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Resume of BY / JDA Consultant: PEN68

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Blue Yonder Professonal Service Consultant - JDA Software Consultant - Blue Yonder Consultant

Blue Yonder Solution Architect Architect - JDA Solution Architect with an expetise in JDA Order Promiser.


Blue Yonder Order Promiser  Solution Architect / BY Enterprise Supply Planning Solution Architect / JDA  Order Promiser SME

An APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP®), with almost 12+ years of techno-functional experience in supply chain planning solutions wherein I have:

  • Actively engaged with multiple clients from manufacturing/CPG industry, and across different verticals
  • Worked on SCM transformation projects
  • Aided customers in finding best possible solutions for their day-to-day operational issues
  • Designed future supply chain solution landscape with the ultimate objective of bringing value to the businesses and their end-customers.

I am actively looking forward to a rewarding career in a reputed enterprise to further apply, challenge, expand my skills in consulting and product management, and in the process, help enterprises build world class sustainable supply chains.

September 2021 – Present                                                                             

Role: Solution Architect Domain: Enterprise Supply Planning / Master Planning Client: Automotive part manufacturer (Japan) 


Going through build phase of a new implementation of Enterprise Supply Planning based master planning solution with MAP solver

Engaged in POC activitiy as part of design phase to showcase ESP capability to customer IT and business teams

Working with partner organization to design the decisions coming out of design workshops and drive business decisions

Gathering information from Sales / Pre-Sales to understand the client’s business, challenges, and objectives from the project

Exploring the ESP functionalities based on the information available to understand nuances and potential pitfalls in advance

Pro-actively sharing information with internal stake holders – Product Development, Product Management Group and Sales to align on strategy for implementation



February 2021 – August 2021                                                                       

Role: Solution Architect Domain: Order Promising / ERP Integration Client: Food & Beverages - Packaging (USA) 


Lead trainings, requirement gathering and design workshop for a new implementation in forecast consumption, allocation planning, order promising and ERP integration

Completed wave-1 go-live within 150 days of starting the project, never seen with this type of scope and solution before

Applied techno-funtional skills to work with client’s IT (technical) team to bring down the development time, in the absence of BY technical team

Constantly pivoted to come up with solution design in the face of changes expected by business and still be able to avoid major delays in the project

Developed root cause module independently, to help customer service and planning team with firsthand information on the reasoning behind lateness / shortness of an order

Worked with multiple stakeholders – to drive project towards successful go-live in a time bound manner.



December 2020 – January 2021                                       

Role: Solution Architect Domain: Order Promising / ERP Integration Client: Semiconductor (USA)


Worked with client’s partner consulting team (Deloitte) to structure design topics for upcoming workshops around a new solution for order promising along with ERP / SAP integration


October 2020 – December 2020                                                       

Role: Solution Architect Domain: Allocation Planning / Order Promising Client: Food & Beverages (Australia) 


Lead requirement gathering & design workshops for an upgrade project of allocation planning and order promising solution

Included PoC for all the major user stories in the design sessions for faster time to implementation

Demonstrated and designed solution around perishability (main use case for F&B industry) at the time of order promising, inorder to provide a better solution as part of upgrade

Improved existing design around demand – supply pegging in order promising, by ensuring a prioritized consumption of different supply types within a time bucket dimension

August 2019 – October 2020                                             

Role: Solution Architect Domain: Master Planning / Distribution Planning / Inventory Management Client: Automotive Tire Manufacturer (Germany)



  • Lead requirement gathering, design and implementation for enhancement phase in replenishment planning solution following agile methodology
  • Worked on Inventory management related requirements (Risk, Opportunities, Coverage Target etc.) and supported integration with S&OP solution
  • Worked on day-to-day operational improvements of LPOpt and MAP (Material and Asset Planner) based solvers (JDA i2 SCP) as part of replenishment planning and master planning to continuously improve existing solution in terms of demand and supply gap along with key KPIs while considering all types of operational constraints
  • 21% improvement in delivery performance since go-live 
  • Provided support to process consulting team with analysis and data points to identify and improve key areas of the solution to further increase plan conversion rate
  • Worked with S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) solution area to bring further improvements to existing business processes and to help planners make more informed decisions
  • Built consensus among all key stakeholders with the objective to find best possible solution in the given time and budget
  • Trained in Demand Forecasting and Planning solution



September 2017 – July 2019                                                                   Role: Solution Architect Domain: Demand Fulfillment / Order Promising, ERP Integration, Allocation Planning and Forecast Netting Client: Automotive Tire Manufacturer (Germany)


  • Worked extensively towards implementing forecast netting and demand fulfilment / order promising solution with real-time ERP integration
  • Implemented Demand Fulfillment solution with real-time integration with ERP/OMS SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)  
  • Contributed towards tool assessment, proof of concept (POC), configurations and led design and implementation of order promising and allocation planning solution
  • Led system integration tests (SIT), user acceptance tests (UAT) and performance optimization for one of the most complex implementations with many first-time features ever implemented for any customer in Available-to-Promise (ATP) distribution model
  • Worked extensively on building and improvising complex Allocation Planning and Batch Re-scheduling algorithm for open customer orders to achieve challenging business requirements within acceptable performance target
  • Built custom integration functional logic with upstream distribution planning solution and continuously improvised it for downstream system consumption
  • Collaborated with technical architects to setup 24X7 mission critical high-availability system architecture along with design and development of robust solution and workflows to handle fault-tolerance and manage quick recovery keeping business continuity as the primary objective
  • Experience in cross-functional team collaboration and stakeholder management – working with Customer IT and Business Teams along with Project Management, Product Development, Product Management and Customer Success Organizations with a common goal to find best possible solutions to the business use-case in time bound and cost-efficient manner


September 2015 – August 2017                                                             Role: Business Consultant/Functional Architect Domain: Demand Fulfillment/Order Promising, ERP Integration, Allocation Planning and Forecast Netting Clients: Automotive (Tire), Semiconductor   Location: Milan (Italy)

  • Developed data model based on customer business use-cases to drive POC and design for implementation to drive future construct/build activities
  • Worked extensively with Product Development to bring stability around new product offering to seamlessly integrate with most commonly used customer’s ERP, SAP with the end-objective to reduce implementation time, cost and effort
  • Created re-usable knowledge artefact to help new consultants and architects get started which helped in timely implementation of 2-3 projects (new implementations/upgrades)
  • Led performance improvement audit for a client from semi-conductor industry in Italy
  • Provided short term consulting in Forecast Netting solution on-site for a client from Steel Industry in India
  • Received training from experts on end to end solution design to get first-hand experience on implementation challenges through a real-world case study
  • Mentored and trained new associates


June 2015 – August 2015                                                                   Role: Solution Architect Domain: Disaster Recovery setup for order promising solution Client: Semiconductor 


  • Single-handedly delivered disaster recovery project on-site for a client from semiconductor industry
  • Re-configured completely AIX based high-availability solution on a set of new servers located at new datacentre within time bound and cost-efficient manner




April 2011 – May 2015                                                                        

Role: Functional Analyst Domain: Demand Fulfillment/Order Promising, Allocation Planning, Forecast Netting, Master planning and transportation Client: Automotive (Tire), Semiconductor, Metals, CPG, Apparels, Pharma  


Supported demand fulfillment / master planning solution for all the clients on both functional and technical fronts


At one point was single point of contact for DF solution for almost a year for all the customers globally without a single major escalation


  • Supported network optimization and transportation modeling tool for more than 40 + customers from the APAC / EMEA regions
  • Provided on-site product trainings to clients in UK, China, and Germany as Subject Matter Expert

February 2010 – April 2011                                                                               


Role: Assistant System Engineer

Domain: SCM Master Planning Client: Semiconductor


Worked on SCM project for a client from Semiconductor industry based out of Germany


Understood business planning process, solution landscape and contributed in solving day to day operational issues for master planning solution


Contributed in testing enhancements to the existing solution


Gained professional trainings on SQL, Unix, Informatica and soft skills



  • End-to-end SCM solution implementation experience from design to deployment
  • Strong functional skills on supply and demand as well as over all S&OP process
  • Strong functional knowledge of Demand Planning, Master Planning, Fulfilment, Order-to-Cash process and experience in SAP Sales and Distribution module
  • Experience in co-ordination across departments and teams to get solution delivered in time bound and cost-efficient manner
  • Strong presentation, consensus building and inter-personal skills
  • Experience in adhoc pre-sales activities parallel to the project for assessment and effort estimation for upgrade projects.

Blue Yonder (BY) Applications


  • Expertise: BY Order Promiser/i2 Demand Fulfillment, BY OP-ECC Adapter/i2 ROI-DF, BY Supply Chain Planner/i2 SCP
  • BY Enterprise Supply Planning (JDA ESP)
  • Trained: BY Demand, BY Fulfillment, BY Sales & Operations Planning, BY Supply chain strategists,
  • BY Transportation Modeler



  • Experience in integration: Sales and Distribution


Tools & Technology


  • Linux/AIX, Oracle RDBMS, SQL Developer, UC4, Putty, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, XML (Web Services), Toad, MS Office


Professional Certifications


  • APICS CSCP® - Certified Supply Chain Professional



Soft Skills


  • Good Listener, detail oriented when it comes to gathering business requirements
  • Strong negotiation and consensus building skills among internal team members as well as customers
  • Appreciated for having right temperament to deal with customers
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong presentation and business analytical skills


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