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Sample Resumes - Peningo JDA Consultants - Manugisitcs Consultants
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Lead Supply Chain Consultant – Plan, execute, manage and lead implementations with JDA
applications including Fulfillment, Strategy, Demand, Collaborate, and Monitor;(Versions 6.1
through 7.2.2)
Experienced in supporting and leading supply chain implementations and process
improvement projects for consumer goods, paper, metals, chemical, machinery and tools,
automotive aftermarket, semiconductor/electronics, and food and beverage
manufacturers/distributors as well as retailers in the areas of demand, distribution, and
manufacturing planning.  Specializing in the Fulfillment and Master Planning modules of the
JDA product suite.
Lead Supply Chain Consultant - More than 13 years of Supply Chain and Business Process
Optimization Experience. Led Supply Chain Optimization Projects for more than 25 of the
largest Consumer Goods, Retail, Government, Chemical and Pharmaceuticals companies
worldwide. Supported the prioritization activities to define the functionality to be included in the
JDA Fulfillment and Supply Planning software; Authored an industry guide for the
implementation and use for Inventory Policy Optimization Principles in the CG Marketplace.
Provided implementation services to client on upgrade from v6.x to v7.4.2 Fulfillment and
Master Planning. Managed the rationalization of business processes and functionality across
the new functionality found in Strategy, Master Planning and Fulfillment v7.4.2.; Lead the
application configuration effort for three lines of business within its global solution
Has provided business process expertise is all phases of Manugistics' software
implementations including the installation and configuration of the Manugistics Demand and
Supply Planning modules. She has also demonstrated vast experience in project
management tasks including project planning, solution design, and functional specification
development and testing. She has played integral role in projects from Supply Chain
Opportunity and Maturity assessments to conference room pilots, advanced end-user
training, change management and rollout. Manugistics Expertise in Fulfillment; Constrained
Production Planning; Demand
Expertise in Manugistics TMS / JDA Transportation Planning. Extensive experience working
with Subject Matter Experts. Lead Solutions Architect on a supply chain business process re-
engineering and system implementation initiative, for Manugistics’ Transport System (TMS)
on Cornerstone Project.
Over 25 years of supply chain management and systems experience with a very strong background in all phases of inventory
management, skilled at organizing complex projects, defining project priorities, and delegating tasks.  Extensive experience in unit
sales and merchandising financial forecasting, DC replenishment, forecasting and supply planning systems design and
architecture for retail operations.   Has over ten years experience with Manugistics / JDA Software.
Demand Planning Consultant - Leadership and guidance provided to an evolving demand planning organization and improvement
to the application of the JDA forecasting tool, for a major cellular telecommunications provider.  Improved the communication of
seasonal and promotional market intelligence by initiating cross functional team interaction and trained corporate personnel in the
functional application of the JDA forecasting software. Achieved the corporate metric goal of  97.5% product availability or better and
developed confidence in JDA  forecast by managing an OEM line of handsets and accessories, creating accurate demand
forecasts.  Key contributor to the monthly Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process, obtaining the consensus approval by
Upper Management of the volume and revenue projections.  
For JDA Software (formerly Manugistics, Inc.) as a Senior Support Analyst  for the Customer Support Solutions, manage and set
client expectations while working effectively with support team members, engineers, and consultants in order to achieve client
satisfaction. Certified in Manugistics software components including; Common Security Administration, Networks Transport,
Networks Monitor, Networks Carrier, Networks Freight Pay, Networks Delivery Management, Networks Collaborate and Networks
Market Manager. Participate in the development and delivery of training materials and programs for educational advancement of
both internals and clients in solution areas (Manugistics University). Support and recommend proper implementation and tuning of
solutions based on client’s business needs and rules. Use problem solving and critical thinking methods to manage high
volumes of incoming critical issues across solution certification set. Regularly promoted and recognized by peers based on high
performance in team collaboration and client satisfaction.
For JDA Software (formerly Manugistics, Inc.) was a Senior Technical Specialist  for their Consulting Services Group, Work directly
on site with clients to solve critical technical issues with software and support projects ranging from install and setup, to upgrades,
assessments, and training. Began career with Manugistics in Senior Technical Support role for Transportation Management suite
of products. Trained in all aspects of Transportation solution from technical and web server support through tuning of the solution
to meet business requirements. Support and recommend proper implementation and tuning of Oracle database related to
Transportation solution. Regularly promoted based on strong performance, client satisfaction, and goal achievement
Six years experience. JDA Functional Consultant with a strong background in JDA / Manugistics, Fulfillment, Demand Planning,
Master Planning and Sequencing.
JDA Consultant experienced in all aspects of WM, Logistics, S&OP, Master Planning, Demand and Supply Planning, and
Purchasing in a manufacturing environment.
Experienced in implementation and enhancement of JDA – Demand Planning and Forecasting
Nearly 12 years of rich & extensive experience including 6+ years in implementing Supply Chain Management Software
(JDA/Manugistics) for various clients.
Over twenty years experience. Project Manager / Technical Consultant with a strong background in Supply Chain software
implementation and support, i2 Supply Chain Planner  / SCP (10 years),  SAP Supply Chain, Linear Programming Optimization,
SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PL/SQL and Unix (AIX and HP-UX).
Transportation and Logistics execution expertise with multiple 3PL, Carrier and CPG Logistics and i2 implementations supporting
>$1 billion in annual transportation spend
JDA/Manugistics Transportation Consultant with over 16+ years experience in Relational and Hierarchical database extraction and
population, dropping tables and adding fields, programming with extensive software implementations, enhancements and
upgrades within the Logistics and Operations arena along with Project Management
Substantial background with over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain, ERP, legacy solution implementations, process
engineering, project management, and change management. Skilled professional who has managed, implemented and
architected enterprise solutions and processes in both complex commercial and military organizations.  Has an expertise with JDA
Demand Planning, Fulfillment (SCPO), Collaboration, Transportation, Reporting, Analytics and Networks Reporting.
Experienced 7 years in JDA Manugistics as an Architect and Techno-functional consultant in NetWORKS Demand, NetWORKS
Fulfillment, NetWORKS Collaborate, NetWORKS Monitor, NetWORKS Master Planning, NetWORKS Market Manager, EP, SCPO,
NetWORKS Strategy, NetWORKS ONEview, DPEE, NetWORKS Supply, NetWORKS Transport, Career and Freight Pay.  
•        Possessing strong client facing and collaborative skills in conjunction with application development and technical expertise.  
•        Exhibited Leadership / Teamwork skills as an Architect for a team of Manugistics developers.
•        Possessing solid experience in JDA Manugistics 6.x and 7.x Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting, Integration, Upgrades
and Migrations.
Responsible for the rolling 18 month business forecast that is used by the organization for planning manufacturing operations,
signaling the supply base, and corporate financial planning.  Responsible for the management of a team of highly skilled Demand
Planners whose job it is to work closely with our customers and historical sales data to develop a robust and accurate long term
forecast.   Applications used in this forecasting process are i2’s/JDA’s Demand Manager integrated tightly with SAP (sales history).
Over 9 years of Technical and Functional experience in  developing, implementing, configuring and tuning JDA / Manugistics
Supply Chain products – Demand and Fulfillment
Expert in the delivery of systems integration projects with a focus on supply chain management solutions. An innovative hands-on
leader with extensive consulting experience delivering high profile projects in JDA Manugistics Demand Planning, E-procurement,
as well as Process Re-engineering.
Twenty five years experience. JDA/Manugistics Consultant / Software Engineer with a strong background in JDA/Manugistics  
(Demand , Fulfillment, NetWorks Collaborate, Transportation Management, Bulk Distribution Planning, WebConnect XML-based
Extract–Transform–Load integrations, Versions 5, 6, 7.2.x),  business analysis, project management, design, development,
documentation, installation, user acceptance, support of software, Oracle, PL/SQL, Shell (Bourne sh, Korn Shell ksh, csh, tcsh,
bash) , perl, Java, WebSphere Business Integrator and SAP Supply Chain Management (Sales and Distribution, APO) .
JDA  Technical Consultant
Co-founded to develop web-based product interface for supply chain and S&OP tools and provide on demand services in APS
(ASCP, ODP, and Demantra), Manugistics and S&OP process to synchronize Supply and Demand for Enterprise Planning.
Implementing custom product hierarchies and data streams for Demand Planning for health care, hi-tech, semiconductors, food &
beverage, CPG, Digital Printer and wireless network products.
•    Managed Demand Management solution, Supply Chain Management and S&OP projects for Fortune 500 companies and
partnering with System Integrator (Deloitte, RevereGroup) to provide total solution ownership.
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JDA Enterprise Planning SME - JDA Enterprise Planning and Data analysis management professional with 15 years of diverse
career knowledge in JDA systems, analysis, and project management.  Experienced in bringing accuracy, stability, and timely
results and recommendations through innovative thinking, a winning attitude, and partnership building to drive results.