Peningo Systems, Inc. 






Senior Consultant



I have more than 10 years experience in the IT industry, conducting, leading, planning and directing the development of software applications including analysis, design, implementation, and maintainability. Documented requirements, business rules, and conducted all matters of documentation including extensive project plans. Developed and documented all training curriculums to facilitate users, managers, and administrator training needs.


My expertise lies in the asset management arena focusing on tools and processes related to: asset management, procurement management, software licensing, service level agreements, cost management, and knowledge engineering.


As an accomplished project manager, I have managed 20+ employees, which included different consulting firms, and vendors facilitating lasting relationships between the two parties. Interfaced with customers to identify sales opportunities, project plans, IT solutions and all forms of training needs. Experience in multi-million dollar and multi-phase project accounts as a project manager and engineer. My mathematical approach ensures that documentation is methodical within all phases of a project and reinforces documentation for system design, development, and modification.


I have performed many roles in many different organizations including Project Manager, Trainer, Operation Specialist, Manager, and Developer. I am flexible and diversified, which provides an excellent leadership resource to clients and project teams.



Project Summary includes:


State Farm Bloomington, IL 11/03 – Present

Primary responsibility included Lead developer for implementing AssetCenter 4.4, allowing five legacy asset tracking databases to be retired (including AssetCenter 3.5), Integrations to HR, AP and PO modules of PeopleSoft, Also integrations to HP Service Desk, SMS, Alteris and legacy warehouse management and support applications.


Implemented AssetManagement, Contracts, Procurement, Software License Management and Work Order modules of AssetCenter.


Best Buy Richfied, MN 07/2003 – Present

Primary responsibilities included upgrading from AssetCenter 3.5 to AssetCenter 3.6.3, Integrations to Peregrine Service Center, SMS and HR database using ConnectIt 3.2. Also responsible for training support staff to re-introduce AssetCenter into Best Buy as a supportable product.


Assisted Best Buy in realizing benefits with contract management, leasing management, software license management.


Northwestern Mutual Milwaukee, WI 04/2003 – 06/2003

Primary responsibility included the leading the development effort of Peregrine ConnectIt 3.2 and supporting implementation of AssetCenter 4.2. This required accepting EDI invoicing from hardware vendor, processing via ConnectIt through AssetCenter and eventually updating legacy financial systems.


Eaton Cleveland, OH 11/2002- 03/2003

Primary responsibility included implementing the Lease Management module of AssetCenter 3.6. This required integrations to leasing vendors using B2B technology and use of Peregrine’s ConnectIt. Also included re-engineering of business processes to manage leased assets. Secondary responsibility included documentation of previous modules implemented and break-fix activities.


EDS Rochester, NY 6/2002 – 11/2002

Primary responsibility included the development for Peregrine ConnectIt 3.1 and AssetCenter 3.6 applications on an Oracle database. Also responsible for planning on migration effort to Peregrine AssetCenter 4.2 for future phase.


USBancorp. St.Paul, MN 1/2002 – 6/2002

Primary responsibility included participating in the development effort for Peregrine AssetCenter 4.0 application on an Oracle database. Lead development effort in creation of import scripts, database customizations and lead on Peregrine ConnectIt integrations.


Visa International, Foster City, CA 7/2000 – 12/2001

Technical lead for the Peregrine AssetCenter 3.6 installation, which is managing technology assets, which include total cost of ownership (TCO), software license management for all ATM, Circuits, Routers, hubs etc. Main responsibilities include:


Lead development effort for Peregrine AssetCenter 3.6 application on an MS SQL database utilizing window clients 2000/NT/98/95. Lead development of AssetCenter Web.

Lead development effort for an integration with People Soft, SMS, Net Census, TS Census, Scopus, Remedy, Oracle Financials, utilizing Peregrine Connect.iT. Provided direction on data gathering, baseline inventory and life cycle management processes.


Williams Communications, Tulsa, OK. 11/1999 – 6/2000

Primary responsibility included leading the development effort for Peregrine AssetCenter 3 application on a MS SQL database utilizing window clients 2000/NT/98/95. Lead development effort for an integration with Remedy utilizing Peregrine Connect Point Remedy ARS, People Soft, LANDesk, and Oracle Financials, utilizing batch processing. Provided direction on data gathering, baseline inventory and life cycle management processes. Technical resource on implementation of Peregrine’s Get It.









·         Project Management Methodologies and processes

·         Peregrine AssetCenter Wizard, Workflow, and Integration methods

·         Crystal Report Design and Deployments methods

·         Peregrine Get.IT Workflow and Integration methods

·         Microsoft Product and OS Suites: including Project, Office, Access, NT, 95/98/2000d XP


Database/Server Experience

·         SQL Server

·         NT Server

·         2000 Server

·         Oracle7.x – 11i




·         Peregrine Certified Applications Engineer for AssetCenter, which includes: Asset Management, Procurement Management, Inventory Management, Software Licensing Management, Leasing Management, and Cost Management

·         Experience in Peregrine’s Repository Interface Manager (PRIM) (AssetCenterServiceCenter Database Replication Bridge)

·         Expert in Peregrine’s ConnectIt product


Selected Clients


·         State Farm

·         USBancorp

·         Visa International

·         Williams Communications

·         Eaton Corporation

·         EDS

·         ITx

·         Orchestrated Solutions

·         Northwestern Mutual Life

·         Best Buy


Peregrine Product Expertise


·         Connect.IT

·         PRIM

·         Get.IT Suite

·         AssetCenter 2.x to 4.2


Product Interfaces/Experience


·         Remedy Help Desk

·         HP Service Sesk

·         HP Openview

·         Scopus

·         Microsoft SMS

·         Peregrine ServiceCenter

·         Peregrine AssetCenter

·         Connect.IT

·         Oracle Financials & HR

·         People Soft (HR, AP, PO modules)

·         Ariba

·         Net Census, TS Census

·         Crystal Reports

·         Tibco

·         EDI

·         Altiris