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JDA Software Consultant

Improved Productivity • Cost Savings • Problem Resolution • Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated and accomplished operations strategist experienced in an ERP/MRP II certified “Class A” business environment.  Innovative and resourceful
problem solver with expertise in creating / implementing process improvements and best practices to enhance productivity, efficiency, and service
quality while reducing costs.  Possess strong commitment to team dynamics with the ability to contribute expertise and follow leadership directives at
appropriate times. Polished professional with superlative communication, interpersonal, and customer service abilities.  Dynamic, goal-focused tactician,
determined to contribute to achievement of organizational objectives.


June 2008 – Oct 30,2008
Demand Planning Consultant
Leadership and guidance provided to an evolving demand planning organization and improvement to the application of the JDA forecasting tool, for a
major cellular telecommunications provider.  

•        Improved the communication of seasonal and promotional market intelligence by initiating cross functional team interaction and trained corporate
personnel in the functional application of the JDA forecasting software.

•        Achieved the corporate metric goal of  97.5% product availability or better and developed confidence in JDA  forecast by managing an OEM line of
handsets and accessories, creating accurate demand forecasts

1995 – Nov, 2007
North American Demand Manager                                                                                                      2001 – Nov 2007
Managed, coordinated, and analyzed an 18-month demand forecast horizon for the NA division of Packaging and Finishing Technologies ($188 M in
2006).  Key contributor to the monthly Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process, obtaining the consensus approval by Upper Management of the
volume and revenue projections.  Member of multi division task force which developed business consistency and efficiency of the global corporate ERP
program. Maintained key portions of the Customer Master and Material Master databases (SAP).  Trained as an ergonomic auditor of employee computer

•        Collaborated in the successful rollout and implementation of the SAP ERP system, as the division’s Demand Manager, providing integration testing
of the forecasting software and verification of data integrity from the data migration.

•        Achieved and maintained MRP II “Class A” certification for the division through developing and implementing "best practice" demand policies,
processes and procedures. (i.e.: customer tiering designations, product channels (MTS, MTO, PTO), and monthly performance metrics).

•        Reduced inventory levels by 20%, through product line management, resulting in effective inventory control, reducing Top Tier customer stock
outs, and increasing working capital.

•        Allowed Sales personnel more time to sell by reducing the Sales Department’s requirement to actively forecast only 5 % of the portfolio.  The
remaining 95% of the portfolio were statistically forecasted.

•        Improved “on-time” delivery performance (98%) and Operations efficiency by driving forecast bias metric to less than 10%, through aggregated
forecast management in the demand software tool and the analysis of SAP BW reports.

•        Facilitated the extraction and interpretation of sales data, by revamping the product hierarchy designations and market segments in the SAP ERP
system, resulting in global consistency for the division.

North American Product Manager        1999 - 2001
Managed the division’s product portfolio including new product development from inception to obsolescence. Developed technical documentation to
allow for maximum commercial impact of new and existing products. Collaborated with Sales, Business Development, Operations, and R&D leaders to
minimize time to market and maximize potential for commercial success of new products.

•        Commercialized an average of 100 products annually, by implementing and utilizing an efficient process flow designed to interact with the
necessary cross functional groups to capture necessary elements of bringing a product to market.

•        Enabled division to maintain global market share in the Electronics industry, as a key player in the development and commercialization of “lead
free” processes.

•        Expedited the availability of sales tools to reflect new corporate image, providing clarity for customers, by converting format of technical product
documents to the new corporate brand.

1995 - 1999
Global Product Specialist
Process Expert for Industrial Metal Finishing Market specializing in Electroless Nickel (EN). Led the product line expansion internationally, drove
improvements to manufacturing cost efficiencies, and supervised the development of product performance specifications.  Implemented a marketing
program of advertisements / articles in metal finishing trade magazines and presentations at international / national / regional conferences and local
meetings. Conducted technical training for field personnel and their clients and provided process audits to drive performance improvement.

•        Achieved over $1.5 + Million / yr in sales growth through supervising process improvements and serving as technical liaison to thirty-two national
account installations.

•        Key member of the Steering Committee that planned and executed several successful Electroless Nickel (EN) national conferences, resulting in
profitable, well-attended, educational and technical programs.

1985 - 1995
General Manager
Managed a mid sized electroplating facility of twenty employees, specializing in finishing components for the electronics industry. Supervised
production, personnel, safety, quality control, process control, chemical inventory control and purchasing.  Established business' environmental
compliance and reporting at the federal, state and local levels.

•        Revived business from Chapter 11 by transitioning business to serving the electronics market, increasing sales revenue to above the pre Chapter
11 levels despite a 50% work force reduction.

•        Established and maintained inventory planning in George S May business software.   

•        Enabled the company to acquire new business by designing and implementing a quality program meeting ISO 9000 and mil spec requirements.

•        Achieved compliance with NYC EPA wastewater requirements, through the engineering and implementation
of a wastewater treatment system.


IBF membership
APICS membership
Completed Oliver Wight courses on 1) Demand Management and 2) Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
Completed Statistical Forecasting workshop at International Business Forecasting Conference.
Completed American Management Associate course; Strategies for Selling Technical Products


Experienced in SAP and JDA Manugistics 7.4
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, WebEx
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