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Resume of Candidate: PEN007

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Location: Nationwide

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Software:        Peoplesoft Enterprise One ,J.D.Edwards One World & World, SAP R3, SAP Business One,
Siebel, Vertex, Island Pacific, Harris Information, Microsoft Suite.

Operating Systems:        OS/400, UNIX, NT, 2000, OS/2

Applications:        Enterprise One release 8.X, JDE One World XE and World, Financial, Distribution,
Manufacturing, Job Cost, Job Tracking, Contract Management, Bar-coding, Payroll, Energy and
Chemical- ECS systems.

Technical                                JD Edwards Distribution modules:
Expertise                                Inventory Control, Purchasing, Equipment/Plant Maintenance, Equipment
Maintenance Management, Sales Order Processing and Management, Advance Pricing, PDM Shop
Floor Control
JD Edwards Financial modules:
A/R, A/P, G/L, Fixed Assets, Multi-currency, G/L

History                                Over 15 years successful and progressive experience in the
installation, startup, development, maintenance, and supervision of
Information Systems within the following professional fields.
I.S. Manager
Systems Planning and Development
Client Manger/Implementation manager
Worldwide projects and reviews
JDE Manufacturing, Financials and Distribution Applications
Summary of Relevant Experience:

(Client Name Withheld)                                                        August-Present
Enterprise One/JDE

        Project Lead for the conversion of an acquired company
        Gather required for configuration and implementation of the Sales Order and Purchase Order
        Documented mapping tables for Inventory conversion
        Documented and reviewed business process for new Distribution Group
        Setup and configured Sales Order and Purchasing
        Worked with the CFO on Sarbane Oxley validation for Inventory and G/L integrity
        Worked with technical team on setup and documentation of the EDI and Interoperability process
        Trained Finance team on the validation method for Sales Order/Inventory as it relates to finance.

(Client Name Withheld)                                                                March 03-August 04
Enterprise One

        Setup Advanced Pricing with rebates and reverse credits
        Implemented international transfers between Spain/England and U.S
        Setup and Implemented Vertex for sales order
        Setup AAI’s for sales order and Vertex taxing
        Working with the finance team in auditing financial setup

(Client Name Withheld)                                                        June 02- February 03
JDE OW Project Manager                                                Team of 6

        Project Manager MFG Latin American implementation
        Review and develop bill of material
        Enhanced work center
        Implemented Super Back-flush
        Analyzed and review existing setup for multiple companies
        Assist CFO in developing a GAP analysis document for team development
        Created a training program for 5 companies
        Assisted with training
        Worked with CFO on enhancement management based reports
        Worked with CIO on designing program specification to the federally required taxing reports

(Client Name Withheld)                04/02-Present
SAP R3 /Business Analyst

•        Analyzed and review clients current distribution system.
•        Worked with CFO on enhancement management based reports.
•        Worked with CIO on designing program specification to the federally required taxing reports.
•        Designed customer-invoicing statement to control minimum and maximum liquor percentage
reporting requirements.

(Client Name Withheld)                        10/01-4/02
JDE OW XE/Distribution Manager                                        Team of 5

•        Analyzed and review clients multi-company Advance pricing structure
•        Developed custom conversion specification for dos and windows based systems to JDE OW.
•        Developed custom training manuals for clients internal training programs.
•        Correct Item/Branch/plant location errors for inventory
•        Developed custom conversion specification to correct the primary location setup issues.

(Client Name Withheld)                11/00-10/01
JDE OW XE/Project Leader Mfg                                        Team of 4

•        Analyzed and review clients requirements for conversion to JDE OW Manufacturing
•        Developed implementation plan with consultants for a One World Implementation of Manufacturing
•        Review and developed training materials
•        Created and review client G/L system
•        Created AAI as it relates to Manufacturing
•        Assisted in the test and ago-live implementation steps.

(Client Name Withheld)                
JDE OW/Sr. Project Leader                                                        03/00-09/00
                                      Team of 11

•        Trained staff on conversion techniques and policies for JDE OW.
•        Developed proper implementation methodology for Clients internal financial conversion team.
•        Developed custom conversion specification for Data residing on different platforms.
•        Created mapping tables for A/R, A/P, G/L Inventory and Fixed assets for a One World.
•        Trained Client on the proper use of Z1 file processing.
•        Trained developer on the use of G/L, A/B and Vendor master Z1 processing.
•        Worked on Balancing and auditing for G/L and A/R
•        Assisted client in the setup and design of job costing
•        Created conference room pilot

(Client Name Withheld)        01/00-03/00
JDE/Business Consultant

•        Assisted client on best practices for existing JDE Manufacturing system.
•        Reviewed and modified existing AAI setup for al financial modules.
•        Analyzed existing margins and a manufacturing base reports.
•        Set up new Bill of Materials and Routing Steps.
•        Created new Bill of Material and Routing Step.
•        Reviewed Forecasting methods.
•        Modified inclusion rules.
•        Setup best business practice for job costing module
•        Setup forecast by division
•        Advised best-fit method most used by division for possible future standardization.

(Client Name Withheld)                                                                04/99-01/00
JDE/Sr. Project Leader                                                Team of 8

•        Created and Implement a restructuring of client JDE Financial/Manufacturing/Distribution modules
•        Developed Project plan that consisted of 7 Team member Both Internal and external resource
•        Created Test script and procedure for implementation
•        Coordinated with Corporate executive on company standards and policies
•        Setup and configured financial report for controller.
•        Setup and configured financial tie in to Manufacturing including required AAI

(Client Name Withheld)                                        09/98-04/99                
JDE/Sr. Project Leader                                Team of 6                                

•        Created a custom solution for the clients JDE budgeting system.
•        Setup and installed P.C. budget upload system.
•        Setup and configure unit and time based allocation
•        Worked with client on the setup and installation of contracting system
•        Develop a custom training course on the functionally of the different allocations methods.
•        Set up and install new Manufacturing and job cost accounting

(Client Name Withheld)                                                01/98-04/98                
JDE/Sr. Project Leader                                Team of 15                                

•        Lead a team of consultants and developers in a re-structuring of clients JDE chart of accounts.
•        Analyzed all modules and system and it related to BU, Cost Centers and object.
•        Create a conversion map and time table for the team to follow
•        Worked with client’s financial team to insure all balance where allocated properly.
•        Developed cross reference and balance report to insure all accounts and variances tied

(Client Name Withheld)                                                                                   01/98-09/98                
JDE/Sr. Project Leader                                                  Team of 4

•        Re-configured workflow for Manufacturing Module for JDE One World.
•        Correct AAI related issues from recoding of manufacturing system
•        Client Manager for three-phase project.
•        Determined file structure for custom program interface.
•        Correct G/L error and developed Fastr reports.
•        Created FAA & DOD Air Certificates using Loftware Bar Coding System.
•        Outlined system requirements for batch and command file processing.

(Client Name Withheld)        
JDE/Sr. Systems Analyst                                                03/97-01/98
                              Team of 9

•        Created a custom Bonded warehouse system within JDE.
•        Modified existing interfaces to be Y2K compliant.
•        Lead a team of 6 in the conversion/implementation effort.
•        Trained users on Financials and Distribution system.
•        Worked with client on the setup of job costing module
•        Configured new business process rule for A/R, A/P and G?l
•        Analyzed and designed the client Base and advance pricing system

(Client Name Withheld)                                                                
JDE/Sr. Client Manager                                                08/95-07/98
      Team of 7

•        Implemented and upgraded JDE for over 14 countries in JDE financials
•        Implement JDE A/R; A/P G/L for Latin American location.  
•        Implemented and converted existing chart of account structure to new corporate standards.
•        Converted JDE Financials and Distribution system to the new STARS accounting structure.
•        Converted mainframe A/P into the JDE system.
•        Create a new EDI interface for Aviation system for balancing to G/L
•        Implemented Multi-currency for multiple locations
•        Worked on different financial based localization projects.
•        Worked with Multi ledger balancing and FRX and Hyperion reporting
•        Modified the existing ECS Sales Update program.        

(Client Name Withheld)                        1994-1995                                                                        
JDE/Sr. Project Manager                                        Team of 8

•        Analyzed and reviewed Clients global JDE Financials system requirement.
•        Trained and Audit Brazil’s financial system
•        Trained and review Argentina’s configuration of financials.
•        Worked with local business partners in Mexico for JDE localization
•        Reviewed over global requirement with clients Internal global implementation team
•        Attended and participated in Global review and strategy meetings

(Client Name Withheld)                                                        1993-1994                        
JDE/Sr. Systems Analyst

•        Designed custom One World solutions for the Customer Service system.
•        Responsible for the interfacing to JDE financial systems.
•        Integrated mainframe financial software to JDE.
•        Created custom world case programs.
•        Create a custom Interface from JDE financial to P.C. database.
•        Implemented and trained user on JDE base pricing and advance pricing systems.
•        Modified the Distribution system to meet client requirements.
•        Setup foreign currency translation of sales data into the financial systems.
•        Incorporated JDE/Vertex tax package.
•        Worked with the client in enhancing contract billing system
•        Converted the client legacy base price system to JDE base pricing and Advance pricing.
•        Training Clients users on Advance pricing system

(Client Name Withheld)                                                        1993
JDE/Jr. Systems Analyst

•        Responsible for installing and training remote locations on JDE financials. A/R, A/P, G/L and fixed
•        Setup communication between an AS/400 and a System 370.
•        Supported JDE system for all local and remote sites.
•        Implemented JDE security, setup environments for corporate wide use.

(Client Name Withheld)                                                                1991-1992                                        
JDE/System Analyst

•        System Integrator at Society for Deloitte Touche.
•        Responsible for the JDE. Implementation and interfacing of JDE Financial Systems.
•        Converted existing P.C. database to the JDE financial files
•        Assisted in training the accounting personnel on JDE.
•        Setup Inventory management.
•        Setup and install World Vista/EIS.

(Client Name Withheld)                                                                               1990-1991                         
JDE/Project Leader

•        Responsible for the JDE Technical definitions, and interfacing, JDE financial systems,.
•        Coordinated the development team on RS/6000, UNIX (digital equipment) and AS/400 interface.
•        Project lead on client server applications development across multi-platforms.
•        Showtime Television JDE project lead for JDE financial implementation
•        Developed and analyzed financial reports for balancing from external systems feeds into  JDE

(Client Name Withheld)                                                                1990
Sr. JDE/Analyst

•        Responsible for the JDE financial systems.
•        Created PC to financial interface using PC Support.
•        Incorporated Vertex Tax interface.

(Client Name Withheld)                                                                1989-1990        
Sr. JDE/Analyst

•        Supported JDE financial systems.
•        Interfaced PC based payroll system to JDE Financial.
•        Trained internal financial staff and programmers on JDE system.
•        Managed the Financial development team on JDE upgrade.
•        Setup programming guidelines and standards for programming staff.

(Client Name Withheld)                                                        
Sr. Programmer/Analyst

•        Responsible for the development and maintenance of the retail distribution system.
•        Trained all programming staff, managers, and operations staff on Turnover software.
•        Created security for all files and programming objects.
•        Scheduled projects related to the retail and distribution system.
•        Trained users on Island pacific system.
•        Worked with the development team on the automation of the retail distribution.

JDEdwards Manufacturing System
JDEdwards Financial System  A/R, A/P, G/L., Job costing
JDEdwards Distribution System S/O, Inventory, Advance Pricing
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