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IBM Tivoli Monitoring Consultant

Technical Areas:

Utilizing 32 years of IT experience, making significant contributions, in a position of significant responsibility.  Tivoli Consultant with an expertise in the
architecture, design, implementation, training and administration of IBM Tivoli Monitoring /  Distributed Monitoring (12 years).   Other area of strength
include NetCool/OMNIbus, Tivoli Enterprise Console, Tivoli Business Service Manager, Tivoli Integrated Portal (WebTop). Has some limited work with
NetCool/Impact, Tivoli Provisioning Manager, Tivoli Data Warehouse, and Tivoli Common Reporting.


09/2008 – Current

•        Primarily working on implementation of NetCool/OMNIbus and integrating with IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Tivoli Enterprise Console and Tivoli Business
Service Manager and the Tivoli Integrated Portal (WebTop).
•        Also some limited work at this location with NetCool/Impact, Tivoli Provisioning Manager, Tivoli Data Warehouse, and Tivoli Common Reporting.
Involved with OMNIbus versions 7.2.1, 7.2.2, and 7.3, Webtop versions 2.1 and 2.2, TBSM version 4.2.1, ITM 6.1, 6.2.1 and 6.2.2.  
•        Primary responsibility was in developing product solutions for the Forest Service, testing the solutions and creating detailed
installation/configuration procedures.
•        Additionally worked with the Situation Update Forwarder to synchronize event data between ITM and OMNIbus. Also involved in limited
troubleshooting of existing products in the Forest Service production environment.

07/2008 – 08/2008

•        Tivoli Consultant working through CCCI consulting – contracted to HP Canada for tasks involved with Tivoli Workload Scheduler migration and

12/2007 – 06/2008

•        Independent Consultant – specializing in Tivoli core products suite. Working projects for both – Princeton Information (for Vigilant client - Mars
candy company – IBM Tivoli Monitoring project) and Dan’s People (for Sirius client – the County of San Mateo, CA, Tivoli Workload Scheduler project).

9/2006 – 12/2007

Primary client for my engagements was TIAA-CREF

Involved in three Primary projects –

1)        Integrating – OpenVMS product ConsoleWorks with Tivoli Enterprise Console
2)        Assisting in Corporate wide upgrade of AlarmPoint software
3)        Integrating BMC impact integration products with Tivoli Enterprise Console for Mainframe monitoring (z/OS)
4)        Also performed trouble-shooting of monitoring for critical production systems.
Tivoli products: Framework 4.1.1, ITM 5.x and 6.1, TEC 3.9, TCM 4.2(Inventory, Software Distribution), Tivoli Remote Control, Tivoli Workload Scheduler,
ITM 6.x
BMC products – PEM, BMC Impact integration for Tivoli, BMC Impact integration for z/OS

4/2005 – 8/2006
Sr. Consultant

•        Providing Tivoli software architecture, installation, implementation and configuration.  Tasks also involve project management.
•        Tivoli products: Framework 4.1.1, ITM 5.x and 6.1, TEC 3.9, TCM 4.2(Inventory, Software Distribution), Tivoli Remote Control, Tivoli Workload
•        Recent clients: Kaiser Permanente, City and County of San Francisco, Fidelity Information Solutions.

11/2004 – 3/2005

•        Consultant providing production support in banking environment. Products Framework 4.1.1, ITM 5.1.2, TEC 3.8, DM 3.7, INV 4.0.

12/2003 - 10/2004
Tivoli Consultant to Bureau of Land Management

•        Provide full Tivoli architecture, implementation and support for the BLM federal contract. Location Lakewood, CO., Federal Center.

•        Involves enterprise systems management planning and installation, configuration and tuning of Tivoli Products.

Products - Framework 4.1.1, Inventory(CM) 4.2, ITM, 5.1.2, TEC 3.9,Netview 7.1.4.

12/2002 - 1/2004
Tivoli Consultant to Department of Defense/US Navy

•        Tivoli consultant, providing implementation/deployment services for Tivoli Framework, TEC, DM, INV, SD, TWS, TSM in government contract position
for the Navy Enterprise Team Ships and Navy Enterprise Management And Information Systems groups. (NETS and NEMAIS)

1/2001 - 10/2002
Technical Analyst

•        As a Technical Analyst in the Systems Management group, I was responsible for the evaluation, recommendation, configuration, installation and
implementation of tools for system monitoring, monitoring the availability, performance and capacity of multiple systems and platforms. I was involved in
Project Management to insure complete monitoring of new systems architectures.

•        Major accomplishment: I was challenged with the task of developing a tool to monitor near "real- time" performance of the primary Web-based
application provided to our clients - providing an icon on Hewitt support personnel's workstation to pop a report of "current" activity. I was not told at
the time the request was made, that management did not think it could be done. I accomplished the goal by combining an MQ-Series resource with a Java
resource along with UNIX shell scripts I developed and displaying the resulting report using Tivoli Desktop tools. The tool continues to be used at Hewitt
to monitor activity generated by clients such as IBM, HP, EDS and over 140 other large-scale users.

•        Utilized UNIX administration skills in the development of Tivoli architectures.
Much of my time at Hewitt involved the use of Tivoli software products, Framework, T/EC, Distributed Monitoring, TWSM and TSM. I also received some
exposure to the SiteSeer/SiteScope web monitoring products from Mercury Interactive. (products originally from Freshwater Software)

10/1998 - 1/2001
Tivoli Systems/IBM
Tivoli Services Certified Consultant

Performed implementation, integration, and customization of Tivoli core products. Framework, Distributed Monitoring, T/EC, Remote Control, Inventory
and Software Distribution. Experience in Perl and shell scripting.

Performed services for a variety of clients, including Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota, Sears Retail ( through IBM Global Services ), Sears The
Great Outdoors (through IBM Global Services ), EDS (General Motors account), the Federal Bureau of Land Management, IBM E-Business Server Farm,
Ralston Purina ( through Ernst & Young ), Hewitt Associates LLC and Kemper Insurance.
Utilization of UNIX administration skills in the development of successful Tivoli Software implementation/deployments.

Recent work has been concentrated in the areas of Distributed Monitoring and the Tivoli Enterprise Console(T/EC).

Certified in Tivoli Framework and Distributed Monitoring - prepared to Certify in T/EC.

2/1996 - 10/1998

Sr. UNIX System Administrator

Sole UNIX administrator for 20+ production and development servers. Running various versions of HPUX and LINUX. Responsible for all hardware
installation/upgrades, all software installation, configuration, customizations and upgrades, performance monitoring, file system configuration and all
maintenance Experience with HPUX OS (several versions), LINUX, HP ITO, HP MC/SERVICEGUARD, HP PERFMON/PERFVIEW, LPS performance tools,
Maestro, Remedy and numerous other products.

3/1994 - 2/1996
Corporate Express
Broomfield, CO
Sr. UNIX System Administrator

Configured UNIX data center to replace HP MPE/IX environment. All HPUX systems. Developed UNIX data center from ground zero. Recommended,
installed, configured and maintained hardware and software. Brought in to this position by manager at previous company.

1/1984 - 3/1994
EDS/Meredith Corporation
Des Moines/IA & Louisville, CO
Operations MGR/Sr. UNIX System Administrator

Began this job with Meredith Publishing as Computer Operations Supervisor and in 1991 transitioned to and EDS employee when Meredith sold a portion
of it's business to Neodata corporation - who out-sourced all DP to EDS.

As computer operations supervisor was responsible for all functionality of the data center. Staff varied from 15-30 depending on current projects,
including first line supervisory staff.

When EDS took responsibility for the Meredith/Neodata data center, I was tasked with developing the project plan to transfer all operations functions to
an alternate data center in Louisville, Colorado.
After successfully moving the data center, I was asked what I would like as my next assignment. I requested an opportunity to help build the up-coming
UNIX environment that was in the planning stages.

Experience with - SUN (various versions ), SEQUENT - dynix/ptx, NEXT, OSF/1 (running on KSR MPP), also MVS, VSAM, JCL, CICS.
It was my manager for this position that requested I come with him to my next position.

3/1978 - 1/1984
Nevada, IA
Operations Supervisor

Of the six positions held with this company, advanced through the first 5 positions in less than 2 years - to become Supervisor. Responsible for all
functionality of the data center.
Staff varied from 10-15 depending on season, shift, and current projects. Experience with MVS/JES2, CICS, extensive JCL.

Iowa State University
Major in business emphasis in accounting - school took "back-seat" to career with 18 credit hours remaining toward graduation


Reference Name: Jared Vils
Manager - Enterprise Automation & Systems Management TIAA-CREF
Office: 704-988-5164
Mobile: 704-607-5470
Type: Professional

Reference Name: John Daniel
Phone: on request
Type: Professional

Reference Name: Jim McGinley
Phone: 303-236-6659 (work)
Type: Professional

ITIL Foundation Certified

IBM/Tivoli training ITM 6.1 July 06
IBM/Tivoli training TWS 8.2 Spring 06
Tivoli T/EC 3.7 training provided by ProTech Training - including introductory PROLOG
Tivoli Top Gun training
Tivoli Object Repository Trouble-shooting
Tivoli T/EC training
HPUX System Administration
Sun System Administration
Interprise CISCO router training
Remedy - ARS Training
Novell and IMC training for Tuxedo
EDS Leadership Training
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