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Resume of Candidate: PEN179

API Management - CA API Management  - Layer 7 Consultant


API SME / Digital Engineer

As a Software Engineer with 12 years working experience in Enterprise application design and development covering a variety industry including Retail,
Telecom and Finance, and having practical knowledge of enterprise software design and development, Cloud (SaaS, Paas and IaaS) and API Management
(Apigee, Layer 7, and Oracle API Gateway), Enterprise Security seeking to join a company that offers me a stable and positive atmosphere and inspires me
to enhance and therefore to innovate the work culture for the betterment of all parties   concerned.

Summary of Qualification
●        4 years Software Architecture, Design and  Integration
●        3 years experience with Amazon AWS PaaS  services
●        2 years SaaS, PaaS, IaaS  integrations
●        3 years experience with Apigee Edge Enterprise (SaaS) and BaaS Backend as a Service
●        2 years Microservices architecture design and  build
●        2 years Entitlement and XACML using Axiomatic   Product
●        5 years Microservice and API Security (OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 / OAuth 1.0, SAML and SSO)
●        9+ years of Java and J2EE
●        5 years experience with API Management using CA API Management (SOA Gateway, MAG and API Portal)
●        4+ years experience in working with WS-* Security   specifications
●        2 years experienced in programming with Spring Framework v   2.0
●        2 years experienced in using Java Persistence API (JPA And   Hibernate)
●        2 years experienced in using Java Messaging  API
●        4 years experienced in SOAP and REST service design and implementation using Apache CXF 2.x
●        Good Knowledge of SOA, OOP, OOD, AOP, IOP (Inversion of Control) and DI (Dependency Injection)
●        Good Knowledge of WS-Policy, WS-Security,   WS-Messaging
●        Good Knowledge of TDD (Test Driven Development) using   Junit
●        Extensive experience working in an Agile Scrum and Kanban   Lean
●        Experienced in working in high pressure environment due to workload, deadlines    etc.
●        Good problem-solving, analytical and troubleshooting   skills
●        Excellent personal interaction and communication skills, good team   player
●        Highly reliable, flexible and focused on achieving assigned tasks to highest    standards
●        Self-motivated, highly disciplined, good common   sense

Professional Skills
●        Amazon AWS Cloud Services  (AWS)
●        BaaS - Backend as a  Service
●        Microservices architecture design and  build
●        Salesforce CRM
●        SaaS, PaaS, IaaS  integrations
●        API Management and Microservices (Apigee, Layer7, 3Scale, Oracle API    Gateway)
●        Identity management solutions, access manage functionality and SSO (Single sign    on)
●        Enterprise  J2EE applications
●        Rational and NoSQL  databases
●        Complex continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)   projects.
●        Token Services: OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.x, OpenID Connect, JWT ( JWS, JWE,    JWK)
●        Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
●        Apache CXF – SOAP and REST Service  API
●        Apache CXF – WS-Security, WS-Addressing, WS-Messaging,   WS-Trust
●        XML API (XPath, XQuery, JAXB, SAX and DOM   Parsers)
●        Scripting: Perl and Bash
●        RDBMS: SQL Server 2005/2000, Oracle DB 10g, MySQL Server   5
●        IDE Tools:   IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans
●        XML Tools: XML Spy and  Oxygen
●        Platforms: Solaris, Linux, and  Windows
●        Source Controls: Git and  SVN
●        Application Servers: Glassfish, Oracle Weblogic, Apache   Tomcat
●        Build Tools: Maven, Ant, Jenkins,  Bamboo

Education / Certificates
●        2016 Amazon Cloud Associated Certified (Solution Architecture, Developer and    Sysops)
●        2015 Redhat 3Scale API Management Platform Sysops and Devops Training (Onsite training at Macquarie Bank)
●        2015 Apigee API Management Platform SysOps and Dev Ops   Certified
●        2014 Amazon Cloud Services Training (Onsite training at Macquarie   Bank)
●        2013 SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) from SOA   School
●        2012 Master of Engineering – Computer Engineering – RMIT University,    Australia
●        2010 IBM Message Queue Server (Onsite training at Telstra   Co.)
●        2009 Sun Access Manager and OpenSSO (Onsite training at Telstra   Co.)
●        2009 Layer 7 API Management Platform Sysops + Devops Technology (Onsite Training at Telstra Co.)
●        2008 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – MS 2780,  Dubai

Work Experiences

May 2014 – Dec 2016        
Role: Senior API Solution Architecture / Platform  Inegration
●        Reference Architecture for Apigee Edge, Developer Portal and Baas for both Cloud and On Premise
●        Reference Architecture for   CA API Gateway on Macquarie Data  Centers
●        Reference Architecture for   API Security Design  Patterns
●        Integrating Ping Federate with Apigee and CA API   Gateway
●        Implementing CA API Gateway and Mobile Access Gateway on Macquarie Data    Centers
●        Onboarding Macquarie Enterprise and Business Services (Core, Finance, Leasing and    ATM)
●        Design and Implementing CA Mobile Gateway (MAG) [ On Premise for Staff   ]
●        Design and Implementing CA API Portal [ Internal Developers   ]
●        Designing RBAC Access Model in order to have a multi-tenancy environment on Apigee Edge and CA API Gateway
●        API Design and Onboarding Enterprise and Channel financial   services
●        Design OAuth and OpenID Connect for API  Security

●        Design and Component sizing for Apigee (Edge, BaaS and Developer portal) and CA API Gateway
●        AWS VPC design for Apigee and CA API  Gateway
●        VLAN design for CA API  Gateway
●        Hands on deploying API Management Platform on Cloud and On   Premise
●        Creating CI/CD API Deployment plans for Apigee APIs using Bamboo and    Maven
●        Monitoring CA API Gateway in AWS using CloudWatch and using SQS and SNS for notification and messaging
●        Monitoring Apigee APIs using Apigee API  Health
●        Integrating PingFederate Open ID Connect to secure APIs published on CA API Gateway and Apigee
●        Integrating IBM TAM Services with CA API  Gateway
●        Implementing CA Mobile Gateway and associated services including OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
●        Integrating Apigee Enterprise Edge (SaaS) solution with CA API Gateway (on    premise)
●        Integrating CA API Gateway with WebMethod ESB on   Premise
●        Defining seven API Integration Pattern (High Level and Detail   Level)
●        Developing and Publishing more than 100+ Core banking Services including Card Transaction, Account Mgmt on the CA API Gateway
●        Developing and Publishing 30+ DEFT Gateway API using Apigee API   Solution
●        Developing and Publishing 20+ Enterprise and Ecommerce Service to Apigee and CA API Gateway
●        Implementing CA RBAC model on CA API Gateway (for multi-tenancy    environment)
●        Implementing Apigee RBAC model for Macquarie Enterprise Edge Platform (for multi-tenancy environment)
●        Design and developing secure vault API for storing Secure Data on Apigee   Edge
●        End to End architectural design for Macquarie Connect   Project

June 2013 – May 2014        
Role: Senior Software Engineer   (Integration and SSO)
●        Integrating Telstra SDF services with Layer 7 Access Control   Gateway
●        Designing and developing new SOAP and REST   services
●        Enhancement and Maintenance of existing Telstra SDF   services
●        Integrating and on boarding Telstra’s third parties using Layer 7 Access Control Gateway (ACG)
●        Developing new service policies for SDF migrated services to Layer 7 Access Control Gateway

●        Migrating routing and security policies from Oracle Service Bus to Layer 7 Access Control Gateway
●        Designed and developed SOAP and REST services using Oxygen and Apache CXF Framework
●        Developed and designed service enablers to access downstream   components
●        Creating mock services using Telstra T[Mock] and T[Test] Frameworks and    Tools

Feb 2009 – June 2013        Telstra Co., Australia
Role: Senior J2EE Security  Developer
●        Integrating Telstra single sign-on with the existing Telstra portal such as Online Billing (OLB), Registration Portal
●        Integrating Telstra single sign-on and Social Networking Services (OAuth   2.0)
●        Integrating Telstra single sign-on and Microsoft Windows Live service (using Layer 7 Access Control Gateway)
●        Providing SAML2 solution services to internal  portals
●        Providing Facebook and Google OAuth 2.0 service to Telstra Community Portals (Telstra CrowdSupport)
●        Monitoring Authentication Gateway and Policy servers in   production
●        Integrating and on boarding Telstra’s third parties service   consumer
●        Design and implementation of User Profile Management   Service

●        Developing an Authentication Gateway Web Application using Server and JSP technologies on Glassfish
●        Integrating SAML2 with Authentication Gateway to support federated logins using SUN Access Manager Client SDK
●        Developing OpenSSO (single sign-on) client interface to connect to OpenSSO    Server
●        Developing Extended Authentication Interface (EAI) for Telstra AFL and NRL Mobile Services using Spring Framework
●        Using Layer 7 Access Control Gateway to protect EAI service and SOAP-REST protocol translation
●        Protecting EAI service using Layer 7 Access Control   Gateway
●        Developing a custom plugin to integrate OAuth 2.0 service with Telstra   SSO
●        Configuring multiple   level of authentication using OpenSSO Policy  Server
●        Configured several SAML2 service provider on Telstra OpenSSO   servers
●        Designed and developed User Profile Management Service (Apache CXF & Spring Framework)
●        Designed and developed Utility tools for the support   team
●        Designed and developed unit test cases using JUnit, Mockito and   Hamcrest

May 2006 – Nov 2008        SIEMENS SSK Company - IT Department, Iran
Role: Software Engineer
●        Designing and developing Internal Business Applications and   Processes
●        Supporting and Maintaining Siemens SSK Legacy Applications such as Exact and Human Resource Applications
●        Develop and extending SIEMENS SSK intranet and internet   CMS
●        Managing and Maintaining Exact (Accounting) and Human Resource (HR) Database    Servers
●        Design and develop Asset Management Application (AMA) using Java Swing (UI) and Hibernate (Data Access Layer)
●        Data conversion tool to import Asset Information into the system based on Java and JAXB
●        Providing web services to access Asset Management Web Interface using    JAXWS
●        Designing Asset Management Web interface using Java JSP servlet   technology
●        Use of PowerBuilder v6 to maintain, enhance and support Siemens’s Human Resource application
●        Experienced in macro programming for EXCEL 2003 and MS Word   2003

Oct 2004 – Apr 2006        RSA Company – Software Development Department, Iran
Role: Software Engineer
●        Analysis business process related to Digital Certificate   process
●        Design and developing Digital Certificate Server side and Client side    components
●        Automating build and unit testing  process
●        Use of RUP for analysis and design all project’s   components
●        Use of Spring MVC Framework, Hibernate, Apache web server to design and develop Digital Certificate Server Side components
●        Use of swing and AWT to develop client side GUI and custom controls like table and tree controls
●        Developed and published web services for server side components using Apache AXIS and Spring
●        Use of SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 9i as database server and developed store procedures and PL/SQLs

●        Developed CRL (certificate Revocation List) component on server side to publish revoked certificates on the LDAP

Dec 2001 – Nov 2004   LOGWARE GmbH Company, Germany
Role: Software Engineer
●        Design and development of POS server and client side application   interfaces
●        Design and development of Printer Layouts (TM 88, Olivetti PRII and EPSON) and interface Development for EFT
●        Developed transaction filtering and booking component for sale, payment    transaction
●        Design and development of messaging service for communication between server and client applications
●        Application maintenance, enhancement and  support
●        Developed a range of different user interface and custom controls using java swing library
●        Developed filtering mechanism for transaction filtering on server side using Servlet Filtering of Java Servlet API
●        Developed an integrating messaging service using JMS and JNDI, SOAP, Java XML API
●        Use of SQL server and Oracle as database server to implemented ART’s retail stores data model
●        Use of JUnit Test for define and develop different test units for the developed modules
●        Use of Java MVC (Model/View/Control), Factory and wrapper classes design    patterns

●        Germany
●        English

●        Available on your request
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