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·         17-year IT professional with increasing responsibility capitalizing on effective technical, business, and communication skills. Strengths include ERP
client/server implementation project management, SAP system performance analysis & enterprise architecture design, and staff career development.
Managed technology track of worldwide two-year $100M SAP Business Transformation program.

·         9 years of hands-on SAP Basis/Security/Development experience on HP-UX, Windows, Oracle, and EMC/Symmetrix platform for an S&P 500 $1.8B
global, high technology manufacturer and industry leader in the enterprise mobility, RFID, advanced data capture and wireless infrastructure markets.
Invaluable mission critical experience attained via 20+ SAP based go-live production cutovers without business interruption. Detailed, innovative,
results driven.

·         M.B.A. in Management/Finance and B.S. in Computer Science.


March 2002-Current

May 1999–March 2002

Symbol Technologies, Inc., Holtsville, NY

Sr. Manager, Application & Infrastructure Services, SAP Technology & Security

SAP Business Transformation Program (2003-Current)

·         SAP Solution Scope: R/3 Enterprise 4.7, Netweaver, BW (3.3), CRM (4.0), SCM/APO/LiveCache (4.0), HR R/3 Enterprise 4.7 (decoupled), Enterprise
Portal (6.0), Global Trade Services (2.0), Solution Manager (3.1).

·         Led 20-person Technology team of associates and consultants in design, delivery, and management of 8-solution SAP production environment to
6,000+ users for S&P 500 company. (Prime Integration Partner: SAP America)

·         Increased corporate SAP instance count from 14 to 61 over 18-month period. Includes 5-system landscape topologies to allow for parallel
production support and project release development. Integrated systems for Development, Q/A, Training, Project Cutover Testing, and Production.
Championed and delivered best-practice methodologies for SAP infrastructure, change management, and data management.

·         Delivered integrated SAP user management and authentication via Portal 6.0 & AD.

·         Brought online 5,400 associates using R/3 HR 4.7 MSS/ESS & Payroll via Portal.

·         Brought online 978 users in CRM 4.0 Sales Opportunity Management via Portal.

·         Brought online 2,113 users in Business Intelligence 3.3.

·         Basis project manager for Supply Chain Management APO / Assemble to Order.

·         Implemented centralized Change Review Board for SAP change request transports. Deployed weekly schedule of automated production transports.

·         Led landscape data management & archiving project waves 1 & 2.

·         Managed many system database refreshes after critical milestones of project plans.

·         Led Basis assessment of R/3 Unicode data conversion (1 TB) from current MDMP.

Sarbanes-Oxley #404 Review & Remediation (2004-2005)

·         Point-of-contact for all Sarbox related activities for 20 SAP Technology key controls within the Operations, Change Management, and Security

·         Technology lead for installation and deployment of Virsa VRAT Risk Assessment tool for SAP, including implementation of VFAT for FireCall ID
access by IT.

·         Achieved 2004 certification of IT internal controls Sarbox section #404.

R/3Upgrade from 3.1I to Enterprise 4.7(2002-2003)

·         Co-lead of technical requirements planning, systems upgrade and implementation. Accomplished 600Gb production upgrade to R/3 4.7 in 50 hours
by minimizing downtime to users using SAP’s shadow system technology (Prime Integration Partner: IBM/PWC).

·         Managed security conversion of 3.1I authorization profiles to new Profile Generator role design strategy for 1,900 R/3 users.

·         Basis point-of-contact for all project cutover testing and go-live tasks. Successfully led review & modification of 200+ SAP, Oracle, and HP-UX
profile parameters across 12-server production environment necessitated by upgrade.

Administration & Production Support

·         Responsible for $4.3M annual budget for business transformation capitalized labor.

·         Responsible for $2M cost center annual budget of P&L production support activity.

·         Measured annually on success rate of aligning IT strategies with business objectives.

·         Managed 12-person Basis/Security team providing 6-day onsite support and 24x7 Tier-3 HelpDesk on-call support to 5,400 associates including 300-
person IT team.

·         Conducted technical recruiting & screening of offshore Basis/Security candidates.

·         RFP contributor for Basis/Security Managed Services vendor bidding.

·         Achieved maximum system availability (99%) for 7 distinct SAP production instances across 24 HP-UX servers. Partnered with Symbol IT teams to
design HP-UX virtual and hard partitions to help ensure desired balance between system resource flexibility and fault isolation in current HP-Superdome

·         Implemented HP Serviceguard high availability clustering across entire SAP landscape.

·         Technical lead for expansive assessment & deployment of SAP 2 TB database layout methodology using new EMC/Symmetrix DMX2000 storage

·         Implemented dual FDDI network segments to segregate database traffic from users.

·         Achieved R/3 4.7 dialog response time of 0.75 secs (monthly avg: 14M steps).

·         Presided over upgrade of CRM from 2.0B to CRM 3.0 Mobile Sales.

·         Presided over upgrade of BW from 2.0B to BW 3.0. LIS to infocube migration.

·         Managed implementation of SAP ccms system monitoring and alert notification.

·         Managed migration of SAP batch scheduling to Tivoli-Maestro.

Manager, Technical Applications, SAP/Basis/Security

·         Background experience as an applications programmer has provided the necessary understanding to link technical solutions with business
process problems.

·         Skilled in Enterprise/IMG. Personal interaction with functional team leaders for configuration and customizing of ERP environment.

·         Responsible for ensuring SAP system integrity and response time is un- compromised by a wide set of business process interfaces including but
not limited to i2, Catalyst, Vastera, Conquest, Agile, Comergent, HAHT e-commerce, Hyperion, Vertex, Xelus, Clarify, Viryanet, and UPS.

·         Manager and hands-on administrator of core 3.1I R/3 system landscape of three-tiered 12-instance Production environment, 2 QA instances, and 2
development instances on a HP9000 UX 11.00 and Oracle platform.

·         Core R/3 system includes 1,800+ active logons and a 500Gb database. Online database system backups performed daily using split BCV mirrors.

·         Manager and hands-on administrator of a 2.0B CRM 3 instance system landscape on a Windows/NT and Oracle platform.

·         Manager and hands-on administrator of a 2.0B BW 3 instance system landscape on a HP9000 UX 11.00 and Oracle platform.

·         Skilled in system performance analysis and tuning to identify common bottlenecks including shared SQL area analysis, poor Unix file system disc
I/O, and Oracle index optimization. Expert in memory management tuning for optimal performance.

·         Manage independent Basis consultants on long-term, wide scale projects between Basis and other interdependent internal IT departments and
external vendors. Included are numerous software and hardware upgrades of all R/3 system components and interfaces.

·         Manage and mentor 4-person Basis team of employees on daily maintenance and monitoring of production system with 24x7 support.

·         Responsible for all phases of employee recruitment, hiring and salary negotiation, in addition to annual performance appraisals of staff. Frequent
interaction with executive management to discuss internal SAP issues, initiatives and strategies.

June 1997 – May 1999

IT Sr. Systems Analyst, Technical Applications, SAP/Basis/Security

·         Lead Basis administrator for 2 separate large-scale North American implementations involving 2,500 users on 10 R/3 modules. Global R/3 rollout to
international subsidiaries encompassing 25 company codes. (Prime Integration Partner: PWC).

·         Installed many new R/3 instances using R/3 utility R3INST including tablespace and file system sizing analysis.

·         Complete system database reorganization using R3INST’s dbunload and dbload functionality.

·         Regularly scheduled maintenance to reorganize Oracle 8.0.5 tablespaces and individual tables using R/3 utility sapdba.

·         Daily system monitoring using CCMS to aid in the tuning of R/3 instance profile parameters and memory buffers.

·         Use of the Workbench Organizer and Unix program tp to perform object transports across system landscape for 80-person project team.

·         Numerous internal and external system client copies.

·         Skilled in the ABAP/4 Development Workbench and Data Dictionary.

·         Proficient in HP-UX version 11.i and all system commands. Creation of shell scripts to aid in the interface of data transfer between legacy systems.

·         Creation and distribution to worldwide user population of sapgui/saplogon presentation server files using logon group load balancing.

·         R/3 installation of 10 different languages to accommodate global corporation with 25 international subsidiaries worldwide. Includes SAP’s MDMP
codepage 8000 for Kanji Japanese language.

·         Created formal Basis manual of standard operating procedures.

·         Creation of users, profiles, authorization objects, and authorizations.

·         Creation and execution of database R/3 Brbackup and Brarchive strategy.

·         Scheduling and monitoring for hundreds of regularly scheduled batchjobs.

·         Device and spooler maintenance of over 500 printers worldwide.

·         System log record analysis to identify common problem areas.

·         Use of system and SQL trace utilities to debug and optimize processes.

·         Troubleshooting of update terminations.

·         Management of the enqueue work process for lock entries.

·         Analysis and correction strategy of ABAP/4 short dumps.

April 1996 – June 1997

IT Sr. Systems Analyst, Technical Applications, SAP ABAP/4 Development

·         Member of North American SAP R/3 implementation team.

·         Analyzed, created, and tested ABAP/4 programs for the conversion of ASK/Manman legacy systems.

·         Worked with functional team members to create technical project specifications for new ABAP/4 reports.

·         Team member of R/3 migration from release 2.2 to 3.0F.

·         Lead analyst and implementor of 3rd party product Vertex/Quantum tax calculation interface to R/3.

·         Lead analyst and implementor of 3rd party product Luminate interface to R/3 for monitoring system performance.

·         Managed project IT track to modify systems for the company’s implementation of its new International Distribution Center in Great Britain.

Jan 1994 – April 1995

IT Systems Analyst

·         Systems analysis and programming of ASK/Manman software on HP3000.

·         Co-chair of IS weekly meeting to prioritize open projects among order administration and financial end user community.

·         Project leader of IS team to create sales order line item auto scheduling system based on inventory levels and product lead times.

·         Enhanced program logic of calculating customer credit limits.

·         Implemented new set of programs to improve G/L account management across multiple company ledgers.

July 1991 – Jan 1994

Programmer / Analyst

·         Programmed in Fortran, Speedware, and Cognos on ASK/Manman system.

·         Member of ASK/Manman conversion team from release 7.0 to 8.2

·         Created “pick/pack” program module that reduced number of misshipments out of finished goods inventory.

·         Modified database tables and associated programs with new fields to represent new business processes.

·         Extensive programming knowledge of HP’s block mode VPLUS interface.

April 1995–April 1996

Cybex International, Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY

IT Sr. Systems Analyst

·         Analysis and maintenance of ASK/Manman software on an HP3000 platform for a leading medical and fitness equipment manufacturer.

·         Lead of all daily IS activities for 250 person corporate headquarters.

·         Utilized ASK/Manman system functionality of multi-plant manufacturing, material availability allocation, and product ordering configuration.

·         Program enhancements to existing order quotation module.

·         Implemented in-house sales agent commission payout system.

·         Created database archiving procedure.

·         Responsible for year/month-end financial closing utilities and reports.

·         Established IS standards and procedures for department use.

Jan 1991 – July 1991

Programmer / Analyst

·         Member of ASK/Manman conversion team from release 4.0 to 7.1

·         Expertise in system modules Omar, MFG, A/P, G/L, and Serviceman.

·         Creation of ASCII flat files for year-end IRS tax reporting requirements.

·         Performed database maintenance and growth analysis.

·         Management of user logons with ASK utility pasutil.

March 1989 – Jan 1991


·         Applications programmer specializing in customized reporting of bookings, sales, and customer product purchase matrices.

·         User support for product marketing, finance, and customer administration.

·         Operations experience encompassed use of HP’s main console, nightly system backups, microcomputer and printer administration.

June 1988–March 1989

SE Technologies, Inc., Stamford, CT

Programmer Consultant

·         ASK/Manman programming at customer client sites in the U.S. Northeast.

·         Worked on various project implementations while on fixed price contracts.

·         Maintained direct contact with client managers to provide ongoing support.


M.B.A., New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, NY

Management & Finance, 1996, with Honors (gpa: 3.85 / 4.0)

B.S., Siena College, Loudonville, NY

Computer Science, 1988



System Applications, Tools & Modules

SAP: R/3 Enterprise 4.7, BW (3.3), CRM (4.0), SCM/APO/LiveCache (4.0), HR r/3 Enterprise 4.7 (decoupled), Enterprise Portal (6.0), Global Trade Services
(2.0), Solution Manager (3.1), Knowledge Warehouse, WAS 6.20, Java Core J2EE, ITS, SAP Gateway & Trex, ABAP/4, STMS, R3INST, sapdba, brarchive,

R/3 Functional: SD, FI-CO, MM, WM, PP, LO, QM, PM, CA

ORACLE: Releases 9.2.x, 8.x and 7.x, svrmgrl, sqlplus, CBO stat analysis & refresh

Tools & Interfaces: Vertex Sales Tax Q-series, BSI Payroll Tax, Tivoli Maestro batch, Gamma Infoshuttle data transfer, Virsa VRAT/VFAT Security Auditing,
IXOS-Archiving & Imaging, Niku-Clarity PM, IBM-Peregrine HelpDesk, Microsoft Office.

Hardware, Operating Systems, and Networks

Hewlett Packard 9000 series: Superdome (A5200), rp3440 series, N-class, L-class, V-class, K-class, (HP-UX 11.i, 11.00, 10.20), virtual (vPar) and hard (nPar)
partitioning, HP Serviceguard high availability clustering.

EMC Symmetrix DMX2000 storage systems.

Hewlett Packard 3000 series: 992, 950 (MPE/iX, MPE/V).

Digital: VAX 11/780, MicroVax II (VMS).

Networks: TCP/IP, NFS, ethernet, FDDI.

SAP America R/3 Training

Enterprise 4.7 Upgrade Workshop

SAP50 - Basis Technology BC040 - Implementation Planning

BC325 - Workbench Organizer & CTS BC360 - Technical Core Unix/Oracle

BC305 - Advanced System Management BC400 - ABAP/4 Development

BC405 - ABAP/4 Reporting CA940 - Authorization Concepts

CA960 - Customizing CTS WC620 - Vertex/SAP Tax Interface


Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) – New York Chapter

SAP Developer Network (online collaboration and weblogs)

Delta Mu Delta, National Honor Society in Business Administration