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•        10 years of Solid IT experience in various lines of application such as Financial, Pharmaceutical Industry, Telecom Industry, and Consumer Product
•        BMC Remedy Consultant involved in implementing various Global solutions.
•        ITIL Foundation Certified.
•        Application Consultant  - Over 8 years of experience in the Development and Deployment of  Applications such as Help Desk 5.x, 6.0, 7.0, Change
Management 5.x, 6.0, 7.0, Asset Management 5.x, 6.0, 7.0, CMDB 1.x, CMDB 2.0, Custom Applications, Customer Relationship Management using Remedy
suite of Products in UNIX / NT environments.
•        Strong in application software development with rich experience in SDLC methodologies, SMART Technologies.
•        Maintenance and Testing of information systems.
•        Extensive work on the Web interface, Remedy Mid-Tier & CRM Web.
•        Application Integration Specialist

Project Mgmt:         Business Requirements analysis, Effective Customer Interaction, Project  Co- Ordination (A Diploma from a school in India- an
associate to Dale Carnegie Institute for Personality Development.)
Software:        Remedy ARS 3.X, 4.0, 4.5.x, 5.0.X, 6.x, 7.0 DSO, Remedy ITSM Suite of products Remedy Help Desk, Change Management, Asset Management,
CMDB, Request Management,  Flash Boards, Peregrine Asset Center 4.1, Financial, contract and Lease Management, Procurement. Get-it. Crystal
Reports 7, 8.X Remedy CRM
RDBMS:        Oracle 8X, MS SQL Server, and DB2/400
OS:                Sun Solaris, HP-UX 10.x, Windows, OS/400
Languages:         PERL 5, HTML, Java Scripting, Java, PL/SQL, RPG-IV, RPG 400, SQL/400.


Enrolled for Remedy Approved Consultant in May 2006.
Atrium CMDB Administration, Pleasanton, CA
Application Requirements Analysis, Design & Development, MD
Performance Tuning & Trouble Shooting, MD
Distributed Server Option : Administering+
ITIL Certified – Foundation Certification, Pleasanton, CA
Remedy Rapid Results Training, Pleasanton, CA
Remedy Administration and Advanced Topics
Remedy WBT Admin 1 & Remedy Admin 2
Remedy @ work Products.
Peregrine Approved Consultant
Peregrine Asset Center 4.0, Get-it  Bethesda, Maryland
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)
Diploma in Software Engineering
Masters Degree in Bio Process Technology
Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering

Involved in several other projects such as
        Merck – Asset Management Implementation 2004
        Transnet Corp 2004 Multi –Tenancy Help Desk (Incident and Problem Management)
        International Flavors and Fragrances 2003 (Incident and Change Management Upgrade and Implementation)
        Puerto Rico Telecom, 2004 – Event Management System, Incident, Problem Management, Change Management and Asset Management
        Alcoa 2005 (Asset Management, CMDB 1.1 and Lease Management)
Major Products Undertaken

Project        : Global Request Management System

Client        : (A BMC Sponsored project)                         Jan 2006 – Till Date

Role        : Lead Technical Consultant

This is a Service Request Management Solution for Dell who are providing Managed Services to Unilever and plan to extend this solution to all of their
This project involves enhancing the Remedy Change Management to provide Service Management capabilities as well blending with features provided
in ITSM 7.0.
Involved in designing the integration between Dell Remedy system to Unilever Remedy System and Dell Remedy to Unisys Peregrine Service center for
back end fulfillment of Requests from Unilever.

•        Involved in Detailed Requirement Analysis using Smart Methodology.
•        Involved in designing the solution and preparing a detailed design document conform to ITIL.
•        Involved in identifying gathering and designing Presentation layer using Dell/Unilever specific style sheets.
•        Involved in future planning of the product for upgrading to later version of Remedy ITSM suites.
•        Involved in designing SLM and identifying SLAs and OLAs for Unilever and Dell.
•        Involved in Identifying the Reconsilation Data sources for heuristics and Logistic/Meta Data
•        Currently the solution is being built and planned for first phase roll out in June 06.

Client          : Client name withheld                                        May 2002- Jan 2006

Tools       : Remedy Change Management with Approval Server 5.0, Remedy Help Desk, Service Level
Agreements Remedy ARS 5.0.1, Mid-tier 5.0

Role          : Lead Consultant and Solution Architect

•        This is a Remedy ITSM suite implementation for all the Locations of BMS world wide conforming CFR 21 Part 11. Built 16 Applications for tracking
various Service Management applications.
•        B2B integration with British Telecom, UK
•        B2B integration with Dendrite, USA
•        Lead Security Analyst, Data Validation and Architect
•        Enhancing the Approval Process to suite BMS needs, Change Management to suite various departments, which had requirements, identified at
individual department level.
•        Implemented multiple solutions for various tracking processes required.
•        Involved in validation of the system conforming CFR 21 Part 11.
•        Involved in gathering the Requirements, Developing and implementing the Solution and maintaining the Application.
•        Involved in implementing and proposing strategies for Source Code Control.
•        Proposed strategies for moving workflow from Development to Test to Production environments.
•        Participated and assisted in User training.

Client name withheld                                        April 2000 – April 2001         
Have a been close associate to Cap Gemini in providing Remedy solutions for Telecom/Financial sectors.
One of such projects was the following.                           

Client:        Client name withheld        
Role:        Technical Architect
Tools:        Remedy ARS 4.5.2, Remedy Help Desk, Change Management and Asset                           Management

The Project involves Installing Remedy Help Desk, Change Management and Asset Management Applications, enhancing the out of the Box Applications
to suit Client’s requirements which involves adding new work flow objects such as Forms, Active Links, Filters, Escalations.
Proposed upgrade strategies for moving to Remedy 5.0.
•        Integration with HP Open View
•        Integration with Vitria for Cygent - Web Based Customer Portal.
•        Integration with Metasolv TBS software (Telecom Business Solution)
•        Integration with Telamon Telalert for Page Alerts.
•        Planned and proposed Oracle Database Architecture for smooth and stable performance of Remedy
•        Proposed Discovery Services to port Asset information for the Data center.
•        Developing a Solution to port and deploy, the Applications and the Software developed at CGEY, into 5
•        proposed Data Centers. This involved integration of Unix scripting and Remedy API calls.
•        Proposed strategies for High Availability and fail over procedures for Remedy Servers.
•        Performance Tuning.
•        Exhaustive Documentation such as Installation Guide, User Guide and Admin Guides.
•        Worked in tandem with 6 Teams to deliver 3 phases of enhancements to suite the Company’s Requirement.

Client name withheld                                        October 2000 – April 2001
Client:        Client name withheld        
Role:        Senior Remedy Developer/Architect
Tools:         Custom Application built on Remedy AR System.
OS:        HP-UX 10.20

This team was responsible for providing 24X7 support to all the sites such as Deusche Telecom, Saudi Telecom, Verizon etc., that have the Secure
Access Gateway for Enterprises for software installed and Network Trouble ticketing system. Installed and other products that were developed by the
Role involved pair- wise testing of SAGE product in co-existence with Xpercom, TBS etc.
In addition to providing support was Primary contact for the project involves ongoing Development for an application built on Remedy along with other
tools developed by Lucent with Oracle Database. This application is used by more 300 centers  with over 6000 Users.
Salient Features
Fixing and enhancing the existing application (Network Operable Trouble Ticketing System) for Saudi Telecom.
Integration this application to ICMS application on AS 400 for customer support with Saudi IBM.
Training the Administrators/Users on running and maintaining the application.
Exhaustive documentation such as User guides, Admin guides, Training guides as well as knowledge base
documents for Level II support.

Client:        Client name withheld        
                                 April 2000 – October 2000
Role:        Project Lead
OS:        IBM AIX
Tools:         Remedy ARS 4.0.3.  Service Desk Application, (a custom made application for Customer support as well as Internal Problem Management),
Change Management and Asset Management

The implementation includes identifying the global business rules for all the Unilever Management Centers. Fixing and enhancing the existing Service
Desk Application, Integrating Remedy Change Management application with the Service Desk Application, Testing the integrity of the application and
Preparing the five Global Management Centers Viz., Singapore, Brazil, UK, India and North America for the new integrated Service Request Application.
Exhaustive Documentation, which include User guides, Installation Guides and Administration guide for the application.

Client:        Client name withheld        
Role:        Project Lead
OS:        Windows NT 4.0
Tools:    Remedy ARS 4.0.3, Remedy Customer Relationship Management comprising Customer         
Support, Quality Management and Leads Management along with CRM Mail Support as
       Well as Remedy Mail, CRM web interface
The implementations include planning the whole project, identifying customizations required to suit the business processes of the Storage Apps.
Installing the AR system, CRM Server, Customer Support application that includes Service Requests & Return Material Authorization, Quality
Management that includes Product issues, Request for enhancements, Defects. CRM web interface.
Developed several Business effective processes to accept tickets from Imation Atlanta and filter tickets to avoid redundancy in tickets and providing a
Clarify interface to the Remedy System. Developing web interface, which include developing forms using HTML, DHTML, developing PERL programs
along with ARS PERL to handle creation of tickets as well as modification of Tickets through web. Scope of work also includes data import into the AR
System to have a proper integration with Clarify Database. Documentation that includes providing guides to train various levels of individuals at
Management level, User level, Administrative level. Brief training to the Administrator about the whole CRM application.

Remedy Consultant                                                Jan 97 –April 2000
Worked as a Remedy Consultant Implementing Remedy ITSM such as Help Desk , Change Management & Asset Management and companion products
such as SLA’s, Telemon Telalert, ARWeb and Remedy Web.
Remedy Change Management along with Risk analysis.
Remedy Asset Management Deployments include product installation, customization, documentation and training conforming to Remedy standard
implementation practices.

McGraw-Hill Hightstown, NJ                                        
Client:        McGraw-Hill Hightstown, NJ
Role:         Remedy Consultant
OS:         Windows NT 4.0
Tools:         Remedy ARS 4.0.3, Help Desk 4.0, Change Management SLA, Ar Web.
Telamon Telalert, HP open view and CSQ (custom made application to cater the service quotes on change issues from all the branch offices for McGraw

The driving force for this application porting was SLA’s. This is an Application Porting from Remedy Applications developed  on AR system 3.0 to AR
system 4.0.3.
Scope of work included installation of latest version of Helpdesk 4.0 and Change Management 4.0 along with SLA’s and Telamon, Tailoring the application
to bring in all the customizations existed on the 3.0 Help Desk and Change Mgmt.  and  additional customizations to optimize the system to 4.0
environment.  Import of their huge legacy of configuration Data, along  with the legacy tickets on Helpdesk and Change Management. Testing the
applications with specially developed protocols.
Training the Trainer on the improvisations done. Documentation.

E-Facilities, PA                                                                     
Client:                E-Facilities, PA                                        
Role:                Remedy Consultant
OS:                HP-UX 11.00

Tools:        Remedy ARS 4.0.3, HelpDesk 4.0, Remedy Change Management 4.0 and Asset Management

This is a typical implementation of Remedy HelpDesk application along with the Web interface using the Remedy Web and AR Web. The implementation
includes Planning the engagement, Installation, Customization and Bug fixing, Walk through- Training the Trainer and Documentation and Backup.
Implemented integration with HP Open view.

Malladi Project Management Center, Chennai, India.    January 95 to December 96.
Project: Ware House Distribution System
The main objective of this project is to migrate the applications from AS/400 environment to an object oriented architecture comprising of GUI and
Client/Server computation with Oracle RDBMS.
Responsibilities include understanding the source application system on AS/400.
Designing Database schemas to be implemented in Oracle.
Porting the application User interfaces and reports to Oracle.
Testing Integration and Documentation.

Project: Merchandise Management System
This package consists of various modules such as Inventory Control, Purchase Order Management, Transfer Management, Sales analysis, Price & Cost
Change Management, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger etc. and  facilitates full physical orders and provides interface to
financial system. The main object of this project was to customize the package to suit the increase in business needs.
Software Components Design – Creating Database triggers stored procedures for managing Data accessing and Data manipulation.Data Modeling using
Erwin Tool.
Defining Team Members' Work Modules.Managing Application Development Process.
Systems Administration - Implemented multiple level security mechanism to restrict accessibility of confidential information across various user groups
and system functions, implemented proactive database administration to avoid problems such as running out of free space, insufficient space for
temporary segments, fragmentation of data segments, etc, Fine-tuned database according to performance statistics collected, Monitored growth of
objects in databases, Implemented scheduled database backups, Automated database creation process, table and index creation process and

Project: Stores Inventory Management system
The system captures information relating to the items generates indents for items reached reorder level. It generates goods receipt cum inspection
report, item ledger, rejected items list etc. It provides queries on item-wise balances for all items, purchase order-wise receipts & rejections, item group-
wise balances, job-wise consumption for capital works, item value on hand, unmoved item list, ABC analysis, XYZ analysis.
Transforming Business requirements into software modelDesign of Software components and various schemas to be implemented.Development using
Pro*C.Preparing test plans.
Oracle RDBMS Implementation and Documentation.
Software Used :Oracle RDBMS, SQL*FORMS, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, PRO*C, SQL* Report writer in HP-UX.