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JDA Software Consultant


Substantial background with over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain, ERP, legacy solution implementations, process engineering, project
management, and change management. Skilled professional who has managed, implemented and architected enterprise solutions and processes in both
complex commercial and military organizations.  Has an expertise with JDA Demand Planning, Fulfillment (SCPO), Collaboration, Transportation,
Reporting, Analytics and Networks Reporting.

Areas of Focus

•        Planning Solution Architect
•        Forecasting and demand modeling
•        Advanced Planning
•        Readiness Based Sparing
•        Process/event monitoring and exception management
•        Multilevel MPS and advanced Scheduling
•        Logistics Optimization
•        Yield Management
•        Business Intelligence
•        Scorecarding
•        Data warehousing design
•        Finance
•        Costing
•        Distribution
•        Manufacturing
•        Spares management
•        Repair and Overhaul planning
•        Network rationalization and asset deployment

JDA Solutions:

Managed and implemented the JDA solution set in varied organizations including large CPG organizations and complex DoD logistics environments over
the past decade. Solution expertise includes the JDA Demand Planning, Fulfillment (SCPO), Collaboration, Transportation, Reporting, and Analytics.
Developed the Inventory Optimization, Demand Classification, and integrated all the reporting and business intelligence capabilities. Key roles have
included project lead, project manager, solution architect, trainer, and developer.

Project Summaries

Aviation and Missile Command and Joint Munitions Command
AMCOM LCMC operational data and process management – Industrial Base Operations, Configuration and Life Cycle management, and Planning
Processes. The lead AMCOM solution architect for the largest logistics planning system in the world, including go-live site PM. (SAP)

Deputy PM and Solution Lead (Global Logistics)

Defined configuration and lead process design of the global logistics for domestic (CONUS) and overseas (OCONUS) planning and execution. Developed,
designed, and implemented an advanced planning solution (AMC, MSC, SDDC -Air, Sea, Ground TRANSCOM/CENTCOM – Deployment Distribution
Operations Centers) – planning/operation portal to near real time process monitoring and custom solution (JDA-TMS, BI)

Consulting and Process Architect – Demand, Supply, Collaboration, and Data warehouse/Business intelligence

Processes design of the global Supply chain, ERP Solution (SAP) and Data warehouse solutions (SCM, SAP,Oracle) for the DLA. This included processes
improvements in the depot planning structure and subsequent modifications of the planning requirements, key parameters, and improvements to the
forecasting supply materiel. Redesign and rollout of BI solution integrating data from the SCM and SAP datamarts for all demand and planning Reporting

Largest 3PL provider in Asia-Pacific region (Air Sea Ground)

Managed project and successful implementation of a large logistics rollout, for both the client and solution provider organization teams. Project Lead for
the entire process from solution/process design to final go-live rollout for all divisions, managing JDA and client program resources. (JDA – TMS, BI)

Other organizations and projects

•        Supply Chain and business process remediation (Demand and Supply Planning) for the enterprise system. In retail forecast processes and S&OP
design (JDA)

•        Assess of the entire supply chain planning system, including use of best practice methods for planning (demand/supply/deployment) and
collaborative processes. (JDA)

•        GE SAP solution – managing the modification and offshore development and support (SAP)

•        Enterprise rationalization - Business process reengineering and change management of a large client global IT solution. Analysis of the entire
Stanley Works Enterprise Solutions setup (25 systems - 42 major sites), designing process and configuration for the rollout of the central ERP solution for
the entire organization.

•        Project management and implementation of the ERP Solution (FlexiInternational Software) throughout the organization, replacing the legacy MRP
COPICS system (DoD MMAS).

•        Enterprise design and implementation ERP solutions including architecting the solution design, training, and implementation.

•        End to end supply chain optimization, collaboration, and planning (JDA)

•        Enterprise fabrication, planning, and execution solution – from demand planning to parts supply optimization (JDA)

•        North America demand/supply solution, parts management – developed demand forecasting model for NA (JDA)

•        National Textile producer – entire MRP/ERP rollout architect and PM – demand-supply-finance
•        Petronas (ASIA)

•        International oil distribution - demand, supply, and logistics planning Advanced Supply Chain Operations design and implementation (JDA)

•        Largest international intermodal shipping carrier – logistics demand modeling (JDA)

•        Extremely complex SCM development – demand, supply and collaboration (JDA)

•        Enterprise demand and supply chain planning (JDA)

•        Enterprise ERP solution – Dist, MFG, Finance

•        Enterprise ERP solution


•        JDA/Manugsitics (TM SCPO Collab BI)
•        SSA – ERP QAD-ERP
•        Integration Oracle & SAP
•        MAPICS – ERP, MFG, Dist, Fin
•        COPICS - MRP
•        FlexiInternational – ERP, MFG, Dist, Fin
•        Cognos - BI, portal, Datamart,
•        Proclarity, Siebel BI
•        LINDO, CPLEX

Owned or Developed

•        Multiple level planning and scheduling solutions (MPS and optimization)
•        Enterprise Optimization and Logistics planning and execution planning
•        Developed hundreds BI solutions (Data warehouse and real time) – ERP, SCM, Logistics, and finance
•        Design and Development of multiple ERP solutions
•        Enterprise Activity Based Costing including “Advanced Process and Control” costing systems
•        Partner: management consulting firm: Supply Chain, ERP, Planning best practice and education
•        Principal: Supply chain and enterprise development, design and rollout


MBA and BSc

US DoD Active Secret Clearance
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