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JDA Software Consultant


•        Over 15 years of experience in design and development of Application software.
•        Over 9 years of Technical and Functional experience in  developing, implementing, configuring and tuning JDA / Manugistics Supply Chain products
– Demand and Fulfillment
•        Over 5 years of Supply chain experience in the Retail Industry
•        Excellent skills in Oracle Tuning, PL/SQL, Pro*C, , C, Java, C++,  Perl and Shell programming
•        Managed Full Product and Project life-cycles in development and implementation of JDA Demand and Fulfillment modules
•        Experience Leading and managing teams for Implementation of Manugistics


JDA / Manugistics        : 7x, 6x, 5x
Operating Systems        : Solaris 10, HP-UX 11x, AIX 4.x, Win2K, NT, XP
RDBMS                : Oracle10g, 9i
Languages                : C, C++, Java
Scripts                        : Shell, Perl
Version Control        : Harvest, CVS, SCCS, Visual Source Safe
Bug Tracking                : Quality Center, mPower, Vantive 7x


Mar 2005 – To date:                        
JDA / Manugistics Consultant

Product                        : JDA / Manugistics Demand and Fulfillment
Manugistics Versions        : 7.1x, 7.2x and 7.5x
Environment                : Solaris 10, Oracle 9x, Oracle 10g, Shell Scripting, PL/SQL
Responsibilities                : Manugistics upgrades, configuration, Integration and Maintenance

•        Implemented Manugistics as part of Auto Replenishment rolled out for over 1000 stores using Manugistics 7.5.x Demand and Fulfillment  to cut
down Inventory levels and improve Customer Service levels at over 1000 stores
•        Worked with JDA to performance tune SRE, Oracle and JVM to handle process run times
•        Effectively performed Functional Analysis for configuring and tuning Manugistics processes
•        Successfully Lead the implementation for Integration of the Store and Warehouse Supply Chain systems to cut inventory levels and improve
Customer Service levels at Warehouses
•        Successfully Lead the implementation for Manugistics for establishing Supply Chain for products from Manufacturing Plants supplied to
Warehouses and Stores
•        Acted as Knowledge expert for implementing Direct-Store-Delivery system for products from Vendors
•        Developed Custom Process to substitute Manugistics-Truck Load Building for building optimized Truck Loads
•        Extended the functionality provided by the Manugistics using Shell scripting, Java and  PL/SQL
•        Impact Analysis of Manugistics upgrades
•        Consistently provided Functional analysis to resolve Forecasting and Replenishment issues like safety stock in the Supply Chain
•        Manage Manugistics Installations, Migrations, system administration, User security, system performance and capacity planning.

Dec 2004 – Feb 2005:
Manugistics Technical Consultant/Developer

Product                        : Networks Demand and Fulfillment
Environment                : HP-UX, NT, Oracle 8x, PL/SQL
Manugistics Versions        : 6.1.x and 6.2
Responsibilities        : Application Integration and Maintenance –

•        Integration of Manugistics applications
•        Developed SQL queries and PL/SQL procedures to validate data and to act as interfaces between other applications like Baan etc.
•        Developed shell scripts on HP-UX to run nightly batch jobs
•        Production support for Manugistics Demand and Fulfillment
•        General Maintenance of products
•        Technical administration

July 2001 – Nov 2004:                        Manugistics Inc.
Software Analyst

SCPO NetWORKS Demand is the Demand solution in the Supply Chain suite of Manugistics software. NetWORKS Demand has capabilities of Multi-model
framework, Forecasting, Event Management, Life Cycle Management and Event Modeling.

Product                        : Networks Demand and Fulfillment and General Systems
Environment                : C, Pro*C, Java, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, NT, Oracle 8x/9x, Perl, Shell
Manugistics Versions        : 5.4x, 6.1.x, 6.2, 7.0, 7.1.1, 7.2, and 7.2.1
Responsibilities        : Development, Performance, Testing and Maintenance –

•        Worked with Manugistics’ client databases and developed a good functional knowledge of
  how Forecasting(NetWORKS Demand) and Supply Planning(NetWORKS Fulfillment)
  applications are used in the client’s business process
•        Installation, Upgrades, Configuration and Tuning of Webworks and SCPO applications
and knowledge of File variables for 7.x and 6.x versions
•        Good knowledge on the working of Web version (7.x) of Manugistics including SRE Nodes
•        Maintenance of the Databases including performance tuning using Import/Export, IGP
imports, SQL loader and SQL scripts and other database administrative tasks
•        Sound knowledge of the Manugistics Schema and Meta Data for Demand and Fulfillment
modules for 7.x and 6.x versions
•        SCPO and DPEE Migration for Client and sample Databases from 5.4x to –
Harley-Davidson, Hershey’s, Pfizer etc.
•        Participated in client trailblazer test activities, involving migrating Manugistics' client databases
and validating the solution before the GA release
•        Good knowledge of tuning Manugistics at Application, Database and Operating System
•        Hands-on and knowledge of Webworks, Calculate Model, Publish Forecast,
Store forecast, Map DFUs, Reconciliation, Plan, RecShip etc for 7.x and 6.x versions
•        Developed Shell Scripts on Unix and Batch programs on Windows to automate tasks- 6.x/7.x
•        Involved in developing functional specifications for major product releases
•        Responsible for the development and execution of  project plans, test plans and test cases for the
Demand module of Manugistics’ suite of web-enabled Supply Chain Management products.
•        Worked with the Product Support department to identify and resolve client issues for
NetWORKS Demand and expand test coverage accordingly, leading to a closed-loop continuous
improvement in the existing test processes
•        Good knowledge of Demand Algorithms - Fourier, Lewandowski, Holt-Winters and Crostons
and their parameter configuration
•        Developed code and fixed issues in C, Java, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Procedures for
Demand and Fulfillment applications for 5.4x, 6.1.x, 6.x and 7.0 versions
•        Good knowledge of Demand classification feature for 7.2.1
•        Development and Maintenance of NetWORKS Demand client-server and web versions
•        Involved in Design and Design Reviews and Code Reviews

March 2001 – June 2001                        Client - Ameritrade Inc, Annapolis Junction, MD
Project                : Wireless Applications and Tradecast Integration
Environment        : C, C++, Oracle, Pro*C, Pro*C++, PL/SQL, Tuxedo, Solaris
Ameritrade Holding Corporation is a pioneer in the discount and online brokerage industry. The company provides brokerage services and clearing
services to self-directed individual consumer investors and other financial institutions. Tuxedo serves as an e-commerce transaction platform for
building scalable 3-tier client/server high-performance and reliable applications in heterogeneous and distributed environments.

•        Developed  the application using C, Pro*C  for handling Financial transactions
•        Developed PL/SQL Procedures and Triggers for the business logic
•        Improved performance of existing applications by using Host Arrays in Pro*C
•        Designed and administered Queues for the incoming transactions
•        Redesigned applications by using Tuxedo FML buffers for increased performance
•        Analysis of Applications Integration with the acquired company – TradeCast
•        Developed shell scripts for routine tasks

May 2000 – February 2001                                           Client - Etrade, Palo Alto, CA
Project                : IPO Center
Environment        : C, C++, Sybase, Java, Tuxedo, Jolt, Kiva Enterprise Server, Perl

E*TRADE is a global leader in online personal financial services, offering value-added investing, banking and research features. Stock buyers order and
receive notification for the executed orders using its IPO Center. The processing of the stock orders is done based on the user's run-time inputs and the
results in real-time.

•        Designed and developed Services using Sybase Embedded SQL, C & C++ for IPO Center
•        Built libraries using Tuxedo middleware / C API's and FML buffers
•        Developed Perl and Shell scripts along with Sybase SQL for extracting and formatting data
•        Developed Java Servlets to establish interface between the client and the servers

April 1999 - May 2000                                                D2K Inc., San Jose, CA
Project                : D2K ILN (Information Logistic Network)
Environment        : AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, C, C++, Tuxedo, Sybase, Oracle

D2K is the leading provider of Data warehousing and Business Intelligence. ILN is an integrated tool suite that provides a turnkey solution for the entire
data mart creation, management and reporting cycle. ILN automates the process of extracting, moving, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from
mainframe and relational data sources into UNIX or Windows NT databases.
•        Design and development of WorkFlow Manager - interprets and controls the flow of ILN Events
•        Developed Scheduler and Interpreter modules as part of Work-Flow for Job Processing.
•        Ported the application from Oracle to Sybase for UNIX platforms.
•        Used Sybase SQL, Stored procedures and Triggers for porting to Sybase
•        Developed modules using PRO*C  and PL/SQL Procedures
•        Designed and developed objects to implement Cache manager for ILN Engine using C++
•        Designed the Queues for the incoming transactions using Tuxedo/Q / C
•        Developed and executed unit test drivers for Extract, Load and Transfer from and to sources, targets and data marts
•        Designed and developed Tuxedo Servers for the Batch processing of jobs in C
•        Developed C programs for client interface to ILN Tuxedo servers
•        Debugging of Application servers using Forte and Purify

November 1997 - April 1999
Systems Integration, CMC Ltd., INDIA
Project                : TNPL Online Integrated Information System
Environment        : Oracle, Solaris, Windows and Developer 2000 R1.0

The project is a custom application for the client – TNPL for the Financial, HR and Sales modules.

•        Generated out Entity relationship diagrams, functional flow diagrams and dataflow diagrams
•        Prepared System Specification, Functional Specification, Program Specification and Test plans for the system
•        Executed test runs after performance enhancements
•        Developed shell scripts for Data validation and common SQL tasks

June 1995 - October 1997
Systems Integration, CMC Ltd., INDIA

Project                : SCADA – Product for Power companies.
Environment        : C, Oracle 7.3, Solaris

SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition finds application in areas such as power.
The SCADA product has the following functionalities - Data acquisition, data processing, data logging, report generating, alarms and events generation,
automatic and supervisory control and online configuration.

•        Developed PL/SQL Stored Procedures
•        Designed and Developed Data Server libraries as shared objects using C and Pro*C
•        Developed an administrative menu for the system using Shell scripts
•        Prepared unit test cases for integrated testing
•        Executed the unit tests using C drivers, Shell, SQL and  PL/SQL
•        Customization of the application according to customer specific needs
•        Bug fixing and product maintenance
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