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Resume of BY / JDA Consultant: PEN62

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Blue Yonder Professonal Service Consultant - JDA Software Consultant

Blue Yonder Technical Architect - JDA Technical Architect




Strong analytical skills and technical skills. Responsible for managing and supporting all technical aspects of large Supply Chain system implementations mainly with Blue Yonder / JDA (Manugistics) software. Comfortable leading a technical team. Played integral roles in software implementations and upgrades, providing expertise in system architecture, configuration, tuning, and integrations. Experience working on projects with very large data volumes. Strong administration and tuning skills in Oracle versions 8 thru 11, PL/SQL, as well as JDA (Manugistics) Application and Weblogic. Worked directly for JDA (Manugistics) or in an independent consultant role for the past 16 years implementing JDA products. Worked with JDA product versions from 5.4 through 2019


Development:  Perl, PL/SQL, Java, UNIX Shell Scripts, C, ABAP, Webconnect, VB, XML, JavaScript, HTML


Databases:  ORACLE 8/9/10/11, SQL Server, and MS-Access


OS/Environments:  UNIX:  AIX/Solaris/HP-UX; Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP; Linux


Other: Weblogic, IIS, Web Architecture, LDAP, SSO, JDA (Manugistics) Integration, Crystal Reports, Cognos



    • Blue Yonder - JDA (Manugistics) versions 5.4 through 2019. Modules include Demand, Fulfillment, Promotions, ESP, Master Planning, Transport, Freight Pay, Carrier, Networks Reporting, Collaborate, and Monitor.
    • LIS Warehouse Mgt (LIS aquired by Red Prarie)
    • SAP  SD
    • SAP MDM




Blue Yonder Consultant – JDA Software Professional Service Consultant

Peningo Systems /  BY Technical Architect/Consultant

June 2021 – Present

Worked on migration of BY version 2017 to version 2019. New functionality was added and all integrations and scripts were rewritten to use standard functionality.

  • Created integration and batch scripts
  • Performed application and integration tuning
  • Built data stores for BY D360 and assisted with configuration
  • Created/Modified standard funtions for logging, emailing, and loading.

BY Technical Architect

Aug. 2020 – June 2021

Lead all technical aspects of Implementing BY version 2019 Demand, Demand 360, Demand Classification, Fulfillment, and Order Optimization

  • Lead SCPO system architecture design as well as the integration design with PMM module
  • Created integration and batch scripts
  • Performed application and database tuning
  • Built data stores for BY D360 and assisted with configuration
  • Created technical documentation

BY Technical Architect

Nov. 2018 – Aug. 2020

Lead all technical aspects of Implementing BY version 2019 Demand, Demand 360, Demand Classification, Fulfillment, Safety Stock, IO, and Order Optimization

  • Lead system architecture design as well as the integration design
  • Created integration and batch scripts
  • Performed application and database tuning
  • Built data stores for BY D360 and assisted with configuration
  • Created technical documentation

BY Technical Architect

Aug. 2018 – Nov. 2018

Lead technical aspects of POC of BY Promotions module

Created integration and batch scripts

Created integrations to load Publix data in BY Promotions




February 2013 to  2018 – Senior Technical Consultant and Analyst

Working on upgrade of JDA SCPO from version 7.5 to version 7.8 including resolving

data issues and scripting install issue resolution. Working with tech team, both on-shore and off-shore, in the upgade of client's custom scripts. Performance tuning scripts and application to decrease runtime of JDA proceses and custom scripts. Assisting client team with supporting production system.

Also working with team to redesign some custom processes to use JDA processes. The goal is to eliminate as many custom processes as possible and use standard JDA functionality. One such process was the “Non-stock” process. It build loads and exports these using custom scripts only. I have designed and built scripts to build the required JDA data and run thru SCPO processes. The process has been designed to add and remove this data so that the data volume does not continually grow.

Scheduled go-live is end of May 2014.

Sears Holding – Chicago, IL

July 2013 to  February 2014 –Technical Lead

Worked on upgrade of SCPO to version 7.8. Sears was integrating their Kmart division into the Sears JDA implementation. We were working with 140 million SKUs and 400 million DFUs. This was one of the largest JDA SCPO implementations ever attempted.

My duties included working with functional team to develop technical design documents, working with off-shore team on coding technical design, scripting, and tuning of scripts.  Efficient design and coding of scripts were key because of the large data volume. Many table had over a billion records to process.

Independent Consultant

December 2010 to June 2013 – Senior Technical Consultant

Worked at Loblaw providing tuning and support of TM, Freight Pay, Carrier, and Monitor version 7.4. Enhanced and wrote scripts to help decrease batch windows. Performed database tuning. Worked with client to develop stable backup and restore procedures. Worked with client to setup 4 new environments for SAP integration to JDA.

Setup prototype for migration of JDA products from version 7.4 to version 7.6. Installed products, created database, and loaded data into database.

Designed and implemented 3 custom “bolt-on” applications for external orders and loads as well as freight payment adjustment and validation.

At Federal Mogul, I lead the technical upgrade to JDA version 7.5 and then and upgrade to version 7.8. Provided expertise on sizing and architecture design. Was responsible for product installs as well as developing a custom BOL system to integrate with JDA.

Sears Holding – Chicago, IL

April 2010 to December 2010 – Senior Technical Consultant

Worked on upgrade of SCPO from version 7.2 to version 7.6 as well as evaluated the move to version 7.7 instead of version 7.6.  Products include SCPO modules as well as Collaborate, Monitor, and Promotions. They have a very large dataset with over 30 million SKUs being planned. Several tasks were included in the upgrade projects. One was to move to a new hardware platform that was cheaper and faster. They wanted to run on 2 (32 CPU) AIX servers for the JDA application and run the database on a HP Proliant Server running RedHat Linux.

One of my responsibilities was to validate the performance on the new hardware platform. I loaded all data from the version 7.2 instance into the 7.6 instance. I then ran all JDA processes, tuning them to run in less time than the 7.2 production version. This included tuning database parameters as well as the JDA SRE parameters. I also tuned custom long running plsql scripts for new platform. This test was successful and will result in significant hardware and support savings.

I also developed scripts to move large amounts of data from one Oracle instance of JDA to another. This could be from any version to any version. The scripts are configurable to load any table(s) and allow you to specify data conditions. The tables can be JDA application tables or custom tables. It allows you to group and sequence tables and loads them in parallel. This was written to support moving of data between environments so that the long migrations do not have to be performed each time a new instance is created.

Another task was to design a replacement data loader for JDA’s IGP. The design was required to run faster than the current data loading scripts. We came up with a design to use external tables and have plsql scripts to load this into the live JDA tables. Data validation was done inside the plsql scripts. Bulk loading of data into the live tables performed faster than IGP loads.

Nov 2008 to April 2010 – Senior Technical Consultant

DLA runs Demand, Demand Classification, Fulfillment, CPP, Dynamic Deployment, Collaborate, Monitor, and IPO. They have over 20 million DFUs and 11 million SKUs. DLA maintains over 1.2 billion rows in histfcst. At DLA, efficient coding and tuning was extremely important.

I worked on multiple projects at DLA. The first was to implement JDA’s IPO v742. I was responsible for writing batch and pl/sql scripts as well as tuning for the implementation. IPO was used to determine optimal inventory levels and safety stock for about 1millions SKUs.

The second project was to add new functionality to SCPO and Collaborate. My duties included writing scripts as well as tuning of database and existing pl/sql scripts.

The last project was the upgrade of all the JDA products from version 7.2.2 to version 7.5.2. I was responsible for migrating databases as well as coding and tuning. With the large data volumes, migrating the database in an acceptable time frame was a challenge. I wrote scripts to manipulate the large data tables so that migration would run faster, I was responsible for all migration issues with the UI as well as batch processing and tuning.



June 2008 to Nov. 2008– Senior Technical Architect

Led Technical Airgas upgrade from version 6.1.8 of JDA SCPO products to version 7.5. Airgas has around 3.2 million SKUs and DFU’s. They run Plan with Recships, as well as Dynamic deployment on 900 thousand SKUs and 2.3 million dynamic deployment sourcings, nightly. Airgas is also running Market Manager.

The first phase of the project was to migrate all data from Fulfillment version 6.1.8 to version 7.5. This required mapping the version 6 data to the new version 7 tables. We did this with no JDA Fulfillment resource. I assisted with the mapping as well as reviewing alternate processes with Airgas. I was responsible for data validation as well as running Plan, Recships, and Dynamic Deployment. I was also responsible for tuning the processes so that Plan ran in under and hour and Dynamic Deployment ran in under 1.5 hours. Both of these goals were accomplished through Oracle (10g) tuning and tuning of SRE parameters..

In addition to this, I gave the IT team, reviews of new screens, how to create Searches, how to run processes and how to setup security. I was responsible for all the technical aspects of version 7.5, which included: install and configuration; version 7.5 clustering; IGP; node pools and configuration; and tuning (Oracle 10 as well as application tuning through SRE properties).

After we reached the runtimes needed, phase II started. This was conversion of Demand data and processes with no changes to processes if possible. Next the data was migrated and we tuned all processes. User views were setup and business processes reviewed. I setup a cluster for users to start training and testing.


April 2008 to May2008– Senior Technical Architect

At ACE, I was involved in the planning of a new project which included JDA Demand, Fulfillment, E3, Collaborate, and Monitor. This was the 1st phase of a 3 phase project. During the first phase, I help ACE plan how they would implement the products from a technical standpoint. I reviewed the architecture and integration with ACE. I assisted with creating the final Architecture Design document. I addition, I assisted ACE with the install and configuration of a JDA version 7.4.2 “sandbox” so that the users would have a place to look around as well as the technical team having a place to learn more about the products.  After Phase I was signed off and while waiting on approval for Phase II to begin, I moved to the Airgas project.. Approval for Phase II technical resources was going to be delayed several weeks.



Feb 2007 to Jan 2008 – Lead Technical Consultant

K-SWISS was implementing SAP in the US division as well as upgrading Manugistics from version 6.1 to version 7.2. I worked closely with the SAP integration and business team during the project. I was responsible for all integration into and out of Manugistic’s products. My duties included support of production system as well as migrations to new versions. Additional tasks:

  • Developed integrations between SAP and Manugistics applications. Integrations were written using Perl, PL/SQL, and Java. Added to data model to accommodate K-SWISS specific processes.
  • Designed and Developed integrations to extract data from KSWISS mfg technical data and Manugistics Master Planning data and present forecasted leather and metal usage to vendors on the KSWISS web portal
  • Wrote test scripts for SAP to Manugistics integration and managed execution. Worked with SAP team to verify sales orders, inventory, purchase orders and master data was transferred correctly.
  • Worked with SAP data migration team to cleanse legacy inventory data as well as provide legacy data for integration into SAP for go-live.
  • Wrote integrations to load SAP MDM data into Manugistics. MDM was using to store SKU, DFU.
  • Member of team doing  system testing of  integration from SAP MDM to XI to JDA and back to SAP MM and SD. MDM exported data to XML files that was picked up by XI and sent to JDA tables to
  • Installed and configured version 7.2 software. Configured SRE nodes across multiple servers and configured application cluster.
  • Tuned Batch Jobs and applications. Cut run times on batch jobs by over 3 hours. This was accomplished by tuning database, sql, and IGP loads.
  • Performed functional tasks of reviewing and tuning the Master Planning plan, adding and changing flexible editor screens to business specs, added new UDT’s (user defined tables) and UDC’s to provide better reporting through the application,  as well as changing the DFU hierarchy in Demand
  • Conducted 7.2 training for Technical and business users.
  • Provided documentation on batch processes, integrations, and new user processes

Sara Lee, Downers Grove, IL

Jan 2005 to Feb 2007 – Lead Technical Consultant

I worked on multiple projects at Sara Lee. During all of these projects, I provided support for all Manugistics production systems. Support was 24x7 of the Manugistics applications, client/server and the web J2EE/Oracle apps. Support included integration of the Manugistics system to the legacy systems, administration of the Oracle databases, and administration of the application and web servers. Sara Lee had very stringent SOX standards. We were required to meet all SOX requirements for support and for development.


The first project was to cleanse data coming from legacy systems that loaded into Manugistics Transportation and Freight Pay and to build and populate a data mart with Manugistics data for financial reporting on transportation costs. My responsibilities included:

  • Tune existing batch scripts. Batch was running till late morning some days and needed to be finished by 6 am. This time was met by tuning sql’s and by rewriting some of the java programs using PL/SQL. Database parameters were also tuned making all queries faster. After analyzing the batch runs, some indexes were added where needed to make inefficient application queries run faster.
  • Assisted with design of staging database as well as design and redesign of integrations to populate staging tables.
  • Responsible for writing functional and technical specs for new integrations
  • Instead of creating files for integration, a set of staging tables were built so that data could be stored and manipulated before loading into Manugistics and the data mart. Triggers and constraints were placed on these tables to validate data before loading it into production tables. Once inside the staging tables, data could be combined and manipulated much easier.
  • Rewrote integrations and batch. Some integrations were inefficient as well as incomplete. All data needed for a good TM plan was not being populated. Some java’s were rewritten to include this extra data as well as to be more efficient. Perl and PL/SQL were used where they were considered faster.
  • Responsible for data research, gathering, formatting, and loading for Transport and Carrier. Responsible for insuring data quality, completeness, and accuracy in Manugistics applications.
  • Created and executed  unit test scripts for all changed and new integrations and batch.

The next project was an upgrade from Manugistics version 6.2 to version 7.2. During this project Transport, Freight Pay, and Carrier were upgrade. Monitor and Transport web were new implementations. Before this began we identified integrations and batch that should be rewritten to comply with the coding standards identified in the previous project.

  • Assisted with architecture design
  • Installation and configuration of products as well as migration of data
  • Wrote an application that would pull average diesel prices from the DOE website and use it to calculate weekly fuel surcharges that would be paid to carriers. Sara Lee carriers had fuel surcharge rates based on diesel fuel price ranges for a region in the US. This eliminated the need for someone to lookup these prices on the web and manually update the rates.
  • Assisted with rewrite of about 50 integrations and batch scripts. Integrations were originally written in KSH, Java, Perl, SQL command files and PL/SQL. Integrations were rewritten using Perl and PL/SQL.
  • Wrote functional and technical specs for new integrations and changes
  • Wrote and executed unit and integration test scripts. Worked with business users on system testing.
  • Tuned database, Manugistics application, and Weblogic
  • Assisted with stress testing before go-live
  • Wrote new batches to execute Monitor Business Rules.
  • Migration of data to production


DLA – Washington, DC

Oct 2004 to Jan 2005 – Technical Consultant

This project was to build a system that calculated the values of inventory for economic retention, for contingency retention, and for disposal and reutilization. It used forecast and order data from Manugistics and backorder and material data from SAP.

  • Built custom tables in SAP to combine Manugistics and SAP data and perform DLA calculations. Also built tables to house calculation percentages and identify data to be used in calculations.
  • Wrote scripts to export data from Manugistics
  • Wrote ABAP programs to load Manugistics data into SAP and to perform calculations and populate custom tables.
  • Wrote technical specs for all coding

U.S. Air Force – Robins Air Force Base, GA 

Jan 2004 to Oct 2004 – Lead Technical Consultant

Technical Lead on an Air Force prototype using Demand, Collaborate, Supply, and Reporting. Forecasting was used to predict the probability of maintenance on aircraft parts. They used Collaborate to exchange forecasts between the Air Force and the DLA, who supplies a majority of their parts used on aircraft. Supply was used to plan resource requirements for each base and depot where aircraft assemblies could be repaired.

  • Lead technical team responsible for spare parts planning that was located across the three Repair Depots,  Ogden, Utah; Oklahoma City, OK; and Robins, Ga
  • Assisted with design and creation of staging database for accumulating data from the Air Force and DOD legacy systems.
  • Wrote technical specs based on functional specs created by the business users.
  • Wrote integrations to pull data into the staging database from legacy systems using Perl and PL/SQL. Data volume from some systems were as high 500 million rows for 1 integrations. Tuning was essential.
  • Database tuning.

Manugistics – Rockville, MD 

April 1998 to April 1999 AND Nov 1999 to Jan 2004

Lead Technical Consultant/Technical Architect


 My responsibilities included:

Technical project management and documentation

Hardware sizing and architecture guidance

Client technical training (Manu Products, Oracle, and UNIX)

Product installation;

Analyzing and documenting requirements

Oracle administration and tuning

Unix & Windows administration

integration of Manugistics products with client legacy systems using UNIX shell scripting, PERL scripting, PL/SQL scripting

Weblogic tuning 

Worked on implementation of Manugistics products at Cisco. This was one of the largest and most successful project in the company’s history. The implementation was using Web-based Manugistics products that managed Supply Chain issues between Cisco and 10 of it’s contract manufacturers. Tasks included database design, writing PL/SQL/triggers/stored procedures, and scripting using Perl and KSH.

For 2-3 years, I used Cognos products with Manugistics software. Manugistics had an Oracle data mart based on standard data coming from Manugistics software products. In the field, I was responsible for defining client requirements and making data mart changes to accommodate their requirements.

I worked on many project implementing Demand, Fulfillment, Distribution, Master Planning, Monitor, Collaborate, Transportation, Carrier, and Freight Pay.  

Clients that I have worked with include Cisco, Arrow, Seagate, Cingular, Lexmark, Airgas, Pechinney, Abbott, ConAgra Frozen Foods, Nabisco, Tree Of Life, Price Chopper, Radio Shack, Springs Industries, OfficeMax, Blue Circle Cement, IBM, McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Lorillard Tobacco, Brown & Williamson, Sherwin-Williams, and Heilig-Meyers.

LIS Warehouse Systems (currently Red Prairie) – Charlotte, NC 

April 1999 to Nov 1999 - Engineering Services Manager

LIS is a warehouse management software developer. It is currently owned by Red Prairie. My responsibilities included managing all field engineering consultants and the software customization team. This was a client/server application using a Oracle database running on UNIX and NT. We provided 24/7 support on hardware and software. I managed a team of 10-12 engineers and 1 team lead. I also assisted on Sales presentations.  The reason for leaving after such a short time was because sales were poor during this time and the company’s future was unstable.

Bowater Paper Inc. – Catawba, SC 

Jan 1997 to April 1998

Senior Systems Analyst


  • Provided 24x7 support in a Manufacturing environment.
  • Project leader for a major upgrade of the Product Tracking System. This system tracked paper from the time it was produced and cut, through the scales, labeled the product, and recorded storage in the warehouse.
  • Project leader for the Data Warehousing initiative and was a core member of the Corporate Data Warehousing Team
  • Core member of the Corporate Time and Attendance System team. We were responsible for evaluation and select of the new system
  • Performed Oracle DBA functions on Product Tracking System databases and wrote sql and C code.

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