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Resume of BY Consultant: PEN122

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Blue Yonder Professonal Service Consultant - JDA Software Consultant

Blue Yonder Solution Architect Architect - JDA Solution Architect



Blue Yonder / JDA TMS Solution Architect/Technical SME 

JDA TMS Consultant experienced execution, design and delivery expert with background in operations, supply-chain/logistics and custom analytic solutions. A hands-on technical executive with proven capabilities for designing, developing and delivering enterprise strategies and solutions for efficient global manufacturing and distribution. Will guarantee attainment of operational, financial and project goals by leveraging over 20 years success delivering high profile and large-scale implementations, projects and operations into international companies.


Quantified and prototyped web/portal for internet services/infrastructure provider for $20 million improvement

Led Blue Yonder  / JDA Transportation and Logistics implementation(s) supporting >$1 billion transportation spend

  • Led training and certification of offshore BY / JDA TMS support team to take over level 2-3 support for a manufacturing client.
  • Documented relevant Business Processes in RACI/AOD, and transitioning support 3 months ahead of schedule
  • Became SME for JDA TMS Financials module.
  • Liaison to JDA, leading all client/JDA status update calls, driving test scripting and execution of bugs/CR’s
  • Leading functional design and System Architecture (SAD) related to improvements or changes of TMS
  • Provide subject matter expertise related to setup, optimization, tariffs, constraints and daily planning issues
  • Developed RFID automation (edge) technology to cache and transmit RFID tag reads to cloud server via HTTP POST
  • Automated Order-to-Cash SaaS using RFID reads to automate transfer transactions and traceability of tagged items
  • Implementation of RFID/WIP (work in process tracking) solution for Japanese company in Japan
  • Multi-language web portal dev includes cutting-edge capabilities for quoting, pricing and filtered user access
  • Multi-language portal with SaaS integration for item warranty and info access (in Japanese)
  • Led design and development of unique & secure RFID-chip warranty cards with scan-to-access capability
  • Integrated Google Tasks using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs adding mobile capability to PHP-based CRM application
  • Integration lead for SAP implementation at CDC resulting in >99.9997% transaction accuracy for 16k orders/day
  • SME leading forecast implementation at Coca-Cola attributed to generating over $23 million net income
  • First Active RFID solution delivered for Microsoft platform using BizTalk RFID R2 and SharePoint
  • Financial/Operational Assessment (SOA) identifying > $100 million for key shareholder companies
  • Turn-around and delivery of at-risk implementations of several ERP solutions
  • Predictive Analytics developed at Coca-Cola saved PowerAde demand surge of > $50 million



IoT:  Impinj UHF RFID (Certified), hardware eval, selection, implementation expert, edge application development, IoT cloud solution design/development, BLE solution architect, integration.  Tag/beacon eval, selection & modification.

Design: Leading and facilitating complex blueprint and design sessions.  Strategy, Business Needs Assessment (BNA), functional and technical design, business case development using RUP and UML for Business Requirements (BRD, BPP)

Development: Cloud (SaaS), Client-Server, Mobile and Web Portal app dev and rapid prototyping team lead, QA and hands-on developer. PHP, service scripting, Python, Java, VB, VBA, .net, Eclipse (Android), Visual Studio, C++, HTML, Joomla, WordPress, MS Access, Excel.  Agile/SCRUM and Extreme Programming (XP), Waterfall.

JDA/i2: Current Certifications in JDA TMS v2016.1 to 2018.3 (6 certs in 2019).  Working as Technical SME on JDA TMS Cloud v 2018.1.0.5.  Experience of around 20 years on 13 JDA/i2 solutions projects, TM, TO, DP/DM, SCP.

SAP: Blueprinting, implementation, integration, QA and testing CRM, FI-FM, Materials Mgt, Planning, and Sales/Distribution (SD).  Data extraction, external metrics development, config, IDoc troubleshooting, EDI integration.  Transactional test script development, execution, integration testing with 3rd party systems.

Web Portal:  PHP, WordPress, localization, WooCommerce, Quotes, Invoices, graphics, user experience (UX), filtered content/access, secure SSL, complex product configurations, SEO and performance optimization, responsive design, mobile access, integration with other key business systems, chat, routed contact, ticketing, helpdesk.

Forecasting & Analytics:  Logility SCP, i2/JDA Demand Planner, Forecast X, ezForecaster, Forecast Pro, SAS, SPSS Statistical forecasting, financial modeling, pro-forma analysis, survey and probability analysis, ROI, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Collaborative Planning, predictive analytics, operational performance dashboard

CRM: Selection, data cleansing, implementation, migration, configuration, workflow., Zoho, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint CRM template, custom developed PHP-based CRM solutions, mobile access/Google Tasks.

Database & Data: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle: stored procedures, triggers, views, CRON, web app-db integration.  Master data management (MDM), Data cleansing, data transformation, data migration. Data Warehouse/reporting and metrics prototyping.

Interface: XML, EDI, AS2, FTP/SFTP, IDoc, flat file integration, automated email integration, RESTful API, RFID to Database, Serial communication to USB RFID, Bluetooth (BLE) gateway sensor data, Web site to ERP, more.

EDI: ASC X12 design and integration 810, 850, 852, 855, 856, 860, 204, 214.  Including EDI integration with SAP, BizTalk and i2/JDA systems with integrated/automated message-triggered actions and automated status updates.  Developed middleware solutions to monitor, alert and repair successful/failed EDI transactions and triggers between systems



2/2019 – Current

JDA TMS Technical SME, Team Lead

I led initiative to form a new onshore/offshore support team for the client’s JDA Transportation Management.  After training and certifying the team, we went live in just 3 months providing dramatically improved (24/7) support for Transportation Manager system, linked systems and users.  I then transitioned to role of JDA TMS IT Technical Business Analyst (SME) leading system improvements, integration, reporting/analytics and support TMS internal improvement projects.

Led training and certification of offshore JDA TMS support team to take over level 2-3 support

Documented relevant Business Processes in RACI/AOD, and transitioning support 3 months ahead of schedule

Liaison to JDA, leading all Cleint/JDA status update calls, driving test scripting and execution of bugs/CR’s

Leading functional design and System Architecture (SAD) related to improvements or changes of TMS

Provide subject matter expertise related to setup, optimization, tariffs, constraints and daily planning issues

Identifying and correcting Logistics EDI issues (204, 990, 214)

Leading project to enable Freight Payment/Financials in TMS for entire business

Driving testing for Inbound Logistics initiative

12/2017 – 9/2018

Interim COO

Improved systems, pricing, processes and operations with the ultimate goal of improving profitability and streamlining experience from quote through fabrication and delivery.

Developed a set of tactical metrics reports in Zoho CRM to measure baseline performance

Transformed Zoho CRM: dashboards, pipeline stages, leads, accounts and potentials to optimize sales activity workflow and improve pipeline conversions resulting in an immediate 25%+ increase in sales

Drafted a new sales commission schedule that significantly increased sales compensation for all sales associates, improved revenues to the company, and PAYS FOR ITSELF by incentivizing sales at retail prices

Evaluated, documented and trained internal Francois and Co. team on ERP solution (Stone Profits), a cloud-based SaaS ERP solution made specifically for stone, fabrication and installation businesses

Performed Stone Profits ERP system improvements ranging from sales tax to scheduling milestones and automated workflow triggers, product hierarchy, workflow, etc. to streamline daily tasks and align products and services with financial accounts to dramatically improve costing and business performance

Reviewed and improved product master and how products are configured and quoted in the system

Revalued and repriced all products and services considering price elasticity, accelerating growth in target product lines and maximizing profit margins

Migrated company web site to high-performance VPS, updated site for eCommerce, improved user experience and performance. Developed template for migrating complex, configured product lines to web for first-time ever web-based sales and automated user support.

6/2017 – 11/2017

eCommerce Solution Architect, Lead Developer

Led initiative to evaluate and implement a self-hosted PHP-based CRM solution to replace Salesforce and Zoho, Project Management, Tasks and Ticketing systems.  Objective was to develop a solution to be used internally, and to sell to clients as Salesforce alternative.  Led parallel initiative to implement self-hosted email marketing solution to replace MailChimp.

3/2017 – 6/2017

Solution Architect, Global Architecture

Evaluated and documented business systems and technology architecture for multi-entity distributed enterprise

Identified areas of risk, overlap, and areas of improvement

Developed and presented business case for low cost initiative that would deliver $20 million increased revenue

Ecommerce prototype for improvements in web site, portal, products and complex pricing

Evaluated Oracle BRM and Salesforce and presented plan for migration from legacy for pricing tax compliance

4/2016 – 3/2017,

Solution Architect RFID Automated Asset Management

Led design and development, configuration and implementation of UHF RFID hardware/cloud (PHP) solution that automatically tracks expensive equipment and work-in-process for Japanese dental lab Daishin Cad-Cam Centers in Osaka Japan.  Installed and configured the eChain AUTO-AIM-RF cloud asset management solution to track equipment and WIP: workflow, inspections, machines and processes encountered by every finished product from order to shipment during the fabrication of dental prosthetics.  Configured the system with analytics for the ability to identify root cause of prosthetic defects and underperforming machines and technicians.  The solution was delivered in Japanese language.

RFID-Chip Dental Warranty Card – Working with Daishin, developed a secure warranty card for dental prosthetics that incorporated UHF RFID chip, QR code and serial number for security and auto scanning.

Developed Portal solution for Daishin used by their customers (Dentists, Labs and Patients) to link dental warranty card to patient prosthetic to securely display warranty information and other prosthetic metadata and schematic.

4/2014 – 4/2016,

Solution Architect, Lead Developer

Obtained Partner Certifications for Impinj, Xerafy, Hitachi, Invengo, FEIG Electronics and Avery-Dennison

Procured hosting internet infrastructure, global development and engineering teams, strategic partnerships

Designed and developed automated Order-to-Cash solution using long-range RFID integrated with enterprise Asset and Inventory Manager (AIM) which automatically generates transfer transactions when items physically move from location to location providing real-time item visibility and traceability by location, powered by RFID.

Successfully prototyped functioning UHF RFID solution for rental center at Taiyo Kenki, Japan

4/2013 – 4/2014, 1141

Senior Vice President (SAP, RFID)

As Acting Senior VP, provided partnering, strategy, marketing and sales leadership, led strategic partnering initiatives with leading technology companies that augmented and extended the 1141 core service offerings.  Supported and drove several business development initiatives and maintained sales pipeline of around $10 million.

Provided SME and consulting support for 1141 solution partner for Early Pay Program (EPP) solution.  Assisted analytical spend assessment and template development, design and development to extend the Financial EPP solution to add open invoice processing, metrics and SAP API invoice and supplier data integrations.

Added eInvoicing capability to EPP solution for “C” level suppliers by designing and leading development and integration of key partner technology that allows cloud-based “applet” instantaneous eInvoicing and supplier credit transactions directly integrated into multiple supplier order management and ERP systems.

Led the design and development of a revolutionary Passive RFID (pRFID) solution for real-time locating (RTLS), Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) & In-Transit Visibility (ITV) programs. This game changing technology for supply-chain, transportation/logistics and lean operations uses a military-based steerable, phased-array antenna system by partner RF Controls to track passive UHF tags (over the counter) in 3-dimensional space with 1' accuracy at 90' plus and enables RTLS RFID deployment at about 1/3 the cost of Active solutions.

2011 - 2012, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta GA 

Operations Oversight and Management Lead (SAP)

In the award winning role of Operations Oversight and Management lead, worked closely with CDC program team and SAP development/maintenance teams to develop a closed-loop continuous improvement metrics system for the CDC’s SAP Vaccine Management and Tracking System (VTrckS); the 2011 top-10 award winner for IT Achievement by (GCN).  My corporate and systems expertise and leadership was instrumental in delivering VTrckS, “a system which guards a critical path to the nation’s immune system, integrating the supply chain through which 60 million doses of the pediatric vaccines used in the United States are distributed annually.”

Designed, developed and maintained a comprehensive system that incorporated large daily data extracts from SAP, Oracle and external data sources (3rd party distribution) into a centralized (Access-based) reporting solution for tracking open sales orders, purchase orders, inventory discrepancies, failed or missing EDI transactions and financial (contract) variances for up to 16,000 vaccine orders (and returns) per day.  This system became the control for SAP monthly cycle updates and audit and compliance requirements.  All issues this system identified were analyzed for root cause and resulted in immediate operational intervention or bug/enhancement development as appropriate.  Once this process was stabilized, we were able to maintain a monthly order fill accuracy rate of > 99.9997%. 

Developed analytics solutions to support contract controls for budget/actuals spend plan update process, EDI and other interface error tracking, and monthly PMO compliance reporting, and assisted in internal controls and governance strategy and policy rollout including development of action items, timelines and templates.  This engagement was an eChain Technology subcontract to prime P3S Corporation at CDC.

2010 - 2011, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta GA 

Implementation and Integration Consultant (SAP)

Joined the CDC SAP implementation project three months prior to go-live as part of an effort to provide senior expertise and leadership at the critical go-live juncture.  Subcontracting to Booz-Allen, the primary focus was to provide integration and interface leadership, go-live/firefighting and post go-live support in this high profile (award winning) SAP Vaccine management system (VTrckS) implementation. SAP modules included CRM, FI-FM, Materials Mgt, Planning, and Sales/Distribution (SD). 

Provided EDI integration customization, troubleshooting and QA for several EDI message types (810, 850, 852, 855, 856, 860) using BizTalk 2009.  Additionally, I provided financial interface integration support for contract and funding between Oracle Financials and SAP.  Ultimately assisted in interface design/redesign, direct customization, metrics report development, application development and supported testing by developing and executing test scripts using HP Quality Center (HPQC).

2010, Savi Technology, a Lockheed Martin Company, Washington DC

RFID Capability Comparison, Analysis, Study and White Paper

Performed independent analysis, study and white paper on Savi RFID offerings and BizTalk (RFID capabilities)

Authored and delivered a detailed white paper comparing Microsoft's BizTalk suite: BizTalk RFID Server and BizTalk RFID Mobile with Savi's RFID SmartChain Enterprise Platform and Savi SmartChain Site Manager

Included a feature basis COTS (Savi) vs. Build (BizTalk), deployment architecture, Total Cost of Ownership aspects, and how SmartChain and BizTalk would best be structured as complimentary components in an AIT Enterprise Architecture

2007-2009, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Knoxville, TN

Implementation Consultant (i2/JDA TMS, SAP)

Lead role in SAP R/3 and i2 TM (6.2.3) implementation engagement from design through go-live. 

Provided design/blueprint guidance for seamless and robust logistics integration to SAP

Led functional and technical design sessions capturing requirements, business/use case diagramming using UML, flow charts and swim lanes, and authored FRICE documents, functional and technical specifications

Updated EDI structures to work with new systems

Designed and developed KC enhanced Track and Trace solutions using seamlessly integrated actionable EDI (204, 990, 214) messaging, web portal visibility, ABPP and update capability for carriers

Designed a new integrated carrier performance management and metrics reporting solution by reverse-engineering the legacy metrics reporting application and database

Certified and rolled out new KC EDI structures to over 50 carriers as part of go-live OTC total solution offering. The total Kimberly Clark OTC solution uses SAP R/3, BW, i2 TM 6.2.3, i2 TP, i2 ABPP, Xi/Pi, EDI 204, 214, 990 and dynamic integration to multiple legacy systems

2009-2010, Cerberus US (Blue Bird, North American Bus – NABI), Columbus, OH

Operations Consultant (LN ERP)

Supply Chain and Operational performance assessment and operations improvement initiative for Cerberus US.  The assessment included detailed inventory analysis, forecast model validation, core SKU identification and purchasing practices for multiple plants and locations.  Identified several areas and several millions of dollars of inventory improvement and procurement cost reduction for both BB and NABI.

Analyzed all business areas, prioritized the immediate and profitable opportunities, and drove initiatives that improved stock/service levels for core SKU's, reduced inventory for slow-moving items, and improved inventory and planning policies in LN ERP and Baan 5.

As a separate initiative, analyzed historic pricing, contracts and supply/demand elasticity to develop service parts price list for 2009-2010. Presented several strategic initiatives to quickly and significantly improve profitability. Net result is 20% increase in service levels and a 30% decrease in inventory.

2007-2008, ChemFree Corporation, Norcross GA

Engagement Manager (Dynamics AX)

Engagement manager at ChemFree Dynamics Ax 4.0 implementation, by providing project leadership and task and resource alignment for an accelerated project lifecycle.  Also led legacy master data analysis, transformation and migration, customer and item master cleansing and loading. Additionally provided ongoing AX consulting and AX customization and development for pre-go live, and post-go live needs.

2006 – 2007, Capgemini

Solution Architect (i2/JDA TMS)

Sales pursuit and solution design support for i2 and supply-chain solution and staffing opportunities. Engagements included Target and General Motors pursuits.

2006-2007, SYMX Technologies, Miami FL

Solution Architect (RFID)

Facilitated partnership between SYMX and Microsoft as the sole Active RFID technology adoption partner (TAP) for BizTalk RFID R2. Led needs assessment (BNA) for solution requirements, selected implementation partner, and drove development of "ATLAS" Healthcare Asset Management solution using active RFID/IR, BizTalk, SharePoint, SQL Server and EDGE Server technology.

2006, RF Code, Las Vegas, NV

Director, RFID Product Management

Directed product management and aligned engineering and manufacturing capabilities for leading Active RFID manufacturer RF Code. Supported manufacturing approaches to reduced product cost and increased capacity and quality for the 303 MHz and 433 MHz active RFID product lines. Supported partnering initiatives, sales, training and certification activities to grow global adoption of Active RFID.

2006, Cerberus US (Global Motorsport Group), Santa Ana CA

Operational Assessment (JD Edwards)

Performed Strategic Operational Assessment (SOA) for Perot Systems Global Motorsport.  The SOA successfully uncovered the root cause and provided specific recommendations for the correction of key operational challenges.  Involved review of JD Edwards capabilities and configuration, forecast model selection, accuracy targets and inventory policy.  Execution on key recommendations would result in significant operational improvement in 6 months.

2006, Schneider Logistics, Green Bay, WI

Implementation Consultant (i2/JDA TMS)

Subject Matter Expert support for global logistics capabilities and solution fit of i2 TM/TO 6.2.1 proof of concept.  Included deep dive on i2 TM version 6.2 capabilities and fit to Schneider business needs and i2 implementation challenges on IBM Web Sphere, and DB2 environment using BI Adapters, MQ Series, CIS compatibility and J2EE.

2005-2006, Tectura, Atlanta, GA

Engagement Manager (Dynamics AX)

Engagement management and turn-around support for multiple at-risk Microsoft Axapta ERP implementations for Tectura, Microsoft’s leading MBS partner.  Provided organization guidance, development, restructuring and hands-on account management to ensure proper support for three prominently challenged project engagements implementing a vertical Axapta ERP solution.  Successfully delivered client acceptance on these three at-risk ERP implementations in less than 4 months.  This engagement involved achieving level of familiarity and use in Microsoft Axapta, X++, Navision and SharePoint, and guiding shared project resources.

2004-2005, UPS-Supply Chain Solutions, Atlanta GA

Enterprise Architect, Implementation Consultant (i2/JDA TMS)

Enterprise Architect and implementation support for 4PL Logistics offering supporting multiple customer implementations and migrations from early i2 TMS platforms (4.2, 5.0 and 5.2) to current baseline of i2 6.1.2 TM/TO supporting over $1 billion in annual transportation spend.   Adopted extensive use of Rational Unified Process (RUP) and UML to capture and document requirements, capabilities, rules and architecture.  This engagement leveraged my skills with the Microsoft Office Suite, MS Project, Visio, Access, XML, SAP IDoc, and flat file integrations.  All projects utilized a rigid and full software development life cycle (SDLC) approach with formalized risk mitigation and periodic reviews. 

Provided hands-on support for solution design, integration, configuration, testing, QA and go-live support.  Performed data mapping for transportation operations from SAP (iDoc) and EDI to TMS XML specifications including EDI 204, EDI 214, and EDI 990 mapping.  Evaluated TM/TO 6.1.2 for North America migration including thorough baseline and new functionality testing.  Recommended key features to adopt and/or drop for baseline solution.  Assisted in Test/QA role in EMEA customer go-live using hosted (ASP 3PL) TM/TO v 5.2.  Identified and guided infrastructure and operational enhancements to continuously improve baseline TMS offering and streamline new implementations. UPS-SCS solution architecture included multiple clustered servers, redundant failover, and a custom integration layer developed in Java, VB, and C++ integrating the TMS solution and API’s with external and internal customer ERP systems and financial systems.

2003-2004, Philips Semiconductor, Eindhoven, NL

Solution Architect

Turnaround manager, semiconductor, adv. allocation pegging application

Troubled/Challenged account turnaround and architect for supplier collaboration solution engagement for Philips semiconductor.  The engagement included design and engagement management for a distributed advanced allocation pegging algorithm upgrade (functional specification) for an existing web-based supply collaboration solution.  The engagement was based in Eindhoven, NL, and at the vendor site, Vizional Technologies in California.  Was able to save the Phase 1 go-live, and salvage next phase upgrade following the departure of the entire project team.

2003-2004, FedEx, Memphis, TN

Solution Architect

Solution design and development for FedEx strategic marketing advanced analytics application.  Led design, development and delivery of a web-based advanced analytics Market Research application.  This engagement involved managing a 3rd party development team building to my specifications and assuring final acceptance by FedEx.  The solution incorporated SPSS into a custom, secured intranet web-based ASP infrastructure for indexed and ranked market research, surveys and globally-culled strategic marketing content into a SQL Server Relational database incorporating a matrix security schema to secure content.  The solution incorporated an EIS front-end dashboard for ad-hoc reporting.

2002, Clorox, Oakland CA

Senior Consultant (i2 Technologies DP)

Demand Planning/forecasting support for Clorox i2 Demand Planning system performance enhancement engagement.  Engagement supported Demand Planning (i2 DP 5.1) forecast and schema optimization, model tuning and required Unix scripting and support.  Additionally developed S&OP process, reports and documentation for Clorox, and developed an integrated Demand Forecasting reporting application and decision support system in Access VBA.

9/2000 – 9/2001, World Commerce Online (WCO), Orlando FL

Director Supply-Chain Solutions, (i2/JDA)    

WCO was an i2 portal marketplace provider for high-velocity perishables and CPG providing collaborative solutions powered by a hosted stack of i2 Technology applications (DP, TM, TO, SCP, Load Configurator), coupled with internally developed warehouse inventory replenishment, safety stock and collaboration.  As Director of Supply Chain Solutions, crafted requirements for collaborative solutions, hand-selected and hired the development teams, designed and managed solution development and product support and managed a 25 person P&L.  Additionally was tasked with managing core development, client deliverables and demonstrating and selling multi-million dollar solutions in US and in Europe to companies like GE GXS, Enable CPG, FedEx, Ryder Logistics, Ahold, and Acosta.  The final solution was a world-class Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) solution that incorporated inbound and outbound logistics and recursive modeling on a open-market bidding platform for purchasing optimization.  Provided sales support for a $15 million sales pipeline, and assisted in closing over $2 million in sales.  The solution was developed on a custom middleware platform (WebMethod predecessor) using Java/JSP with XML and SOAP adapter technology on an Oracle Database.  Developed an i2 supply-chain practice to support multiple hosted i2 applications integrated onto the WCO messaging platform and managed the group P&L, recruiting, hiring functional, technical, DB, and middleware solution experts.  Utilized extreme programming (XP) approach to quickly deliver solutions.  Implemented 3 integrated i2 DP forecasting engines to forecast consolidated demands across multiple portal customers. 

9/1998 - 9/2000, , AnswerThink Consulting, Atlanta GA

Senior Implementation Consultant (i2 /JDA)

Sr. Consultant specializing in Supply Chain and i2 application implementation consulting.  Provided forecasting, solution integration and supply chain expertise, lead generation and sales support to multiple AnswerThink customer projects and engagements.  Also used extensive toolsets to benchmark and improve client operational performance

World Commerce Online developed the first hosted portal-based forecasting solution for WCO using i2 DP connected to client’s perishable customer portal applications.  These solutions allowed all participants in the portal to have their supply and demands statistically forecasted and “matched” for upcoming product shortages, overages, or futures pricing or alternative sourcing opportunities.

Texas Instruments Developed custom forecast application using MS Access and VB that was integrated to Oracle ERP.  Ran all TI demand planning activities for approximately 6 months while preparing TI for a transition to Oracle Demand Forecasting application.  Developed several metrics reports, database updates, demand smoothing for production feeds, and calculated safety stock values.  Supported Oracle ERP global implementation project for TI Europe in Brussels Belgium.  Supported demand forecasting and integration into Oracle.  Participated in CRP’s, providing forecast data feeds and expert guidance and advice on use and capabilities.

Texas Instruments Supply Chain Assessment (SOA) engagement identifying greater than $10mm opportunity.  Supported interviews, financial analysis, operational analysis, and forecasting statistical analysis.  Developed and utilized tools that quantified specific savings with different operational focuses based on APICS calculations to guide recommendations of specific approaches for optimal operations.

Clarks Shoes Implementation support for i2 DP schema design & master data hierarchy development.

4/1994 - 9/1998, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta GA

Sr. Demand Forecast Analyst (Logility SCP) 

Initially hired as a consultant to develop a warehouse inventory management (audit) application, I was subsequently hired as FTE to join Non-Carbonated Beverages (NCB) Division to improve and extend statistical sales forecasting

  • Developed Paradox(windows) DB app to sync stock transactions across multiple systems, DC’s and manufacturers
  • The custom application loaded/cleansed data from multiple sources, flagging true exceptions for analysis
  • The app ultimately replaced 15 auditors and was used to automate system integrations with co-packers

Following the success of the stock transaction audit system, I was offered a position as Sr. Demand Forecast Analyst

  • Developed a custom historic demand-based statistical forecasting application in Microsoft Access as an interim solution while seeking a suitable Tier 1 forecasting application.  We ultimately selected Logility SCP.
  • Led Logility SCP demand planning implementation as super-user SME, establishing initial configuration, model tuning, metrics reports, data integrations, and hiring and training of forecast analysts
  • In the first year of go-live, we generated more than $20 million in recognized operational savings
  • Designed Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process and reporting solution in MS Access and Oracle
  • Assisted Minute Maid division in implementing, configuring and using Logility SCP solution for their operations
  • Assisted in infrastructure design and Oracle schema setup (DW) for Logility and reporting (BI), user training, metrics development, and decision support reporting application development in MS Access and Crystal Reports. 

8/1993 - 4/1994, Advanced Data Solutions, Atlanta GA

Business Systems Administrator

Managed the UNIX claims processing system while developing claims reports for Healthcare 3rd-Party Administrator (TPA)

  • Developed massive data extracts and database for ad-hoc claims reporting on Paradox DB application
  • Provided trend analysis, exception reporting, medical procedure pricing and contract rates for TPA customers

1/1992 - 8/1993, Millennium Healthcare, Duluth GA

Business/Systems Analyst

Assisted development, implementation and support of the first PC-based claims processing application

  • Designed wireframe user interface, defined requirements, assisted development (in Visual Basic 1.0)
  • Assisted in developing dial-up communication (over modem) protocols between PC and Tandem mainframe to electronically capture, submit, sync, validate co-pay and eligibility of patient insurance plans.
  • Installed, trained and supported the application in several medical practices around Atlanta area




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