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Hyperion Software Consultant


August, 2009 to January, 2010
Skill Set: Synobjects, Hyperion System 9.3 HFM, Planning, Essbase, DIM and Smart View, FDM, Financial Reports, Microsoft Access and Excel with VBA,
Tasks: Ongoing Development and Support for production rollout.  Rewriting Hyperion HFM and Planning Business Rules, troubleshooting system 9 and
Smart view issues, helping to redesigning overall system

October, 2008 to May, 2009
Skill Set: Synobjects, Microsoft Access and Excel with VBA, Hyperion System 9.1 Planning, FDM, Financial Reports, Essbase, Web Analysis and Smart View
Function: Ongoing Development and Support.
Performance: Provided administration support and custom scripting to improve and upgrade two Essbase, one Planning and three FDM applications from
version 7 to Version 9.1 along with performing support work with Financial Reports, Smart View and Web Analysis.

July, 2008 to September 2008
Skill Set: Hyperion Essbase 7.3, EAS 7.3, Hyperion Business Rules, Hyperion Planning 4.0, Microsoft Excel and Excel VBA, Synobjects
Purpose: To ready the current Hyperion Planning system for the New Year.
Involvement: To perform the necessary planning administration functions, upgrade the business rules and reconcile the results for the 2009 budget and
forecasting processes.
Results:  Project on schedule and performing well.

March, 2008 to April, 2008
Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.x, EAS 9.x, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Excel VBA, Synobjects
Purpose: To complete the development on the WIP cube.
Involvement: Started with shell design, rethought and developed the Essbase cube, dynamic members, calculation logic and the Legacy ETL.
Results:  Project completed.

                          July, 2007 to February, 2008
Senior Technical Consultant
Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.x, EAS 9.x, Hyperion Reports 9.x, Synobjects
Purpose: To automate the SEC 10q and 10K reports along with several other internal reporting packages and to research and optimize Essbase
automation and control procedures
Involvement: Developer, interacting with management and staff to obtain the necessary information while completing the development of the Hyperion
Essbase and Reporting tools in order to complete the task at hand.
Results:  Project completed with many new finds, improvements and general enhancement to stability and performance.

April, 2006 to July, 2007
Senior Technical Consultant
Environment: Hyperion Essbase 7.1.3, EAS 7.1.3, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Synobjects
Purpose: to design and develop a global financial sales price, volume and exchange rate sensitivity across all product brands and SKUs.
Involvement: Technical Lead and Essbase developer as well as SQL extraction development.
Results:  Completed a very responsive and innovative system.

October, 2005 to March, 2006
Project Lead
Environment: Hyperion Essbase 6.5.1, EV Reports, Synobjects and Microsoft Excel
Purpose: To make the Financial Consolidation Cubes Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, accessible via 2-phase authentication only and available for archiving
purposes as well.
Involvement: Project lead / main developer interacting with staff and several departments to design an approved and ongoing solution to their needs.
Results: Designed an SSL VPN interface to the servers and worked with Management and the Security team for approval and implementation.

August, 2005 to October, 2005
Environment: Hyperion Essbase 6.5, Clarity CPM, Synobjects and Oracle
Purpose: To Design and Develop a series of relational and multidimensional solutions to perform several sets of Customer Care Analysis.
Involvement: Currently meeting with Business Users to design a customer care review and analysis over several Essbase cubes with relational drill back
Results: Designed and developed the go-forward methodology for the first set of reports, which was accepted. I did have to pass off and move back to
Houston in lieu of personal reasons.

  June, 2005 to August, 2005
Environment: Hyperion Essbase Server Version 7.0.1, Essbase Application Manager 6.5.4, Hyperion Reports 7.0, Windows Server with Extra-Net and PC
Anywhere from the TLC Office, Synobjects
Purpose: 1) To convert the Hyperion Essbase Database and Reports from a stacked time dimension database to one with split month and year time
dimensions. 2) To resolve any outstanding statistical formula problems. 3) To automate the Essbase operating procedures.
Involvement: Worked offsite at the TLC Office to resolve any dimension, formula and reporting issues while logged into the client’s network. Resolved all
problems both conversions related and otherwise, created all of the necessary new reports, outlines, outline formulas, calc and report scripts. Created
all of the automation procedures and documented them as well.
Results: A much faster and more efficient operating reporting system.

          April, 2005 to June, 2005
Environment: Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase and Hyperion Reports applications which utilized cube dynamics and cross references to provide a
web deployable database solution from which to compile and analyze financial, employee, revenue and operational data and statistics, enterprise wide,
for actuals, forecast and budgeting, Synobjects
Purpose: To finalize several reports which were not lending themselves to an amiable solution. These reports were associated with complex business
algorithms which utilized financial statements, performance ratios and operating statistics for month end reporting and analysis.
Involvement: Performed an in depth analysis to determine the problems associated with resolving the reports. Working with staff to better understand
their needs from both an end users and administrator’s role we resolved the operational reporting logic requirements specific to their environment and
purpose and made the necessary changes to the current reports to provide a perfect solution.
Results: Finalized all the outstanding reports and helped the client to develop an understanding of their environment which not only provided perfect
reports but also increased the client’s awareness, understanding and confidence in their reporting abilities.

February, 2005 to February, 2005
Environment: Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase, and Hyperion Reports, Synobjects
Purpose: To determine and make recommendation pertaining to the performance and design characteristics of the Budgeting application.
Involvement: Met with staff and reviewed the design and performance characteristics of the Budgeting application, made confirmations and
recommendations of possible configuration and optimization techniques.
Results: Montgomery County went ahead with a redesign.

June, 2004 to November, 2004
Subject Matter Expert
Working on an as is budget, planning, forecasting and modeling documentation project for a very large insurance company. Responsibilities include
interacting with upper level management and specialty management experts of the various business divisions in order to insure the success of the
documentation of the current systems which include People Soft, Essbase, and Microsoft Access, Synobjects and Excel and various other third party

September, 2003 to October, 2003        
Worked as a functional expert for a very large energy retail company to revise and assist with the current year General and Administrative budget. The
scope of responsibility includes the assurance of quantitative value as well as supplying Essbase and Excel functional expertise.

August, 2003 to September, 2003
Responsible for the review and recommendations to insure the success of the current Essbase disaster recover plan and to insure the ability of the
upgradeability of current cubes for a very large refinery / chemical plant operation

October, 2002 to November, 2002
Supplied design support to build a complex twelve month rolling sales forecasting model which was also capable of weekly sales comparisons for a large
restaurant chain utilizing Hyperion Essbase and Microsoft Excel along with the Essbase Addin and VBA to create calculations on the fly

August, 2002 to September, 2002
Worked as a functional expert for a very large energy retail company to revise and assist with the current year General and Administrative budget. The
scope of responsibility includes the assurance of quantitative value as well as supplying Essbase and Excel functional expertise along with supporting
the compilation of the budget reports supplied for the board meetings.

August, 2001 to August, 2002
Working with Hyperion Essbase, Informatica, Oracle, PeopleSoft and AlphaBlox to help create an Enterprise wide Financial Mart Solution
Projects included:
HIS applications interface development and optimization and utilization
The optimization of the People Soft / Informatica ETL process for the Essbase Financial
The optimization of the Essbase Financial cubes
Design consideration for JSP maintenance for AlphaBlox
Oracle queries for the Essbase top 100 customer database
Design of the Essbase top 100 customer database (approx 1million members)
Creating an Access interface to maintain the User Trend formulas in Essbase

                                  April, 2000 to August, 2001
Specializing with Hyperion Essbase and Excel VBA we were responsible, along with staff, to create an SEC reporting solution at Reliant Energy. Involved
in the twelve month views were high level consolidations at the Budget, Actual and Forecasting levels.

Accounting Experience:

November, 1998 to April, 2000
Senior Financial Analyst:
Designed and implemented Essbase applications for accounting, budgeting, provider health and riskpool applications. Wrote Queries, VB Applications
and macros in Microsoft’s Access to front end the larger Essbase applications as well as front-end applications to perform data manipulations to develop
outlines and load data. VB applications in Excel were also created to expedite the data retrieval process from Essbase. Provided support for the
coordination and development of annual Health Plan administrative budgets. Performed ad-hoc queries and provided analysis for all levels of
management to meet administrative and regulatory requirements.

        December, 1993 to November, 1998

(1/98 to 11/98)
Used Excel VB applications to correct the various subsidiaries’ fixed asset depreciation calculations for reload into SAP.

(11/97 to 1/98)
SAP goods receipt to invoice verification reconciliation’s in Access and miscellaneous reports for SAP data downloads with Excel VB applications.

(5/96 to 7/97)
Redesign and implementation of fixed asset tax reports on the AS400, which creates a tax/management database. This was also used to upload the Fixed
Assets into SAP.

(12/93 to 5/96)
Responsible for the Fixed Asset’s Sub ledgers and transactions for U.S. and international involvement along with Query development for the Tax

December 1989 to September 1990
Assistant Bank Examiner - Responsibilities included the gathering and compilations of reports, which would determine the Bank’s risk on the FDIC
Insurance, fund. Such as inclusive of Asset Management, Interest Rate Sensitivity and Volatility, Asset Quality, Compliance and Equity Analysis.
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