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George Washington University
Bachelor of Science, Zoology, 1981

Central New England College
Certificate, Technical and Systems Programming, 1985


Language Engineering for Content Analysis Group, A Leading Research & Development Center, Staff Software Engineer, October 2004 – Present

•        Responsible for the development of language analysis tooling to help customers generate custom annotators for use in their applications.  This
work was done in collaboration with linguistic researchers.  The work involved the extensive development of eclipse plug ins and UIMA annotators as
well as rapid prototyping and development of GUIs using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, resulting in a package known as the Domain Annotators
Workbench (DAT).  This technology was included in the SPARCLE privacy policy authoring product.

Text Analysis and Language Engineering Group, A Leading Research & Development Center, Contract Programmer, January 2003 – October 2004

•        Responsible for the migration of IBM’s Talent Product to new platforms in both Java (JEDII) and C++ (Text Analysis Framework(TAF)) based upon the
Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA).  Much of this involved working with computational linguists to redesign and implement the
existing software to conform to the new paradigm.
•        Designed and implemented tools and utilities for application support and debugging.
•        Developed grammar writing tools for linguists using the UIMA framework.

All of this was done using Microsoft Visual C++/Developers Studio, and java 1.4 under the Eclipse Java Development Environment(v 2.x)

Knowledge Interaction Research Group, A Leading Research & Development Center, Contract Programmer, December 2000 – January 2002

•        Helped design, and solely implemented an application that tracks, records and presents for review and editing, a users interactions with a number
of Windows Office applications, including Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.  The application performed windows captures and provided natural
language descriptions of the users progress in performing assigned tasks within the applications.  Technologies employed included the use of windows
hooks for tracking applications, the Java Expert Systems Shell (JESS) v5.2, a rule based AI engine, for intelligently tracking actions, Microsoft Active
Accessibility, the Microsoft Platform SDK, XML and XSL.  All low level routines were written in C and C++.  The main body of the program was written in
java using version 1.3 of the SDK, with extensive use of JNIs.  The GUI was created using swing.

Mobius Management Systems, Inc.
Software Engineer, December 1999 – December 2000
•        Designed and Implemented the Click-n-Done Biller Direct product in collaboration with another software engineer.  This product allowed for the
direct payment of bills over the internet.  Development of the necessary applets and servlets was done using JDK 1.2.2.  Javascript and JSPs were also
employed in the creation of the GUI.
•        Worked on various support and enhancement projects for the Mobius Document Direct for the Internet product, using C, C++, Java, Javascript and
JSPs in both Unix and Windows NT environments.  Target browsers were both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Digital Libraries Group, A Leading Research & Development Center, Contract Programmer, September 1999 - December 1999

•        Designed and Implemented an application, using JDK 1.2.2, that filtered, structured and punctuated raw voice recognition data, creating documents
that could be used as input to text analysis and categorization software.
•        Designed and implemented an applet, using JDK1.2.2, Java media framework1.0 and RMI that allowed for the playback of audio data from any point
in an audio file, based upon highlighted relevant terms in a thumbnail display of voice recognition derived text of that file.
•        Created an application for converting audio files from one type to another.

K-12 Networking and Collaborative Learning Group, A Leading Research & Development Center, Contract Programmer, May 1998 – September 1999

•        Designed and implemented improvements to, and generally maintained, IBM’s Standard bearer K-12 educational product.  Development was done
using JDK 1.1.7 and Swing.
•        Designed and developed the Java applet portion of the assessment tool included in IBM’s Wired for Learning K-12 educational product.  Work
entailed GUI design and implementation, as well as implementation of a communications protocol with a Lotus Notes/Domino database, enabling the
applet to call notes agents directly.  Development was done using JDK 1.0.2, as well as Javascript/Jscript.  Target Browsers were Netscape Navigator for
both PC and Macintosh, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
•        Designed and implemented a Hotsync conduit that allowed the internet version of the Wired for Learning assessment tool to synchronize with a
version of the tool running on a 3COM PalmPilot III.  Development was done using 3COM’s Conduit Development Kit, Java edition, and JDK 1.1.8

Advanced Graphics and Visualization Group, A Leading Research & Development Center, Contract Programmer, September 1997 – December 1997

•        Designed and developed a VRML parser for use in binary compression, using Lex(flex), yacc(bison), C, C++ and Standard Template Libraries, for an
NT platform, Using Microsoft Visual C++.

Digital Libraries Group, A Leading Research & Development Center, Contract Programmer, February 1997 – September 1997

•        Designed and implemented improvements to IBM’s NetQuestion internet search engine product.  Development was done  using C and C++ in
Microsoft Visual C environment, and in Java, using Symantec’s visual café.
•        Ported a text extraction software package from a UNIX platform to Windows NT, using Borland C++.

Bayer Corporation (Diagnostics Division)
Software Engineer, May 1988 – February 1997

•        Solely responsible for the design and implementation of a flow cytometric cellular analysis package.  This Package was instrumental in the
development of the reticulocyte analysis technology, upon which all of Bayers current hematology instruments are based.  This effort included
developing a graphical user interface from scratch in C on a DOS platform, and working with an opto-electrical engineer and a chemist to develop data
acquisition hardware, algorithms, and meaningful ways of displaying data.
•        Worked as a member of the software development team for Bayer’s TECHNICON H*3 hematology instrument.  Was instrumental in transferring
reticulocyte analysis technology from the research platform to the production instrument.  This work was performed in a C, PL/M and assembly language
environment on a UNIX platform for an MPM target platform.
•        Worked as a member of the software development team for Bayer’s hematology instrument.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Flow Cytometry Specialist, December 1987 – May 1988

•        Operated a flow cytometer for cell sorting and analysis in support of research.

Cornell University Medical College
Flow Cytometric Research Specialist, November 1985 – December 1987

•        Operated a flow cytometer for cell sorting and analysis in support of research.


Java, C, C++, Eclipse Plug in Development, RCP Development, SWT, Microsoft Windows XP, AIX, UNIX, XML/XSL


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