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Over seven years of ERP experience with SAP in Quality Management (QM) in the Petrochemical, Food Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

SAP Experience consists of internal and contract consulting and support of SAP QM.  Implementation of 3.0C with an upgrade to 3.1I, full cycle
implementation of 4.6C, implementation of QM for existing 4.6B and 4.6C installations.  Hands-on experience in blueprinting, QM configuration for QM in
the process industry and repetitive manufacturing, QM in procurement, production, and sales & distribution.  I successfully implemented several
functions including quality planning, quality inspection, quality certificates, and quality notifications. I have experience in the interfacing of StarLIMS with
the QM module.  I’m experienced in legacy data organization and transfer, CATT scripts, organizing and creating QM master data, writing and
presentation of training documentation and post implementation support.  Experience in integration points of other functional areas including BM/MM,
SD, IM/WM, and PP.

I have extensive training through SAP Educational Services.  I successfully Completed: LO705 Quality Inspection (3 days), LO710 Quality Notification (3
days), LO721 QM in the Process Industry (3 days), LO725 QM in SD / Quality Certificates (2 days).

Business experience includes 8 yrs of QM leadership responsibilities with process manufacturing and quality assurance management assignments.  
Four years CPG LIMS laboratory database administrator.
Work experience        

5/2004 – Present        Client Name Withheld
SAP QM Consultant (Contractor)

I successfully configured the QM system in a SAP 4.7 environment.  I was responsible for the configuration of output and profile determinations, and
implementation of certificates of analysis.  I created CATT scripts to successfully load all output determination and profile determination records.  I
gathered requirements and created functional requirement documents for certificate enhancements and quality data file interfaces.

I completed my assignment with post-implementation support, trouble shooting and the completed documentation of all configuration, transports and
enhancements that I performed.

11/2002 – 4/2004        Client Name Withheld
SAP QM Consultant (Contractor)

Full implementation of SAP 4.6C in the Wyeth, Rouses Point and Carolina, Puerto Rico manufacturing facilities.  I was contracted through SAP America to
assist in legacy data organization and to successfully implement the QM module with quality planning, inspections, digital signatures, audit trails, and
batch status management.  Performed post implementation support.

Additional experience from assisting other functional areas in terms of integration points for MM/IM, WM, PP and specialized reporting functions for
inventory and quality release controls.  QM sampling using general WM transactions.  

Additionally, I worked as a member of the training development team successfully developing and delivering the core QM training curriculum.  

2/2002 – 8/2002        Client Name Withheld
SAP QM Consultant (Contractor)

I worked with CGEY to install QM in an existing SAP 4.6b installation.  The legacy LIMS system was retained.  I successfully implement the QM module for
transfer of quality data from LIMS to SAP and to control inventory for distribution according to manufacturing and customer specifications using batch

I successfully implemented the QM module and developed a custom interface for the non-certified StarLIMS system.  

I set up the QM configuration, developed the certificate forms specifications to consolidate over 40 legacy forms, participated as a team member for data
extraction, clean-up, and loading.  Wrote and used CATT scripts for some legacy master data.  I wrote and presented training documents for the QM

I have exposure and some experience in cross-over functions such as SD and MM in terms of customer specifications (batch search strategy), custom
reports, reason codes for material movements, and customer groups.

8/2001 – 2/2002        Client Name Withheld
SAP 4.6C Central Support (QM)

Functioned as the SAP Application Specialist QM/ADC for Astaris LLC.  Astaris is a chemical manufacturer and uses SAP for a Process Industry.  I was
assigned the role of QM primary support for the Astaris enterprise.  My duties were focused on issue resolution from post go-live and phase 2

Post go-live support included monitoring and resolving issues.  Internal consulting for design issues and extensive troubleshooting of master data,
using all available resources such as programming, basis and functional teams as well as the SAP Solution Manager.  
Phase 2 enhancements included improved inspection plan design for specific process requirements, initiating and follow up of requested programming,
long term inspection and incorporating plant maintenance for calibration inspection.

6/2000 – 8/2001        Client Name Withheld

SAP 4.6C Implementation Project
Approximately half of the company was using SAP 3.1I and the other half was using a proprietary package.  The implementation was approached as a new
install of SAP 4.6C.  
As an Astaris employee I was appointed to the role of PTM (Process Team Member) for the QM (Quality Management) module, to work full time on the
implementation of the SAP 4.6C project.  This was the company wide lead role for the QM module.
I successfully unified diverse plants, work cultures and quality measurements in developing a workable SAP solution.  Organizing and facilitating weekly
teleconferences, periodic presentations and end user training were among my duties.  As the PTM, it was my responsibility to engage the participation
and support of the Astaris laboratory personnel across the enterprise.  
My training and experience include:
QM training through SAP Educational Services.  
Using ASAP methodology, I gathered data from the various sites for blueprinting the design of the final product.  In turn I created FDS (Functional Design
Specifications), wrote BPP (Business Process Procedures), prepared functional testing scenarios and took the lead in developing and writing the QM
training documentation.
I performed the standard and custom configuration in SAP QM.  I executed configuration troubleshooting as necessary in preparation for module and
integration testing.  
I developed the master data for module and integration testing.
Worked closely with the data team to extract data from incompatible legacy systems into an Excel format. Lead the plants in cleaning and modifying the
master data in preparation for the data load into the production system.  I successfully met the challenges presented by the various QM groups in
addressing the data with their limited resources and some negativity.  
Conducted onsite training for end users with various backgrounds in computer literacy.

2/1997 – 6/2000        Client Name Withheld

SAP 3.0C / 3.1I QM Support (As Lab Coordinator)
As primary SAP QM support for the Lawrence facility, I maintained all QM master data.  Worked closely with the central support team in the Philadelphia
location to resolve master data and basic design issues of our system.  
I handled all of the QM training for the site for existing employees and all newly hired during this time frame.  I developed additional training documents
to facilitate the training of the newly hired.  
I received a great deal of exposure to cross-functional areas such as Shipping and Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM) and Inventory Management
In 1998 I tested the QM master data and configuration for the upgrade project from version 3.0C to 3.1I.

11/1995 – 1/1997         Client Name Withheld

SAP 3.0C QM Implementation Team (As Lab Coordinator)
For my first full implementation of SAP, I was appointed to the role of the Lawrence site QM lead.  My experience was quite vast.  As a member of the QM
team, my responsibilities were:

To catalogue the Lawrence quality systems in preparation for blueprinting.

I handled the entire QM data scrubbing for the Lawrence facility.

On hands training for master data creation and integration.
Created all of the necessary master data that was not part of the data load.
Attended outsourced train the trainer program (3 days).
Assisted in development of the training documentation.
I was the sole QM trainer for the Lawrence facility.
I traveled to two other FMC sites, (Green River WY. And Carteret NJ.), on multiple occasions to aid in their training and process troubleshooting.
I was part of the post go-live issues resolution team for issues regarding Certificates of Analysis and master data.

1993 - Present        Client Name Withheld
Technical Specialist / Laboratory Coordinator
Created CofA’s and maintained Lawrence master data through CPG LIMS.
Customer interaction including customer inquiries and customer complaints.
Played a major role in creating, organizing and maintaining Laboratory ISO 9002 documents.
Performed scheduling and day-to-day work assignments for lab technicians.
Eight-month assignment as Acting Chief Chemist.
Implementation of SAP QM module for FMC Lawrence.
Eight-month assignment as production Team Leader.
Awards received: Excel Award and Quarterly Excel Award for Acting Chief Chemist, Excel Award for SAP implementation.
  1986 - 1992        Client Name Withheld
Laboratory Technician
Performed quality assurance analysis of product.
Maintained accurate record of data in various formats.
Education        1975 – 1976        Brigham Young Univ.        Provo, UT
1976 - 1979        Oklahoma State Univ.        Stillwater, OK

 Recently        Haskell Univ.        Lawrence, KS                        AmeriComp        Topeka, KS

More recent study to update and enhance chemistry skills.  Successfully completed Networking and Operating Windows 2000 Professional and Server as
part of the MCSE Win 2000 certification program.  
Other Experience        1976 – 1978                Italy
Two years in Naples and Rome as a representative for a charitable organization.  Fluent in Italian.
Interests and activities        Biking, running, dancing, camping, fishing, golf and technology toys.
References        Available upon request.
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