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Over fifteen years experience. Hyperion Essbase (3 years), Essbase Cubes (Design, implementation, loading, tuning), EIS / Essbase Intergration Services,
EDS / Essbase Deployment Services, Hyperion Analyzer, Essbase Calc Scripts, HAL, MDX Calculations, Reports, Planning, & Application Link, Comshare
Decision, Oracle Financials, and Oracle Express Products.


Bachelor’s Degree; Computer Information Systems; University of Houston at Clear Lake, May 1992, 3.6 GPA


Hyperion Essbase (OLAP); Hyperion Planning; Hyperion Reports; Oracle Express; Software Development Methodologies; Oracle Express Objects; Visual
Basic Advanced Programming; Oracle PL/SQL; Lotus Notes Administration I and II; Lotus Notes Applications Development I and II; Cold Fusion; several
TQM Courses; Dale Carnegie Presentations; and The Pacific Institute.


Hyperion Essbase, EIS, EDS, Analyzer, Reports, Planning, & Application Link, Comshare Decision, Oracle Financials, Oracle Express Products, Oracle
Financial Analyzer, Oracle Designer 2000, Oracle Developer 2000, Macromedia Flash 4.0, X-Server, Telnet, Cold Fusion, Lotus Notes, Lotus WordPro,
Lotus Organizer, Lotus 1-2-3, cc:Mail, LapLink, Carbon Copy, dBase 3+, Clipper, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server
6.5/7.0, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Project, Borland C++, Word Perfect, SAS, ISPF, QMF, Windows (9x & NT), Unix on Sun Solaris, OS/2, and Novell


Essbase Calc Scripts, Lotus Notes, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Oracle 7.x, PL/SQL, Oracle Reports, SQL Loader, Lotus Notes HiTest, Lotus Notes VIP, C++,
PL/I, CSP, DB2, JCL, Cobol, Pascal, Ada, Assembly, Fortran, Basic, dBase 3+, Clipper, macros, and script files.


Dell PCs, Compaq PCs, IBM PCs & compatibles, Windows NT & Novell networks, tape backup systems, laser printers, SUN, AMDAHL 5890, IBM 3800, VAX
11/780, PDP-11, dot matrix printers, and mainframe printers.


Cox Software & Consulting, LLC.

2003 to Present

Senior Consultant/Owner, Houston, TX

·         Provided hands-on design & development for Hyperion Planning 3.3.2 at a major healthcare provider with Essbase 6.5.4, HAL 3.0, & Reports 2.6. The
project took 2 months to implement the business rules/calc scripts, security setups and imports, web forms, HAL Procedures and general Essbase work
including optimizing, tuning, & security. Also assisted with EIS & Oracle code for the Data Warehousing project.

·         Marketing, business development, developing the company website, and billing and collections.

Resources Connection, Costa Mesa, CA.

2001 to Present

Senior Consultant, Houston, TX

·         Provided project management, scoping, design, & hands-on implementation for Hyperion Planning 3.3.2 at a large Telecommunications company,
with Essbase, HAL 3.0, & Reports 2.6.1. We completed the project in 2 months in time for the 2005 budget cycle. The 2-month project consisted of
implementing the reporting tool for actual data and the budgeting and forecasting application with Hyperion Planning for the Financial Statements and
detailed expenses. Along with the hands on building of the application, I also supervised client personnel assigned to the engagement for the hands on
building and project management tasks.

·         Provided hands-on design and implementation/development for Hyperion Planning 3.0 & 3.3.2 at a fortune 500 company in the mining industry, with
Essbase, HAL 3.0, & Reports 2.0. The project took 3 months to implement the budgeting and forecasting application for the Income statement &
Balance Sheet accounts.

·         Provided hands-on development and implementation of Hyperion Planning with versions 2.1 – 3.3.1, Essbase 4.0 - 6.5.4, Analyzer 5.0.3 - 6.5, Reports
1.71 – 2.6, & HAL 1.3 & 3.0, along with several of the other Hyperion suite of products at a major aeronautical corporation.

·         Provided project management duties related to the multiphased project at all clients, including requirements gathering, design, schedules, cost
projects, activity reports, and others tasks as needed which resulted in delivery of the applications on-time and on-budget in 4 months. The 1st phase of
the project included one Planning application with 3 plan types and took approximately 5 months for implementation and upgrades. Also stayed on the
project for an additional 1 year and 2 months for upgrades, support, and phase 2 of the project.

·         Provided project management duties for the Hyperion Essbase implementation of a financial reporting application and additional add-on
applications that resulted in an on-time and in-budget completion of the project in 4 months at a major health provider.

·         Developed Hyperion Essbase applications and reports with Hyperion Reports and Hyperion Analyzer as part of the financial reporting application

·         Implemented Hyperion Application Link in order to move data from Hyperion Enterprise to Hyperion Essbase as part of the financial reporting
application implementation.

·         Performed project scoping, requirements analysis, planning, design, development, and project management duties, which enabled the team to
complete the project on-time and in-budget.

·         Developed a web based front end for access to the reports and project management information.

Hyperion Solutions Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA.

2000 to 2001

Regional Practice Manager; Essbase/OLAP Practice; Hyperion Consulting Services

·         Provided business development, extensive cost & time estimates, project definitions, and proposals for pending projects resulting in several wins.

·         Created regional budgets and business plans for the central south region by coordinating with the national group of regional practice managers
and upper management, which provided the direction for the Essbase practice.

·         Managed resources & scheduled consultants time for multiple on-going projects allowing consultants to work up to 3 projects during a week.

·         Performed project scoping, requirements analysis, planning, design, and project management duties as needed.

·         Enhanced and enforced development methodology and performed project reviews ensuring that projects are completed on time and in budget.

·         Managed up to 20 consultants in the central south region on various projects resulting in successful completion on each project.

·         Promoted team building with consultants and clients, internally and externally which created a great environment for successful projects.

·         Worked product issues for Hyperion Essbase, Reports & Planning resulting in resolutions, which kept the clients happy, and continuing to use
Hyperion’s products.

·         Worked collection issues and provided invoice corrections and managed subcontractors which led to collecting millions of dollars in outstanding

·         Provided hands-on development work as needed with various systems in emergency situations leading to on-time delivery of the application(s)
being developed.

·         Developed new business at Hyperion seminars, Solutions 2001, & client meetings.

·         Created POCs and demo applications for Hyperion sales and presales organizations.

·         Spearheaded the Hyperion consulting services demo applications gathering, development and deployment which led to several consulting

MicroClassic Integration, Inc., Houston, TX.

1998 to 2000

Project Manager

·         Provided project definitions, project scoping, cost & time estimates, resource management & scheduling.

·         Led the data conversion project for converting legacy claims into an Oracle claims system with VB, SQL Server 6.5/7.0, SQL and UNIX applications,
which resulted in project completion in 16 months and rolled out as scheduled to 100 plus users.

The Friedkin Corporation, Houston, TX.

1995 to 1998

Project Manager/Computing Business Consultant

·         Performed project management duties as well as requirements analysis, planning, design, scheduling, status reports, development, and

·         Multidimensional database planning and implementation along with data conversions, data scrubbing, and data loading from various relational
tables, text files, and spreadsheet files and other Essbase administration duties.

·         Client/Server programming for the Decision Support System using Visual Basic, Lotus 1-2-3, and Comshare Decision software which is a rapid
application development (RAD) tool using a Visual Basic scripting language to access Essbase.

·         Performed NT & Novell LAN/WAN administration, maintenance and installation.

·         Data conversion programming for Oracle Financials implementation.

Minet Insurance Services Inc., of Texas, Houston, TX.


Project Manager/Applications Developer/Lotus Notes Administrator

·         Performed Lotus Notes Administration for 13 servers in 10 cities which included scheduling replications, setting up all servers, monitoring servers
and support for 250+ Lotus Notes users.

·         Designed and developed Executive Information System using Lotus Notes, Visual Basic and Lotus HiTest.

·         Performed NT & Novell LAN/WAN installation, maintenance & administration.

Unisys Corporation @ NASA, Houston, TX.

1992 to 1995

Software Engineer/Requirements Analyst

·         Technical lead in Maintenance/Operations department.

·         Provided cost estimates for program development.

·         Completed multiple programs to retrieve and input data to track NASA shuttle inconsistencies with PL/I, CSP, JCL, Cobol, & DB2.

·         Developed TQM methods for software quality control.

Brown & Root Services Corp. @ NASA, Houston, TX.

1987 to 1992

System Designer/Programmer

·         Designed, developed, tested, implemented and trained users on, Real Property Accounting and Inventory Management System.