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IBM Tivoli Monitoring Consultant

Technical Areas:

        A US Citizen with an Active DoD Secret & an Interim Top Secret Clearance
        Bachelor Degrees in Information Technology (BSIT – Cum Laude) & Industrial Engineering (BSIE).
        MCSE & Security+ professional with 10+ yrs. experience in Information Technology & Engineering.
        7 yrs, experience with IBM Tivoli Monitoring Suite of products (ITM, ITCAM, TEC, etc…)
        Experience in systems analysis, enterprise management, consulting, and network engineering.
        Able to work with and maintain relations with staff and clients at all levels.
        Work effectively independently or as part of a team.
        Strong troubleshooting, configuration, communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
        Attentive to details and maintain meticulous records of all projects.
        Outstanding dedication to customer service and client relations.
        Able to travel as needed and willing to relocate.


IT Concepts: ITIL, Computer Hardware/Software Concepts, Computer Interface Design, Database Principles, Data Communications & Networks
(Networking Essentials), Data Modeling, Multimedia Instructional Systems, Systems Analysis & Design, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), TCP/IP.
DNS, WINS, LAN/WAN, Cisco Works LAN Management Solution, routing protocols, and network topology

Operating Systems:        Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, & 7 OS, UNIX, Linux, and AIX.

Hardware:  PCs, laptops, printers, digital scanners, motherboards, RAM, HDD, NIC, Cisco router & switches

Software:  IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE, IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) , IBM Tivoli Framework, IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM), IBM Tivoli
Distributed Monitoring (DM), IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager, IBM Tivoli Software Distribution & Inventory,
Microsoft Office, Project & Visio, and Remedy Action Request System v5.01

Programming Languages:  Korn Shell/Shell Scripting (.ksh & .sh), HTML, and Visual Basic 6.0

Industrial Eng. Concepts:  Facility Layout, Industrial Quality Control, Time & Motion Studies, Production Planning & Control, Quality Engineering, Systems
Modeling, Operations Research, Flow Process, Simulation, CAD, Total Quality Management (TQM), Just-In-Time (JIT) Production


Tivoli Engineer/Administrator/Architecture
•        Architect, implement, and administer IBM Tivoli products to monitor advanced WebSphere infrastructure.
•        IBM Tivoli products include ITCAM for WebSphere, ITCAM for SOA, ITCAM for Response Time, ITM 6.2.1, ITM for DB, Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for
•        Interact with networks and system administrators to facilitate IBM Tivoli implementation and maintenance.
•        Research latest IBM best practices around IBM Tivoli and create, own, and close support tickets (PMRs) with them.
•        Come up with the best monitoring solution possible with IBM Tivoli software for WebSphere infrastructure.
•        Install and setup of ITCAM 6.1, ITM 6.2.1 and OMNIBUS XE in the environment (test, Q&A, and production). Configure them as well prior to rollout in
both environments.
•        Engineer an optimal solution for monitoring of systems embedded w/n the environment including customization as per dept needs.
•        Provide 24/7 support for Tivoli systems w/n the enterprise.
•        Continuously improve and manage Tivoli Portfolio on a daily basis w/ report generation and trends.  Provide that data to upper management for
review and feedback.
•        Train departmental personnel on ITM and ITCAM usage as an end-user to overlook their system performance.
•        Document all project tasks and keep a detail record of steps taken on deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting.
•        Participate in meetings with departments to discuss project scope for enterprise monitoring.

Fleet Systems Engineer – FSET Program
•        Fleet Systems Engineering Team (FSET) engineers provide end-to-end support for command and control systems, communications and networks
(C4I).  The team enables the rapid insertion of new technologies and continuous support of computer network defense for the U.S. Navy’s Space and
Warfare Command (SPAWAR).
•        Responsible as a FSET member for providing Enterprise Management solution for OCONUS (Outside CONtinental United States) Navy Enterprise
Network (ONE-Net) Europe Site.
•        Support Theater Network Operations and Security Center (TNOSC) w/ System (server & network) Monitoring and their Management w/ Tivoli
Management Framework (TMF), IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM), Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), and IBM Tivoli NetView.
•        Work with Tier 4 on enterprise wide upgrade to ITCAM using Web Sphere and Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 by providing feedback on the existing
infrastructure at local TNOSC and what is being monitored.
•        Self train on ITCAM to help Tier 4 w/ testing and developing the different monitors for enterprise systems.
•        Provide Tier 3 level support and administration of Enterprise Management Systems (Tivoli & NetView)
•        Provide configuration, administration and management support for network infrastructure of Cisco devices, Tivoli, Sun Solaris, and NetView.
•        Engineered and implemented a monitoring solution using Tivoli products for ONE-Net Europe Systems (servers and network devices). Includes a
proactive approach of maintaining and managing systems throughout all of Europe.
•        Trained military personnel periodically on how to utilize EMM (Event Monitoring & Management) to best support U.S. Navy systems.
•        Assisted Tier 2 & 3 support personnel w/ LAN/WAN issues regarding connectivity and other network outage issues
•        To be available after normal business hours (on-call) for any technical issues for the entire TNOSC
•        Maintained and designed network topology diagram/s for the entire Europe site and kept them updated regularly.

ESM//Tivoli Administrator & Project Manager
•        Provide ESM (Enterprise Systems Management) admin support for the entire corporation.
•        Managing & maintaining several projects w/n the ESM Team for the corporation
•        Assigned & created Tivoli Enterprise Console Rules and Tivoli Account Roles
•        Daily tasks involve endpoint, ITM, and DM maintenance & troubleshooting by generating Endpoint Summary Reports and a list of all the Monitors
currently deployed to difference endpoints
•        Implement customize ITM and DM solutions for corporate and retail stores’ endpoints
•        Setup test environment by installing and configuring exact production environment for testing and evaluation.
•        On the job training of TEC Rule writing/configuring/compiling and learning in-depth about TEC Rulebase
•        Opening and closing of Remedy Action Request Systems’ tickets in a timely manner w/ detail description of problem and/or problem solution.
•        Create software distribution packages as per departments’ request and push them out as job to endpoints
•        Provide endpoint software and hardware inventory information to upper management as per their request
•        Advising on ESM’s infrastructure architecture on how to streamline it and the best way to redesign it. A major project that is divided into 3 phases.
•        Load balancing the Tivoli Management Region (TMR) from the endpoint perspective.
•        Creating new scripts and revising existing scripts to comply w/ the new IT architecture and domain configuration.

ESM//Tivoli Administrator & Project Manager
•        Spiral 1B is a project started by Air Force Material Command (AFMC, a command of Air Force) which involves centralized Enterprise Systems
Management (ESM) using Tivoli Framework 4.1.1, IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM), Tivoli Configuration Manager, Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), & Tivoli
Management Region.
•        Managed & maintained this project on Robins AFB site for the duration of 2 years
•        Assigned & created Tivoli Enterprise Console Rules and Tivoli Account Roles
•        On the job training on Tivoli Software and its capabilities.  Learn how to deploy and troubleshoot the software.
•        Responsible for 100% deployment of Spiral 1B project to Robins Air Force Base (AFB), GA
•        Conducted/lead meetings with every department on Robins AFB to debrief them on the project specifics
•        Learned Spiral 1B tools and how to configure, customize, troubleshoot, and deploy them
•        Provided weekly and monthly status report to AFMC Project Management Office (PMO)
•        Provided crash course to the local sys admins within each dept on Robins AFB.
•        Configured and install the Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC) (front end client for Spiral 1B) in each dept
•        Provided support and admin duties, for this project, to local dept on Robins AFB after successful deployment
•        Trained team member on this project and everything else involved
•        Continued self training on Tivoli and it's functionalities to learn everything about it.
•        Provided training and troubleshooting help on Base’s ESM website to local admins.
•        Worked closely with customers to ensure seamless implementation.

Computer/Network Specialist
•        Supported F-15 Systems Program Office (SPO), Aircraft Information Technology Section, Process Improvement Branch, Aircraft Division, and
Maintenance Directorate (MABPI) as a Network Support Engineer/Specialist.
•        Managed all aspects of information systems to include acquisition, support, training, and installations.
•        Troubleshot hardware, software, Wide Area Network (WAN), and Local Area Network (LAN) problems.
•        Installed and maintain software and hardware, control current versions and future releases of application software and document the physical
configuration of an information system.
•        Performed implementation of Air Force Material Command (AFMC) and PKI technology in to hardware and software.
•        Conducted Computer Systems Security Officer (CSSO) training for functional area CSSOs, including contingency planning and incoming personnel
security procedures.
•        Used ServiceIT software for support calls maintenance, inventory, & tracking. Close calls in a timely manner.
•        Installed/set-up new hardware and software as it arrives and maintain them for end users.
•        Set-up LAPTOP computers for RAS (Remote Access Service).
•        Directed customer interface, at all levels, to assist them in the resolution of all IT problems.  
•        Provided feedback to management on hardware/software/network problems that are reoccurring.
•        Exposure to DoD, Database, Workflow, and Microsoft Applications.
•        Performed maintenance on Hewlett Packard and QMS printers.

                                                         11/99– 05/01         
Industrial Engineer (IE)
•        Performed Manufacturing Process Analysis, Maintenance Procedures Development and/or Planning.
•        Performed Methods Analysis of industrial repair and manufacturing processes.
•        Conducted Time and Motion studies after process improvements have been approved and/or implemented.
•        Documented results of the Methods Analysis and Time & Motion studies in formal reports to present to Government clients.
•        Ensured that the Methods Analysis and Time & Motion study is performed according to established Industrial Engineering standards.
•        Provided process improvement recommendations as well as process flow improvement, along with facility layout planning efficiency.
•        Project management of logistics’ studies on air force aircraft repairs.
•        Maintained confidentiality of the project and it’s material.
•        Work with customers at all levels maintaining professionalism, integrity, and rapport.

                                                                    7/98 – 7/99
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
•        Handled project management relating to accounts valued at $500,000 of fortune 500 companies.
•        Managed support issues of assigned group of Premier customers by acting as a technical resource.
•        Coordinated with other Microsoft groups to assist the customer in their use, support and implementation of Microsoft solutions.
•        Ensured the highest level of customer satisfaction by understanding and identifying the customer’s computing needs.
•        Built and maintained strong working relationships and managed the accounts effectively.
•        Served as a liaison between the Product Support Services (PSS) department and my clients.
•        Established credibility with my clients by participating in software deployment & network planning, providing proactive recommendations, and by
actively proposing technical solutions.
•        Provided feedback to the departments of Product Development and Product Support Services using customer statistics and feedback on
scalability, usability, feasibility, and maintenance.
•        Consulted as an account manager by working closely with customers’ management and technical staff, which reduced problems and ensured issue
•        Conducted a series of formal meetings from planning and orientation, to regular support reviews. Also, compiled a detailed profile on customers’
system environment.
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