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A Tivoli Netcool Principal Consultant / Netcool SME who architects comprehensive IT Management solutions and clouds for networks, systems,
applications, and business processes. Tivoli / Netcool technical strengths include, Omnibus, Probes/Gateways, WebGUI, ITNM, Proviso / TNPM, TNCM,
Impact, ITM, TADDM, ITCAM and IBM SmartCloud). Executes a holistic approach to integrate the strategic initiatives from above (OSS/BSS, BPM, ITILv3,
FCAPS, TMN, etc) with the tactical realities from below (tools, people, knowledge and processes.) Utilizes excellent written and oral communication skills.
Draws on:
•        Understanding of the other 90% (outside tool architecture) of the IT Enterprise solution: Advocate/Sponsor, Organizational structure, Business
Processes, and Knowledge Management.
•        Wrote the OMNIbus Best Practices Guide and Impact Alternatives Whitepapers for Tivoli Netcool Users Group.
•        Published three IBM Tivoli books via Amazon. This includes:  “Tivoli Netcool Probe Best Practices” and  “Tivoli Netcool Impact Alternatives”.
•        Twenty years of  "real world" experience delivering: vision, architecture, and implementation insight to over 50 fortune 500 companies and large
government and military organizations.
•        Deep industry root with ties into key players: large (IBM, HP, CA, BMC, Cisco, etc), small (ScienceLogic, Monolith, Rivermuse, etc) and Open
(OpenNMS, Nagios, Solarwinds, etc)
•        System programming origins at Oracle, VISA, and Chevron.
•        Early architect and innovator of virtualization implementing: appliances, VMs, and cloud services with CoolAlerts in 1999 as well as cloud services
architect and implementer at SiteROCK, Verizon, Cisco, and Savvis.
•        Beta tester and early implementer of IBM's Orchestrator product.
•        Proviso aka TNPM:  Worked on at Cisco, Cox Entertainment (Cox), and British Telecom (BT).  Specifically, he helped architect and implement the
product at Cisco. He did deep dive troubleshooting for the product at Cox and BT.  His background as a system developer at Oracle on the
RDBMS/Network engine, and as a VISA*Net gateway developer at Inovant (VISA), was the skill sets most beneficial as this product is quite cantankerous.
•        Intelliden aka ITNCM: Worked on TNCM at: Hibbett Sports, AT&T, and IBM.  These were mostly architecture and implementation projects. In addition, I
worked as a Principal Consultant and Developer at Alterpoint, a competitor of ITNCM, and did extensive integration with Opsware NAS (another
competitor of ITNCM now owned by HP.) Unlike Fault and Performance management products, the configuration management space is very uniform in
approach and implementation with nuances around scripting languages used, and scaling/performance ability.  That said, ITNCM is a well-built product
which is easier to scale out without hogging the bandwidth as TNPM does.

Skill Set        Level        Last Used        Experience
Protocol Analysis (IP based (TCP, UDP, ICMP, SNMP v1 v2c v3, OSPF, BGP, etc), SPX/IPX, SNA, TL1)        Expert        Current        15
IBM Tivoli Netcool WebGUI, TCR, Impact & TBSM        Expert        Current        10/4/14/5
IBM Tivoli Netcool OMNIbus/Probes/Gateways + ITNM        Expert        Current        14
IBM SmartCloud (Orchestrator, Monitor, APM, Prov.)        Expert        Current        1
IBM Tivoli Identity Manager / Tivoli Access Manager        Intermediate        1 year ago        4
IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Mgr TNPM (Proviso)        Intermediate        3 years ago        3
IBM Tivoli ITM(Candle)(TEP,HTEMS,RTEMS,UA,OS,MQ)        Expert        Current        5
IBM Tivoli ITCAM (AD, TT, J2EE, ISM, SSM, Oracle)        Intermediate        Current        2
IBM Tivoli ITNCM (Intelliden) & TADDM        Expert        1 year ago        2
Cisco Works, CUOM & CANA        Intermediate        2 years ago        2
Open source: OpenNMS, Nagios, Cacti, MRTG/RTT, nmap, fping, ziptie, medusa, net-snmp, Wordpress, etc        Expert        Current        3-10
BMC (Remedy, CMDB),  ServiceNow        Intermediate        1 year ago / Current        1/1
Open NerveCenter                Expert        1 year ago        8
HP OpenView (NM/OVO), SiteScope / IBM NetView        Expert/Interm.        2 year ago        10/3
CA (Nimsoft, Spectrum, Ehealth)        Intermediate        4 year ago        3
Solarwinds Orion (NPM, APM, NTA, NCM)        Intermediate        2 years ago        3
Lucent QIP/BT IPControl/DNS/MS Active Directory        Expert        5 years ago        5
Also utilizes Apache/Tomcat, Infoman, Alterpoint, Remedy, sendmail, Vantif, Intalio, OpNet, and numerous network tools.
Skill Set        Level        Last Used        Experience
Perl (incl. OLE, TK, DBI, SOAPlite)        Expert        Current        15
C/C++, JAVA, PHP        Expert/Intermediate        Current/1 yr ago        20/2/5
Assembly (80x86, 6510/6502)        Intermediate        3 years ago        10
Bourn/Korn/Bash/C/MSDOS Shells & Awk, Sed        Expert        Current        20
HTML/XML/Javascript (DOM,JQuery, extjs)        Intermediate        Current        9
SQL (DB2/Informix/Mysql/Oracle/Sybase)        Expert        Current        12
Also writes in dozens of proprietary languages included embedded technologies and scripting such as Expect.
Skill Set        Level        Last Used        Experience
UNIX Linux / Solaris / HPUX / AIX / QNX        Expert        Current        20
Windows Vista/XP/2K/2003/98/95/3.X/MS-DOS        Intermediate        Current        20


Principal Tivoli Consultant                2003-PRESENT

Overview: Provides seasoned expertise for architecting and managing enterprise IT operations, including: monitoring, performance, configuration,
provisioning, and change management at both strategic and tactical levels.

Strategic: Directs organizations NMS & Security tool strategies, organizational structures, industry posture, etc. Customer include: Juniper CTO Office,
Cisco, Savvis, Blue Stripe CEO, Tavve Investors, etc.

Tactical: integrates the IBM Tivoli framework, people, knowledge, and processes into a holistic solution. Developed standardized event and alert
management using Tivoli ITM/ITCAM, Netcool (including ITNCM and TNPM), and TADDM. Drove product enhancements based on customer strategies,
requirements and the existing Tivoli architecture. Applied and extended ITIL processes to manage Tivoli administration including: rules, impact policies,
class definitions, scripts, etc.  Applied ETL standards to Tivoli TCR  to create an user centric and controlled reporting practice. Customers include: Aircell
(GogoAir), AT&T, Bluestripe, Cingular, Cisco, Clearwire (Sprint), Electrolux, Fiber Tower, Hibbett Sports, Juniper, IPC Systems, Nationwide, NCB (Jamaica),
New Hampshire Regional Medical Center, OG&E, TIAA-Cref, VISA, Savvis, Syniverse, Wells Fargo, WPS, Xerox, State of Ohio, USCENTCOM, US Air Force,
US Army, and US Navy. Specific tools include: Alterpoint, CiscoWorks, Opsware, Ehealth, NerveCenter, Netscout, NetQoS, Tivoli (Netcool, ITM, ITCAM),
QIP, HPOV, Remedy, and other pre-existing tools and scripts. Wrote product extensions to IBM’s Tivoli Netcool, BMC’s Remedy, and ServiceNow.

CTO                         2000-2010
Architected a monitoring, performance management, and configuration cloud service back in 2000. Implemented this product including:

• Async ICMP poller (15,000 polls/min).        • Complex behavior models.                • Rollup of multiple alarms.
• Async SNMP poller (11,000 polls (50 OIDS each)/min).        • Downstream suppression.                • Streamlined HTML, TK interface.
• Alarm and trap correlation.        • Notification: paging, email, and traps.        • SNMP trap processor.

Principal Consultant         Alterpoint        2007-2008
Architects comprehensive OSS/BSS solutions including fault, performance, ticketing, ETL, and configuration management solutions. Champion product
lines integrations into other Network Management tools.

ITMaaS Cloud Architect         Cisco Systems        2005-2007
Implemented comprehensive Netcool based monitoring service. Supported IPT, network, server, and services monitoring across multiple customers,
using cutting edge tools: Remedy, Twiki, Oracle, Netcool, NerveCenter, CUOM (Cisco Unified Operation Manager), Cisco ANA, MARS. Designed support
posture including processes, knowledge infrastructure, and tool selection for the new service. Integrated existing processes, roles, and knowledge
management into new solution. Architecture changes increased capacity 1000%, reduced bandwidth consumption by 60%, and improved customer

Senior Network Consultant                BT Global/Lucent Corporation/INS        1996-2005
Launched the product IPControl, providing pre/post-sales support. Extended architecture and implemented modules in C and PERL to fulfill customer
demands, including American Airlines, Flagstar, Oracle, Time-Warner Telecom, Turner Construction, Toyota, and Veritas. Designed integration between
IPControl and Netcool. Trained INS staff on Netcool. Performed webinars. Presented at both Micromuse and HP’s user conferences. Wrote white papers
for INS & HP.
Implemented and supported complex network management solutions for Fortune 500 companies including: Airtouch, Kaiser Permanente, Mervyns, and
State of California. Products included Netcool (Omnibus, probes, and reporter), HPOV, Cisco Works, Telemon, and Nerve Center. Automated Solaris and
Window 2000/NT administration and the administration of the installed NSM tools with a web enabled front end, utilizing apache, PHP, and mysql.

Senior Consultant         AT&T/SBC/Callisma        2001-2003
Architected and implemented complex OSS/BSS solutions for Fortune 500 companies including: Applied Materials, Capital Group, Fibertower, Riversoft,
SiteROCK, Verizon, and VISA. Wrote white papers for Concord, Open, and the Netcool users group.

Senior Product Manager         VISA Corporation        1995-1996
Product Manager for VISA Access Points (Gateway product for banks to access VISA's financial network.) Developed assembly 8088 and C based apps on
the real-time QNX OS. Integrated digicard and other intelligent communication cards running proprietary operating systems into QNX. Worked with Sync,
BSC, SNA (APPC, APPN), SPX/IPX, TCP/IP, X.25 and other protocols, connecting banks to VISA*NET for authorization and reconciliation.

Senior Technical Analyst        Oracle Corporation        1992-1995
Resolved complex multi-vendor technical and political issues involving Oracle's RDBMS and Network products.  

Senior Programmer        Chevron Information Technology Company        1991-1992
Helped design a custom, forth generational language wrapped around PL/1 and REXX.

•        Active Secret clearance

•        Netcool Certified Consultant
•        Nerve Center Certification  
•        ITIL Foundation  
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