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JDA Software Consultant

•        Highly experienced in System Study, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance.
•        Experienced 7 years in JDA Manugistics as an Architect and Techno-functional consultant in NetWORKS Demand, NetWORKS Fulfillment, NetWORKS
Collaborate, NetWORKS Monitor, NetWORKS Master Planning, NetWORKS Market Manager, EP, SCPO, NetWORKS Strategy, NetWORKS ONEview, DPEE,
NetWORKS Supply, NetWORKS Transport, Career and Freight Pay.  
•        Possessing strong client facing and collaborative skills in conjunction with application development and technical expertise.  
•        Exhibited Leadership / Teamwork skills as an Architect for a team of Manugistics developers.
•        Possessing solid experience in JDA Manugistics 6.x and 7.x Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting, Integration, Upgrades and Migrations.
•        Used extensively Control-M, ERWIN, Citrix, FTP, Toad, SQL, PL/SQL, NWIMPORT, IGP, AIX UNIX, HP UX, Sun Solaris.
•        Highly experienced in SDLC processes and application testing phases.
•        I have performed performance tuning, stress testing, troubleshooting of JDA Manugistics Demand Planning, Fulfillment, Collaborate, Master
Planning, EP and SCPO.
•        I have provided primary production support (24x7) for JDA Manugistics batch jobs.  Responsible for fixing applications errors, customization code
errors and production errors.
•        Added several User Defined Tables (UDT’s) and User Defined Columns (UDC’s) and provided integration with other modules.
•        Expert on SCPO database.  Highly experienced with CPP workbench, IGP and SRE, UNIX Shell scripting, SQL and P/L SQL Development and
•        Worked extensively on Manugistics business processes.
•        Experienced in preparing AKT’s , technical documents, etc

•        PG in Data Management from University of Madras in 1981
•        BA from University of Madras in 1979

•        System Analysis and COBOL Programming from Datamatics, Madras., India
•        ORACLE RDBMS and AIX UNIX from Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL), Hyderabad, India
•        HP/UX on HP-9000 from Hindustan Computers Limited, Hyderabad, India
•        ORACLE-8i, Power Builder and Visual Basic Certificate course from the Corner Stone Computer Technologies, Hyderabad, India
•        ORACLE-8 Distributed Database Implementation at Saudi Aramco, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
•        Oracle 9i Database Administration from Sekhar Soft, Hyderabad, India

•        NetWORKS WebWORKS Foundation
•        NetWORKS Demand Planning
•        NetWORKS Fulfillment
•        NetWORKS Monitor
•        NetWORKS Collaborate
•        NetWORKS Market Manager
•        NetWORKS Master Planning
•        NetWORKS Transport
•        NetWORKS Sequencing
•        NetWORKS Supply
•         EPO and SCPO
•        Effort recognition award received from M.D.Al-Shammari, Administrator MOAD-CAD for the outstanding efforts contributed towards the deployment
of the Java MIS’97 Web-Enabled Application throughout the company for all business units in ARAMCO.
•        Honored Super Manager Title for having played the major role right from the inception of computerization in Oblum Electrical Industries Pvt. Ltd.,
Prime responsible to spearhead the computerization work to the extent of paperless office automation environment.

WORK EXPERIENCE                                

Prodigy Software Group Inc        JDA Manugistics Architect Techno Functional Lead         09/2005 to Till Date

Unilever, IL                        
I have provided SCPO App Support.  I am responsible to trouble shoot SCPO 7.2.2 & MIO Safety Stock Application errors.  I have created several Flexible
Editor Pages, Search Criteria’s, etc during this assignment.

Dreyer’s, CA                
Nestle Dreyer’s bought Pizza Unit from Kraft Foods.   Dreyer’s are using 7.2 for their Ice cream.  I have involved in Kraft Pizza 7.4.2 Fulfillment integration
into Dreyer’s Ice cream business.   I have created several Flexible Editor Pages, Plan Analysis, Search Criteria’s, Option Sets, and Expressions during
Pizza Business Unit integration with their Ice Cream business Unit.

Exide Technologies, GA         (Canada Manu Rollout Project)
•        Created Database, Installed and configured SCPOWeb, WebWORKS Foundation, NetWORKS Monitor and NetWORKS Collaborate Version: and
•        Incorporated Canada setup in the existing SQL, PL/SQL, Batch scripts, NWIMPORT, IGP scripts.
•        Created new scripts using SQL, PL/SQL, Batch scripts, NWIMPORT, IGP to populate Canada data.
•        Modified Vignette business integration scripts.    
•        It is exactly two months timed and budgeted assignment to rollover the existing system to Canada region and we have completed this assignment
within the scheduled time frame.

Heinz Project, Pittsburgh, PA        
•        Installed Scpoweb patch # HEINZ_scpoweb-P901568-7221 on Strategy environments.
•        Designed, developed and introduced a globalised In-Transits and Schedule Receipts data extraction from FTP Server scattered in various
directories to a centralized folder in database server and submitted to process various vendors data together in one go.  This process facilitated
business to follow-up with vendors if their FTP files are missed for any given day, process time reduced, avoided code redundancy.  This development
involved creating UDC Column in STSC.LOC Table, a Data domain on the new STSC.LOC.U_FTP_IDENTIFIER, UDT Table, a trigger to populate data  into
UDT, UTL-File update, shell scripts, SQLs, PL/SQLs, etc.

Kraft Foods, Glenview, IL,                 
Title: Techno-functional Architect                 07/2007 to 07/2009
•        Performed JDA / Manugistics SCPO 7.2.1., SCPO 7.4.2 including Enterprise Profit Optimization (EPO), Collaborate 7.4.2 and Strategy 7.4.2 installations,
configurations, deployment, applying the latest patches on various environments, providing support on common security administration, trouble
shooting technical & functional errors, Refreshes Database / Applications as and when migrating any databases, UDT Enrollment, IGP tables creation,
regenerating IGP Tables whenever UDC are added, Data Domains Creations, configured and resolved node pool issues in clustered environments, etc
•        Participated in DPEE Upgrade from 6.1.4 to 6.1.8, Configurations, UDT’s UDC’s, FE’s Creations.  Executed Scripts, Batch Jobs and loaded data.  
Tested the upgraded scripts, debugged and deployed.
•        JDA cases creation, case reviews, implementing and testing JDA case resolutions.
•        Prepared technical documentations, spread sheets, transition documents, etc
•        Fixing ADF, APS DSD, CDR, Gevalia Production Issues, UNIX Configuration Issues.
•        Provided Common Security Administration for ADF, APS DSD, CDR and Gevalia business units.
•        Scheduling and Maintaining windows scheduler jobs, JAVA Code modifications on Selenium PC’s.
•        Implemented NetWORKS Demand Planning, NetWORKS Fulfillment and Deployment, EP, MMS, NetWORKS Master Planning, NetWORKS Market
Manager, NetWORKS Monitor, Network Collaborate, NetWORKS Strategy and upgraded 7.2.1 to 7.4.2.

The Timberland Company, Stratham, NH         
Title: Manugistics Tech Lead                 09/2006 to 06/2007
•        Extended 24/7 production support for Manu SCPO 7.2.2 Modules
•        Troubleshooted the batch job errors to continue Manu processes and produce expected results in a timely manner and to complete business
processes within SLA.  
•        Developed many SQL and PL/SQL code to implement company’s business logic into Manu.
•        Upgraded Supply Chain Application with Manugistics revised codes and applied Oracle patches on to the Production and Development
•        Responsible to maintain Common Security Module, database security, BEA and WebLogic application settings.

The Gillette Co., Boston, MA                 
Title: Techno-Functional Consultant                  11/2005 to 05/2006
•        Supported Supply Chain Planners to resolve application errors.  
•        Received business logic from Planners and created Technical documents to implement the same into supply chain applications.  
•        Reviewed batch job errors and communicated with the respective developers (SAP, BW, M/F and Client Server databases) to fix the errors at their
•        Imported data into newly added UDC’s from BW and SAP and provided integration with other modules with the additional data.  
•        Tested the revised code in development box to move them into production servers.
•        Troubleshooted Manugistics errors and implemented the revised code into DPEE 6.1.8
•        Developed many SQL and PL/SQL code to implement company’s business logic into DPEE 6.1.8.  Key user to maintain user’s activity and application

Johnson & Johnson, North Brunswick, NJ        
Title: Manugistics Tech Lead                  07/2005 to 10/2005
•        Responsible to populate Medical Devices and Diagnostics data into Production environment.
•        Developed WebConnect interface programs to implement into Manugistics Transport Management System.
•        Developed SQL and PL/SQL code into Networks Transport Application.
•        Successfully Implemented Freight Pay and Freight web pay.

Rohm and Haas Company, Philadelphia, PA         
Title: Manugistics Tech Lead                 02/2005 to 05/2005
•        Incorporated Rohm and Haas Company’s business logic using WebConnect, SQL and PL/SQL for Manugistics DPEE, SCPO, Collaborate and
•        Monitoring and Troubleshooting daily routine errors using Control-M and WebConnect.   
•        Developed new reports using WebConnect, SQL, PL/SQL and Unix batch scripts.
•        Responsible for the maintenance and version upgrade support for Manugistics Applications.  
•        Performed Primary support (24x7) for all Manugistics batch jobs.  
•        Responsible for error/bug fixing and development of all batch jobs, scripts and programs of Manugistics DPEE, SCPO, COLABORATE AND ONEVIEW.

Bristol Myers Squibb Co., Princeton NJ         
Title: Manugistics Tech Lead                09/2004 to 12/2004
•        Created Security Matrix for Business Capability Release – Vendors (BCR9) and Business Capability Release – Customers (BCR10).  
•        Developed Korn Shell Scripts, SQL, PL/SQL, NWImport and IGP Scripts to produce data for BCR9 – BMS Vendors related information.
•        Created IDOC’s to interface and integrate between Manugistics data with SAP
•        Created flat data files to import into SAP.

Datamatics (America) Inc                        Title: Manugistics Tech Lead                04/2003 to 08/2004

Manugistics Inc., Rockville, MD                Title: Senior Technical Consultant        04/2003 to 08/2004

•        The work at client locations involves O/S, Oracle, Manu s/w installations and upgrades.
•         Creating new databases, tablespaces, datafiles and System storage allocation and planning.
•        Created Tables, Views, Indexes, Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Packages, Synonyms, Users, and Roles.  Granting Privileges, incorporating
backup and recovery procedures.  
•        Troubleshooting of database integrity issues, customization of batch scripts, Cron Jobs, SQL, PL/SQL Scripts, etc.
•        Performance improvement, fine tuning customization code, scrutinizing customization processes, etc.
Brunei Shell Petroleum, Negara Brunei Darussalam           
C.S.D. Analyst & Oracle DBA             05/2002 - 02/2003
Responsibilities:        Oracle Infrastructure Hardware Study, Implementation and Database Administration.

Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore                         
Title: Oracle DBA                    04/2001 - 04/2002
Responsibilities:        Oracle Database Administration

Singapore Airlines, Singapore                Title: Oracle Database Administrator                        04/2000 - 03/2001
Responsibilities:        Extended support to maintain large and On-line databases.

Saudi Aramco, K.S.A                 
Title: Systems Analyst – Oracle DBA / Developer            04/1997 - 12/1999
Responsibilities: Development, Testing, implementation, maintenance and Database Administration.

Sree Manufacturing Company Limited, India                
Title: Manager – Systems            03/1997 - 04/1997
Responsibilities: Head of the Systems Department.  Two programmers and one computer operator were reporting to me.  Studied the existing systems
and improvised reports, incorporated several checks and corrected several loopholes.  Developed system logic to computerize their distributor’s data
collection and processing methods.

Maxworth Orchards (India) Limited, India                 
Title: Senior Systems Analyst            04/1995 - 02/1997        
Responsibilities: Database Administration, Additions and modifications of the existing applications as and when needed. Design, Development and
Implementation of new applications as per management requirements and maintenance of Systems dept., Data mobilization from hub offices and routing
to Corporate Office the entire Hyderabad. Zone data, etc

Oblum Electrical Industries Private Limited, India         Title: E.D.P.Incharge.                    11/1984 - 04/1995        
Responsibilities: Independent In-charge of the EDP Department.  Looked after the entire Systems Designing, Programming, Data Processing, Office
Automation needs and Co-ordination with user departments and computer media suppliers.
Sree Rayalaseema Paper Mills Ltd, India                Title: Programmer                 07/1982 - 11/1984

Responsibilities: Computer Operation, Programming, Supervision and assigning work to Data Entry Operators, Co-Ordination with user departments.
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