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JDA Software Consultant

Apr 2004 – present        JDA Software (formerly Manugistics, Inc.)            
Senior Support Analyst – Customer Support Solutions
        Manage and set client expectations while working effectively with support team members, engineers, and consultants in order to achieve client
        Certified in Manugistics software components including; Common Security Administration, Networks Transport, Networks Monitor, Networks
Carrier, Networks Freight Pay, Networks Delivery Management, Networks Collaborate and Networks Market Manager.
        Participate in the development and delivery of training materials and programs for educational advancement of both internals and clients in
solution areas (Manugistics University).
        Support and recommend proper implementation and tuning of solutions based on client’s business needs and rules.
        Use problem solving and critical thinking methods to manage high volumes of incoming critical issues across solution certification set.
        Regularly promoted and recognized by peers based on high performance in team collaboration and client satisfaction.
Dec 2002 – July 2003  
Logistics Analyst
        Streamline Account Receivable and Deduction processes for AHOLD accounts, resulting in $240,000 cost-savings.
        Research operational ambiguities to ensure correct procedure and clarified process for team members.
        Analyze SAP reporting requirements to satisfy account specific demands.
        Manage projects related to implementations of demand planning and forecasting solutions.
        Uncover transportation issues and leverage management support to gain economies of scale in TL shipments while ensuring timely, accurate data
flow to stakeholders.
        Participate in the development and daily management of new SAP processes involving refusals, post invoice corrections, and manually-entered
        Develop and maintain AHOLD Account Reference Book to facilitate and streamline future intern training programs.
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