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November 1998 - Present: Client Name Withheld

Perform project based consulting on various Client/Server and Web based systems. Projects have included various infrastructure related planning and
implementations. The majority of my clients have been medium-sized businesses that required me to be architect, administrator and developer for
creating systems from the ground up. This included platform selection, capacity planning, performance tuning, network integration, data modeling,
database design, system integration and full lifecycle development duties.

My list of successful projects include:

12/20/04 to Present – Client Name Withheld
Contracted to provide DBA support for multiple V7 .2 and V8.1 UDB databases for WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal and EDW systems.
Heavily involved in performance tuning, SQL optimization, upgrade activities, and EDW implementation.

DB2 UDB/Websphere/MQSeries
6/2/04 to 12/2/04 – Client Name Withheld
Contracted to provide DBA and Data Architect support for Windows and Linux databases for development, testing and production environments. This
included physical design, logical design, performance tuning, SQL optimization, and server management processes and scripting. The client was
completely new to DB2 UDB for Linux/Unix/Windows and required consulting and mentoring on nearly all aspects of developing and maintaining these
systems. Within the first two weeks the changes I had introduced for tablespace and memory configurations accounted for a 500% improvement in SQL
execution speed.

Siebel CRM Upgrade V6 to V7
5/20/02 to 5/26/04 – Client Name Withheld
Contracted to provide UDB DBA EE support and development working converting a 1200 seat Siebel CRM installation from v6 to v7. This includes
converting from UDB v6.1 to v7.2 on AIX. Duties include database tuning, SQL tuning, SQL/PL stored procedures, federated database integration, table
and index design and storage management. . Duties included modifying performance parameters and registry items to match Siebel/IBM
recommendations, analyzing disk requirements for using an IBM ESS (Shark) storage area network (SAN). Created complex scheduling/monitoring
environment to ensure highest level of availability and performance. Coordinated database environment for use in an HACMP fail-over cluster. Heavily
involved in Loads/Imports of IBM mainframe data.

PeopleSoft Upgrade/Conversion
1/7/02 to 5/15/02 – Client Name Withheld
Contracted to provide UDB DBA EEE support and development work converting PeopleSoft Financials from Oracle to DB2 (V7.2) in an AIX environment.
This included SQL tuning, table and index design, database tuning, and storage management. Project went live on 2/6/02 as planned. This included
trouble-shooting performance issues with the PIA interface and other issues.

Siebel eCRM Project
9/12/01 to 11/16/01 – Client Name Withheld
Contracted to provide design, implementation and administration (DBA) services for Siebel eCRM on DB2 UDB database running on AIX for a regional
Blue Cross organization. Project included a single AIX server to run three instances (Test-Integration/Cycle-User Acceptance/Training) and one
production server.

Enterprise Reporting Project
8/1/01 to 8/31/01 – Client Name Withheld
Contracted to convert SQLServer DTS packages to IBM SQL scripts and SQL Stored procedures for an Financial Services company in order to migrate the
database to DB2 UDB v7.2 on AIX. After the conversion, a DTS process that took nearly 4 hours was reduced to one and a half. In the process of tuning
the queries and database to enhance the overall performance I was able to determine index needs (via the Visual Explain tool) and reduce timeron
counts by 50 to 75 percent.

Online Banking Project
4/01 to 6/01 – Client Name Withheld
Hired as UDB DBA to assist in the creation of dynamic web banking application using UDB to store indexed page text and graphics. Duties included data
modeling, table design and implementation view, index, security and constraint creation. Created the environment to support JDBC (Websphere
integration) and backend interfaces to Lotus Notes workflow application.

Online BillPay Project
8/00 to 4/01 – Client Name Withheld
Hired as UDB DBA to migrate proof-of-concept online bill paying service (IBM Websphere – UDB) from NT to AIX. Performed migration and established
production level services for transaction logging, backup/recovery, and performance monitoring. Provided daily support for troubleshooting SQL
statements, file reorgs, and tablespace management. Administered Websphere /UDB on Sun Solaris platform.

e-Commerce Project
11/98 to 8/00 – Client Name Withheld
Hired to create dynamic web e-commerce system based on integrating data between DB2 UDB and an AS/400, Lotus Domino based HR workflow
application, Seagate Info based data-warehousing system back ended with DB2 UDB. Duties included UDB backup/recovery, performance monitoring and
tuning, data modeling, table design (logical and physical), applying fixpaks, user management and security. Other responsibilities included view and
index creation, query optimization, and SQL code review. Tools included Notes DECS (for sharing data between Domino and UDB) and DB2 Connect (for
sharing data with the AS/400). Recently performed an upgrade from v5.2 to v7.1 for this client.
One side project included converting a job shop application from Clipper to DB2.

Client Name Withheld
Managing Consultant

Responsible for the Infrastructure Technology Group. Company duties included technical sales support, project planning, training, business
development, and in-house technology maintenance. This included WAN and email integration and migration. Client duties included desktop
standardization, SNA server integration for PC to DB2/UDB access, MQSeries implementation, Lotus Notes programming, Websphere and DB2 UDB
administration, Network and Operations audits, and interim Client/Server tech support department management (RS/6000 and DB2 UDB) that included
installation, configuration and administration of the platform and the RDBMS. Performed several Oracle installs (NT, Novell, Unix) and performed
troubleshooting/performance tuning duties.

April 1996 - April 1997:
Client Name Withheld
Technical Services Manager
Projects included equipping the sales staff with notebook computers along with an electronic catalogue and inventory system I designed and created,
and the creation of a Data Warehousing system using VB/Access, Topspeed’s Clarion, Dbase/Clipper, Cognos products and ODBC.

November 1995 - April 1996:
Client Name Withheld
Manager - Network Administration
Created two-year plan for upgrading LAN, initiating Wide Area Network with plants and distribution centers, and the installation of Lotus Notes for E-mail,
database sharing, and sales force automation. I also introduced a computerized incident tracking and help desk system to assist in resolving problems
more accurately and efficiently. Recent projects include the creation of a computer-based-training (CBT) lab for office productivity and network
application instruction, and the integration of an IBM RS/6000 inventory system with the current AS/400 business systems using Oracle and IBM’s
MQSeries transaction messaging middleware.

August 1994 - October 1995: OneNet ICI, Beachwood, Ohio
Management Consultant
Information systems design, programming, integration, and implementation for several clients in the retail, manufacturing, transportation, financial and
insurance industries. Systems have included Novell Netware and IBM LANServer network administration and upgrading, enterprise E-mail and Lotus
Notes workgroup systems, SCO Unix maintenance and troubleshooting, Microsoft Access database design and programming, Dbase/Clipper 5
programming, and integrating Novell LANs with AS/400 and SCO Unix systems.

April, 1991 - August, 1994:
Client Name Withheld
Manager, Technical Services - Mohave County, Kingman, Arizona
Installation, configuration, administration and training for a growing PC wide area network. Environment includes RS/6000, AIX, Informix database, 4GL
development, Novell Netware 4.01, TCP/IP, electronic mail, and workgroup software.

Lead Programmer/Analyst –
Client Name Withheld
Responsible for conversion activities from a Motorola Four Phase system to an IBM AS/400. Designed and coded data file conversion routines for
integration with purchased accounting and tax systems using SQL/400, RPGIII and CL. Designed and installed a 50-user Novell network, and integrated
system with the AS/400. Designed and coded Motor Vehicle tax system working primarily with ProGen CASE tool for data dictionary and program
generation. Designed and coded PC-based property system for public distribution.



IBM 43XX, IBM 3083, AS/400, RS/6000, Unisys A Series, Unisys B Series (Burroughs) PC, Apple Macintosh, Routers, Bridges, Hubs, Ethernet, Token Ring,
Print servers, Communications

MVS/XA, OS/400, AIX, MCP, DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT/2000, OS/2, System 7, SCO Unix/Xenix, Netware 3.x-4.x-5.x, IBM Warp Server, MS
Lan Manager


TCP/IP, SNMP, SMTP, Telnet, FTP, IPX/SPX, APPC, APPN, SNA, VTAM, RJE, Remote Access, Communications Manager/2, Client Access/400, RUMBA, NetSoft


Lotus Notes/Domino v4 and v5, Visual Basic, MS Access, Clarion for Windows, Seagate Info 7, SQLServer 6.5, Pervasive SQL, Btrieve Database, Delphi,
Paradox, dBase III, dBase IV, Clipper 5, MS Office Suite, Lotus SmartSuite, Borland Object Pascal, Quattro Pro, Informix 5.5 Informix 4GL, Oracle 7, PL/SQL,
RPG III, SYNON, Progen Plus, DB2/2, DB2 UDB EE/EEE, Query/400, VX-REXX, Visual Age for Basic, Visual Age for Java, Groupwise 4, Novell MHS, MQSeries
(AS/400, RS/6000, Windows NT), Windows API, PC Anywhere, Close UP, Procomm Plus, MS Project, Scitor Project Scheduler 6, Visio Pro 5, ABT Project
Workbench/Team Workbench, Microsoft ASP, Cisco PIX.


Yourdon Systems Method, Project Planning, Project Management, System Analysis and Design, Leadership Skills, TQM, PC and LAN Security, Object
Oriented Development, Configuration Management, Technical Writing


Member – Greater Cleveland Growth Assoc.
IBM Partner in Development
Lotus Development Partner
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