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BMC Patrol Consultant with over 17 years of diverse experience in Information Technology and computing environments having served in a variety of
roles, including analyst, engineer, application developer, technician, and management. Has an expertise in BMC Patrol (5 years), BMC Knowledge
Modules configuration & customization (Windows, Unix, Solaris, Linux, Internet Services, MS Exchange, SQL, Oracle, Sybase), and BMC Patrol Scripting
Language / PSL. Has experience with BMC Professional Services supporting Patrol and Knowledge Modules project.

Skills and Abilities:

-          Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (NT/95/2000/XP/2003), Unix (Linux, Solaris, BSD)

-          Hardware: HP/Compaq, Dell, Sun, Cisco Routers and Switches

-          Software: Microsoft Office Applications, Microsoft Project, Exchange, Visio, BMC Patrol, Remedy Action Request System, Access, SQL Server,

-          Networking: Routers, Switches, Firewalls, LAN/WAN topologies, Ethernet, FDDI, ISDN, DSL, T1/T3, Frame Relay, Network Monitoring and
Troubleshooting, Intrusion Detection and Prevention.

-          Internet Services Administration: Web, FTP, Mail, News, IRC, DHCP, NAT, VPN, Anti-Spam Solution

-          Programming and Application Development: Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Basic, VBA, PSL (Patrol Scripting Language), Perl, C, Shell Scripting,

Professional Experience:

BMC Software (3/99 – Present)

-          As a Professional Services Software Consultant, performed software implementation at a variety of customer locations. Worked with customers
through the entire implementation process, including planning, design, test, deployment, documentation, and health checks of Patrol solutions.

-          Led discussions of architectural overviews and planning sessions.

-          Presented architectural overviews and knowledge transfer to customer representatives.

-          Provided solutions requiring customized coding and application development

-          Participated in development of Best Practices and Implementation Methodologies.

-          Responsible for implementation and maintenance of Professional Services Lab Environment, and was the principal contact and liaison with several
organizational groups to coordinate sharing of lab resources.

-          Designed and built several mobile classroom lab environments to be used by instructors and consultants to conduct training and proof of concept
work at customer locations.

-          Worked closely with members of various internal departments to assist with information sharing, process documentation, performance
improvement, planning and support.

-          Served as an instructor during conferences and training periods. Taught classes and led lab exercises for internal employees.

-          Technical Project Lead on several customer sites at which I was part of a team of consultants performing an implementation.

-          Served in a mentoring role on several occasions for other consultants.

-          Presented with an “Ideas in Action Award” for designing and developing a windows application which is used by consultants and customers
throughout the world.

Paranet (Sprint Paranet) / Amoco Oil Company (6/96 – 3/99)

-          Contracted to Amoco Corporation Information Technology

-          Maintained LAN/WAN network hardware at four locations. Responsible for routers, switches, firewalls, FDDI distribution systems.

-          Provided internal user support, assisting with all aspects of PC and server issues, application support, troubleshooting and problem resolution.

-          Assisted in planning and executing corporate-wide OS migration for Windows 95

-          Wrote an updated version of a monitoring system which was in place known as Service Availability Notification System (S.A.N.S.). Code was re-
written to provide additional functionality and efficiency. The S.A.N.S. system was used for monitoring network resources across several locations, and
provided audible, visual, and alpha-paging notifications in the event of a problem.

Phoenix Data Systems (3/95 – 6/96)

-          Installed, configured and maintained server hardware and operating systems including BSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95 and Novell

-          Installed, configured, and maintained internet server software for Web, News, Mail, and FTP servers.

-          Provided third level support to customer help desk, in order to assist in resolving escalated issues from customer support.

-          Performed installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of internet communications equipment, including routers, switches,
modems, CSU/DSU, T1, T3, ISDN, and Frame Relay.

-          Responsible for coordinating, ordering, installation, and maintenance of communication circuits.

-          Assisted with troubleshooting of network issues, including intrusion detection and prevention.

-          Provided installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of company’s internal network and servers.

-          Attended training and certification program for Remedy Action Request System. Implemented Remedy solutions throughout the company for use by
Customer Support, Sales, Accounting, Operations, and Administrative functions.

Certifications and Education:

-          Current student pursuing Bachelor of Science in Business / Information Systems

- Microsoft:

o       MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, specializing in NT4. (Currently pursuing Windows MCSE 2003 Certification)

o       MCP+I, Microsoft Certified Professional – Internet Specialization

-          BMC Software:

o       BMCS-CE, BMC Software Certified Engineer. Specializing in PATROL Products.

o       Patrol Administrator for Windows and Unix

o       Patrol Knowledge Module Development

o       BMC Software Applied Project Leadership Program

-          Managing and Leading Across Organizational Boundaries

-          Project Management Fundamentals
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