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Resume of BY / JDA Consultant: PEN127

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Blue Yonder Professonal Service Consultant - JDA Software Consultant

Blue Yonder Technical Architect - JDA Technical Architect



Over 20 years of experience in Information Technology

Over 15 years of hands-on experience in analyzing, executing and delivering Supply Chain Management projects using Blue Yonder /JDA with 8 years in the Retail Industry

Technical and Functional expertise in implementing JDA – Demand and Fulfillment modules

Managed Full Product and Project life cycles in supply chain implementations

Subject matter expertise in demand planning, fulfillment planning, inventory optimization and Truck Load Building optimization with experience in JDA

Liaison between Business and IT for building solutions

Excellent skills in PL/SQL, Pro*C, C, C++, Java, Perl and Shell programming & Oracle Tuning.

Technical Skills:

Supply Chain Packages : JDA (Manugistics) 7.x

Operating Systems         : Solaris 10, HP-UX 11x, AIX 4.x, Win2K, NT, XP

Databases                     : Oracle11i, 10g, 9i

Languages                     : PL/SQL, SQL, .Net, Java, C, C++, Shell, PERL


  • Bachelor of Engineering  in Industrial & Production Engineering - Nagarjuna University, India


  • Fundamentals of Demand & Fulfillment 7.x from JDA 
  • Basics of Supply Chain Management - CPIM
  • Data Warehousing & Information Access Strategies of the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing program - University of California, Berkeley Extension




Techno Functional Architect 

Peningo Systems / Blue Yonder/ JDA Software Group, Inc    January 2019 to Present 

Environment: AIX, Oracle 12, SQL, PL/SQL & Shell Scripting

Responsibilities: JDA SCPO Implementation & Custom Development using Oracle

  • Blue Yonder / JDA Applications - Demand, ESP, Order Promiser 
  • Binary Silent Installs & Configuration of JDA Foundation, SCPO & SRE Thin Installs, DB Migration, SQL & PL/SQL Interfaces for Data and User Functionality 
  • Understand Functional Specifications specified by Requirements from Business Users
    and create Technical Specifications 
  • Validate Functional Use cases and configure for UAT 
  • Implement UDTs & FEs to interface business user inputs for calendar Horizon, Batch, UI and Process parameters. 
  • Implement Batch Development 
  • Good understanding of demand and supply planning tools both from a configuration and process standpoint 
  • Good knowledge of systems integration points for demand and supply planning systems required 



Mar 2018 – January 2019 

Product                        : JDA SCPO - Demand and Fulfillment

JDA Versions               : 7.x/8.x

Environment                : Solaris, Oracle 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, PERL & Shell Scripting

Responsibilities            : JDA Mexico Implementation & US Supersession

JDA SCPO Implementation  – Replicating US implementation in Mexico Remotely. JDA installs on Build/Test, QA, SIT, Training & UAT on Production Servers.

Shell Scripting for nightly, weekly and monthly Batch processing

JDA Migrations including creation of UDCs & UDTs.

Custom process to Extract, Transform & Load data from propriety enterprise application into JDA with IGP using Shell, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL & Java.



Technical Architect - Client Implementations 

  Environment: Unix, Oracle 12c, SQL, PL/SQL, PERL & Shell Scripting Responsibilities: JDA SCPO Implementation & Custom Development using Oracle

  • JDA Applications - Binary Silent Installs & Configuration of JDA Foundation, SCPO & SRE Thin Installs, DB Migration
  • Provide Technical Solutions per new Functional Specifications by Business Users using PL/SQL - Stored Procedures, Packages & Triggers and SQL Queries invoked by Shell/PERL.
  • Created Functions, Triggers for Data Validation, Views & Sequences, Tuning of PL/SQL using Bulk Collects
  • Shell Scripting for nightly, weekly and monthly Batch processing
  • JDA Application & Database Migrations including creation of Custom Tables & Columns
  • Custom process to Extract, Transform & Load data from propriety enterprise application into JDA
  • JDA patches - Upgrades and Migrations of Oracle Schema to Application version
  • Trouble shooting of Oracle code for general Coding errors and Locks
  • CSM Security setup, SRE Tuning



Jan 2013 – Feb 2018  :   

Product                        : JDA SCPO - Demand and Fulfillment

JDA Versions               : 7.x

Environment                : Solaris, Oracle 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, PERL & Shell Scripting

Responsibilities            : Support of SCPO Demand and Fulfillment, JDA Installations, Patch Installations and Migrations

JDA SCPO patches – Upgrades and Migrations.

Create Custom processes based on Functional Specifications specified by Business Users for new Business requirements using SQL & PL/SQL Code invoked by Shell/PERL scripts, Java.

Support of Technical and Functional analysis of Demand and Fulfillment issues related to JDA processes.

Jun 2011 – Dec 2012  


Lowes is a Home Improvement retail company with over 2000 retail outlets and over 40,000 SKUS per store.

Product                        : JDA SCPO - Demand and Fulfillment

JDA Versions               : 7.x

Environment                : HP-UX, Oracle 11g, Shell Scripting

Responsibilities            : Manage Supply Chain Project, Technical analysis of SCPO, JDA Installations, Configuration and Batch setup

Installations of JDA SCPO along with version management of Cumulative patches in coordination with JDA

Design and Development of nightly and weekly Batch processing of JDA Demand and Fulfillment Processes integrated with Custom processes using Shell Scripting

Configuring custom processes to run from JDA UI.

Part of Performance tuning team for JDA and Oracle to process few Million Skus during nightly Batch

JDA Schema Migrations, Creation of custom tables in JDA schema and UI Configuration for FEs of Custom Tables.

JDA UI security configuration by creation of Roles and assigning to appropriate users.

Training and Transfer of Knowledge to Capgemini Offshore teams in India Supporting Lowes from Offshore.

Dec 2004 – Jun 2011:  Publix Super Markets, FL, USA

IT Project Manager–Supply Chain Implementation

Publix Supermarkets is a Florida based privately-held Fortune 100 Company operating over 1000 supermarkets and over 20 warehouses in USA. Implemented JDA Demand and Fulfillment for managing the Supply Chain of 20 Million SKUS.


Product                        : JDA SCPO - Demand and Fulfillment

JDA Versions               : 7.1x, 7.2x, 7.5x and 7.6x

Environment                : Solaris, Oracle 11g, Shell Scripting, Java, .Net, SQL Server

Responsibilities             : Manage Supply Chain Project, Functional and Technical analysis of SCPO, JDA upgrades, configuration, Integration and Maintenance


Implement JDA Demand & Fulfillment for Publix Supermarkets supply chain-

Project involved implementing JDA SCPO Demand and Fulfillment & rolling out over 1000 stores and 20 warehouses with 20 million SKUs using JDA 7.2.2 to cut down store Inventory levels and improve service levels at stores

Part of the Core team to implement Supply Chain strategy over six phases

Managed scope and time of JDA projects in each phase to implement demand forecasting and fulfillment planning

Defined requirements specifications, translate to Design, lead development and testing with team sizes of 10 or more, perform User Acceptance Test and resolve user issues and perform maintenance

Monitored the implementation to ensure the KPIs defined by business users are met

Performed extensive functional and technical analysis with business users for lead times, charting, shipping and receiving schedules, in transits, supply changes, case conversion factors, Lost Opportunity of Demand, History adjustments, causal factors etc

Developed proof-of concept for project initiation

Validate functionality of existing Demand and Fulfillment processes before and after implementation

Customized JDA warehouse Fulfillment to match the integration with store supply chain

Technical duties involved – Managing JDA installations and upgrades, migrations, configuring SRE Nodes, system administration, user security and Oracle performance tuning , PL/SQL coding and tuning, managing STSC and CSMMGR schemas, java and shell programming 

Functional tasks involved - Configuring JDA Demand & Fulfillment modules, analysis of new functional features for implementation, functional analysis to resolve Forecasting and Replenishment issues related Orders and safety stock in the Supply Chain

Implemented JDA for establishing Supply Chain for products from Publix Manufacturing Plants supplied to Warehouses and Stores

Developed Custom Process to substitute JDA-Truck Load Building for building optimized Truck Loads

Worked in liaison with JDA for performance tuning of JDA jobs


Jul 2001 – Nov 2004:   JDA, Rockville, USA

Software Analyst 


SCPO Demand and Fulfillment are part of Supply Chain suite of Manugistics software. JDA Demand has capabilities of Multi-model framework, Forecasting, Event Management, Life Cycle Management and Event Modeling. Fulfillment is used for determining optimal product, planning and scheduling manufacturing and transportation loads and replenishes and optimize inventory throughout the distribution network.

Project                         : Product Development of Networks Demand, Fulfillment and General Systems 

Environment                : C, Java, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, NT, Oracle 8x/9x, Perl, Shell

Manugistics Versions   : 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

Responsibilities             : Lead for technical and functional aspects of various features of Product                                             development of JDA (Manugistics) Demand and Fulfillment  

Designed and developed technical and functional specifications for major product releases

Worked with clients for trailblazer activities involving migrating JDA client databases and validating the solution before the General Availability release

Led a team of over 5 off-shore members for Product releases

Installation, Upgrades, Configuration and Performance Tuning of Webworks and SCPO applications for 7.x and 6.x versions for in-house use for various teams.

Maintenance of the databases including performance tuning using Import/Export, IGP imports, SQL loader and SQL scripts and other database administrative tasks

Executed modifications for JDA SCPO and Meta Data schemas for Demand and Fulfillment modules for 7.x and 6.x versions

Performance tuning including SRE tuning of JDA at Application, Database and Operating System levels.

Responsible for the development and execution of project plans, functional test plans for web-enabled Supply Chain Management products.

Worked with the Product Support team to identify and resolve client issues and expand test coverage accordingly, leading to a closed-loop continuous improvement in the existing test processes

Analysis of Demand Algorithms and Demand classification - Fourier, Lewandowski, Holt-Winters and Crostons

Development and Maintenance of JDA Demand and Fulfillment application releases for 5.4x, 6.x and 7.x versions using C, Java, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Procedures and shell scripts


April 1999 – June 2001                                   

Ameritrade Inc, Annapolis Junction, USA

Software Engineer

Project             : Wireless Applications and Tradecast Integration

Environment    : C, C++, Java, Oracle, Perl, Tuxedo, Solaris


Ameritrade Holding Corporation is a pioneer in the discount and online brokerage industry. The company provides brokerage services and clearing services to self-directed individual consumer investors and other financial institutions. Tuxedo serves as an e-commerce transaction platform for building scalable 3-tier client/server high-performance and reliable applications in heterogeneous and distributed environments.

Analysis of Applications Integration with the acquired company – TradeCast

Developed C, Pro*C,  PL/SQL Procedures  and Java for handling Financial transactions

Improved performance of existing applications by using Host Arrays in Pro*C 

Developed Perl and Shell scripts along with SQL for extracting and formatting data

Designed and administered Queues for the incoming transactions

Made enhancements to application using Tuxedo FML buffers for increased performance

Designed and developed Scheduler and Interpreter modules as part of Work-Flow Manager to interpret and control the flow of ILN events for Job Processing.

June 1995 - April 1999

Software Analyst          CMC Ltd., INDIA

Project             : Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) – Power Systems.

Environment    : C, Oracle 7.3, Solaris

The SCADA product was developed for Electric Utility companies. The product has the following functionalities - Data acquisition, data processing, data logging, report generating, alarms and events generation, automatic and supervisory control and online configuration.

  • Developed Entity relationship diagrams, functional flow diagrams and dataflow diagrams
  • Designed and developed data service libraries using C, Pro*C and PL/SQL, Shell scripts
  • Worked on Product maintenance and enhancement releases
  • Implementation and customization of application for various Electric Utility Companies

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