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Mark Kogan


•        10+ years programming and IT project experience in Telecommunications, Insurance and Finance industries.
•        Excellent analytical and schedule estimating skills as applied to multi-person projects
•        Ability to anticipate and resolve project roadblocks
•        Proficiency in creating and maintaining project requirements and technical specifications
•        Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

•        Programming Languages, RDBMS, Tools and Technologies
-         Java, C++, Visual Basic -5, HTML, XML,
-         Eclipse, SWT, AWT, WASD, COM, XML, ODBC/JDBC, networking APIs, servlets
-         OOD, ATL, Client - Server, JSP
-         ORACLE-8i, SQL Server 2000, DB2/MF, DB2-UDB/7-8-9, Derby/Cloudscape,
-         Cobol, CICS, VSAM, QMF, ChangeMan, InfoView, SAS (PC-SAS, MVS-SAS, Unix-SAS)
-         Multimedia Development, Text and File Processing.
-         Change Control processes and ETL (extract, transform and load) processes

•        Operating Systems:        
-        WINDOWS XP/NT/2000/98/95, Win32, MS-DOS,
-        MVS, Unix -V/Motif, X-WINDOW (UNIX)


Computer Systems Analyst - Contract            IBM - Watson Research Centre -USA            Apr. 2006 -  Present
MAAI FOAK Project (Media Analytics for Actionable Intelligence)

Environment:    Java, Eclipse, SWT, AWT, Swing, WSAD, Windows XP, DB2 UDB, MySQL, Hibernate, Lucene, Prefuse, CloudScape(Derby), CVS, UIMA, OOD,
ODBC, JDBC, CSS, DHTML, PHP, Apache  server

Programmer Analyst                        CGI Canada                       Jan. 2001 - Nov. 2003
Reporting to team manager and leads, responsible for on-time solving problems and the development of some projects (all stages of SDLC), the
production Application Support and the Customer Service Application Support.
•        Achieved 99% on-time delivery record through a detailed knowledge of individual customer requirements, scheduling and continually monitoring
progress of customer orders through production, and expediting customer orders.
•         Resolved advanced customer questions or problems over the phone, in the areas of system configuration/setup, product functionality and
bugs/enhancements.  This was included appropriate escalation to other support and quality assurance areas, as well as to development.

•        Designed and created predictive models according to customer analytics, model scoring, recoring, recommended model returning and rebuilding
for CGI’s OLAP applications.

Computer Systems Analyst           Dominion Insurance Company of Canada               Feb. 1998 - Dec. 2000
•        Designed and implemented application, controlling stream of documents within an organization according to the scriptable rules (security, priority,
identification and control for the rejected and considered documents, processing for the related documents’ group etc.) – Project: DSP (document
streams processing) {C++, Java, COM, OOD, Oracle}
•        Data Manipulation, Data Mining, Data/statistical Analysis and Reporting {SAS, Oracle}
•        Marketing research campaigns {SAS, Oracle}
•        Data Modeling and Forecasting {SAS, Oracle}

Computer System/Analyst                           Teldan Information Systems Ltd (Israel)         Feb.1991 – Dec.1997
•        Created and supported  programs for the  service programs library
•        Solved problems in data warehousing (DW) and data management (DM)
•        PC automated processing of cheques and financial documents
•        Prepared specific detailed and summary reports for the  Information System

Environment:    OS/390, MVS, Win32, Windows95, PC/Client-server,  
                 (MF)-SAS, DB2, C++, OOD, ODBC

Engineer-      The Institute for Chemical and Agricultural   Aug.1985 – May 1990
Programmer   Machines and Equipment  (Tashkent, Uzbekistan, former USSR)
•        Created, debugged and tested  programs for the company’s service programs library
•        Solved problems in data warehousing (DW) and data management (DM)
•        Statistical processing of results with the getting of the detailed and summary reports (SAS)
Environment:    Fortran, Cobol, SAS, C (Borland  C)


Course “ P/A/ Web Developer “                 CDI College                   Sep.  2004 - Apr. 2005
•        SQL Server 2000:  Programming and Analysis
•        JavaScript, VBScript, HTML/DHTML, CSS, ASP (Interdev), JSP
•        Web Animation: Flash MX and ActionScript
•        Web Authoring: Dream weaver MX Math                            Tashkent State University          Sep. 1980 – Jul. 1985
                                         (former USSR/Uzbekistan)

REFERENCES:                               Available upon request