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Background        Over fifteen years of software project life-cycle experience from tools and third party
application evaluation through analysis, architecture and design, project planning, hands-on coding to
testing and production documentation. As a staff, consultant team member and project leader I have
primarily been involved in the development and or enhancement of internet, real-time communications
and financial applications for financial and telecommunication companies in the US and Europe. Has a
strong background in Java, J2EE, UML, Swing, Ajax UI, Thin Client, Rich Client, JSP, JFP, /Struts, and

•        Java - J2EE, Swing, JDBC.  
•        MOM - JMS, Java MQ Series  
•        Web Presentation - JSP, Servlets, Javascript. HTML  
•        Web Application Server - BEA Weblogic Workshop 8.1, Commerce/Personlization(PORTAL),
ProcessIntegrator(WLI), Application Server(WLS).
•        Workflow - Action Technologies, VisiFLOW, Staffware, LiveLink  
•        EDMS - Documentum (integration)  
•        Scripting - Perl, Unix Shell (grep, make, find etc.), Jpython, Ant.  
•        Parsing - JYACC, ANTLR, yacc, lex, regex.  
•        RDMS - Sybase, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, Cloudscape.  
•        Report Writer - SQR  
•        XML - SAX, DOM, XSLT, Xpath, Weblogic Workshop Mapping, XMLBeans.
•        IDE - Visual Cafe, JBuilder, Visual Age, NetBeans, Eclipse, Weblogic Workshop 8.1
•        SCM - PVCS, Clearcase, SourceSafe, cvs, sscs  
•        Software Testing - Mercury Interactive LoadRunner and Astra, Radview, Segue.  
•        Production Documentation - MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, Visio  
•        Project Planning - MS Project  
•        UML - Rational Rose, Webgain Structure Builder, TogetherJ.
•        Requirements  - RequisitePro, DOORS
•        C++ - Sun C++, Borland C++, RogueWave Libraries  
•        CORBA - IONA Orbix  
•        OS - NT, Solaris, HPUX.  
•        OLAP - Cognos Impromptu / Powerplay, TM1  

Certifications        Sun Certified Enterprise Architect – Part 1 – 310-051 – Jan 4, 2006
BEA Weblogic Server 7.0 Enterprise Developer - June 8, 2004
BEA Weblogic Server 6.0
BEA Weblogic Server 5.0
Sun Java 2

Training                BEA Weblogic WLS, Portal and WLI.


(Client name withheld)        3/06-
Consultant: Weblogic J2EE Architect/Developer Client: EDS Sub-Contract IDE: Weblogic Workshop 8.1 –
NetBeans 5.0 with Profiler UML: Poseidon UML 2.0 & Enterprise Architect
1.        Weblogic Portal prototype, custom JSP Tag Libraries and advanced Javascript to enhance
Towers Perrin MasterBrands web site LAF.
2.        Conversion of a Swing application to a split Thin Client/Server component architecture to
provide  DMZ security and NT type scheduling of the Server based runtime component. The scheduling
application is based on Weblogic enhanced JMS, EJB CMP, MDB and BO components, Workshop
Controls and JPF with enhanced Struts validation and a JSP Ajax UI to provide a real-time streaming
paged logging console and real-time interactive control of the standalone JVM multi-threaded server
based runtime component. Enhanced log4j appenders communicate logging events. An iBATIS based
module provides dynamic query capabilities.
3.        Rich Client Swing interface to the above J2EE middle tier Scheduling Application components
integrated into the legacy enhanced split client Swing component packaged and deployed as a secured
dynamic JNLP Java Web Start application enabling proscribed user interfaces based on user profiles,
architected as an extension to the original application so that the original application can still be
deployed standalone.
4.        Version control module extension to the above providing an application file system interface to a
database virtual file repository supporting promotion hierarchies, for example, QA, Test and Production.
5.        UML and Use Case documentation of above application.
6.        Thin client application to  provide drilldown reporting of a legacy application database schema
migration to an Oracle Financial application, based on JPF, Ajax, iBATIS and CMP.
7.        Swing Rich Client Java Web Start version of above reusing reporting application middleware

(Client name withheld)        11/05-12/05
Consultant: Weblogic Portal Architect Client: BEA sub-contract Project: Weblogic Portal Portlets and
Portal LAF
1.        Reconfiguration of Portal LAF components to achieve Thomson Penn Foster branding LAF.
2.        Full life-cycle first phase development of a Supplements CM Portlet from high level design
document to detail design including use cases, data dictionary, UML UC, static and sequence diagrams
and Portlet prototype based on code generated from UML documentation.
3.        Agile development of a graphic Exam Portlet, detail design with brief UC and static UML
documentation and Portlet prototype with client side Javascript graphics connecting question and
answer pairs with unique color background and connecting line.
4.        Best practices JPF and JSP coding, XML bean development and Portal content personalization

(Client name withheld)                                 9/05-10/05
Consultant: Architect/Developer Client: PFizer Project: Weblogic Portal Portlets
note: Pfizer canceled project.
5.        Weblogic Workshop 8.1 JavaScript, JPF based Portlets and Java components to implement
complex UI Grid Dataset Table Management of Java DTO collections with column sorting.
6.        Weblogic 8.1 Compound and Database Controls to implement business facade and database
7.        Bean Shell and BPP scripts to generate complex jsp, and accompanying javascript and server
side components to translate design HTML into grid table sorting with dynamic scroll bar JSP
components and to maintain client state of collapsing and expanding DIV sections.
8.        Best practices coding and project implementation procedures recommendations.

(Client name withheld)                9/04 – 6/05
Consultant: Architect/Developer Client: CitiGroup Project: Credit Risk Administration
1.        Rational UML Design Documentation - Class, Activity and Sequence diagrams documenting
design of Credit Risk Administration (CRA) application migration from CitiGroup Websphere legacy
application to Weblogic Workshop 8.1 J2EE MVC architecture.
2.        Extensive hands-on Workshop 8.1 development utilizing Workshop JSP Netui tags, JPF
(enhanced Struts) page flows to realize complex popup scenarios;  development of Custom, DB and
EJB Workshop controls and server tier J2EE components to implement generic CRA Web Application
business tier modules to provide a monolithic interfaces to legacy, enhanced and Staffware
middleware modules.
3.        Developed complex SQL to implement business rules and consolidate database access.
4.        Design and implementation of JavaScript and XML Bean components to automatically convert
proprietary CitiGroup Portal HTTP form handling to generic Weblogic JPF Struts format.
5.        Design and implementation of generic JavaScript and Java components to implement complex UI
Grid Dataset Table Management of Java DTO collections with interactive incremental column sorting
and paging.
6.        Knowledge transfer and training of staff in BEA Workshop 8.1 development technology.
7.        Weblogic Portal and WLI workflow prototype – worklists, channels, comunicating portlets.

(Client name withheld)        8/04
Consultant: Architect/Developer (Short Term Contract – 2 weeks) Client: Novartis        
Weblogic Portal 4.0 Portlet to Weblogic 8.1 migration (Novartis internal website). Converted thousands
of lines of WL Portal 4.0 Webflow/Pipeline code to WL 8.1 Portal architecture including JSP Javascript
references to access WL 8.1 Netui DOM, JSP scriplet code to Weblogic Controls, Portal and standard
HTML tag architecture to 8.1 Netui tags and Weblogic Pipeline and  Webflow event code to JPF
Controller actions. Also provided knowledge transfer and Weblogic Workshop training to to 3C on-site
consulting staff.

(Client name withheld)        7/04-8/04        
Consultant: Developer (Short Term Contract  - 6 weeks) Client: Columbia House
Solaris based Weblogic 5.1 to 8.1 migration maintenance assignment which included JSP and
Javascript, Informix DB access and stored procedure and Unix shell coding development and
•        Set up, demonstrated and documented NT Weblogic Workshop sandbox environment to enable
SDLC of client legacy web application with real time debugging and Weblogic Component and Java
Page Flow architecture.
•        Java based Javascript code generator to translate dynamic group/order by SQL queries into
linked dynamic dependent UI JSP/HTML drop down lists.
•        Database views to simplify access to and validate complex queries of legacy schema.
•        Unix scripts to implement filtering and comparison reporting of very large ASCII fixed record DB
dump and load files without producing intermediate copies.                

Independent Projects        8/03-6/04
Weblogic certification preparation developing Web Services, Portal and Web application prototypes
with Weblogic 7.0 and 8.1 Workshop.

(Client name withheld)        6/99 – 11/01
Senior Consultant (Professional Services)
Provided B2B, B2C, J2EE and BEA product specific analysis and design recommendations, mentoring,
BEA product configuration and tuning advice and hands-on software development of J2EE turnkey
applications and components to multi-national domestic and foreign based financial, hospitality and
telecom companies. The partial client list includes Lehman Brothers (6 months), Bank of New York (5
months), Nokia Finland (6 months), and Sol Melia Spain (3 weeks). All assignments involved hands-on
BEA Weblogic Commerce/Personalization (Portal), ProcessIntegrator (WLI) and Application Server
development and the development of components described in the bulleted sections below.
•        At Nokia (Finland), architect, team leader and developer on a port of a Lotus Notes application to
Weblogic Commerce Server (Portal) with Documentum content integration and intra document item
level entitlements.
•        At Lehman Brothers, as architect and developer, ported a Visual Basic off line back office stock
transfer program to a MVC Weblogic Server thin client JSP environment. Optimized the port by
developing a XSLT based code generator that automatically transformed the XML translated legacy VB
page descriptions into backing store EJB, Value Objects and JSP read only and client side input
validation JavaBeans. Also developed a struts like JavaBean JSP page flow controller based on an XML
scenario description (before struts and BEA Java Page Flow implementation).
•        At Bank of New York as architect and developer designed and developed J2EE middleware
components to be utilized by BONY Weblogic developers including:
➢        Messaging components that monolithically wrap point to point and subscription JMS and MQ
Series messaging facilities with a single interface.
➢        Fail safe scheduling components that provide real-time one time or periodic scheduling and
rescheduling of tasks with real-time reporting based on an XML scheduling command DTD.
➢        Light weight JMS based workflow component that incorporates user action, role and work item
data into the transition rules evaluation and distribute work items by role based access control to
workflow state.
➢        Rational UML incorporated in all above BONY design and implementation documentation.
•        WLI development:
➢        Internal BEA sales prototype demonstrating thin client interface to WLI pending work list items
(at that time WLI was distributed with a Swing client interface).
➢        Integrated JSP page flow with WLI process control for a Texas based web services company.

(Client name withheld)        12/98-5/99
Project Manager
•        As a hands-on manager of a team of two programmers, designed and developed an automated
Winrunner (perl) code generation test scenario system based on a spreadsheet interface to test the
quality and performance of NYMEX real-time trading system.
•        Reviewed Chase Manhattan production web application mix, selected and validated performance
test tool vendor, negotiated purchase contract with a very favorable client discount, wrote training
documentation, installed purchased (Mercury Interactive) software in production environment and
trained client staff.

(Client name withheld), Morristown, NJ        5/98-9/98
Web Architect
•        Hands-on development of technical architecture and software components to build integrated
eCommerce web sites that incorporated application server, structured content management, call
center IVR, secure public key infrastructure and product configuration packages.

(Client name withheld)        5/96-2/98
Technical Architect/Senior Software Engineer
•        Evaluated and recommended best of breed Workflow, Document Management, OLAP, CASE, BPR
and Business Cost Analysis Simulation, Requirements Management and Data Modeling tools. Hands-on
training at Cognos for Cognos Powerplay OLAP analysis and reporting tools.
•        Enhanced derivatives modules and automated release deployment of Summit Derivatives
Portfolio Management System.

(Client name withheld)        5/92-4/96
Senior Programmer/Project Manager
•        As a hands-on developer/manager, supported and enhanced (FNX Ltd.) derivatives trading
system. Enhancements included a real-time link between front and back office systems, custom
derivative risk analysis reports using SQR report writer and port of internally developed PC back-office
DBase extensions to Unix Sybase/C environment.
•        As an internal technical infrastructure consultant evaluated and recommended best of breed
report writers, warehouse, CASE, SCM, PC and database server testing software and
workflow/documentation management tools.

(Client name withheld)        5/91-12/91
Senior Technical Consultant (consultant)
•        Provided third tier OLTP TUXEDO technical support to internal AT&T divisions. Debugged severe
problems at the source code level and tested and certified new releases.

(Client name withheld)          12/89-12/90
Senior Programmer (consultant)
•        Ported and enhanced Swiss Inter-bank Clearing store and forward software package developed
on Motorola and Sun hardware (Unix 5.3 and BSD libraries) to HP 9000 risc architecture (HP/UX) and
provided on-site customer support for package to Swiss bank customers.

(Client name withheld)        6/89-12/89
Senior Programmer (Consultant)
•        Designed and coded a stand-alone Unix based server that managed multiple insurance agent’s
asynchronous dial-in video-text (Prestel subset) dumb terminal sessions to provide low cost local
access to a back-end Honeywell mainframe host via a proprietary message based X.25 link.

(Client name withheld)        7/88-4/89
Director of MIS (Consultant)
•        Managed mixed environment IT staff and negotiated software and out-source vendor contracts
for a national REIT corporation with a mix of PC, Macintosh, Unix and Data General AOS systems.
Increased productivity by consolidating staff and contracting labor intensive tasks to out-source

(Client name withheld)        8/85-8/87
Senior Programmer/Project Manager (consultant)
•        As a hands-on developer/manager, evaluated and selected the software and hardware, designed
the architecture and managed a six person development staff for the first phase implementation of a
real-time Municipal Bond Trading System. Based on a TCP/IP LAN network of PC workstations served by
a Unix server hosting a local replicate trading RDMS database, the bond trading and portfolio
management system also provided a real-time X.25/QLCC link to mainframe CICS applications.