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JDA Software Consultant

JDA Software (formerly Manugistics Group, Inc.)                        1994 -- 2007
Senior Business Analyst

•        Experienced in supporting and leading supply chain implementations and process improvement projects for consumer goods, paper, metals,
chemical, machinery and tools, automotive aftermarket, semiconductor/electronics, and food and beverage manufacturers/distributors as well as
retailers in the areas of demand, distribution, and manufacturing planning.  
•        Specializing in the Fulfillment and Master Planning modules of the JDA product suite.

1985 – 1994
Director, Corporate Logistics and Distribution

•        Responsible for all aspects of logistics and supply chain management, including sales forecasting, inventory planning, production scheduling, and
distribution planning.
•        Supervised 17 direct reports.
•        This company was a $300 million maker of continuous computer paper and related office supplies.

1980 -- 1985
Customer Service Manager, Production Control

•        Supervised six direct reports.
•        Held several progressively responsible jobs in the Production Control and Transportation departments at this facility, the world’s largest aluminum
rolling mill.

•        Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) with APICS (speaker at 1995 International Conference & Exhibition)
•        Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
•        American Mensa Society

B.S., Business (Transportation and Public Utilities Mgmt.)

MBA (Production and Operations Mgmt.)
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