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Oracle Security  Consultant

Information Technology professional with over 20 years of both technical and leadership experience, an MS in Computer Information Systems, six years
of experience in client-facing roles, and CISSP and PMP credentials. Areas of expertise include engagement management, systems architecture, Identity
Management, IT Security, compliance, infrastructure operations, and risk management. Responsible leader with strong technical and relationship
management skills. Well versed in government and industry regulations including SOX, 21 CFR 11, HIPPA, and PCI.

2010  - present
Independent Consultant
Designed and implemented Identity Management (IdM) solutions
•        Performed IT security consulting services for large multi-state clients in the manufacturing, public utility, and commercial insurance industries
•        Performed business development functions to create client base
•        Assisted clients in formulating, planning, and executing their identity management strategies
•        Advocated right-fit IdM solutions based on customer size and business requirements
•        Integrated IdM strategy with clients’ business initiatives
•        Designed solutions to meet clients’ complex regulatory requirements including separation of duties (SoD), attestations, and policy-driven controls
•        Worked with all levels of client's hierarchy across lines of business to achieve consensus
•        Worked on planning, testing, and executing AD migrations to consolidate multiple acquisitions into single forest/domain to reduce support costs
•        Used technologies that include Oracle OIM, Sun Identity Manager, Courion Access Assurance Suite, Powershell, Java, perl, J2EE, WebLogic, Quest
Migration Manager, Quest One Quick Connect, AD, LDAP, eSSO, SOA, BPEL, .NET, Web Services, and shell scripting.
•        Target systems have included SAP, AD, other LDAP, Oracle eBusiness, PeopleSoft, AS400, Unix/Linux, relational DBMS (i.e. Oracle and MSSQL),
Remedy, CICSO Call Manager (via NBI), plus SAML- and SPML-compliant targets.

PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS LLP, Florham Park, NJ                                        2008 -- 2010

Managed IT Security Engagements for a number of clients in varied industries
•        Performed business development functions to extend relationships with current clients and to develop new clients
•        Partnered with clients to obtain executive support for IdM strategies and security programs
•        Managed multiple engagements simultaneously
•        Helped clients leverage IdM to reduce operating costs, comply with regulations (SOX, HIPAA, etc. ), implement Single Sign-On (SSO), and to meet PCI
security standards
•        Helped clients identify gaps in their security programs and offered guidance on how to close them
•        Advised clients in developing IdM strategy
•        Performed requirements discovery, technical and business and technical specifications, and implementation of Oracle Identity Manager-based and
Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)-based IdM solutions
•        Managed globally dispersed project development staff
•        Designed and implemented IdM solutions and IT security programs for a variety of large, medium, and small companies and for government

Staff Development
•        Instructed partners and staff in firm’s proprietary methodology for managing complex organizational transformation engagements
•        Instructed partners and staff in collaborative problem-solving techniques
•        Taught techniques for creating impactful and insightful presentations
•        Coached junior staff members in expected behaviors and outcomes, and in professional and technical development

2007 – 2008
IdM Consultant

Designed and implemented Identity Management (IdM) solutions
•        Designed and implemented IdM solutions for a variety of large, medium, and small companies and for government agencies
•        Performed requirements discovery, technical and business and technical specifications, and implementation of Oracle Identity Manager-based IdM

BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB COMPANY, INC., Pennington, NJ                                        2003 -- 2007     
Messaging Architect / Project Manager (2005 – 2007)

Designed and implemented global messaging solutions
•        Project Manager for consolidating messaging infrastructure from six data centers into three
•        Designed and implemented calendar, directory, and electronic mail solution based on SunONE Messaging Server, SunONE Directory Server, and
Oracle Calendar
•        Developed and tested business continuity plans for over five terabytes of mail and calendar data
•        Supported 50,000 IMAP and calendar users in data centers in the UK, Australia, and the USA.
•        Developed and supported automation and reporting tools using Perl with Net::LDAP, Mozilla::LDAP, Mail::IMAPClient, and CGI modules.
•        Developed and supported wireless interface into calendar system using published C++ API and Perl.
•        Managed projects to upgrade global infrastructure and to move to HA environments.
•        Supervised, trained and mentored staff.
•        Wrote project management plans, project charters, scope documents, risk management plans, communications plans, Technical architecture
diagrams, performance reports and 360 degree peer reviews

Designed and deployed digital identity provisioning solutions for a global workforce and managed enterprise meta-directory.
•        Designed, implemented, and supported authentication and authorization infrastructure, delivering single sign-on and centralized password
•        Designed, implemented, and supported the digital identity registration system for employees and contractors.
•        Juggled multiple projects with multiple co-dependencies
•        Developed tools for the management of access control groups and for account provisioning
•        Automated the enforcement of security policies with regards to password aging, document retention, and periodic access reviews.
•        Delivered 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
•        Integrated SunONE infrastructure with legacy databases and SAP (using C, SAP’s RFC API and Oracle’s OCI API)
•        Mentored junior staff members
•        Consulted with applications developers to aid them in ensuring data integrity by leveraging existing enterprise data where available and by adding
to enterprise data when appropriate.  
•        Data Architect with respect to LDAP directory environment and Oracle views of same
•        Wrote project charters, scope documents, technical architecture diagrams, performance reports, SDLC documents (user requirements, system
requirements, high-level design
and detailed design documents), validation documents and user reference documents and training materials

THE KERNEN GROUP, INC., Lima, PA                                          1999 - 2003
IT Consultant
Provided consulting services to design, develop, and implement an iPlanet-based messaging, directory and CS&T (now Oracle) calendaring solution to
global client’s user base; supported LDAP database with 60,000+ entries and an e-mail infrastructure with 40,000 users on 13 production mail servers and
over 40 directory replicas on five continents.
•        Managed all facets of consulting business, including accounting, finance, and business development
•        Created custom Messaging/Calendar packages to facilitate cookie-cutter approach to roll out of large number of servers and acted as Tier 4
•        Developed tools for integrating CVS version control with Sun’s pkgmk facilities to deliver robust production environment.
•        Developed reporting and monitoring utilities and integrated them with 3rd party reporting tools to provide a complete solution for SLA monitoring
and reporting.
•        Developed specialized tools for enforcing mail retention policies, quota policies, security policies, and user account provisioning to enable the
iPlanet (now SunONE) solution to scale globally.
•        Developed tools to facilitate migrations from other platforms and to allow automated and semi-automated problem resolution. Engineered upgrade
from Netscape 3.x messaging to iPlanet 4.x.
•        Designed and implemented replication architecture.
•        Enabled other applications to integrate with LDAP infrastructure.
•        Architect and developer for Enterprise account provisioning solution using combination of LDAP, Oracle, SAP/HR, and SunONE technologies.
•        Provided documentation, sample code, and LDAP infrastructure to enable cookie-cutter approach to enable a variety of applications to use the
LDAP directory for user authentication and account provisioning/de-provisioning.
•        Engineered automated solution for responding to legal discovery requests for e-mail and LAN documents using Java, J2EE, AltaVista’s Java SDK,
and Perl.
•        Developed  popular object-oriented IMAP client module for Perl (available on CPAN as Mail::IMAPClient).

ALLIANCE CONSULTING GROUP, Philadelphia, PA                                         1998 - 1999
IT Consultant

Maintained over 60 UNIX servers running AIX, Sun O/S or Solaris, DSC/OS, and HPUX, including four separate HACMP clusters, for a large banking client.
•        Performed backup verification, performance reporting, tuning, and analysis, capacity planning, troubleshooting, system upgrades, application
upgrades, Perl installation, and Y2K certification and remediation.
•        Worked with DBAs to design, implement and support very large Oracle databases.
•        Used Perl , shell scripts, HTML, and other tools as available.

THOMAS JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY, Philadelphia, PA                                 1988 – 1998
Manager UNIX Systems

Supervised, trained and mentored four Unix system administrators supporting 20+ machines running AIX and HPUX.
•        Supported servers providing services for DNS, BOOTP/DHCP, web, news, e-mail, RDBMS's and OpenView.
•        Designed, implemented, and supported two generations of enterprise-wide e-mail solutions.
•        Migrated thousands of users from PROFS and other proprietary mail systems to HP OpenMail.
•        Integrated Dial-Up authentication with X-500 database.
•        Integrated several standards-based and proprietary mail systems with X-500 and CDS Mail*Hub. Supported X500 (LDAP) database, mail switching
infrastructure, and CS&T (now Oracle) calendar database services. Implemented Lotus Notes pilot.
•        Was responsible for project management, design, installation, and maintenance of HPUX and AIX, HCI/HIE’s Cloverleaf integration engine, Control
Data’s Rialto (Mail*Hub) products, and HP OpenView
•        Provided numerous automated solutions using Perl, tk, UNIX, and TCP/IP.
•        Programmed interfaces between HIS and ancillary systems via LU6.2 sessions and TCP/IP sockets.

Previous positions:

Lead IT Engineer, Technical Consultant, Senior Software Analyst, Software Analyst


CISSP  • PMP Number


MS Computer Information Systems, Boston University, Boston, MA summa cum laude 2006
GPA: 3.98
BA, Organizational Management, Cabrini College, Radnor, PA, summa cum laude 1998
GPA: 3.98, Class Valedictorian
AS, Thomas Jefferson College, Philadelphia, PA summa cum laude 1996
GPA: 3.88, Inducted into Alpha Kappa Lambda honor society
East Norriton, PA
Certificate, Computer Programming, Maxwell Institute, East Norriton, PA 1983
Studied Assembler, RPGII, BASIC, database and networks
GPA: 4.0
Software Applications:  Quest Migration Manager (QMM), Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), Active Directory (AD), Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), Oracle
Access Manager (OAM), SunONE Messaging, SunONE Directory, CA SiteMinder, Oracle Calendar, BMC Directory Management and Visualization
(Calendra), Oracle RDBMS, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Cygwin, Oracle Developer’s Suite,
eSSO, Oracle Designer, Netbeans, Eclipse

Programming Languages:  Perl, UNIX shells (sh, ksh, bash, etc), Java, J2EE, .NET, JSP, ASP, TCL, tk (w/Perl or TCL), Expect for Perl or TCL, C, C++, HTML,
JavaScript, PL/SQL

Platforms:  UNIX (including Linux), Windows


Member, Project Management Institute • Member, ISC2

English • Spanish • French
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