Trained and mentored the customer in rules
discovery and business rules project management and planning.
Cal ISO – Lead development of Innovator repository and object model for power monitoring applications.  Trained and in house personnel in writing
Innovator Templates for business rules maintenance.
BluePaws – Led a development team of four in writing business rules for insurance claims adjudication, which included updates to Oracle Financials.  
Rules review and debugging of rulebases developed for Pet Health Insurance systems.  Trained and mentored rules developers in the optimum use of
patterns and business rules logic in an Oracle database environment.

(Client name withheld) (6/2000 – 11/2000) -Technical Architect
As the Java practice leader, responsible for recruiting and generation of java related client contacts such as First Technology Credit Union.

First Technology Credit Union
XML adapter and Bridge specification analysis and design.

Standard Insurance
UML Object Modeling with Rational Rose Enterprise 2000 Business rules analysis; Technical Lead on this COM Visual Basic development of a customer
relationship management system.

(Client name withheld) (10/1998 – 5/2000) - Technical Architect
Consolidated Freightways
Lead Architect of the CF Web and Paperless Claims damage-reporting project.  Responsible for initial project design and selection of vendor tools for
rapid development an implementation.   Performed the initial products evaluations a build or by analysis and selected Enterprise Java Bean J2EE, IBM
WebSphere 3.02, and Versata 5.0.  WebSphere became the web enabling enterprise integration architecture of choice for Consolidated Freightways.  
Taught two classes on Enterprise Java Bean programming using IBM VisualAge 3.02, leading a team of six other developers in building a complete J2EE
architecture.  Primary EJB programmer responsible for implementing Entity Bean to MVS DB2 and IBM 390/VSAM connectivity to Windows NT.  Developed
methodology to integrate the EJB’s and Java application code into the WebSphere 3.02 Application Server.  Instructed customer team members to
expand and maintain this EJB integration methodology.  The databases used included IBM 390 VSAM files, DB2 and DB2 Connect to MVS on an IBM 390,
and MS SQL Server 7.0 on Windows NT.

(Client name withheld)
Rules Developer on contract via Blaze Software Inc.  Responsible for analysis, design, coding, and testing of business rules
processing on revolving credit loan payments and origination.  Rapidly learned and utilized Elements Expert rules engine to design and write middle tier
business rules automation for this system. Primarily responsible for business analysis and object model design as extracted from multiple domain
experts in revolving credit payments processing. This is the largest three-tier implementation I ever heard of, some 200 developers worked in concert
on this project, with 9000 member banks participating in the US, Canada and South America.
Primarily responsible for server side architecture and object oriented design. GolfGateway is an Internet based golf tee time reservation system that
supports diverse user groups. GolfGateway is more then just Internet order processing, it implements business objects that encapsulate basic business

Software Technology Group (06/97- 9/98) - Software Engineer
Hometova is an MS Windows Attention Deficit web site and diagnostic software package utilizing the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) Responsible
for Hometova web site and shopping cart development-using JavaScript.  
Used windows SDK programming and Visual C++ 5.0 to build a Windows 3.1 and 95 interface to a serial communications device known as the LRC2000
heart monitoring station.

Solid Technology (11/96 - 5/97) - Vice President Software Development Owner,

Infotec Development (8/96 - 11/96) - Senior Systems Analyst
Provided web systems analysis and development at the Bureau of Land Management.  

Claremont Technology Group (8/95 – 8/96) - Senior Consultant I
Wacker Siltronic
Order Processing System version 2.0, assisted in the Object Oriented design and implementation of OPS 2-object model.  Wrote for twelve-production
user interface windows in my first six weeks.  OPS 2 is a client-server system written in Gupta SQL Windows with an Oracle 7 database.

BEST Consulting  and
Programming and Consulting Services (4/94 – 7/95)
Miscellaneous Contract programming work with Consolidated Freightways, Emery Airfreight and Weyerhaeuser.

Infotec Development  (6/92 - 4/94) - Lead Programmer Analyst
Bureau of Land Management, Oregon State Office
The Procurement Information Network (PIN) system.  At the Bureau of Land Management, I worked with the procurement department and BLM users in
the system requirement analysis and design and coding of the PIN system. Designed a case study analysis methodology to effectively evaluate how the
procurement process functions and gain active BLM support for the PIN project. Worked with the procurement department head and all BLM users in the
workflow analysis and design of the PIN system, effectively re-engineering the procurement process for the BLM Oregon State Office.   Gained
experience in the latest Object Oriented Analysis and Design techniques, learned Object Discovery, Event Partitioning and Object Relationship modeling

Personal Computer Exchange (10/90 - 6/91) - Service Manager
Primary duties included installation, troubleshooting and repairs on IBM compatible personal computers and Novell Networks. Owned and operated
Personal Computer Exchange.
State of Oregon, Dept. of Revenue  (5/89 - 10/90) - Programmer Analyst

Electronic Data Systems Corp.(10/88 - 5/89) - Systems Engineer Trainee: