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Blue Yonder SCPO Technical Architect / Consultant with Demand , D360, Fulfillment, ESP, Fulfillment and Order Optimization: PEN129

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PEN129 - Blue Yonder Technical Architect - JDA Technical Architect - Blue Yonder Professonal Service Consultant - JDA Software Consultant

This is the Resume of Peningo Systems Blue Yonder Consultant / JDA Consultant who is a JDA Technical Architect with expert level experiences implementing the SCPO suite of solutions, including JDA Demand, Demand 360 / D360, Fulfillment, Enterprise Supply Planniing / ESP, Master Plannninf, Order Optimization, Markdown Optimization, Promotions Optimization



  • Experienced Blue Yonder Technical Architect / Consultant with over 25 years of global, progressive, and increasingly responsible project roles for assessments, implementations, upgrades, post implementation support, and health checks of Supply Chain Management technologies and supporting information systems across industry verticals.
  • Senior JDA / Blue Yonder Technical Architect who has worked with Manugistics / JDA / Blue Yonder applications from version 3.x to current versions. Extensive hands-on experience with the SCPO suite including DP/EE, Demand, Fulfillment, Master Planning, Collaborate and Monitor. Has performed system installation, batch setup, troubleshooting, and tuning including the installation of Oracle under AIX, HP, and Solaris.

Blue Yonder application Technical Expertise

  • Technical Skill Set (v3.x to current)
  • Blue Yonder Demand
  • Demand360
  • Fulfillment
  • Order Optimization
  • Collaborate
  • Monitor
  • Market Manager
  • Promotions Optimization
  • BTL
  • Transport
  • Master Planning
  • Enterprise Supply Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Markdown Optimization

Industry segments


  • Beverage Bottler and Distributor
  • Chemical and Ingredient Provider
  • CPG
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food Manufacturer
  • Food Retailer and Distributor
  • Grocer
  • Office Supply Retailer
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Power Tools Manufacturer
  • Retail

additional expertise

  • Linux Installation
  • Oracle (7i, 8i, 9i, 10i, 11i)
  • Oracle in:
  • Windows
  • UNIX under AIX
  • HP
  • Solaris
  • Scripting
  •  PL/SQL
  • Korn
  • Windows BASH
  • DBA & LAN Management/Support
  • Java Swing
  • TCP/IP
  • J2EE
  • Logical Physical Database Design
  • LDAP and SSO Integration
  • Custom SREs
  • Citrix WinFrame Configuration
  • Taradata DBC/V2
  • SQL
  • Configuration
  • Utilities
  • Solaris C++, Versant Object Database
  • Bachman

Areas of Specialization:

  • Supply Chain Planning Optimization
  • WebWorks
  •  Clustering
  • Node Pool Optimization
  • Integration
  • Scripting
  • Performance Tuning
  • Batch Troubleshooting
  • Shell Scripting
  • Java, J2EE
  • Oracle 7-11g, SQL Server
  • PL/SQL
  • SQL Loader and FF Parsers

PROJECT Overview


Peningo Systems, Inc. (provider of Blue Yonder Consulting Services)

Technical Architect • Retailer


Technical Architect • Beauty Products Retailer


  • Worked with the functional team on customizations.
  • Designed, coded and tested customizations
  • Supported the batch processing.


Technical Architect • Retailer, United Kingdom


  • Set up the computing environment for running JDA batch.
  • Designed the batch processes and order of processing with the functional architect.
  • Implemented and coded the initial processes.
  • Passed off to the permanent technical architect with ongoing instructions along with performance and tuning guidelines going forward.

Technical Architect • Food Retailer and distributor


  • Worked with the business team and the functional architect to hold workshops to show the possible uses of IO and how they would like to use it at their company.
  • From the output of the workshops, I worked with the technical team to determine where to get the required data for IO.
  • Along with the functional architect, came up with a low-level design for implementing IO at this client.

Technical Architect • shoe and apparel retailer


  • Set up the client’s initial configurations.
  • Participated in workshops to go through user stories.
  • Using a design of the clients DFU levels and their original feed of data, wrote and tested scripts to modify and load the data for the purpose of showing demand to the client.
  • Passed on the code written along with tips for going forward to the permanent technical associate.

Technical consultant • office supply retailer


Upgrade of Inventory Optimization from v8.1 to v2016 in which the process is integrated into SCPO.

  • Managed the technical aspects of the upgrade.

  • Advised the team on PL/SQL scripting modifications that would be required for the new IO environment.

  • Performed the environment reconfiguration from multiple Oracle instances to a single one due to the integration of IO with SCPO.

  • Performed significant performance and tuning work on the IO Solver process, reducing the client total run time from 25-32 hours to 8.

  • Advised the team going forward of modifications to the environment which would be beneficial.

  • Upgraded and configured JDA Demand and Fulfillment JDA cloud services with functional, statistical algorithm changes and improvements in cleanse history and demand classifications.

 Technical consultant • beverage bottler and distributor


  • Developed and released a User Defined Process based on a Functional specification. Designed and created a Technical specification and coded, tested, and released it to the QA team.
  • Modified existing modules based on Functional specification changes.
  • Performed bug fixes to code and environmental issues.
  • Wrote common technical functions for the use of the development team.
  • Translated major functional specification releases for 3 major areas of concern to the company into code which was delivered to the QA team, then modified the Technical specifications to support these changes.

Technical consultant • chemical and ingredient provider


  • Served as the Subject Matter Expert for business process, and specific functionality related to JDA Fulfillment.
  • Configured application.
  • Developed or updated technical specification documents.
  • Developed data integration.
  • Completed comprehensive testing of all aspects of the JDA solution implementation to include Unit, System, Integration, and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Worked with the Customer’s business and IT to define and document specific requirements associated with performance.
  • Recommended any hardware architecture changes need to meet Customer’s specific business needs.
  • Presented a comprehensive outline for the technical footprint of the Customer’s solution within the Technical Solution Specification.
  • Liaised with the Functional and Technical teams to understand the scope of the activities associated with the deployment of the identified functionality enhancements.
  • Updated integration requirements including high level Data Flow Diagrams, Data Mapping Documents and Entity Relationship Diagrams to facilitate data integration.
  • Identified requirements associated with process execution, monitoring, and logging for all expanded and new products in use.
  • Provided feedback on best practices and modifications that may be required during the execution phase.
  • Configured SRE settings to meet business requirements and batch schedule SLAs.
  • Added user defined columns and user defined tables to the base JDA database schemas.
  • Developed or modified existing custom batch scripts as needed.
  • Developed or modified existing batch process scripts (XML, Scheduler) as needed.
  • Developed a custom process logging and alerting infrastructure that was consistent with the Customer’s enterprise standards.
  • Documented Test Plans, Scenarios, and Execution Results.
  • Updated technical batch documentation.
  • Performed knowledge transfer to the support team.

Technical consultant and performance tuning consultant • beverage producer and distributor


  • Performed PL/SQL scripting lifecycle for JDA Supply (version 7.8).
  • Implemented Master Planning.
  •  Designed technical specifications from functional specifications and development work.
  • Managed the tuning and optimization of batch processing.
  • Generated metrics to support before and after processing states.

Technical consultant • food manufacturer


Roll out JDA v8.1 in Northern Europe.

  • Served as Demand and Fulfillment Development Lead.

  • Developed, tested and deployed integration from SAP into and out of JDA to support enhanced (DFU) master data transformations as well as promotional planning customizations.
  • Implemented v8.x price measures to enable user-visibility to time-phased price changes (in addition to stored and computed measures for a separate project).
  • Developed PL/SQL utilities to optimize the legacy batch design to support increased volumes.

Technical consultant / technical product specialist / environment support lead / performance consultant • grocer


  • Supported the full testing lifecycle for JDA Demand and Fulfillment (version 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7.x).
  • Held responsibility for maintaining, updating and optimizing nearly a half-dozen environments to support business releases of a phased implementation.
  • Managed the tuning and optimization of batch processing programs/scripts.
  • Generated metrics to support before and after processing states.

Technical product consultant • chemical and ingredient provider


Led the phased custom technology expansion of the Manugistics solution into the company’s Canadian affiliate; supporting a rollout from British Columbia to Ontario.

Technical consultant • power tool and accessories manufacturer


Updated batch script updates, new development and environment tuning to support JDA upgrade.

Technical consultant • food manufacturer


Performed PL/SQL tuning to accommodate the company’s upgrade to version 7.x from client server.

Technical consultant • pharmacuetical manufacturer, philippines


Developed an extensive library of Unix shell scripts controllable via a custom Java GUI.

Technical consultant • food manufacturer

  •  Developed complex PL/SQL program for customization.
  • Conducted performance tuning, via Maestro batch scheduler, of the database.
  • Set database standards.
  • Rolled out disaster recover processes. Additional relevant work history Technical consultant • wisuite
  • Made modifications to the web server based on user trouble tickets. The web server was based on Google Web Toolkit and developed under Eclipse.
  • Made database changes to fix trouble tickets in MySQL.
  • Shaped report modifications using BIRT under Eclipse.

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