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JDA Software Consultant


Over 25 years of supply chain management and systems experience with a very strong background in all phases of inventory management, skilled at
organizing complex projects, defining project priorities, and delegating tasks.  Extensive experience in unit sales and merchandising financial
forecasting, DC replenishment, forecasting and supply planning systems design and architecture for retail operations.   Has over ten years experience
with Manugistics / JDA Software. PC knowledge including Microsoft Word, Excel, Project,  and Access database programming skills.  

        Manugistics ver. 6.1, 7.2
        NetWORKS Fulfillment
        NetWORKS Demand
        RETEK
        RMS (Retail Merchandising Systems)
        TopPlan Financial Forecasting
        KeyPlan Item Planning         Other
        System design and Implementation
        Training Specialist
        Project Management/Execution
        CPFR
        Inventory Planning
        Demand Planning & Forecasting
        General SAP SCM/APO knowledge


Senior Consultant         2007 – Present
JDA Functional Project Lead                                                                                        

Process design, implementation and upgrade of a full life cycle implementation of JDA 7.2 Fulfillment and Demand Planning from version 5.4.  
        Requirements definition, solution design and configuration
        Solution build and data validation
JDA Team Member - Training Design                                                                                     
Develop E-learning courses
        Inventory Modeling/Optimization and JDA Supply Training Courses

Director, Systems Support, Inventory Management        1998 to April 2007
        My group consisted of Inventory Control Analysts, Business Project Analysts and a CPFR Program Manager. We worked along  with other Supply
Chain executives and managers to provide guidance and systems support for their procedures and computerized systems.
        To maintain consistency throughout in our procedures and routines we analyzed business and operating procedures to devise the most efficient
methods of providing systems support to users.
        The analysts group provided support and reporting to help other business groups understand their inventory related data and maximize their
potential in the decision making process.  We created procedures library including organizational change, communications, information flow, integrated
processes for inventory management, and maintenance of custom and off-the-shelf forecasting systems.
        I had oversight of the inventory management computerized systems and processes.  Because of my significant involvement in all inventory related
areas, I was always called upon as a consultant to other groups within the Business Operations/Merchandising/Inventory Management.
        When RadioShack required leadership in project management, I was always called upon to help with cross-functional teams because of my
experience with systems, processes, and ability to bring groups together to work as a cohesive unit.  Many of the new software implementations were
replacing custom systems I either personally authored or implemented. Some of the projects I was involved with:
o        Project Manager/Author - in-house custom unit sales forecasting system, custom financial forecasting system for the Merchandising group, custom
purchase order management system, and promotional management system.
o        Project Team Member - in-house custom DC replenishment system
o        Project Team Lead Inventory Operations - Retek RMS Retail Merchandising System.
o        Team Project Lead - Manugistics 6.1.4 Demand/Fulfillment Implementation
o        Business Project Manager - Manugistics 7.2.1 Demand/Fulfillment Upgrade
o        Business Project Manager – Manugistics Demand/Fulfillment Implementation for other RadioShack Operations
o        Business Team Member – helped in design of a CPFR system including implementation of WWRE tool and in-house tools.
o        Subject Matter Expert - Retek TopPlan/KeyPlan System Implementation

Senior Buyer         1992 to 1998
        Managed various electronics product lines for RadioShack.  The position included forecasting sales, issuing purchase orders, product
assortment, merchandise pricing, trade promotion management, and life-cycle planning.
        Trained other merchandising buyers in unit sales and financial forecasting and merchandising methods and processes.  
        As I recognized the need for better processes and systems to support the buying team, I wrote, designed and implemented the first computerized
unit forecasting system and the first computerized financial forecasting system for Radio Shack Merchandising.
        To help the company work better together as a group, I initiated several suggestions and projects to bring the people and software solutions
together so they communicated with each other.  Because of my vision and planning abilities, I was recognized and promoted to Director of Systems
Support and held both the Senior Buyer and Director titles to allow me to stay engaged with the buying group while developing plans to increase
productivity and profitability.

Buyer        1988 to 1992
        Managed various lines of consumer electronics products including an award winning line of laptop and mobile computer products.
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