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Solid background in implementation and development of Enterprise Asset Management systems by utilizing Peregrine AssetCenter, AC Web, Connect-It,
Get-Resources, PDI and PND, as well as testing, development, programming and troubleshooting of financial and accounting applications and software,
documentation and World Wide Web pages. Strong communication and presentation skills including the ability to work independently in a fast paced

Operating Systems: Windows XP, 2x, 9x, 3x, NT Server and Workstation.

Software/Tools: Peregrine AssetCenter & AC Web 4x/3x, Connect-It 3x/2x, Get-Resources 4x/2x, PDI 8x/7x, PND 5x/4x, Crystal Reports 9x/8x, MS Office XP /
2X / 9X: Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage, Visual Basic, HTML, MS SQL, Oracle, SMS, Cisco Works, Crystal Reports, VBA, Perl, CGI,
ASP, Java Script, VB Script…

Apr’2001 – Present, Dynamic Systems Group, NYC/NY, Jersey City/NJ, at Zurich Global Assets & Deutsche Bank Engagements)
Responsible for code, installation, implementation and support of DB and ZGA AM system based on Peregrine AC & AC Web 4x/3x, Crystal Reports 9x/8x,
Get-Resources 4x/2x & Connect-It 3x/2x and different products for the Enterprise IT AM implementation that include following:
•        Gather requirements for AM project based on analysis of business processes and interaction with variety of IT and business users.
•        Participate in design and code reviews with managers, IT and business personnel.
•        Write code that can be easily maintained and tested by others, by adhering to coding standards and including detailed code doc.
•        Customizing, testing and troubleshooting User Rights, Profiles, Access Restrictions and Functional Rights via Administration module of AC and
customizing reports.  
•        Participate in the ongoing support and training in developed systems for end-users, licensing management and reporting.
•        Integration of AC Employee info via Connect-It with external data-sources.
•        Involved in customization and testing of AC procurement system and Get-Resources.

Dec’99 – Mar’2001, Eriksen Translation, NYC/NY, Brooklyn, NY
Design and develop of the ET Enterprise Asset Management system and integrating multiple data sources in to AssetCenter 4x/3x by using Connect-It
3x/2x. The capability of this system to handle the highest quality of AM for IT services, including IMAC and reconciliation functionality.
Responsible for:
•        Analysis of client requirements for AM IT implementation based on business processes.
•        Upgrade AssetCenter from version 3.2 => 3.6 => 4.0 and customization of user profiles.
•        Development and customization of AssetCenter 4.0 on MS SQL database.
•        Utilizing Procurement and Contracts modules within AssetCenter, as well as using MS Word, Excel, Access and Outlook.
•        Creating variety of reports for ET by using Crystal Reports.
•        Integrating AC with multiple external data sources via Connect-It for ET AM project.
•        Test and troubleshoot final product and provide customer support and training.
•        Provide daily end-user support by resolving issues concerning the AM project.

May’99-Nov’99, People’s Firehouse, Brooklyn, NY
Responsible for teaching students to create new programs or adapt existing applications in the Microsoft Office environment, by using objects,
collections, events, functions, methods and properties; with language references for Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Web Components,
Web Server and Outlook – plus VBA reference, the basics of computer and internet programming, Visual Basic language and HTML

Febr’97 – May’99, Dynamic Strategies Inc., NYC/NY, Armonk/NY
Involved in development, design and coding of Web site, which contains the information for different businessmen needs. Responsible for:
•        Testing the interface of company site written in HTML, JavaScript, CGI, Perl
•        Developing the web applications for taxes and accounting, implementing them to Business Tools section of
•        Test and troubleshoot final product and provide customer support
Participate in analysis, design and implementation of Proyar Job application, which provides ability to create users accounts and search for listed jobs on
the WWW by using different search engines. Responsible for:
•        Design and code GUI interface using Perl, HTML, JavaScript and CGI
•        Test and troubleshoot fully functional final product
Participating in testing of Proyar Exchange application. Responsible for:
•        Test and troubleshoot fully functional final product

ASA Institute, Brooklyn, NY                                                        June’98 – Febr’99
Advance course in Visual Basic, SQL, VBA, MS Office (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage), Crystal Reports, HTML, Java Script, Visual
Basic Script, Word Perfect, Windows (9x, 3x, NT Server and Workstation).

State University, Dushanbe, USSR                                                         1988 - 1993
B. S. in Computer Science and Economics.