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Sun-Certified (SCJP) Java Programmer and J2EE Architect, and am in the process of obtaining my SCEA (Sun-Certified Enterprise Architect) status which
is comprised of 3 exams. Has been specializing in J2EE enterprise architecture using BEA WebLogic Application Server for over 7 years, and have
extensive knowledge in architecting, designing, developing, and deploying distributed, J2EE applications.  Fifteen years of object-oriented design and
development experience includes Internet and intranet applications, enterprise architecture and system development, software components, client-
server, and full GUI front-end applications.  Completed many production-level application using J2EE technologies developing and deploying hundreds
of web server and application server components including Session, Entity, and Message-Driven EJBs using combinations of BMP (Bean-Managed
Persistence) and CMP (Container-Managed Persistence), JSPs, Servlets, XSL Style Sheets and XML Messaging.

LANGUAGES        Java, JavaScript, AWT, Swing, ANT, C/C++, Visual C++, Windows API, SDK, MFC, ATL, ActiveX, COM, ASP, IISAPI, VB, VBScript, HTML, CGI

J2EE, JDK 1.4.2, Java, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Web Services, AJAX, Service-Oriented Architecture
(SOA), JavaBeans, JDBC, Java Messaging Service (JMS), Remote Method Invocation (RMI), CORBA Deployment Descriptors, Apache Struts, Extensible
Markup Language (XML), Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), XSL Transformations (XSLT), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Applets, CSS2
(Cascading Style Sheets), DOM2 (Document Object Model),  ActiveX components, Active Server Pages (ASP), SMTP, FTP, SSL, ODBC, Tibco Rendezvous
(RV), Sockets, HTTP, UML.

BEA WebLogic Application Server 4.5 through 8.1, BEA Web Server, WebLogic Workshop 7, IBM WebSphere, WebSphere Studio Application Developer
(WASD), OracleAS TopLink, Borland JBuilder 5.0, Visual Café, Eclipse 2.01, Apache Web Server, Java Web Server, Tomcat. Apache ANT, Rational Rose,
Helios TextPad 4.5, MS Visual Studio, MS Visual SourceSafe, MS Office, Internet Information Server (IIS), PVCS, CVS, VSS.

Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95, UNIX, SunOS, LINUX

Oracle 9i, Sybase, LDAP, SQL Server, MS Access

INVESTMENT / BROKERAGE SERVICES,  NY                    Feb. 2006 – present
Lead J2EE Developer, Architect
•        Lead architecture/development for electronic proxy management system.  System allows institutional investors to manage and vote their proxies on-
line. manage, track, reconcile and report proxy voting, delivery of ballots, online voting, reporting and record keeping.  Distributed J2EE n-tier
architecture leverages J2EE patterns, Apache Struts framework, Oracle TopLink, Web Services, AJAX, JMS.  Infrastructure includes IBM WebSphere
Application Server, Oracle 9i database.

TELECOMMUNICATION / ENTERTAINMENT, NY            Feb. 2003 – Feb. 2006
Lead J2EE Architect and Java Developer
•        Architect, design, develop distributed web-based inbound and outbound sales application supports order entry and interface to various
subsystems including workflow, provisioning, customer information, and cabledata.  System currently supports over 200 sales and walk-in center
•        Architect, design, and lead J2EE development for telecommunication and entertainment applications.  Designed J2EE distributed applications using
M2 (MVC) architecture leveraging Service-Oriented Architecture and (SOA) Apache Struts framework.  Designed and implemented EJB tier using session-
façade J2EE pattern, bulk accessor and data access object patterns.  Infrastructure includes iPlanet Web Server, BEA WebLogic Application Server, BEA
JMS, Web Services, and Oracle and LDAP databases.

Client Name Withheld  NY                                                              Oct. 2002 – Feb. 2003
Lead J2EE Architect and Java Developer
•        Architected, designed, and lead J2EE development for financial application.  Special emphasis on model-view-controller (MVC) Java pattern,
session-façade J2EE pattern, container-managed-relationships (CMR), XML transformation, FTP image upload and persistence and multipart/form-data
requests via open source oreilly cos.jar, regular expression text-processing via open-source Jakarta ORO.

Client Name Withheld, NY                                                Apr. 2001 – Oct. 2002
Lead J2EE Architect and Java Developer
•        Architected, designed, and lead development for distributed, J2EE, enterprise application.  This robust system is scalable and highly-available.  
Infrastructure consists of multiple BEA WebLogic Application Server clusters, BEA Web Servers with Apache and Apache Plug-In, using multiple data
stores including Sybase and SQL Server databases.  EJB tier developed with Session Beans, Entity Beans (CMP and CMR, as well as BMP, where BMP
communicates via stored procedures), Message-Driven Beans communicate to both Weblogic JMS provider as well as Sonic JMS provider.  Data Access
Objects (DAO) provide Singleton architecture to communicate with databases to retrieve mostly static data.  Web tier designed using MVC (model-view-
controller) which employs Java Servlets, JSPs, XSLT Style sheets, XML property files, applet listens on Topic for Server-pushed XML.  Some servlets
spawn multiple threads to listen on Tibco RV (Rendezvous) subjects, capture XML data and send to JMS queues within infrastructure. Technologies
include EJB, JNDI, JDBC, RMI, JMS, WebLogic/Java Security, XML, XSL.  EJB tier currently returns all data in XML format defined via XSD definitions.
•        Designed and implemented Web Services using WebLogic Workshop.  These services comply with SOAP specification, and allow data acquisition
for various internal departments.

Client Name Withheld, NY                                                                          Dec 2000 – Apr 2001
Senior J2EE Architect and Developer
•        Designed, developed and deployed Product Managers Utilities.  PMU infrastructure consists of BEA WebLogic Application Server, BEA Web Server,
and Oracle 8i database.  Developed JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java Servlets, Enterprise Session and Entity JavaBeans (EJB), Deployment Descriptors
(XML), JARs, WARs, EARs.  Technologies include JNDI, JDBC, RMI, WebLogic/Java Security.
•        Evaluated application server frameworks including BEA WebLogic, and iPlanet IAS with special consideration for security and development tools.

Client Name Withheld, NY                                                      Dec 1999 – Dec 2000
J2EE Architect and Developer
•        Enterprise Architecture design and development.  Participated in design and development for BloomLink proof-of-concept prototype.  System
comprised of BEA WebLogic Application Server and Web Server, Enterprise Session and Entity Java Beans (EJB), Servlets, applets, static HTML pages
and Swing application, communication to Oracle backend.  Technologies include JNDI, JDBC, and RMI.
•        Evaluated application server frameworks including BEA WebLogic, BlueStone Sapphire, and IBM WebSphere.  Areas of consideration are
throughput, scalability, and an open architecture based on portable technologies.
•        Directed all intranet development, including department sub-sites, daily corporate information, forms, manuals, and phone list.
•        Coordinated web-hosting database synchronization/transfers.

Client Name Withheld, NY                               June 1998 – Dec 1999
Programming Manager and Lead Developer
•        Directed Data Warehousing NT software development team.
•        Implemented Windows NT DCOM Service, MetaDirectory, and accompanying Control Panel Applet, which integrate the entire SmartMart product
suite.  Began development of Java-based MetaDirectory application and applets.  Initiating integration with tools developed in other IBI departments.
•        Generated functional specifications, providing all time and resource estimates.
•        Maintained GUI standards, and all source control (VSS).
•        Oversaw installation scripts, building, and distribution of integrated CD.

Client Name Withheld, NY                                                July 1996 – June 1998
Project Manager and Lead Developer
•        Directed software development team for major greeting card corporation’s Card and Stationery Customization System.  System is comprised of
retailer application and customer application; both run under NT 4.0 Client.  Currently installed in 120 stores throughout US; estimated rollout of 1400.  
Responsible for complete project cycle: meet with clients, gather requirements, develop specifications, and determine estimates based on available
resources, development and deliverables.  Additionally, maintain headquarters server, which runs continuously, retrieving data from retailers via NT
Remote Access Server, and produces reports based on store, volume, and revenue.
•        Designed and implemented 1996-1997 Applied Visions Corporate Web Site and Intranet.  Infrastructure consisted of NT 4.0 Server, Internet
Information Server (IIS), Visual InterDev, FrontPage, Visual Source Safe, development servers, staging server, production server.  Site exploited HTML
online forms, frames, IISAPI extensions and filters for questionnaires and authentication, animated GIFs, HTTPS using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with
Verisign Secure Server ID, electronic commerce using CyberCash and modified CGI Perl scripts, implemented ObjectDraw ActiveX control and Java
applets to demonstrate ObjectGraphics Library.
•        ObjectGraphics Library for MFC, converted to standard SDK (non-MFC) library.  Created ObjectDraw, an interactive drawing tool ActiveX control,
utilizing ObjectGraphics hierarchy of classes.  This control is based on the INetDev class library (Sweeper) in order to minimize code size for Internet

Client Name Withheld, NY                                        Feb  1995 – July 1996
Programmer and Analyst
•        Designed and developed object-oriented custom OLE / ActiveX controls in C++ / MFC
•        Developed 3 of the 6 data-aware custom OCXs for Data Widgets 2.0
•        All controls written for and tested under Windows 3.11, 95, and NT 3.51
•        Developed self-registering DLL interface which parallels IVBFormat interface
•        Developed Data Widgets 2.0 installation program using WISE installation software.

Client Name Withheld, NY                                  May 1993 – Feb 1995
Software / Applications Engineer
•        Embedded software in C / 80c196 Assembly for variety of hand-held scanners.
•        Evaluated new hosts (computers, terminals, registers)
•        Developed application bulletins for marketing, sales force, ScanLines newsletter

Client Name Withheld, NY                                Oct 1991– May 1993
Software Engineer
•        Real-time multitasking software for material deposition system under Intel RMX 0X.
•        Taught 16-week C++/OOP course to supervisors and colleagues
•        Evaluated CASE tool suites; attended Boston CASE World Expo
•        Member of OS and Languages Committee, and wrote software column for company newsletter

Client Name Withheld, NY                                         Sept 1988 – Oct 1991
Software Engineer
•        Developed near real-time PDMFSK and ARINC-429 communication monitor written in QuickBasic and Assembler.
•        Designed and developed timesheet application written in C.