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Location: NYC Metro area

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Technical Areas:

Over twenty years experience. Software Engineer/Architect with a strong background in n-tier software
architecture, design and development across a broad range of industries.  Over 8 years experience
with Java and Web application development.  Has extensive experiences with WebSphere Studio AD,
UIMA, Eclipse,  GUI / UI Development, Server Side Programming, WebSphere Portal, MVC, JSP, Struts,
HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Perl, DB2 and XML.  

Skills Inventory:  

Operating Systems
Windows NT/2000
Linux (RH)

Intel based desktop/servers

Web/Application/Message/Collaboration Servers
WebSphere Portal (5.0, 4.2)
WebSphere Advanced Server  (5.0)
IBM (Apache) HTTP Server
Tomcat, JBoss
MQ Series

Javascript, Perl, Python
XML (and related technologies)

Portlets (WP, Jetspeed)
J2EE:  Servlets , EJB, RMI/IIOP, JDBC, JNDI, JSP, JMS, etc

Developer & Case Tools
WebSphere Studio AD, Eclipse
Tivoli Presentation Services
Rational Rose, Enterprise Architect
Java SDK (J2SE, J2EE)

Database Technologies
DB2 UDB 7.2 , 8.1 (Win, Linux)
Oracle 8i
SQL Server (7/2000)

Network Protocols/Standards

Industry Knowledge
Banking & Finance
Transportation Systems

Development/Management Disciplines
Full Life Cycle Development
Requirements Definition
Software Architecture
Database Design
Mentoring, Project Management
Extreme Programming (XP), Refactoring
Design Patterns
Technology Strategic Planning
OO Design, Functional & Technical Spec

Work Experience:

(Client Name withheld) , NY  10/15/2005 - 7/31/2006

Software Engineer for MAGIC (Metadata Automatic Generation for Instructional Content) project.

Application designed for assisting courseware developers with the task of creating instructional
content by using UIMA-based text analyzers  to generate document content descriptions, summaries,
keyword lists, etc.  Analysis process is triggered from UI where user provides a URL to a document to
be retrieved and analyzed.  Results are stored in a relational database.

Tasks assigned and completed for this project included:

- Search function to retrieve documents by description (substring), category, keyword, type, etc. with
results displayed in multi-page table format with options to perform other application functions on
selected documents (add to folders, delete, etc.)
- Implemented configurable database access using JDBC data source and property files.  This allowed
using either DB/2 or Derby/Cloudscape as back end without code changes.
- Developed web service interfaces to provide access to analysis and document retrieval to be
performed via SOAP and servlet requests.

Tools used in development/testing:

Tomcat 5.0, RAD 6.0, DB/2 8.1, Derby 10.n, IBM Java 1.4.2, UIMA, JavaServer Faces.

6/2004 – Present
Mellon Investor Services,                
Ridgefield Park, NJ        


11/2002 – 6/2004
(Client Name withheld)
                                                                               9/2003 – 6/2004

Software Engineer for the UIMA (Unstructured Information Management Architecture) project.


•        Developed GUI prototypes for Software Integration Testing and Hardening (SITH) web application.
•        Re-engineering of UIMA Demo web application (Struts-based) to integrate Collection Processing
Manager (CPM) to run analysis engines.  This effort includes designing an xml-based component
configuration repository which is used to generate list of available components for testing.  This
application is currently serving as the basis for the SITH component testing prototype.
•        Participated in and contributed to SITH design sessions.  

Software Engineer for the Internet Categorization Group.                         11/02 – 08/02

Developed the Taxonomy Manager Portlet application for Release 5.0 of IBM WebSphere Portal
product.  Designed and developed GUI  using Tivoli Presentation Services which is very simlar in
concept to Java Server Faces in that it consumes Swing objects at the server (for instance, a
DefaultTreeModel) and produces HTML/Javascript for rendering at the client.        

Developed a servlet-based interface to the Eureka! categorizer.  Application was designed to handle
web services type requests and provide a browser link button which gives a user the ability to
categorize the web page being viewed.  Results are presented to the user with an integrated feedback
form which is used to capture the response to a Notes discussion Database.
Research project to improve Proper Name categorization.

Developed a process to support semi-automatic discovery and maintenance of proper names.  The
process uses the Textract tool to select proper names from categorized documents (used W3 web
pages for testing) and computes Gini index for each proper name to determine uniquenes within a
category.  This list is then used to update the “Proper Names Catalog” used by the categorizer

Assisted other developers on the team in making the transition to WSAD/Eclipse as the development

PLatform/Tools: WSAD 5.0, WebSphere Portal 5.0, WAS Enterprise 5.0, NT/2000, Linux.

1/2002 – 10/2002
Essex Technology,                

Websphere consulting assignments for multiple clients:
- installation and configuration
- assistance and hands-on support with administration and performance issues (Workload
Management, Clustering)
- application deployment and migration (2.0/3.5 to 4.0) using AAT and VisualAge for Java 4.0.  
- Application types include both Enterprise (EJBs) and Web (Servlets) using  JSP and applets as
client-side interface and JDBC connection pooling for back-end (DB2, Oracle 8i SQL and stored
- Mentoring for administrators and architects.

PLatform/Tools: WebSphere Advanced Server 4.0, AAT, VisualAge for Java 4.0, XMLConfig, WSCP,
WebSphere Site Analyzer, iSeries, AIX, NT/2000.

8/2001 – 12/2001
Relavis Corp,                
New York, NY        

eService senior technical consultant. member of a project team working closely with customers to
implement web based customer service applications. Responsibilities included:
- Working with customers to analyze and define business and systems requirements
- Preparing project specification documents
- Configuring and customizing applications of a highly technical or complex nature
- Troubleshooting system issues
- Researching new technologies
- Unit testing of application
- Developing Java client and server side programs (applets, servlets and EJBs) to Integrate Relavis
applications with customer's existing systems (ERP, EAI, Supply Chain, etc) using VisualAge for
Java as IDE.     
- Performing installation and initial data loads

Development tools/platform: DB2 7.x (NT, AIX, Linux), Oracle 8i,  VisualAge for Java 3.5, MQ Series, J2EE
1.2 SDK, XML, Domino 5.06a, Domino Designer, Notes R5, Lotuscript, Javascript, Versata.

1/2001 – 7/2001
(Client Name withheld)

Project: Web-based Natural Language Dialog System for e-Commerce.

Software engineer working with research team on Web-based Dialog system for E-Commerce. The
system assists people in finding relevant products according to their needs and is an alternative to
existing search techniques. It provides consideraby more flexibility to matching products with user

Developed new database access Layer using EJBs, JDBC and DAO to provide higher level of
abstraction (data required could be stored in DB2 or in XML documents).

Participated in redesign of prototype as Model-View-Controller application using UML.
Performed Java code refactoring and integration with Struts framework to conform to the MVC pattern
(see above).

Implemented interface wrappers for an external parsing component using TCP/IP Sockets and SOAP.
Assisted with redesign of user interface (HTML, Javascript, JSP) and testing for multiple browser
support (MSIE 4, 5.x, Navigator 4.7, 6, Opera 2.1).

Other responsibilities included setting up source control (CVS) and test environment (AIX and NT),
installation and set up of WebSphere Commerce Server (for local version of ShopIBM environment)
and developing tools for analysis of user interaction data from application logs.

Development platform: DB2 6.1, VisualAge for Java 3.5, J2EE 1.2 SDK, WAS 3.5.4, Websphere Studio,
STRUTS, XML4J, IBM HTTP Server (Apache), JUnit, Python, Tcl/Tk, ArgoUML, Cygwin, CVS, Jalindi Igloo.

9/2000 – 12/2000
IBM AIM Division,                                                            Toronto, CDA        

Websphere Consulting/Mentoring.

Mentored and managed development teams on OOD methodologies and technologies (XP, UML,
VisualAge for Java, Websphere development).  Mentoring sessions were conducted in classroom/lab
setting (with teams of 6 or less)  with the objective of guiding the developers through the completion
of a short term project. These sessions were usually conducted after the team completed formal
classroom training.
Served as consultant on Websphere implementations as well as providing hands-on assistance with
deployment and performance issues (Workload Management, clustering) on various platforms (AS/400,
NT, AIX, Linux).  

2/99 – 8/2000
Ultimate Distribution Inc,                                       Edison NJ        

Project: Web-enable legacy applications.

Re-engineering of legacy “green-screen” rpg apps for web access. Rewrote a number of RPG
programs as ASP (Active Server Pages) using VBScript for server-side processing, Javascript for client-
side validation, and ADO for access to DB2/400 database using SQL.

Related to above, also redesigned some rpg interactive programs to run as services to web
applications with the purpose of preserving existing business logic.  Providing this functionality also
yielded the added benefit of allowing access to data in flat files left over from old S/36 applications.   
Redesigned/wrote new applications to run on Websphere using JSPs, servlets, EJBs and HTML,
conforming to the model-view-controller design pattern.  Application delivery over thin clients was a
high-priority requirement because the majority of the user’s customer base are behind corporate
firewalls set up with strict security policies.

Developed interfaces to mail and fax servers to enable web and AS/400 applications to deliver
information requested by customers through the web apps.  

Development tools used: Java, SQL, Visual InterDev 6.0, Frontpage 2000, VisualAge for Java Enterprise,
AS/400 Java Toolbox, JDK 1.1.7 and 1.2, Websphere Studio, Enterprise Architect (for OOD UML design).

4/98 – 1/99
UPS,                                                                 Paramus NJ

Development and enhancement of Java and C applications for Customer Management Systems.
server programs to provide services to UPS customers such as, downloading rate tables and software
updates.  Programs supported connections over HTTP, Sockets, MQ Series and async protocols (for
dial-up users) .

CGI programs used to service tracking requests submitted through UPS website and email.
DB2 triggers and stored procedures to populate data changes to  interconnected applications.
Design and development of applications test suites used for stress/load testing. Worked as part of the
team that conducted the testing at the IBM Customer Benchmarking Center in Rochester, MN.

Development Tools/Platforms: AS/400, ILE C, VisualAge for Java 2.0, Visual C++, MQ Series, DB2, Win NT

3/97 – 3/98
Horizon Textiles/Anaheim Mills Inc,                                         New York NY/Anaheim Hills CA

Web site/Intranet implementation project

Designed and implemented Web site to provide access to sales offices and customers to AS/400
applications and email

Setup Windows NT Server 4.0 based Intranets to support web site and in-house desktop applications.  
Installed and configured Backoffice components (network configuration, IIS, Exchange email server,
SQL server, SNA Server for AS/400 access).  

Wrote Java applications to provide remote order entry and retrieval functions to customers.  Used
Java RMI and JDBC.

Ported several custom desktop applications developed using C, Foxpro and Clipper to Java and SQL

Ported a number of AS/400 “green-screen” applications to web applications to minimize client
configuration requirements.

Re-deployed several RPG/400 programs as ILE/RPG programs to provide services to web application
using data queues.

Development tools used: ILE/RPG, SQL/400, CuteHTML, VisualAge for Java Enterprise, AS/400 Java
Toolbox, JDK 1.1.7 and 1.2.

1/96 – 10/96
NYNEX,                                                                       White Plains NY

Design and implementation of AS/400 based system to provide data base access services to a Call/Path
application interacting with voice response units.  

Used system API’s to implement various control and data transfer functions (user spaces, user queues,
MI, etc.) to meet sub-second response time requirements.  

Wrote servers for remote client access using CPI-C (LU6.2 based conversational protocol) and Sockets
(BSD 4.3).  Primary language used was ILE/C

Developed the remote client for above (sockets) to run in AIX.

Development tools used: ILE/C, SQL/400.

1995 and prior

Consulting assignments for fortune 500 companies in various industries. Many of these assigments
involved interfacing AS/400 applications with applications on a number of different platforms running
the range from desktops to mainframe (MVS, CICS, VM).  Some examples:
Two-way data transfer between MS Office applications and AS/400 database (using AS/400 Client Access

Monitoring application requiring information delivery using the airline terminal model.  This application
required implementation of a remote data queue function not available on the AS/400 at that time.  
Backend was CICS, DB2.  Industry type was insurance.
Interface between voice-response system and AS/400 application (service provider inquiry for
insurance company).  

Message transfer from/to AIX (RS/6000) application controlling industrial robots.
Data transfer interface to custom mainframe manufacturing application (MVS, CICS).  Provided API for
application programmers to initiate transfers and check status.
Remote data queue function to transfer data between AS/400 and S/36 applications.  This application
implemented an MQSeries-like store and forward model because it was required to run over un-
reliable communications facilities.  


HTML 3.2
RDBMS Concepts
Computer Industry Knowledge
Transcript URL:

School of Data Programming
Union, NJ
Certificate in Data Processing and Programming,
Coral Gables, FL
IBM S/38 Applications and Implementation courses.
New York, NY
AS/400 FTN Sessions.

Seminars/courses - Various sources:

Versata University – Versata Interaction Server 4 day bootcamp for Analysts and Developers.
Hands-on Java 2 Programming.
Java for Enterprise Systems Developemt: Hands-On
Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML.
Hands-On TCP/IP Programming.
Hands-On Unix and Linux Programming.
XML programming.

Professional memberships

IEEE-Computer Society
Association for Computing Machinery