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Mr. Rivera has been a Professional Services Consultant for 3+ years.  In addition, he has experience in LAN and WAN with a solid technical foundation in
Infrastructure Management.   Mr. Rivera’s excellent communication and leadership skills allow him to easily transition between his technical and
business roles.

•        Asset Management and Process Management Consulting.
•        AssetCenter 3.x
•        ConnectIt 2.x and 3.x
•        3 Implementation projects from start to finish.
•        3 projects assisted w/development tasks.
•        Knowledgeable in Wizards and Workflows.
•        Developed and implemented a VPN.
•        Excellent supervisory, customer service and decision-making skills.
•        Management professional with 13+ years progressively successful responsibilities.
•        Innovative problem solver.
•        Excellent written and verbal communication.

Unix, Windows XP, Windows 2000 ,Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, Novell 3.x, Novell 4.x , MS Office, WordPerfect, Lotus, Harvard Graphics, Corel Draw, Dbase,
Clipper, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, DOS, , Fire Wall Fundamentals, GroupWise, MS Outlook
IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, AppleTalk, CISCO routers (limited), Ascend ISDN routers (limited)


Technical Consultant., San Diego, CA                                Aug.00-Present

For the past three years, most of my work has been design and installing AssetCenter, a Peregrine Systems database, for Fortune 500 Companies.

Successful Projects:

•        AC 3.6 & ConnectIt 3.1 for NMCI (EDS)
o        Customized tool per requirements
o        Integrated AC w/ARS (Remedy) via ConnectIt
o        Resolve customization issues

•        ConnectIt scenarios between SC and Oracle Database
o        Develop scenarios for reporting of SC data via Oracle table

•        AC 3.51 & ConnectIt 2.7 for CSAA (EDS)
o        Implemented AC 3.51 via requirements
o        Conversion of HP Asset View – AC 3.51
o        Gap Analysis (Process and Tool)
o        Identified Requirements
o        Customized tool per requirements
o        Data Conversion
o        Integrated AC w/Tivoli and People Soft HR
o        Trained Staff

•        AC 3.6 for AAA of Michigan
o        Conversion of AC 2.6 – 3.6
o        Identified Requirements
o        Customized tool per requirements
o        Data Conversion
o        Trained Staff

•        AC 3.6 for Edward Jones
o        Assisted in Wizards and Workflows
o        User Profiles

•        AC 3.51 EDS GLS (Global Leveraged System
o        Trained Staff on customized version for EDS
o        Documentation for all customizations

Stoorza Ziegaus & Metzger, Inc., San Diego, CA                        Apr. 97-Aug. 00
Manager, Information Systems

Successful Projects:
•        Designed, managed and implemented a long-term project plan that resulted in replacing the company’s five individualized LANs to a WAN via a
Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution.  The architecture was designed to be scalable.  This involved DSL connections to establish the VPN, reallocation
of resources, providing recommendations for IT hardware and software, and installing a Sonic firewall.  In addition, participated in re-cabling of a remote
infrastructure that was necessary during this implementation, and hired qualified technology resources to perform assigned tasks.
•        Planned and Implemented GroupWise 5.5 from MS Mail which supports 100+ users.  This involved the migration of the old email format to the new
format, and installing email client on all workstations.
•        Developed and implemented plan for current IT resources, as well as, mid and long range acquisitions to meet company’s future growth needs.
•        Participated in Political Campaign Projects which included database programming to create a voter database using Visual Fox Pro and analyzing
received data using business statistic strategies.

Routine Duties:
•        Administration and maintenance of Novell network and GroupWise 5.5.
•        "In house Tech-Support" for all IT related issues; customer service to 100+ users.
•        Workstation installation and repair;
•        Develop and maintain Policy and Procedures of computer equip
•        Chair quarterly Technology Committee which focuses on outstanding IT issues, and analyzing IT business needs to ensure company stays

SAN DIEGO CENTER FR CHILDREN, San Diego, CA        Jul. 96-Apr. 97
Information Systems Supervisor
•        Installation of campus wide data cabling infrastructure.
•        Maintain integrity of database.
•        Write programs for non-standard output.
•        Voice Mail Administrator

SHARP HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION, San Diego, CA        May 90 - 94-Jul. 96
Data Analyst/System Specialist
•        LAN supervisor.
•        Maintain integrity of multiple databases.
•        Knowledge and programming in SQL for relational databases.
•        Create/Merge and maintain multiple databases for various programs.

REFERENCES:         Available on request
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