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JDA Software Consultant - i2 Consultant

Professional Experience
2010 – Present  
Senior Manager – Demand Forecasting/Sales and Operations Planning

Responsible for the rolling 18 month business forecast that is used by the organization for planning manufacturing operations, signaling the supply base,
and corporate financial planning.  Responsible for the management of a team of highly skilled Demand Planners whose job it is to work closely with our
customers and historical sales data to develop a robust and accurate long term forecast.   Applications used in this forecasting process are i2’s/JDA’s
Demand Manager integrated tightly with SAP (sales history).  Monthly forecasts are created and then reviewed with local Executive Management along
with manufacturing supply base in Japan.  Responsible for improving overall Forecast Accuracy.  Leading an effort to redesign and replace the overall
Sales and Operations Planning process at Fujitsu with a more tightly integrated and transparent process that will help to quickly link demand with supply.  
Helping to redefine and redesign the overall “New Product Introduction (NPI)” process by introducing more process discipline and by adding an
executive review and signoff process.   Helping to identify future training opportunities for the team and supporting a Forecasting Certification through
the institute of Business Forecasting.  Major project deliverables are as follows:
        Overseeing the development of a timely and accurate forecasts
        Redesign of a Sales and Operations Planning process
        Organizational redesign of NPI process
        Team development

2009 – 2010
Global Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) – Program Manager  

Responsible for the delivery of an integrated suite of Advanced Planning and Scheduling applications and processes designed to fundamentally
transform the planning function of a $60 Billion Dollar Company.

This overall S&OP project consists of the following delivery tracks:
Demand Planning, Inventory Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Data, Reporting and Process Design

My personal responsibilities are centered around providing leadership within these tracks and then reporting back to our Executive Management team
on project status through a standard PMO forum.

The anticipated benefits associated with this large transformation initiative are as follows:

        Improved cost efficiencies associated with a more standard and simplified product offering
        New and improved build to stock and build to plan capabilities (i.e. less customized offerings)
        Improved forecast accuracy (30,60 and 90 day out)  
        Improved ODM supplier management
        Inventory Optimization and Inventory Planning - Reducing stock outs in build to stock models
        Better end to end demand and supply visibility
        Reduced logistics costs (i.e. boat vs. plane)
        Global planning instance resulting in standard processes and minimal regional differences

2008 – 2009
Global Order Planning and Order Visibility – Program Manager
•        Program Manager for Dell’s Global ODM Order Planning solution. This Global Order Planning initiative continues to run daily and helps to
intelligently flow orders to our ODM partners after considering material constraints, ODM capacity constraints, and order priority.  This was a global
project supported by operations and sales teams located in Singapore, Singapore, Penang, Malaysia, Austin, TX and Shanghai, China with IT development
activities performed in Bangalore, India. This was a large global initiative involving multiple world class software applications and one that I led from the
project’s inception to final project delivery.  
•        Program Manager for Dell’s Global Order Visibility solution. This Order Visibility initiative delivered a unique near real time view of order status for
orders across multiple regions (i.e Global). This project delivered a true “one stop shop” for providing order status information and allowed for
proactive alerts through automated.  The project helped improve Dell’s ability to communicate a more accurate and timely order status to our customers
and eliminated the use of several legacy order status tools.   
•        Both of these projects continue to help our Sales and Business Operations teams to better understand when an Order is projected to complete and
helps to answer a customer’s question of “where’s my order”.  Both projects are helping to improve our customer’s overall experience with Dell and are
continuing to be improved through a quarterly IT release cycle.  
•        Responsible for leading and facilitating Kaizen events geared around gathering global requirements to support our order visibility and order
planning initiatives.  Also responsible for continued analysis and reporting of detailed order cycle time data and ODM performance data as it relates to
the Order Planning project. Conduct weekly global cadence meetings with the business and IT in order to provide timely feedback regarding project
status and ongoing improvement work.  
•        Responsible for providing regular four up project reviews to executives covering such topics as project status, costs, budgets, benefits, scope
and accomplishments.   

        Represented Dell in a leadership role within the i2 Directions User Group as an elected Board Member on the i2 Directions User Group Board of

Global Supply Chain Solutions Architect

Responsible for leading a team of IT professionals and software suppliers in collecting requirements from our business partners and then applying
technology and rapid prototyping solutions to satisfy these business needs.

•        Responsible for driving project direction, prioritization, governance and organization to a team of 12 offshore (India) resources that are part of Dell’
s extended Supply Chain Test Bed/Infrastructure team. This Supply Chain Infrastructure group was responsible for evaluating, analyzing and identifying
improvement opportunities in the Supply Chain planning space. This team reviews future IT project work with respect to risk, data and benefit analysis in
order to better understand the merits of a project prior to significant IT investments.
•        Work directly with our Dell business partners to understand planning related problems and then take these challenges back to the extended test
bed team to design actionable solutions.  This infrastructure team consisted of highly skilled of Operations Research and Supply Chain Management
practitioners that were tasked to improve Dell’s supply chain planning processes and technologies.  
•        Developed communications tools such as SharePoint to educate our business partners on the work done in the Supply Chain Planning space.  
•        Worked directly with the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions provider, i2 technologies, in an effort to better leverage the i2 tool set
and improve operational efficiencies associated with the planning processes that are used to run the business. Worked directly with i2’s Demand
Manager, Inventory Optimizer, Supply Chain Planner, Demand Fulfillment, Factory Planner and Supply Chain Strategist tools.
•        Worked closely with Advanced Manufacturing Research (AMR) to evaluate new technologies and solutions in the APS space.  
•        Developed technology architecture designs that were recommended for production environments

Manager - Global Portfolio Product Management Group

Manager of a team of product managers (PdM’s) who represented a global portfolio of planning and execution applications at Dell.  This team of product
managers worked directly with the business in generating a set of very detailed requirements and then worked directly with IT and third party software
providers to insure that these requirements were understood and built into future IT deliverables.     
Responsible for managing product enhancements and helped to define future product roadmaps and spending budgets.  All of this work was performed
at a global level in that all geographic regions participated in the prioritization of enhancements and requirement definitions.  
This PdM team was responsible for the communication of this “Global Priority” to the IT teams in order to influence delivery sequence.  
In addition to this Product Management worked I helped to remotely lead and manage a team of four full time i2 consultants based in Bangalore, India
who were dedicated to supporting the Dell account for i2.  With this i2 team we leveraged a rapid prototyping approach to quickly explore various i2
product offerings and worked closely with the business to highlight prototyping results, observations and potentials.  Worked directly with i2’s Inventory
Optimizer, Supply Chain Planner, Demand Fulfillment, Factory Planner and Supply Chain Strategist applications.
Served as chairman of the “Computer and Electronics” SIG that is part of the i2 User Group during this assignment timeframe.  
Global Supply Chain Solutions Architect (IT) – Independent Consultant

        Engaged for nine years as a full time Supply Chain Planning Consultant to the 3M Corporation.
        One of the very early members of 3M’s Global Demand Management Information Technology department that was responsible for the successful
design, development and advancement of a global set of Supply Chain Planning process and tools at 3M.  
        Helped to validate, deploy, and integrate a suite of global i2 (JDA) planning applications that served to maximize customer service while minimizing
finished and semi finished inventory exposure.
        Led 3M’s Global Safety Stock and Inventory Optimization Project using internal and external tools and processes.
        Led in the design and development of a set of consistent and repeatable testing processes/tools that were used to support the production
deployments of several i2 (JDA) tools used at 3M. Worked extensively with i2’s Factory Planner application (starting in 1996) as well as i2’s (JDA) Supply
Chain Planner application (starting in 1997), i2’s (JDA) Demand Manager/Planner and Demand Fulfillment module (starting in 2001).  
        Experience with i2’s (JDA) Consumer Electronics and Durables (CECD 5.2, 6.0 and 6.1) template that was set up with the latest CIS framework and
the somewhat new (at the time) TMAPI schema. Worked directly with the i2 Operational Data Store (ODS) and have also worked with i2’s Active Data
Warehouse (ADW) and CDM schema.  
        Owned the task of evaluating new i2 (JDA) products as well as looking at how we could expand the functionality footprint to cover a wider range of
business needs within the enterprise.
        Traveled extensively across the globe for 3M and provided on-site training and subject matter expertise to new and existing i2 (JDA)
I2 Factory Planner (Rhythm) System Administrator & Sr. Industrial Engineer
        Responsible for successfully implementing i2’s Rhythm Factory Planner application at Bell Helicopter's largest Machine Center. Because we were
geographically very close to i2 (Intellection at the time) we were able to work very closely with i2 in developing the Factory Planner application to fit well
into a job shop environment.  
        Discovered, communicated and monitored the eventual resolution of issues found with the i2 Factory Planner product. Responsible for end to end
testing of new versions of i2 Factory Planner software prior to introducing releasing these new versions of code into a production environment.  In this
testing process validated that issues were closed and as ensuring functionality was applied consistent when moving from one release to another.  In
this role I worked closely with our Bell business partners and i2 in addressing new enhancements into the Factory Planner product.  
        Prior to the Rhythm Factory Planner installation I worked in the Industrial Engineering group and was responsible for maintaining the Factory Labor
base application that was used for long range manpower planning and establishing rate structures for our pricing groups.  
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